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  1. dooney Post author

    Thanks Carlos, we’re working hard to bring it back! I just realized that this picture of Chuck was taken at the little airport near where I live. Chuck came over with Don and Carol to celebrate my 50th birthday a few years ago, and Chuck volunteered to fly over a problem area and gift from the air. His effort on that day solved a major energy problem for us and we so appreciated it. It was a fun birthday for me to have generous and caring friends around me. We stayed up late drinking wine, telling stories and sharing techniques. Chuck was not only a computer whiz but he was pretty energy sensitive and was really interested in learning new techniques for using his energy. He will be missed.

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Could gift some very annoying monasteries in the flemish fields this week. Captain Azti you made it chief high above and clear for everyone below to follow! That’s the spirit of a true flying captain! May your journey go as well in the orgonised afterlife as you made us that easy in our present lives, you were “the true red baron”of the aviation aces! Cyclingflinger

  3. Don Croft

    I guess it’s going to be a running eulogy because this complex and self-sacrificing friend of ours had a lot of facets. On the Sunday after we learned about his death I was in Dooney’s chatroom with some of the psychics and the empathetic physical sensations they felt confirmed, for them, that he’d been poisoned. I often ask Carol how he’s doing in the next world and he evidently adjusted pretty fast to having discarded the physical form and I got a note from Frode in Norway, who is quite sensitive to psi dynamics, and he told me that Chuck visited him a few days ago and was in excellent spirits, also that Chuck was helping his long-standing effort to undermine the reactive aggression of the Vril and CIA (you know–the present-day nazis) against him. I think Frode has put more earthpipes into the ground than any of us 😉
    In other correspondence about Chuck, a fellow in Florida who we’ve been corresponding with since 2000 told me that he had gotten to know Chuck since he moved to Florida three years ago and had gone gifting with him. He also mentioned that Chuck had predicted his murder.
    I think it’s okay to mention that before Chuck came to see us in Idaho, a month before he moved to Florida (he spent most of that month with us) he had been working for a company that was doing contract work for the CIA: sabotaging Iran’s government/military websites, which of course is what these $#!+rats did to our websites after they killed him.
    Since the sites went down a full week after his death, rather than immediately, I credit his encryption skill with the week it took them to destroy the sites. When I visited him in North Carolina, a year before his visit here, he schooled me a bit on encryption and apparently the NSA/CIA dung beetles had to put hundreds of their top saboteurs on the job. I think that gratified our late friend.
    During that short period of working for the enemy his health had declined and he felt miserable. His catharsis was to quit the company and ride his big BMW motorbike from Virginia to our house and when he showed up, Carol and I were shocked by his appearance–he looked quite unhealthy and exhausted, though he was clearly invigorated by the ride, especially through the Rockies the previous day. Within a week he was looking a lot better and within a couple of weeks he was looking like he used to and the way you may have seen him in recent photos. He credited Carol’s daily superfood smoothies. You probably know that he enjoyed the fellowship of taverns, especially when he took his fiddle, but during his month with us he never drank alcohol, nor appeared to feel the lack of it.
    Something that may support our mutual acquaintance’s claim that he predicted his own murder is that he carried a small arsenal whenever he traveled, including a collapsible assault rifle with 30-round magazine and lots of ammo.
    More to follow, of course…

  4. Frode

    It’s been an intense couple of days as Azti showed up to help me, him and his team of etheric pilots. I wasn’t sure I was going to share, but since Don mentioned it here, I will. The first visit was tinged with sadness but also strong feelings of real patriotism for America and its freedom from tyranny. Then he came back the next day with a lot of energy helping me deal with the US bullies (that has been attacking me constantly, especially after I started the radionics campaign on free energy technology). At this point I had already been dealing with US attackers for some time in self-defence. One thing why I know its him, he deals with etheric targets in the US in a way that only an American would have an innate cultural understanding of. I gave him and his team carte blanche to use all the orgonite in the world. 😉 Many nations involved.

    It’s hard to convey everything that happens in the etheric realm, it is quite overwhelming sometimes, but it seems we are entering a stage where the etheric side is able to help us more and more (thanks to the rising energy on the planet and all the hard work of orgonite gifting).

    Keep on flying, Captain Azti! Get those etheric targets, and we’ll do the same.

    1. Frode

      I would also like to confirm those sluggish feelings in regards to poisoning. I didn’t feel all too well here, been shivering and felt I needed to sleep in the middle of the daytime (which I did). I thought it was just me being tired because I’m healthy otherwise, I didn’t think it might be related to how he passed over and the lingering effects of that.

  5. Don Croft

    Thanks, Frode. You would have really enjoyed getting to know Chuck, as several of us did in person. Tomorrow I’m going to share some more stories from him.

    1. Don Croft

      Parasites typically excrete acidic poisons into the body in order to survive and to weaken the host (a strong host expels parasites). The survival aspect may have been discovered by an independent researcher, I think in Utah, many years ago. I forgot his name, sorry. He noted that all parasitic organisms depend for survival on maintaining a static field in their immediate environment that has a deficit of free electrons. This is the same way that toxic particles are suspended in the atmosphere to create brown smog. This type of static field is characterized by acidity; a properly alkaline state is characterized by an abundance of free electrons and slight alkalinity is a health attribute. All pharmaceuticals are acidic, by the way.

      A bit of lightning gets rid of smog in a few moments. Microcurrent, when it has passed through the skin, destroys parasites in the body and a photo on worldwithoutparasites.com homepage shows freshly-killed intestinal worms that are disintegrating because they’ve presumably lost their skin-tension integrity due to a quick reversal of the charge of their static environment; a zapper gets five millionths of an amp into the body, which is evidently enough to do the job. I assume the same process happens to all parasites in the body but those are microscopic, so harder to visually track. Our customers typically see long strands of whitish mucus in their feces when they start using a zapper for the first time. Orgonite in the environment transmutes poisonous subtle energy into life force and it’s not hard to see how this undermines the parasitic, hiding order that rules our species and improves the health of the body politic.

      Zappers neutralize actual poisons pretty fast, in our experience, but when the sewer rats skillfully introduce various metal salts, including relatively harmless ones as well as toxic metals, it can destroy our health over time and as the body weakens, it becomes more susceptible to life-threatening invasions by parasites (worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.). We know the sewer rats introduce the toxic metals in vaccines, of course, also as food additives in most of the processed corporate products but some of us in the front row of this global movement have been more ‘personally’ subjected to it from time to time, which is why I think it’s important to send a hair sample to the Doc if one has become unhealthy in spite of good (non-corporate) diet and reasonable abstinence from poisonous habits. We have to be relatively healthy in order to do our environmental/social healing work but I bet that it frustrates the enemy, no end, that even in a miserable state we can do significant, irrecoverable damage to their ‘vital’ (read: destructive) infrastructure. Carol and I stopped the hurricane agenda soon after we were damaged by beryllium, for instance. Back then, I would have been incapable of carrying my paraglider to the top of steep mountains and flying down as I’ve been doing all summer, now, at age 68.

      In a properly colloidal form, most of these metals are nutrients so the body simply expels what it can’t use in the moment. In their more toxic form, as mineral salts, they’re stored by the body and will also quickly bind with other, essential minerals to create severe nutritional imbalances and organ failures over time–perhaps months. If one isn’t using a zapper this typically leads to cancer and other degenerative illnesses which involve aggressive, opportunistic parasites. It’s an incredibly skilled and subtle operation by the agency $#!+rats (who probably mistake ‘cunning’ for ‘wisdom’) and is apparently directed at countless thousands of individuals who on their watch lists since 2001. Of course, the corporate food industry and chemical cartel are doing this in an impersonal way (nazi-style) to entire populations since WWII but now they’re being exposed, finally, and the organic food industry is suddenly booming on account of it.

      Who doesn’t know about the poisoning of most of the municipal water supplies with fluoride since WWII, which is another, clearly Nazi, legacy? Many cities have banned it as a result of public outcry by now. It reminds me of how atmospheric nuclear tests were banned in the US after having been carried out (allegedly) in 17 states by that time. Reich pegged them as weather warfare aggression against Americans by ‘Amerika,’ early on. I’ve come to believe that the CIA is the over-evil front of the much worse NSA, by the way. In the not-distant future people are probably going to be as horrified by the overt takeover of the US in 2001 by zionist nazis as we’re now taught to be horrified by the takeover of Germany by their nazi forebears.

  6. Don Croft

    Thanks for continuing this tome on the new forum format, Jeff.

    I’ve been thinking more about mind control protocols, lately, and you’re documenting the profound incompetence of the brain police in support of the failed global warming scam.

    Most of the educated white people, in spite of easily observed evidence (which nobody but you seems to be collecting and publishing, strange to tell) still have blind faith that global warming is real and that, to me, demonstrates how effective the educational institutions are in fostering this fanaticism in students that poses as bedrock science.

    These heavily indoctrinated Europoids are certainly not the majority but they do have most of the spendable money, at least in the western nations, so their influence is out of proportion to their numbers. I assume this is why so much of the parasitic order’s media and academic resources are spent keeping these reactionaries afraid and feeling powerless, thus more inclined than anyone else to support the tyranny of those parasites.

    1. Don Croft

      Susan, it’s impossible to corroborate such a claim about earth’s resonant frequency for confirmation or denial. Why do you assume that it’s correct? Zappers are not frequency devices, anyway; they work through electrocution–harmless (to the host) microcurrent. Any freq. serves to perform capacitance through the skin but we like 15Hz because it also provides a very mild euphoria, which we believes aids healing. There’s a boatload of popular misinformation about zappers, I’m sorry to say.

      1. Don Croft

        Coach Dooney is trying to school me in the dynamics of blogsites, as distinct from forums. I have the sense that this new format is going to be more appropriate for fostering the growth of this phenomenal, grassroot movement in the world but I’m not yet knowledgeable–a strange sort of cusp 😉
        Susan’s comment/question about zappers should have been answered on our zapper website, for instance–worldwithoutparasites.com

  7. Don Croft

    We’d be dead in the water without Coach Dooney, who has turned a calamity into a boon by creating this website. I’m away from home for a week in the Cascades, Mountains, learning from The Masters how to catch and stay in thermals with my paraglider. The NSA $#!+birds took the opportunity to hack my access to my email account since I left on Sunday (it’s Tuesday afternoon, now). They prevented me from posting here, too, yesterday.
    As orgonite gains recognition among our species the Old Parasite (NSA is one of their favorite saboteur/assassination bureaus) are getting more overt in their suppression efforts but at least we can report it, here. This website is devoted to reaching and empowering the accountable people–you know: the one in a million who make history in a positive way 8-).

