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In the spring of 2001, Don and Carol Croft initiated a global, grassroot movement based on the distribution of energy-generating devices. The Life Etheric With Carol Croft is Don’s understanding of the significance of this quiet, internet-based phenomenon.

Their first disseminated invention is an adaptation of Dr.Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster. Dr Reich’s cloudbuster, in the hands of unskilled, unobservant people, can easily cause atmospheric damage and personal injury as well as dramatic, positive results. The Crofts’ version is incapable of harming the atmosphere or the handler.

Reich and a few others brought abundant rain to drought-ridden, even desert areas and stopped excessive rainfall during the late 1940s and early 1950s, until Dr Reich’s unjust imprisonment and untimely death. Only a handful of people have been able to replicate Dr Reich’s atmospheric successes but distribution of thousands of the newer version of the cloudbuster has produced more widespread positive results, with no known drawbacks.

The next phase of the network’s growth involved transforming what many are calling ‘death towers, ‘ which suddenly sprang up, literally by the millions, during the autumn of 2001. A much smaller, simpler Croft invention – the Towerbuster – has been widely made and successfully distributed by this growing network for this purpose.

Another aspect of this new grassroot network’s efforts is ‘life-force tossing’, which you can learn at It has developed by several individuals, including the Crofts, since the summer of 2002 and it both heals the sick and restrains predators. It’s usually done remotely, mostly by individuals but often by informal, international groups via internet chatrooms, involving one or more reputable psychic per group. It’s been through the two later efforts that some have developed working relationships with elementals, dolphins and whales since December, 2004. is a free-access, English-language internet forum, designed to provide updated information and to demonstrate the high standards that exist within the wider, informal network. There are several similar sites in other languages. This healing, empowering work is for self starters.

I know something about the magic of the published word, because this network grew out of a few inspiring, substantive reports on the internet. The distribution of orgonite will continue to undermine this tyranny, whether the gifters are aware of the depth of the occult/corporate world order’s corruption and tyranny or not. I’m giving plenty of new, usable and empowering information in this book, to people who haven’t been tracking our progress on the internet. I hope that everyone who reads this, will feel inspired to make and distribute some orgonite.
-Don Croft, The Life Etheric

*Thanks to Andrea for providing a digital source for this book. If you have any trouble purchasing or downloading, please email Carlos at

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