How To Make Orgonite

These instructions are for making simple, tactical orgonite for use in the field. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. It’s easy to make your own orgonite and start flinging it about. It will give you a sense that you are taking action to help save the planet. You will need to gather the molds, such as muffin tins, the resin, the metal and the crystals.

If you don’t have the time or room to make orgonite, please consider buying some from our Recommended Vendors!

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Where to get materials

Resin: Fiberglass resin can be obtained at nearly any hardware store, boat manufacturer, spa manufacturer and on the internet. You’ll have to do some research in your local area. Buying a 5-gallon bucket is going to be much cheaper than buying a gallon at a time.

Metal:  Machine shops  and large recycling centers are great places to look for the machined, curvy metal that works best in orgonite. Aluminum is perfectly acceptable and the least expensive, so start there. For fancier orgonite people use brass, copper and platinum.

Crystals:  Any rock shop should be able to give you a lead on quartz crystals, or you can hike around in the woods and pick up crystal pieces. Bead shops will have long strands of crystal chips that will be inexpensive. You only need a small piece and it doesn’t have to have a point if it’s going in a TB. For HHG’s you need a crystal with a point.

What To Make

HHG (left) and TB

Towerbusters (TBs)  are good for throwing at cell towers, throwing in water, putting in potted plants at the mall, or just about anywhere you need basic tactical orgonite.The effective range is about 1/4 mile. You can bury them to hide them. See the tutorial here.

HHgs are ideal for large tower arrays or anywhere that you can’t reach a mountaintop tower. The effective range is about 2 miles. These should be placed with the point up for most effective use. Throwing a couple of TBs in the area will help disguise the cone-shaped energy signature from anyone monitoring energy fields. See the tutorial here.


Cloudbusters (CBs) are good for weather balancing and disabling the energy from HAARP arrays. HAARP energy can affect you from a couple of hundred miles away, so if you get a lot of violent weather and HAARPy clouds, a cloudbuster would be a good thing to have in your area. See the tutorial here.

Earthpipes (EPs) are excellent for affecting underground bases, whether the bases are under water or under land. They are also good for reversing corrupted earth vortices.

Dolphin Balls are great for tossing in the oceans because the dolphins love them and will pick them up and carry them where they need to be. Several people have seen this happen, including Carol and Don.

Succor Punch (SP) & Powerwand (PW) tools are more complicated to make so we don’t offer those tutorials anymore. We recommend that you buy one from one of our recommended vendors. These are invaluable tools that can help deflect attacks, block electronic and physical surveillance, and calm the energy of any unstable situation, such as storms or riots.