  8. Don Croft

    This is day three of my week-long paraglider safari with 25 chums (I call us a ‘buzzard flock’) and I’m finally able to do my email without interference. I tried and failed this morning but after a pretty terrific and eventful flight from notorious Chelan Butte I’m at a campground on the other side of the Columbia River and am getting NO interference. I guess the cretinous little NSA bridge trolls finally wore themselves out, for now 😉

    1. Don Croft

      It’s Friday (day five of the flying clinic) and I’m not getting any hacking, today. Yesterday seems to be the last of it and on that day they were only hacking my access to the FaCIAbook chatgroup that this group is using to arrange our affairs each morning.

      it occurred to me, today, that the worst hacking of my career, this week, may have been intended to cause me to get rattled enough to crash my paraglider 😉 but today I finally started to get a feel for how to find thermals, hook into them and stay aloft. I was up for an hour and a half, today.

      My favorite part of the sport is soaring like a buzzard in close proximity of several other pilots, which happened a LOT, today. There’s a spiritual aspect to the sport that seems to fill a need in me and the NSA benighted baby eaters, although their actions against each of us are generally counterproductive, no doubt figured that out before I did.

      Next time I travel I’ll bring two computers so that (if these miscreants aggressively hack me, again) I can determine whether they’re molesting just my computer or are working farther up the line of access.

  9. Frode

    I’ve been doing some serious radionics works since yesterday to really diminish the influence of the enemy in this country (Norway). At some point a passenger plane showed up in my vision, basically the front of the plane. Really dark, totally black windows. I felt the operators foiled a terror plot here in Scandinavia, and the windows symbolized that intent. Didn’t think much of it until today when I saw the parliament elections in this country is in fact on 11. sept (9/11), so that made wonder. Figured it is good to post about it in the public record.
    (I see there has been a terror attack in Spain, so they are crazy and desperate these days).

  10. Edward

    Im glad they have finally backed off and gave you some breathing room. shoot me an email when you get back home and have time to do it. They have really been hitting my finances hard lately, this is the worst i have ever seen it. Im guessing its the only effective thing they can do to hurt me now since my wife is finally starting to listen about how to protect herself. I was strung out pretty bad trying to keep her space clear and using all my energy to protect her. Now she is starting to take responsibility for it herself and i have been real careful not to eat anything that makes my condition worst. i am feeling much much better now that i have detoxed some.

    It’s really blowing my mind at how many ritual sights im finding being used against me. I don’t want to name them here or in email because i don’t want them to have a heads up and just get a new sight to use.

    Glad to see you are able to post again. God Bless!

    1. dooney Post author

      Thank you C! I didn’t realize that some of the forum posts are available. I hope to get a backup and not have to copy and paste all those posts, but if I can’t maybe some kind soul will volunteer to help us out, hint, hint. 🙂 I have been looking through the other threads on archive.org and sometimes the posts are there, sometimes not. I pulled out a couple of more recent gifting reports and I’ll be posting those soon to be folks motivated to gift and to talk about it.
      Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.

  11. Edu

    I’m submitting a Portuguese translation and adaptation of the “Gifting Compendium”, written in 2005 by Don Croft.

    Estou submetendo uma tradução revisada do Compêndio de Gifting, de orgonite/orgonita, escrito em 2005 por Don Croft.

  12. Edu

    I think the translations should be highlighted in a “translations” button at the top portion of the site for easier access. Just my suggestion.

  13. KatherineA

    I think I may have been a target for a voodoo-doll type attack. It was over 10 years ago. I was at home, awake, but suddenly felt the need to sit down a rest. I closed my eyes and immediately felt myself yanked from my body, felt myself now lying on a table (stone?) and looked up to a hooded figure with giant knife ready to strike. Instinctively I forced myself back into my own body. Opened my eyes and was immediately doubled over with a stabbing (literally) pain in my lower left abdomen. I would probably have dismissed it, if I hadn’t been in so much pain right afterwards. THEN I sent out a “psychic distress call” and felt someone come to my side (felt male, maybe South American) and he did something and the pain vanished. I’ve never written this publicly. It was too weird and terrifying. I wanted it to be my imagination but the pain was definitely real. The voodoo doll thing you mentioned is the only thing I’ve seen that comes remotely close to it.

  14. Don Croft

    I feel very relieved, thanks Mrs O, and I’m glad that you weren’t harmed. I suspect that the violence and police/army brutality would have been much worse if not for the very large-scale orgonite work that had been done there over the past 14 years since you began in the area.

    The drastically lowered crime rate in Kisumu since then, the restoration of the fishing industry that followed the cleanup of the very polluted water of that area of Lake Victoria and the resumption of farming due to sufficient rainfall for many years stands as an eloquent testimony for your success, as we all know.

    In terms of the fishing revival, the most graphic testimonial of that successful effort is the thriving trade that happens on the tiny island of Migingo, which had been deserted before. The prosperity of that fishing base is so remarkable that Kenya and Uganda nearly went to war over its possession. That threat was likely dissipated due to the large number of orgonite pieces in the waters around the island 😉 and the few Ugandan and Kenyan soldiers who were then stationed on that rock were friendly toward each other. Nicholas visits there rather frequently and posts updates. Rain, generated by the orgonite, has been sufficient to start farming on adjacent, much larger but previously deserted Ugingo Island.

    Our readers may not know that in the early years of your effort there was another political upheaval in Kisumu during which many inhabitants were shot by soldiers. You were shot even though you had been carefully avoiding the area of violence but you thankfully recovered.

  15. Mrs. O

    That is very true, through these political fracas our people had been affected in one way or the other and even now Chris’ father is now in the hospital because of the police brutal torture. In fact during the riot police broke into his house and upon seeing the orgonite put at a corner they mistakenly thought that those were harmful devices which could be use to halt an attack against the police. So in the process of brutal interrogation and beating up they injured him and now he is the hospital. In fact that was the same case which happened to Nicholas, who fell down when the police surge against him while doing gifting he also fell down and injured his leg.
    We are with Dancan in Kisumu and he is doing the gifting

  16. KatherineA

    What format works best? I presume txt files are best, or just copy/paste into the email body? I can do a few.
    BTW, “positive changes” would make a great stand alone website. 🙂

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Katherine,
      For me, copy and paste into the body of the email is fine. A text file works also. If you have time, include the name of the poster and date of post for each post in the thread. I’ve only been including the posts that have information in them, not the “thanks” or “great job” posts. 🙂

  17. Jeff Miller

    Katherine, good morning – Jeff Miller, here…thanks for the positive feedback, and the suggestion. “It’s own website” has been suggested previously, and it’s just not in my nature. Rather, I’m part of the Phalanx that is this forum, this blog…the thread is part of what’s going on, here, it’s all woven together.

    And my vision has always been of others posting their own examples, with their own commentary, of course within the editorial boundaries of this “magazine” – example of the great, epochal positive changes that are occurring at every level of our reality, and that are increasing in speed and magnitude.

    Me doing it “by myself” is, to me, like Jeff Clark (also a Jeff, smirk), who surfed Maverick’s alone for 15 years before anyone would join him. He told all his friends, raved about it, nope, no one was there, yet. Now everyone surfs Mav’s, well, you know what I mean by “everyone”. I’m just an intermediate surfer, and am 53 years old, and can confidently say I’ll never surf Mav’s.

    Surfing Sunset beach on Oahu is my retirement goal; big wave legend Peter Cole is blind in one eye and 87 and still surfs Sunset. I’ve heard that, given that he can’t see very well, he just charges and everyone smiles and dives out of his way.

    Not alone, here…I’ve had many others chime in on this thread, already, and I don’t expect we’ll go much farther without a broader awareness of the subjects we’re discussing.

    1. KatherineA

      Hi Jeff! Nice to meet you.

      In the end, it’s up to you and Don how and where you publish. Funny though, I was reading your Joan posts and thinking “yeah, I can see a vision here that totally could use a separate site”. Then I saw your comment here. 🙂 There are, of course, costs to running a site, especially when the parasites don’t like it (experience!!). On the other hand, you could potentially reach other readers, who would otherwise not find EW, and help more people. I do think people are starving for real, positive news and solutions.

      Fortunately, with the structure of websites and the internet in general there are almost infinite solutions in between having an independent site and just having random posts on EW: sub domains, newspaper-like column, I believe you can even do separate blogs on one site. You could do outreach by writing articles for other peoples sites –maybe linking back to a special page on EW–and putting your vision into an an ebook or something.

      Again these are just suggestions from an observer. It’s all up to you.

  18. C

    I might be able to extract the data from the recent backup, who knows. Willing to give it a try, if you’d like me to…

  19. Mrs. O

    Bilo orgonite as the name suggest is doing marvelous works in our families. It’s a protective device, when its put in a home it provide a genuine protection. We can use it to reclaim the deserted area, in fact areas which had been so dry when thoroughly gifted will subsequently receive good rainfall that would effective change the climatic status of the area. It can also repel bad people from invading your home i.e. thieves.

    We also have a not her device that if you put can a house or in the garden, if thieve gained an access without your notice, he / she will get stacked there.


