E-Book “The Life Etheric”

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I know something about the magic of the published word, because this network grew out of a few inspiring, substantive reports on the internet. The distribution of orgonite will continue to undermine this tyranny, whether the gifters are aware of the depth of the occult/corporate world order’s corruption and tyranny or not. I’m giving plenty of new, usable and empowering information in this book, to people who haven’t been tracking our progress on the internet. I hope that everyone who reads this, will feel inspired to make and distribute some orgonite.

—Don Croft, The Life Etheric

This book is the continuation of Don’s ‘The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft’, which was written and published in the form of individual reports in 2001-2005. The ‘Adventures’ and this book essentially chronicle how the Crofts and a growing number of people have been fighting world tyranny with cheap, easy-to-make devices called ‘orgonite’ and a number of other helpful, accessible technologies such as ‘life-force tossing.’ For more reports about the orgonite healing work visit ethericwarriors.com

The proceeds will go to Carol Croft. Thanks to Andrea for helping digitalize this book.

Author: Don Croft
Language: English
Pages: 400
Format: PDF


2 thoughts on “E-Book “The Life Etheric”

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