  20. Fat Robert Albertson

    I have a story for you. If you don’t believe it, that’s ok. I can hardly believe it myself, and I’m the one that this HAPPENED to!!! Me and a handful of friends have been making and gifting orgonite for a few years now. We’ve devised a way to place holy hand-grenades on top of telephone poles! You’d be surprised what you can do if you really TRY!!! one night, We gifted this really “evil” looking old lodge type building. When we got back to the “office” ( that’s what I call the old bungalow we use as our base of operations ), we were suddenly stormed by cars!!! They were all old red Volvos!!! Their windows were blacked out ( even the front windshields!!! These cars seemed to swoop in from right out of “nowhere!!!” They all had a strange insignia on their front doors. After about 2 minutes of swarming the lot surrounding “the office”, they quickly and peacefully left. I can only assume that “they” were snapping pictures of us and the facilities. These people never even rolled down their windows. The last one to leave the lit did roll down his window, and that old car was inundated with some seriously space age looking sh-t!!! The man behind the wheel’s eyes were like blacked out sockets ( It was pretty dark outside. Maybe he was wearing shades. ) Anyway, I looked in the dictionary of symbols, then the dictionary of OCCULT symbols. I found none that matched the symbols on the front doors of those old shiny red Volvos!!! We tried to take pictures, but out webcams would not work. Even Allen’s old snap-shot failed to work properly. I’ve never had anything like that happen before or since that night. Very very STRANGE! The next day, none of our vehicles would start!!! And no mechanic can explain why those vehicles STILL will not start!!! We had to save up and get new cars. Fortunately, they were all ensured, and our insurance didn’t mysteriously get cancelled.

  21. Mrs. O

    In fact Chris have done a great work in Malawi and Zambia and i am very sure that this time we are going to penetrate and reach the wide scope with the gifting mission.

  22. From Dancan

    From Dancan

    Ibrahim was attacked while doing gifting with one of his friend at the air port in Ethiopia. They were later taken to jail and the fine is $700 or 18 months in the jail.

    That is Christine’s post from the EW .

    Yesterday i got the report that one week ago, Ibrahim while escorting one of his friend to Bole international airport Adis ababa , then on his way back he thought it wise to use the opportunity to reach the area with the orgonite, but unfortunately the air port security officers in civilian sported him and arrested him and he is in jail.

    From Dancan

  23. Don Croft

    Thanks, Mrs O. Many times, secret police in several countries (including the US) have interfered with the delivery of our customers’ packages and we were usually able to cause them to be delivered by boosting the packages, sometimes after several months in ‘limbo.’ It worked more often than it failed. Posting about interference also helps because parasites prefer to work in the dark and they avoid exposure more energetically than they avoid bullets, I think 😉

  24. Simone

    Dear Don,
    I can confirm that yesterday, after trying to send you a message twice, I got 2 email failure notices, so I was wondering what was going on. Hope this impasse gets sorted out soon.
    I seize the opportunity to share with everyone a bit of my personal story (with minor editing) from my email correspondence with Don…
    Yes, to support a corrupt government more privileges are to be given to those who accept to do the dirty work. “A Clockwork Orange” kind of integration through domesticated violence. Blackmail, fear, convenience, ignorance, greed, egoism… the tools of this perverted system.
    Back in 1998-1999 I was hosted by a family in the USA as an exchange student, and I went to high-school there like a regular junior kid. Funny that in your adventures you also mention the little town I’ve been living in […]
    Back then I had no idea whatsoever of what the shadow government had in store for us (or that there was a shadow government at all!) but I was so pissed off by my Italian high-school here that I was willing to take my chances. It was an interesting experience, and I’m still in touch with the family that hosted me, although there’s a big cultural gap between us, a rebel-vs-pajama kind of dichotomy, if you will 😉
    I had been in India for about 5 months (visiting Osho International Resort and travelling around) when the WTC was demolished. Shortly afterwards I got back to Italy, and it took a very short research for me to figure out that the official version was just a big joke, but I couldn’t convince my US family, since they would just give unconditional credit to the official debunkers. At some point I understood that it was too much for them to even consider that something like that could have been orchestrated by their own government, so I gave up.
    After reading Orwell’s 1984 I became sick for about a week. To me it was such a crude and extremely accurate picture of our world. Some of my host-family members had also read it, but to them it was just a fictional book like any other.
    I’ve been experiencing this kind of disconnection throughout my life. Sometimes I would just decide to give myself a break and focus on something else for a while, but every time, sooner or later, the sea of life kept washing back ashore the debris of its current predatory wrecks.
    Perhaps the most tricky part in this global scam is the cultural bias, what people think they know. If we were like blank sheets it wouldn’t be hard to understand what’s really going on, but so many people seem to have invested so much in this or that piece of the puzzle (like financial security, career, respectability, political/social/religious opposed affiliations, etc) that they think they would be lost without all that, so basically supporting the status quo becomes a way to protect the ego’s toys.

  25. Don Croft

    Thanks a lot for sharing that, Simone. Readers outside the US may not know that 1984 has been required reading for American high school students for a very long time–perhaps since the heyday of the nazi-esque ‘military industrial complex’ of the 1950s. Another weird choice that is ‘required’ for high school students is Lord of the Flies and let’s not forget Catcher in the Rye. Miles Mathis did a good and thorough job exposing the bankruptcy and sociopathic engineering of nearly all popular culture and art through history . Before I read all that, I didn’t quite understand why essentially every substantive person who improves our world and reaches celebrity status gets assassinated. It makes celebrity undesirable, like getting a Nobel Prize after Henry Kissinger, Dr Gallo (developer of the AIDS vial weapon) and several other world-class miscreants and repeat offenders got theirs.

    Nearly everyone who starts to learn about how the world is run by parasites and openly objects to it experiences a break in most of our personal relationships because the vast majority of people work pretty hard not to recognize this. That’s why some of us refer to them as Pajama People. I love the PJ folks in my life and some of even them teach me important life lessons and are more savvy in the ways of people than I am. That’s why I never call them ‘sheeple.’ I think that term is degrading and judgemental. PJ folks will readily agree that they don’t want to know how the world is run so I’m not insulting them.

    Thanks, also, Simone, for introducing me to Andrea, who has that exemplary orgonite blogsite in Italy. We’re already conspiring together 😉 and his timely appearance in my life is a wonderful confirmation of Coach Dooney’s stated beliefs that the blog format is the way of the present/future and that Chuck’s sacrifice has led us directly to it.

  26. Mrs. O

    From that severe attack that hits our friend and colleague Ibrahim, we can only see how we can help his family as we still see ways on how to settle that matter, for they need a lot of money that we cannot raise as per now.
    Any well wisher can can contribute through Dancan’s paypal address dancanomollo2016@yahoo.com
    Mrs O

  27. From Dancan

    Hallow My Friends
    Thanks a lot my friends i hope you are doing well. In fact one of our friends by the name Ibrahim got arrested last week when he was doing gifting around the air port in their country of Ethiopia. He had been taken to court and they fined him $700 or equivalent of 18 months in prison. Here in our country we had been living under fear and havoc due to the disputed election result, and even tomorrow the supreme court are give their final verdict . Even now we can more police officers streaming in our areas under the pretext of maintaining peace and order. In Kisumu which is our home town they had killed many people. I Ibrahim is a family man he is having 5 children who go to school and a wife. So any well wisher can donate via Dancan papal address dancanomollo2016@yahoo.com or Western Union or money gram
    Christine have posted about that attack in the EW

    Mrs O

  28. Edward

    that is very weird! but thats how they do things. they seem to make damn sure YOU know whats happening, but if you try to explain to someone whats been happening, you sound nuts because of how bizarre everything sounds. So as time goes on, unless someone really takes the time to investigate what you are saying, they slowly start believing you ARE nuts. Then everything you say is dismissed by them as more of your crazy. That’s part of the purpose of gaslighting. to make you look like a crackpot,

  29. Don Croft

    Our readers may not know that the Bilo orgonite which Dancan has recently shown in his report was created in order to finance the kikundi’s emergency needs, such as the $700 bribe to get Ibrahim out of jail.

    There’s a very generous supply of this miraculous product and the profit from the sales will likely cover the cost if our readership has returned to a reasonable volume by now.

    Just order from Dancan at the email address he provided and payment is made the same way.

    Most of us can’t actually go to Africa but you can get some of the Real Thing (potent, African healing/protection magic) from there, at least.


  30. Don Croft

    I’m very happy to report that Dooney didn’t do anything except boost these NSA felons on Wednesday evening with us in her chatroom. So I’m counting coup on these child killers by making the claim that we forced them to stop molesting my email account, then.

    Please consider or remember that you and I are more powerful than the criminals who presume to govern us.

  31. Don Croft

    The kikundi, which is the Kiswaili word for ‘team, ‘ among other things, have come a very long way since David Ochieng and Mrs Omollo first emailed me in 2003 and were soon joined by Christine Oginga in S Sudan and her late husband, Salva Kirr, then by Dancan, Chris, Nicholas, Ibrahim and friends in Ethiopia, Nancy and Lilian in Uganda,

    In those days, most of them were earning a subsistence by farming, fishing and street vending. Their common interest was a profound passion for the restoration of the vitality of their climate, the resurgence of agriculture and fishing and increasing the harmony of their communities. They seemed to know that orgonite could accomplish this and they’ve since provided exemplary reports to confirm it. I once asked Jeff Miller to find published statistical evidence of their regional progress and he did that quite easily and included it in his now-extensive Positive Changes compiliation.

    The creation of Bilo orgonite for sale has the potential to move our friends entirely away from the charity-dependency mindset that became so commonplace in Africa during colonization. For several years, their local and regional orgonite production and sales has been taking care of their basic needs and has even allowed them to experience some prosperity and I think the sewer rat agencies in the West routinely imprison and wound them in order to drive them to seek charity. You’ll note that their only appeals, these days, are for emergencies. In the early years they actually needed a lot of help just to afford to make orgonite, then in 2009, soon after the apparent murder of David, his wife and Salva, the market demand for their orgonite suddenly became established and their good reputations started growing throughout the nations of East Africa.

    I think that before long, God willing, they won’t need charity and will be able to pay for the emergencies on their own. I suspect that the sewer rat agencies (MI6, CIA and the Jesuits, mainly) will stop molesting them this way because it will be seen, even by these slow-learning felons, as counterproductive.

  32. Edward

    Glad it’s working again! Lately the things they do to screw with me are so petty and insignificant it’s not even funny. It’s sad how desperate they are becoming to keep me broke. Lately the things they have done just further galvanizes me and causes me to more actively fight them in the spiritual realm.

    They have screwed up though. They have gas lighted me so much in the last several months that the people around me, especially my wife, are really starting to wake up to what’s going on. Soon i will have a local group of people helping me fight them. hehe

    If they had only marginally screwed with me as they did for years after my divorce, my new wife probably would have not waken up, at least not so soon. And the few friends surrounding me would have just continued to think i was crazy, but no more! They are genuinely interested in what im doing now and some of them even want me to gift their churches. anyway, glad your email is working again.

  33. Don Croft

    When I was in Namibia I had several days to read before getting busy with Gert Botha in the desert so I visited a bookstore in Windhoek (the capital) that was owned by black Africans and picked up some incredibly informative books about African culture and history. That was in December, 2001, a couple of years before I was in contact with our East African cohorts and it was a few months after Carol returned from working in the AIDS-decimated village that happens to be quite near Kisumu and Migori. Carol used to go to Kisumu to do her email, in fact. the lake was so polluted and poisonouss that there were signs on the beach, warning people not to wade in the water 😉

    The crime rate in Kisumu was sky-high, too. These two problems were among the first that the kikundi ‘fixed’ with strategic orgonite placement and, as we know, the fish became so abundant that people were hauling in nets from sore that were literally too heavy with fish for one person to drag onto the beach. Before, fishermen had to travel quite far from shore in order to find fish.

    Coach Dooney advised me to keep my comments short but it seemed important to me to share them here. I’ll get it right before long, Coach.

    I was shocked, but not too surprised, to learn that western scholars who typically write about African culture and history are in deep denial and fail or refuse to discern most of the important features of this subject. African scholars aren’t hobbled that way and, at least in the books I read, they were quite objective.

    ‘Conventional wisdom,’ and ‘common sense’ are oxymorons. I think you’ll agree. Simple reasoning dictates that if one wants to learn about a culture it’s probably going to be more productive to consult people who are part of that culture than to consult people who are not. We in the west are well programmed to avoid simple reasoning and objectivity and the Church of Settled Science (who still weirdly deny even the existence of the ether) exemplify that intellectual handicap. Most scientists are foolish mystics, more attracted to abstruse, unfounded theories than to simple, observable dynamics. I was surprised to discover that pretty soon after I got into the zapper trade in 1996.

    I said all that in order to introduce this:

    Before colonization women typically ran the economy. In those days poverty was not common and the institution of charity wasn’t a foundation of African life until colonization caused it to be, later on. I think they had to establish misogyny in order to destroy the economy and make Africans largely dependent on foreigners. If I’m not mistaken, we’re going to witness a return to more traditional cultural dynamics throughout Africa before very long

    Many Africans sincerely believe that in order to get ahead (past subsistence livelihood) one needed to get a leg up from missionaries or non-governmental agencies. To overcome this deep-rooted assumption is as challenging, for them (I imagine) as it is for Westerners to overcome our weird assumption that it’s alright to be governed by sociopaths.

    I call that exercise ‘the matching game.’ I got that term from the renowned Canadian scholar and peace worker, Ruhiyyih Rabbani. She used it to answer prejudicial statements about other races and cultures.

    Our amazing friends are on the threshold of self-reliance and it will have been a hard-won accomplishment over many years of hard, strategic effort against grievous odds that would cause most of us in the west to feel defeated. I tell everyone that the kikundi exemplify this global healing effort and I feel very proud and honored that they’re posting their reports here.

  34. Chris

    Chris: Thanks a lot Don for such a good comment, in fact in real sense we the ” Kikundi ” have come from very far and even some of the hardship that we have came across along the service are so sever, we had even incurred some the death and the death threat but our ambition must continue to meet the demands of our people . All that we have incurred in our pursue for the good of the others must continue despite the interception of the sewer rats whose aims is to disrupt our success.
    Since the invention of the bilo orgonite i know we are going to face a new era of success in our fight to rehabilitate our highly devastated and waste lands. If we could get the support that would enable Ibrahim and his friend our could be very good. In fact if we could get those who could order bilo orgonite can use Dancan’s address and though the sale i know we are going to raise a good money to offset such like bills.
    For sure Ibrahim is not going well in the prison and he is one who had been personally looking for the well being of his family. Any wisher could just donate for Ibrahim’s release.

  35. Jeff Miller

    If you can get the Positive Changes thread from the backup, I would certainly like that! I’m trying to view it as ‘it’s out there…at the least, it will be recovered in its entirety when the Bad Guy regime is finally toppled, and it is found on some server of theirs. Or someone from their side will leak it. Whatever the case, I’ve only got time to keep writing, moving forward, one post at a time. One new post better than one old post I copy and revive from a web log, say. And my other thread, “Rising Female Death Rate”, had a lot of groundbreaking stuff in it, from my perspective, so if it’s not a Herculean effort to extract it, I’d love to bring that to life, as well.

    As far as “publishing more widely”, anyone who wants to spread my stuff (unedited and credited, of course) is welcome to, with or without my knowledge. It would be like “I read this post on the Buick forum, this guy told about how he replaced his main seal”, that sort of thing.

    I like that people have to find their way to an Obscure Internet Forum to get to my stuff. Because, let’s all admit it, it’s not that obscure, at all. If your awareness has risen to where you know what “Orgonite” is, you will find it. And if you don’t know what Orgonite is, not to praise, not to damn, the thread’s probably going to appear nonsensical to you, at least when you get to my thesis as to WHAT is driving the great, epochal positive changes that are occurring at every level of our reality.

    If one is not ready to assimilate a concept, being presented with it will be deleterious. So, here, one person at a time has to ‘discover’ the thread, and perhaps say to a friend “check this out”. If it’s the greatest idea in the history of the world, it will be global in a veritable moment. Things go ‘viral’, in that way. Everyone was really close on heavier than air flight at the same time. A guy from Germany achieved it several years before the Wright Brothers, as the world’s foremost book on planes now documents, much to the chagrin of the Illuminist con-artists who put the Wright’s forward.

    I’d like the thread to live from its inception because it’s a body of work, proving a thesis, down through time. And when people begin to wake up more widely, the reference point to me saying the same thing four or five years previously will have a very large impact, a larger impact than it did upon first reading. Anyone trying to spin it will be hogtied by me saying three years previously that they’ would TRY to, do you see? They are the monkey with their hand in the monkey trap. Or, to use another metaphor,

    I control the high ground.

  36. Dan Stanton

    I have been watching a number of YouTube videos talking about the current hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. They seemed to have access to weather services that published live real time charts of the worldwide weather patterns. They pointed out that there were outside influences driving the weather, ie. creating hurricanes and tornadoes. They claimed these outside influences were from the HAARPs set up all over the world.

    It seems that if we got organized into a private army equipped with one, or more, cloudbusters each we could put up a defence against these artificially created storms. We would have to coordinate with each other so that we could deploy our cloudbusters and other organite devices over a large area. This could be on a statewide deployment, such as in Texas ie. Hurricane Harvey or, if we have enough troops, we could deploy up and down the East or West Coasts to set up a proper barrier of protection to nullify these storms or drive them back out to sea.

    Since you have demonstrated the effectiveness of these devices it is time to get organized and start thinking like professionals. We need to come out of the closet and strike back in an organized fashion.

    Also, with Yellowstone, acting up threatening a Super-Volcano eruption, there must be something that can be done to neutralize what is going on there.

    If we can attract people who can sponsor us with the equipment needed to outfit an army of cloud busters so that we can coordinate our efforts nationwide we can start to be really effective in fighting back against these aggressive weather warriors attacking not only the US but also other countries as well.

    It is time to rally the troops and strike a blow for the planet and for humanity.

  37. Edward

    I hope you don’t mind me commenting Dooney, but I read somewhere on the old sight or maybe Don told me, I can’t remember; but 3 days before Katrina made landfall, someone who had been in contact with Don and Carol put up a cloudbuster on the north shore of Lake Ponthatrain in Mandeville Louisiana. Keep in mind Katrina was barreling down on New Orleans for a direct hit and Mandeville is pretty much due north of New Orleans. I believe that’s what caused Katrina to shift east at the last minute and make landfall in Waveland, Mississippi instead of a direct hit to New Orleans as they predicted and planned. After all, where was Joe Santori? Mississippi got the brunt of Katrina, not New Orleans. Although the news portrayed it differently New Orleans only flooded because the $#!+birds blew the levies with explosives in the poor neighborhoods and ghettos. The garden district and other low lying rich areas never flooded. Parts of the French quarter and the downtown business areas did but they were bordering the Ms river and the blown levies were part of the reason for that flooding too. Calculated losses I guess. I believe this same cloudbuster is the reason Harvey didn’t move any further east towards south La than it did and stalled out and dumped a ton of rain on Texas. That’s my take on it, take it for what it’s worth.

    1. dooney Post author

      Thanks Edward! This is exactly the kind of stories I was hoping to hear from others who have used cloudbusters to good effect. 🙂

    2. Khufu

      I’m in Houston and I can tell you that my cb was effective against the storm . The first mistake I made was to not pay enough attention to the approach of the storm days before landfall. I would have pointed it sooner. I achieved mitigation after I pointed it in the direction of our local television stations antennas because they are in on it. This calmed down the wind but the rain poured. Our drainage here is excellent so it really takes a lot for it to flood here

      1. Khufu

        ……after the fourth day I noticed the media kept saying that the storm was stalled from moving east. I pointed east because storms move west to east and soon they began to say it’s eastward movement speed started to in increase. That’s when I realized something had been blocking eastward movement and as soon as I did it a hummingbird came from nowhere, buzzed around my cayenne pepper and flew away. I knew then that had Harvey moved on. Almost immediately after the other birds began to sing……true story.

        1. Khufu

          So far, I have done this to Katrina, Rita and Ike. I have learned all of this stuff from you and the Crofts. Thanks Dooney.

  38. Edu

    If you look the picture for a while with attention you can see the face of several good nature spirits on the trees! There is one very visible at the center of the picture. I think anyone can see it once the eyes know what to look for. Whomever took this picture unconsciously photographed it.

  39. Edu

    Notice that both Harvey and Irma have been launched from the same area southeast of Puerto Rico. I think they learned with Harvey and fine tunned the process with Irma. I bet they are using undersea bases there to steer these storms. Dropping more orgonite for the cetaceans in the area might be a solution.

  40. Edward

    I did notice they started in the same area, with another behind Irma last I heard. I have to check out what u said about skipping the same area.

  41. Edward

    It looks like whoever can do it needs to gift that area where these superstorms are forming, and also heavily gift the area around puerto rico and the other smaller islands there. i notice the hurricanes all start weakening severely when they approach the bahamas and the other areas Don and company gifted. Also i have notice they are having a much harder time pinning down the track of these storms since there is so much orgonite along the florida coast and the carribean near the bahamas.

  42. Mrs. O

    That is the message of Ibrahim’s wife i got that message in my mails this afternoon. It was like that they could take the cash bail before judgement but now they need the total amount which $400

    Hi Mrs O and Dancan,

    We really appreciate your friend Tomas on the money that he had sent to help my husband Ibrahim. Now previous they need cash bail 7000 Birr Ethiopian currency. Through good we managed to get this money but when we went to pay this money they refused and said they could only allow this money before judgement. And since the had already been passed and my husband is already in prison, now they need the total amount for his release. The total fine is 16396 Ethiopian Birr. Since we have got 700 birr we now remain looking for 9000 Birr.

    I was there and his condition is not good he is sick and i hope God willing he will be out before he suffered much in the cold place. Mrs O and Dancan you can help in that and you can even talk with your friends.


  43. Mrs. O

    That is in Nyamira where we had been doing gifting since this year. In fact these areas had never been good but now you can see the good features.
    Mrs O

  44. Don Croft

    The reason we’ve put our main effort into busting death towers and weather weaponry is that after most of that infrastructure was suddenly thrown up around the world in late 2001 we were profoundly frustrated by our orgonite cloudbusters’ sudden ineffectiveness to dampen storms.

    Pretty soon, we figured out that simple orgonite disables the new weaponry but the task of traveling around to do a thorough job was pretty daunting at the time.

    In the first year after a high-profile disinformation website published our orgonite cloudbuster plans thousands of these were home-built in the chemtrail-assaulted (developed) countries, except in China where direct internet surveillance is a big problem. It’s taken this long for orgonite to start spreading in China, in fact, but it is spreading there now.

    The angst that some people are expressing about these new storms is in spite of the fact that the recent one, at least, was not a hurricane when it reached shore and there were no reports of wind damage; only flooding from excessive rainfall. I assume the next storm will be the same and that the new agenda is to create damage by floods, just as a new agenda where we live seems to be to burn up all of the forests in the westsern US and Canada.

    If the enemy of our species manages to succeed in molesting North or Central America with an actual hurricane it only means, to me, that it’s time to get busy with boats and orgonite, again. It’s been twelve years since this has happened.

    Thanks for mentioning that CB on Lake Pontchartrain, Ed–at the time, there wasn’t yet much orgonite activity in your region. I wish we’d met you in those days! Your area was apparently the alternate Ground Zero after Katrina took that bounce. That was an ordinary CB, by the way. Your more recent activity in the region has been producing gratifyingly dramatic results and thanks for sharing them for the record.

    The last time Carol and I drove through your area there was evidence of a lot of people (or a few with a talent, resources and energy for carrying out a regional strategy) having done this work along the major highways, at least, and Louis Onder had flipped most of the weaponry in a huge territory of Alabama and Georgia, farther north. At the time, I think three years ago, we were wrapping up our two-stage continental campaign to smack down the US air force’s tornado mass murder scheme, which had been escalating before we took down the northern tier of their weaponry in 2011. A Canadian handled the USAF’s weapon facility in Alberta that we weren’t able to reach on that trip.

    Most of the people who built or bought CBs in the first year or two weren’t interested in flipping the then-new death towers but a lot of people took the intitiative to do that and the evidence is that smog was disappearing from all of the major cities outside of China at a fast rate. I think Tokyo was one of the first cities to clear. Atlanta was one of the last and Carol and I did that one in early 2003. I look forward to seeing the Chinese cities get clear of smog very soon, now that orgonite is finally spreading in that country. I’m actually glad that most of the people who do this fieldwork in the world don’t seek recognition because it demonstrates that this is an unorganized, non-centralized effort. The recent shift of the sewer rat agencies to more overt suppression of our online effort is probably counterproductive. I suppose we’ll see, pretty soon, if that’s so.

  45. Don Croft

    Dooney advised me to keep my comments short so I’m dividing my response.

    We have several specialized CBs, including one rather complex one that had generated a lot of unseasonable rainstorms in the desert during our little exile in Arizona when the Idaho gov’t threatened to shut our business down and federal hackers quietly removed all the cancer cure testimonials from our website. That CB is still in our motorhome, which we keep in Arizona for safety. I wish it had been available for Steve and Dooney last week when they were advised to be ready to evacuate. I even added a feature that Credo Muttwa had recommended for CBs after Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg gave him one of his. I hope to retrieve that CB next month on our planned trip to disable the CIA’s satanic-judges national infrastructure in Colorado, near the USAF Academy, which is a CIA mind control lab.

    Dooney’s visiting us, now, so that she and Carol can build some other specialized cloudbusters.

    I made a small, fairly streamlined one for my airplane in order to point it at any federal helicopters that might be in the air with me but in my ten years of flying I’ve never seen one so now it’s on my car’s roof rack, pointing backward to discourage surveillance. It works great!

    The one we made for our boat during our hurricane suppression campaign in 2006 had diminished a lot of storms in our path in those days but it didn’t much effect the nasty stuff they were almost constantly throwing at Paco and I, three years ago, on our trip to and from Belize from Key West.

    Thanks, Edu, for mentioning the altered path of those storms in the vicinity of W. Cuba, where we had tossed a huge load of tumbatorres (towerbusters) including several hundred that Gare Clement had very generously donated from Thailand. The energy was quite nasty before we did that but we were mobbed by several dolphin pods on our return trip through there. Somebody had already flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry along Mexico’s coast but we found some evidence of noxious underground activity in a couple of the more remote Mexican coastal areas where there were no death towers or roads.

    Maybe someday there will be organized efforts to use CBs but in order to have any organized effort that isn’t populated and castrated by federal moles we’re perhaps going to need to discard this parasitic, irredeemable federal behemoth, then of course there won’t be a destructive storm agenda, any more 😉

  46. Don Croft

    It’s easy to sidetrack people with talk about specialized equipment but for long-lasting results it’s still necessary to intelligently and diligently distribute the simplest orgonite muffins, of course. That, to me, is in line with the notion that the meek are inheriting the earth. The fancy stuff tends to attract unaccountable chest pounders and sycophants but the humble towerbuster still reigns in the field of long-term results, as exemplified here by our courageous and resourceful African cohorts.

  47. Don Croft

    Dirk, thanks for sharing the old EW forum posts about round weather patterns because this is a really fine, if rare these days, way to locate the more noxious weather weaponry.

    The round weaponized storms in Australia happened around the time it began raining abundantly throughout the Australian desert, which was achieved when a coordinated effort was made to flip all the weaponry around all of the accessible coastline. The only stretch of coast they weren’t able to reach was in the north, where swampland and sparse population made roadbuilding impractical. I see that those weather weapons were located quite far inland.

    Dirk is running the Etheric Warriors facebook page, by the way, which Chuck set up some years ago but was never used.

  48. Dan Stanton

    With hurricane Irma tearing up Florida and soon the East Coast up to New York we need as many CBs, Howitzers, and other orgonite tools, that are effective in neutralizing major weather systems like hurricanes and tornadoes, set up along the East Coast and Florida. A line of orgonite tools spread out up and down the coast every twenty miles, or so, should put up enough positive orgone energy to make a difference. We need concentrations of these CBs and Howizers placed in groups of 4, or more, pointing towards the storm fronts. That should put up enough energy to bust up and neutralize these storms.

    It is time for people to recognize that these storms are not going to diminish on their own. Chance are, they may have been artificially created via HAARP, or other weather war tools. So, we use artificial tools to combat this. These orgonite tools, that we have available, access scalar wave or chi energy and can affect things on a multi dimensional level. This is what we need to learn about, is how to be effective in using these tools that are available to us. We need to learn as much as we can on how to use these tools. The future of humanity and this planet may depend on us, and groups like us.

    If you are able to participate in this struggle by providing the tools purchased from the current manufactures of this equipment, or you are available to become manufacturers of orgonite tools or are able to organize groups who can acquire these tools and then place them in key areas in an organized fashion you are needed, now.

    Thank you for your interest.

  49. C

    Sorry for the late reply Jeff. I’d love to give it a go and try to retrieve the Positive Changes thread from the backup. I love technical challenges and I love to help as best as I can. You can email me at cassandria (at) aquasoul (dot) org

  50. Jeremy weintraub

    First of all….

    Thank you for everything you and Carol (and others) have done to help florida. I have been tracking the Hurricanes ever since my friend taught me about and how to make orgonite in 2008. Every year I observe a deflection, but every year the hurricanes seem to come closer to the shoreline, and I was wondering if your wife or any other psychics did a clairvoyant survellance of the locations of the orgonite to see if we were still protected. I can’t believe I can write to you, I am so honored to be able to know who has helped keep florida safe for all these years

    Kind regards, jeremy

  51. Dan Stanton

    In addition to the use of the Croft’s designs for Cloud Busters which are turning up all over the place. I even found a bunch of them for sale on Amazon.com as well as your vendor in Africa.

    Today, I found a website that was quite critical of the use of Cloud Busters as a means of weather alteration. It seems they were referring to the old designs of Wilhelm Reich which had some flaws in their design. The devices were throwing off too much bad orgone and making the operators sick.

    This brings me to the website of Neil Slade. He teaches people to just use their minds to bust clouds. His method is quite old and very effective. I has been on the Art Bell radio show back in the late 1990’s discussing and demonstrating the effectiveness of this simple mental technique of cloud busting. He even did a demonstration where he mobilized and used the radio audience of an estimated 10 million listeners to concentrate on ending a drought in Florida. Sure enough. The weather satellite maps showed that withing 3 days of the demonstration Florida’s drought was ended and they got over 10 inches of rain.

    Now, if a large group of participators could be mobilized and focused on their intent like that, not only could they end droughts but possibly they could neutralize and defeat hurricanes like Irma.
    Something of this nature needs the combined mental efforts of a group of meditators focusing their mental and spiritual energies.

    If we combined meditators with those with Cloud Busters and Power Wands we could generate a combined force strong enough to break up and dissipate hurricanes. This is a method that can be used. We need to set up a group that can combine their efforts and do this on a regular basis.

    We have the spiritual, mental and physical tools to do this. Our time has come.

  52. Don Croft

    When you posted photos of you and Chris with that big load of Bilo orgonite a few weeks ago, Dancan, I had a sense that you had a purpose in mind for it and now I think you all will have a good chance of influencing the national political machine.

    When the Brits ‘allowed’ independence they had already taken steps to keep control of all of their former colonies and some of us feel certain that this is the reason the kikundi have been routinely wounded, jailed, poisoned and murdered in a failed program to stop the spread of orgonite.

    I think the only country on the planet where there has been no interference with our common effort is Uganda, which is right next door to Kenya.

    There seem to be two main factors for this happy development:
    1) After a succession of particularly brutal, British-sponsored dictatorships a widespread, neo-grassroot effort was led by the current president (dictator), Musaveni, to destroy most of the Brits’ infrastructure of suppression and he had a lot of help from the Soviets. During my time in Uganda I heard a lot of stories about how bad things were before Musaveni took over in 86 and it was clear to me that the Ugandan people had simply refused to allow overt national tyranny, by then. The Brits and other European powers typically set up bloody dictatorships when they ‘grant independence’ but until the populace get wise to that agenda that’s not likely to change. America’s corporate regime does the same thing throughout Central and South America but these murderous neocons are losing their grip there, too.

    2) The AIDS Commissioner, a tribal nobleman with a lot of respect among the politicos, sponsored much of our work during Georg’s and my visit there in 2002/3 and Dr Kayiwa has quietly followed through in order to get zappers and orgonite into the hands of the most influential people, there. In recent years he’s even manage to accomplish that among the main warlords in Somalia, where he’s struggling to set up a national airline.

    The kikundi don’t have access to powerful people at the moment but they’re absolutely having a positive effect on the populations of every area where they’ve restored rainfall, restored agriculture and fishing, cleaned up bodies of water, reduced crime and brightened the atmosphere. Their reports are read throughout the continent and Chris has been deputized to visit several countries to teach people. These days, the enquirers abroad even pay his expenses.

    The infrastructure of parasitic tyranny depends on secrecy in order to be effective. Orgonite seems to have a powerful influence to expose these dirty secrets from two directions: their poisonous power base deteriorates and the population become less fearful and more curious. I can tell you from experience that nobody else in the world pays more attention to their surroundings than Africans do 😉

  53. Mrs. O

    Thanks a lot Don, for recalling and airing all the things that the Kikundi have done. In fact many people had been trying to demoralized us from forging a head but we always swear not to listen to their provocative plans and demands. In fact we had even faced being jailed , involving in tough circumstances like risking to visit our people in the high security hazard jails but our ambition must go on regardless of the threats. Right now our Ethiopian pioneer named Ibrahim is now serving in Ethiopian jail for gifting around but we still swear that no amount of intimidation and threats that will make us decamp or let go our ambition of serving our people and the environment.

  54. Edward

    Hello. I bet the main purpose to keep arresting you guys besides intimidation, is to simply deplete your resources and break you guys financially. its the same with me except im not being arrested, just pestered to death with sabotage to my vehicle and other little things in order to keep us broke. Because they know once we become financially independent we can hurt their agenda bad.

  55. Frode

    Dancan’s old Paypal account got frozen over a year ago with 222.66 USD (money that people contributed to help free Lilian and Jane from prison). We did our best to send in documents, but they don’t use streets adresses in Kenya for businesses, so we didn’t get that money out. Despite Paypal’s claim that accounts are opened again after 6 months, that money is still frozen. When I try to withdraw the money, I get a message I need to go to the resolution center. But there is nothing there. I will try to send them a message, but I will probably get a canned response. I’m mostly posting this expose the bastards.


    Dancan’s new account works fine though, so I hope people will once again help them. The repeated crimes against them just because they want to help people is so ridiculous.

    I intend to set up a website for them to sell Bilo orgonite, but I can hardly get a moment’s peace myself. But it will happen.

  56. Frode

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  57. Mrs. O

    That email from wife of Ibrahim she say they still needed $70 then Ibrahim will be out tomorrow morning anyone can help him to be out of the Jailed

    Hallow Dancan Mrs O and some of your friends Who help me with money for helping my husband Ibrahim I say thank you so much Dancan sent me $700 I go they in the Jailed with money they told me the bill of my husband Ibrahim is $770 If I get 70$ my husband will be out tomorrow morning

  58. Edu

    One interesting thing about these storms is that they are exposing FEMA plans for their concentration camps. Remember that Walmarts were shut down last year for solving “plumbing problems”? It just turns out they are exactly what everybody thought they were becoming, concentration camps. Now they test them with evacuees.

    It’s good idea to assume that every Walmart is a FEMA camp and it’s linked to underground installations (Plumbing problems he?). They all should be gifted

    Houston Evacuees Brought To … Walmart? Remember Walmart Closing Stores Due To Plumbing Problems?

  59. Don Croft

    Dan, I don’t think there was anything wrong with Reich’s design and when one was sensitive enough to subtle energy in the atmosphere one got astounding results with these, as Trevor Constable later proved.

    One simply had to be very careful handling the pipes in addition to being energy sensitive in order to stay safe, as Reich constantly warned. This is why Carol and I incorporated an orgonite base to our version and an orgonite cloudbuster certainly lacks the punch of Reich’s–it’s essentially a local weather balancer, which is what we intended. Several thousand of these were made in 2001 and 2002 and I think that every community on the planet is going to have one before long. Lots of Chinese are even building them, now, and the gov’t confiscates them when they can, there.

    For bigger results one really needs to get around and bust all the transmission weaponry, of course, and put orgonite in bodies of water, also put earthpipes in teh ground when there are unerground sources of poisonous energy (that also affects the atmsophere/environment negatively).

    Bear in mind that most of the material that Google/NSA send enquirers to is disinformation and some of it is incredibly clever and includes grandiose, unfounded claims for orgonite cloudbusters. Genuine, empowering information typically needs to be ‘excavated’ from the web, rather. That’s how people eventually find us. It’s up to each of us to use our sense of smell rather than our minds to discern such things, I think.

    Around 2004 a group of chiropractors quietly went all around the Houston metro area and busted all that weaponry, also did so along the coast in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, then went out in a boat or boats and distributed orgonite up and down the coastline for some distance. There are dozens of orgonite cloudbusers in the immediate area, too. This sort of systematic, thorough distribution of simple orgonite is what we did in Southern Florida 11 years ago, immediately after the last hurricane came ashore until Irma got to the Florida Keys last week. I’ll be interested to see whether the sewer rats can keep generating these storms or whether it just requires too much energy to keep up the momentum. Before Irma got near any land the winds were 200mph, by the way, then it rapidly diminished as soon as it approached the first landfall, where there is a load of orgonite in the sea, thanks to Dave Emmett, who was living in Barbados at the time.

    In satellite imagery one can see how the sewer rats managed to stall a massive rainstorm right over Houston to create the flooding and the edge of it was apparently dragging water up into the atmosphere from the Gulf, nearby. After many days, the storm moved in a natural way and began to dissipate immediately.

  60. Don Croft

    Thanks for mentioning the MalWart/FEMA agenda, Edu. The old order makes these plans and spends a lot on infrastructure but it ought to be obvious, by now, that they lack the ability to carry them out, any more. Like with those harmless chemtrails, their only remaining advantage is the steadily diminishing effect of their hypnotic fear porn. If they were as powerful as they want us to believe, we’d all be dead in this orgonite movement and very few of us, outside of East Africa, have been harmed for doing this work.

    My impression is that since MalWart is evidently a Chinese asset, though, and since China has a vested interest in increasing US people’s prosperity I’d be very surprised if any attempt is made to set up martial law. It’s clear enough that American cops and military would refuse to enforce it and that leaves China as the only possible enforcer, though even all of the People’s Army would probably only be able to enforce it in one or two major cities, even so 😉 . –a fully armed populace can’t really be controlled that way.

    1. Edu

      In the mean time, FEMA is doing it’s job:

      “A CALL TO ACTION & A CALL TO ARMS: What’s happening in the Keys is absolutely despicable. I’m currently volunteering logistical support with three rescue groups including The Cajun Navy & the US Civil Defense Force, we have 100’s of fully qualified, ( US Navy ) vetted & certified volunteers with teams of rescue workers who’ve brought their own resources, equipment & supplies.

      FEMA has stopped our teams & are currently refusing access into the Keys.

      We’ve received hundreds of calls & requests for help, we have tickets on our system(s) that are over 3.hrs old and FEMA absolutely refuses to let our teams in to help.

      We are planing on rallying at Phantom Fireworks in Key Largo in the morning.. 1.st & 2.nd Amendment exercise. 7.am. In a show of force we plan on crossing FEMA’s roadblocks & checkpoints with or without FEMA’s blessings.

      We are inviting all 3% Conceal & Open Carry citizens to join us at the rally point tomorrow morning.. This is an open S.O.S. for the people trapped in the Florida Keys.

      There are people in desperate need of our help & we are not going to sit another day waiting for permission to assist. Americans do not need FEMA’s permission to exercise their first and second amendment rights. we will assemble & we fully intend to render assistance.

      We are currently holding ‘live’ USCF Action Team meetings on the android zello app in the Hurricane Irma Rescue & relief channel.

      We shall not go ‘Quietly’. They kicked us out of Hurricane Harvey they will not ‘kick’ us out of Irma.

      AJ has been in the channel ripping it up so we expect this Call to Arms to go live across many of the alternative media outlets in a little while but I doubt we’ll see this on any of the lame stream media.

      1. Edu

        There are news about the police and FEMA stopping people from helping the hurricane victims and about the red cross siphoning donations and sitting idly.

        The United States is a crazy country!

  61. Jeff Miller

    Dan, I have subjectively concluded that Art Bell is a controlled-opposition Illuminist shill.

    As I see it, Neil Slade, or Art Bell saying “you don’t need simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices, use your MINDS, instead!” is about as bald as it gets, in terms of what a stooge would say to try to blunt, slow or defray the Orgonite movement.

    And I’d ask readers to note that you laid in a “I support Orgonite technology!” post immediately before, which plausibly forestalls an objection such as my own if tabled, at least as it regards your own personal beliefs. But you’re still bringing it forward, the “let’s just use our MINDS!” thesis.

    Jeremy, from my perspective, the “every year the hurricanes creep closer!” – “are we still protected?” thrust is hand-wringing, fear-inducing. My study of hurricanes over the past few years has shown a slow, steady diminution, mirrored in a drop-off of tornado activity, yet yours has shown closer-creeping doom, and an increasing loss of safety. Suffice it to say, we have different perspectives on the matter. I’d also note that your post opens and closes with Croft-fawning, with the hand-wringing fear stuff positioned in between.

    To the readership I would note that the black art and science of the “intel” trade is finite, repetitive, formulaic, and completely discernible.

    Fortunately for us all, White magic is stronger than Black, and simple truth is stronger than complex, wicked wordcraft.


  62. Edward

    That’s awesome Edu! My prayers are with you guys. Will be boosting your teams and the shitbirds trying to stop u. Let us know when u guys will be crossing FEMA roadblocks and perhaps all the etheric warriors can boost and blast the shitbirds in question simultaneously!

  63. Edward

    It just shows how scared and desperate they really are to be so petit. They have stolen my bus and vehicle keys numerous times in the last year. It has happened so many times I now start my truck with a screwdriver. They are easier to replace. I hope your move is safe, pleasant, and profitable. I am praying for you right this second, boosting too!

  64. Mrs. O

    Hi ; Thanks a lot, its with a lot of appreciation for the best effort that our brothers and sisters have done by giving their sacrifical donations to see our brother and a fellow gifter Ibrahim to be realeased from the Jail. In fact it had been our desire and wish to see our brother come out of the jail after he faced his arrest in Bole air port Ethiopia. My happiness is that he is now out and will join his family and also resume his daily duties. Thanks to all who joined the hands together to see him out. Dancan

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks, indeed, Ed–being streetsmart is a key survival trait for people who undermine the corporate world order efficiently 😉
      and I account you as one of the most experienced among us in terms of street wisdom.

      The reason I asked Francisco to accompany me to Central America, almost three years ago, is that the Spanish Gestapo had made overtly threatening moves to disappear him into the Gulag and that activity was gaining momentum. After our productive sea voyage the legal dogs backed down quite a bit but they’ve recently renewed their aggression .

      I’m sure that posting about the theft of the keys will be productive because the enemy loathe exposure. If they were genuinely powerful, as the Gestapo and the Russian equivalent were in the Hitler/Stalin days (which is the current Amerika/UK/Zionist neocon wetdream), we’d probably all be dead or in concentration camps.

      I was powerfully relieved, recently, when Francisco sent me a photo of his new digs on the mainland

  65. Don Croft

    I think Edu is quoting an article from Jim Stone. I just got an email from a customer in South Florida whose personal observations are contrary to media and alternative media reports. I’ve just asked for her location but she evidently has direct knowledge that the damage reports about Key West are vastly exaggerated. Georg Ritschl published a much longer report from one of his customers in Sarasota and he claims that there was very little damage, there, from the storm and that it was very much downgrade from hurricane strength.

    Nothing from the media or the controlled opposition (‘alternative media?’) can trump personal observations by credible people.

    I used to refer to Jim Stone’s articles because they seemed genuine and were compelling but I’ve lately been more reserved about broadcasting his work because I’m not yet convinced that he’s not simply playing the ‘controlled opposition’ role. Like with the CIA’s montauk.com there are probably some things that Stone describes that won’t be found anywhere else, like details of the demolition of the Fukushima nuke plant, perhaps. After I started reporting that the sun was rising and setting in unusual places, montauk.com reported the shifting rotational axis of the earth. It was many more years before first-hand evidence from the arctic circle was published.

    The main thing that gives me pause about him is that he claims to be a whistleblower and former key NSA employee. Historically, anyone who publishes top secret info is very quickly killed or imprisoned and he’s allegedly been at it for years, also claims to be on the run. In terms of those oaths, there are no ‘former employees’ of secret police organizations, any more than there are former mafiosi.

    Phil Schneider revealed secret stuff about underground bases in 1996 for a year. During that time he survived many assassination attempts but he was really running, unlike Stone, and they strangled him in his apartment in Portland, Oregon, at the end of that period. The fellow who told Carol and I about it, Stephen J. Smith, was a close friend of Schneider’s in Portland and saw him the day before his murder. Smith was later also murdered a few years later, soon after he developed a free energy engine. NSA and other sewer rat agencies are competent when they’re determined to erase someone and they have endless resources.

    I think the only reason Carol and I and a few of our close associates are still breathing is that the sewer rats can’t risk overt murder with us because the growth of the orgonite movement would explode exponentially after that. They really messed up by murdering Chuck in July, which I think they realize now.

    Another way they messed up, presumably on account of their arrogance, was when they published our orgonite cloudbuster plans on one of their high profile disinformation websites in 2001. They apparently believed that they could erase this movement in its infancy by what they call, ‘blackwashing’and by aggressive infiltration by ‘legends in their own minds,’ who were skilled at obfuscation. Thousands of CBs were quickly built in a short time in the chemtrail-assaulted countries, mostly by flaky newagers who never lifted a finger, later on, to bust their local death towers. This spurt of unorganized effort negated the then-expanding chemtrail bioweaponry agenda, haha.

    Eventually, the core of this worldwide movement (committed effort) became characterized by more accountable, balanced people but it all started with that popular CIA disinformation site.

  66. Don Croft

    Here’s what my customer wrote and you’ll notice that it’s very unlike the strident news reports:

    Hello, Don,

    We are starting to get back to normal down here in South Florida, whatever that means. We lost power at around 5:00 pm on, Sunday, Sept. 10. We ran the generator we used for Jeanne, Francis and Wilma [2005] (the three sisters). It kept it bearable. The temp was in the 90’s during the day. Power was restored yesterday on the 13th at around 2:30 pm. Had wind gusts up to 80 or 90 mph but sustained winds were at or much below 70 mph. We had no flooding or damage to our home, just a few big pine tree limbs broke off and fell to the ground and thankfully did not hit anything. Our entire county fared very well. Key West’s Duval Street is still there and Tampa was spared. Some trailer parks in the Keys were a total wreck but hopefully everyone was insured. The land is still there and few people lost their lives.

  67. Cyclingflinger

    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for your article and update. Things are getting better now in Antwerp (Ambères), as we managed to get Ibrahim out of jail, which is another humble gifter. Having hands full on gifting with less fortitude and a big lack of ammunition, I decided to continue my “Brabantia” gifting campaign. Today it got on with Etten-Leur and Zundert.

    Many insights getting on about gifting the whole leyline called Bergen-op-Zoom till Eindhoven. (which means end of the local brabantian court) The reason I write this is that we have a lot of spanish history in our low countries and those were never for the best. I admire your giftings!

    You already threw so much orgonite on that island, the evil has definitely to come from down the sea, their biggest program the meditarrenean undersea bases. Next to the local state authorties on islands there are private ferry companies, just get them down with orgonite!

    Continue the good work!


    1. Edward

      Hey thanks Don, but i’m only marginally street smart because i am truly not a people person. So because of that i often have trouble effectively communicating in public. But I just operate on the principle that until proven otherwise, everybody is out to get me. So that makes me hyper-vigilant and i catch their traps most of the time, but not always. I am learning though.

  68. Dan Stanton

    In studying what private people can do with your tools, let’s not forget to include the use of the Power Wands and Succor Punches. If a person owns one, or more Cloud Busters plus a Power Wand and Succor Punches they can create a wall of scalar waves or orgonite energy to turn back big storms such as these.

    Judging from the YourTube videos I saw that were following the track of Harvey, Irma and Jose, they showed that there were outside energy influences that were driving these storms, HAARPs? The source for one of these was located in the Canary Islands. Whoever these opponents are that are doing this we can play too.

    For those of your clients who are into witchcraft there are a number of weather spells available online that both create rainstorms but also to stop them. Use spells such as these, or even prayers and combine them with the Power Wands and you should see some effects. These Power Wands use the scalar wave energy and can be directed from anywhere. It is worth researching. When you combine the energy with multiple Power Wands and Cloud Busters we should be able to get positive results in either diminishing the power of the storms but also be able to turn them back out to sea.

    I hope these thoughts stimulate some ideas in your clients so they can use their orgonite and scalar wave tools in a way they might not have thought before.

    Keep up the good work.

  69. Angel

    I wanted to share an interesting thing that happened last week. I’m not sure it qualifies for the forum, though, but I thought you might be interested in it anyway.

    Garry and I moved the CB from the attic to outside almost 2 weeks ago. Interestingly, the night before I had a dream that kept repeating itself. A very short one…it showed the CB without the pipes in it. The one I bought has 6 outer pipes and a pipe in the centre making 7 pipes total.

    So the short dream that repeated was this…

    It showed the CB without the pipes. And it showed a large red X on the centre pipe. So when I woke up, we got the CB down from the attic and put it behind a large tree behind our garage so it would be well covered. There is a clearing back there that can’t really be seen. I put the outer 6 pipes in and kept the 7th centre pipe out.

    That night when we let the girls out back to go potty there were literally about 100 slugs at the back door and that small area of steps to the garden!!! Now we do have a few slugs at night on rainy nights, but this was unheard of! The girls backed into the house and we shut the door! The same thing happened the next night so I poured salt on them and washed the mess away the next morning. I had to start letting the girls go potty in the front garden as it was insane how many slugs were hanging about the back door!

    On the morning of the 6th day it was a lovely sunny day so after I washed the slime mess off the back steps and that small area, I got my gear and the girls and I went out back. I began clipping dead roses…just to get out and get some sun b/c the slugs every night were beginning to gross me out. My neighbour comes out and said she’d not been feeling like doing gardening the last 5 days. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when she said it but I shrugged it off and just listened to her as I continued to snip dead roses by the shared fence.

    I looked up at her for a second here and there but never really “looked” at her. I never really liked her b/c she has a black aura and seems like a very negative person. Always sour-faced and not very amiable. But I talk nicely with her in order to keep a good rapport.

    But the hair on my neck kept bristling and finally caught my attention when she said the wind must have blown 3 boards off my fence. I looked over to where she was talking about (you can’t see the CB from where we were or even anywhere, but you can see the tree behind the garage) and it really irked me b/c I knew for a fact all of those boards were secure as I checked them recently b/c I’m going to pressure wash them and repaint them before the cold sets in.

    I told her we were getting harrassed by the local brats and they must have done it. Then she said, “Well, as I SAID I can’t be bothered working in my garden now.” Her tone shifted from friendly to being very agitated and I turned to look directly at her. When I did she shook her head and shoulders then shape shifted right in front of me!!! It reminded me of the characters on the TV series Grimm. She was purely reptilian with a huge gaping mouth, her tongue flicked out and her eyes were ginormous and black!

    My response was to laugh! I couldn’t even help it! It answered so many questions for me that I just laughed and kept laughing! It explained her black aura and ugly attitude. It explained why we always felt severe negativity. It explained why she never stayed out long when I was outside too! And I kept laughing b/c I knew she was trying to intimidate or frighten me and she didn’t even bring one ounce of fear into me.

    She made a shocked expression and went inside. I went to the fence and saw that one board was pried off right at the CB. The night before, around 2am, Eleanor began growling at the back door and I went outside and 2 teenagers were running off. I didn’t notice the boards missing at the time. So I brought the CB inside. Still chuckling every so often. I put the CB in the lounge behind the TV, right next to the shared wall, as we have a semi detached house.

    As soon as I brought the CB inside, the neighbour went outside and began working on her garden. Ever since then we’ve had no more nasty slugs congregating at our back door either. But 2 days later our neighbours left and some of their friends are now at their house with a vicious dog that tries to climb the fence and get to our dogs. And they make all sorts of loud noises and banging.


    The very same thing happened in the flat we lived at for 6 years before moving here. The minute we bought TB’s and spread them around the house and put one outside at our front door, we began having strange issues with our neighbours below us! The female shape-shifted in front of me there, too! And it began right after I set out the TB’s everywhere…24 in total. She became agitated and ugly. Screaming at me and taking a stick to her ceiling constantly. Banging on my door every time Garry left for work. Even reported me as being “anti-social” to the Council so many times that they came out to meet with us about our “reported” behaviours. They said the complaints were so minor and bizarre that they came out just to see if it were really true. By the time they left they encouraged us to file a complaint of harrassment on them so we did and they were forced to move! A very old woman moved in after them and we all got on great with one another.

    So if anyone were to ever tell me that these TB’s and CB’s don’t work, I am here to testify that they surely do!!!


    I forgot to mention that I think we had so much negativity this past year b/c that CB had 7 pipes. Once I took out the centre pipe and we brought the CB back into the house and even into the lounge/living room, the feeling of the house went from being very stressed, negative and oppressed, to feeling calm, peaceful and light! Even our bodies began feeling a bit buoyant…we felt like we’d float if we didn’t keep conscious thought about being a bit more grounded to the floor!
    Crazy but true!

  70. Angel

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of such a wonderful person, warrior, friend, and family man. I pray that we are all kept safe and protected.

  71. Cal Smith

    There is a new movie coming out Oct. 20th called “Geostorm”.
    The world’s leaders gather together to create the global climate, but the system goes awry.
    Is someone using this to gain implicit permission to modify global climate?

    Cal Smith

  72. Dan Stanton

    Here’s a thought for all you “outlaw” orgonite gifters and cloudbusters: Why not try to combine the various orgonite tools with the cloudbusters and add the Power Wands and Succor Punches. Add these to your bag of tools in fighting bad weather and wild fires. Since the Power Wands have an unlimited range and utilize Scalar Waves and orgonite combined with the power of thought and visualization a bunch of you could get together with these combined tools and create a wall of energy that can defeat these mega storms that are being enhanced using the HAARP and other weather warfare technology. For further info on Weather Warfare there are now a number of YouTube videos on Weather Warfare plus updates on the hurricanes.

    It is true that Irma and Jose did not pack the projected punch the Fake News Media was projecting. It is true that when the storms were way out at sea they did get up to Category 5 but they lost energy when they came ashore. I saw some highway surveillance footage of a number of highways in South Florida in areas the Fake News Media said was being inundated with storm damage and the footage I saw showed dry roads and no wind blowing trees over. There was little storm activity at that time. At a time that the Fake News Media said that the same area was being destroyed by the storm. So, do you think some of this loss of energy can be attributed to Don’s gifting program? Who knows? All I know is that if we had an army of Gifters with their Cloud Busters and Power Wands out there working together we could save us humans a lot of storm damage.
    For those who are unfamiliar with Power Wands they are an effective tool that uses orgonite as scalar waves and is enhanced by the power of thought, prayer, spells and visualization. Its range is unlimited as are its uses. Familiarize yourself with its uses and develop your own uses. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve. Napoleon Hill.

  73. Mrs. O

    In fact we are doing well Ibrahim is already out and hus friend whom he was arrested with still remain there in the prison. They still need $ 500 and we are still looking how to handle the matter. So still well wishers could still contribute , be well .Dancan

  74. Don Croft

    Thanks, Cal!
    Dan, you might not have considered that all of the orgonite and fancy orgonite devices in teh world are already working that way. Some of us assume this is the case, though of course it’s impossible to prove.

    If I’m correct, then when we follow our hunches we’re actually participating in a minutely-coordinated but hidden agenda to completely undermine the tyranny of parasites and fix he problems that they’ve created over the millenia. For many years, we’ve referred to these unseen agencies as ‘The Operators,’ as in the old TV ads for mailorder products: Operators are standing by to take your call! 😉

    Nobody seems driven to find out who/what they are but those among us who can see into the etheric realm say that they’ve seen a wide variety of sentient species (including cetaceans), time travelers, elementals, departed spirits, etc.

    Many of us have discussed this privtely and we marvel at the timing and comprehensiveness of this evident, global plan in which we feel privileged to participate. I’ve shared a lot of examples over the years but for those who have already committed it’s not necessary to hear those stories because we’re each driven by inner guidance–there’s no need to be psychic in order to access this.
    For those of us who have personal faith that’s based on religions this sort of faith is already familiar but I would say that most of the people in the West who have acquired this dynamic faith are not religious at all.

    This faith is typically born when one has committed to doing orgonite fieldwork and begins experiencing the rather addictive confirmations. I don’t recall that handling fancy equipment can accomplish this, though of course there are uses for the fancy stuff, too, and Carol and I have and use a truckload of such items.

    The East Africans who share reports, here, exemplify the faith aspect. They also exemplify what can be accomplished on a very large scale with simple orgonite. I don’t think there are more than half a dozen orgonite cloudbusters in East AFrica, compared to many thousands, each, in Europe and North America where fewer people on each continent are accomplishing grand-scale results than in East Africa.

  75. Don Croft

    Thanks for sharing that, Angel, because I want people to know that the incredibly weird, fun stuff that happened to Carol and I so often in the early years still happens and this is quite empowering for those of us who experience and witness it.

    Regarding the seventh pipe: I sketched the plans for our orgonite cloudbuster on a napkin in Denny’s in December, 2000, while carol dowsed the parameters with her necklace; not as auspicious for some as it would be if I’d said that a disembodied spirit directed us to inscribe the plans on gold plates, I suppose, but I’m still astonished by my wife’s etheric genius on a regular basis and I’ve always had a sense that you’ve got that skill, too,

    There was a spate of sabotage in the early years in the form of ‘improvements’ to the basic cloudbuster. Those alterations typically degraded the function of the device but a small mob of sycophants (I referred to them as ‘The Peanut Gallery’ and ‘Greek Chorus’), each time, enthusiastically promoted them and it threatened to derail this unorganized movement, as did a few other operations at the time. Fortunately, this little forum/blog effort still sets the standard, against the odds, which is probably why the enemy killed Chuck and then destroyed the sites, again, recently. I think they already see that it was counterproductive but we miss Chuck.

    I think that you exemplified the nature of this unorganized effort when you had the vision of the X on the center tube and then removed it, then got the requisite, rather dramatic confirmation. This is the dynamic that many of us feel is the core and spiritual heart of our global effort. For the religious people among us, it also demonstrates he importance of the individual’s connection with the creative source, so it also shows that blind belief in arbitrary authority and accepting/disseminating man-made, glamorous dogma is a dead end.

    Scotland came closest (except for Southern Sudan, which actually did secede from Sudan) to secession a few years ago. If the votes had been honestly counted Scotland would be a country, now, we feel certain. The savage economic reprisals on Scotland by the Babylonian City of London that quickly followed the referendum and are still happening are certainly a confirmation to many. I assume that Angel has been under attack because the enemy consider her to be a particular threat. They always attack psychic etheric warriors the hardest and this is good evidence, to me, that the liberated form of science, which Reich practiced, values psychics as accurate instruments, much finer than Geiger counters, tri-field meters, etc.


  76. Edward

    Wow! Don was right that is a great story. You should tell us more of your experiences with orgonite. I’m wondering why removing the middle pipe made such a difference? Maybe it has something to do with the geometry of the pipe arrangement? I dont know. Perhaps someone will be able to tell us.

    1. Edward

      Well don’t I look stupid, Don already answered it and posted right before I did and so I didn’t see his response. Lol

      1. Don Croft

        There’s no egg on your face, Ed, don’t worry.

        I don’t think anyone can authoritatively answer the question about the center pipe but all of this work is based on empirical evidence, after all, and when a design pans out it’s usually better to just keep to the design if one isn’t really inspired or otherwise qualified to improve it. Even then, the modification can’t be said to be valid unless it’s proven in the field.

        I think this speaks to Dr Reich’s advice to be aware of mystical processes without being a mystic.

        The flower of life promotion from the 90s is a case in point, I think. After 20+ years that design is still being eagerly displayed by well-meaning newagers but not a single person has actually done anything productive with it yet, as far as I know, and the author outed himself, many years ago, when he admitted in front of witnesses that his merkaba meditations were designed to allow the practitioners to be remotely controlled by him (which is to say, by his employers). This is the inevitable result of taking baited mystical hooks, I think. Both the flower of life and merkaba probably have their uses and may be keys to understanding the physical universe but until they’re no longer the mind control aids for the Old Parasite we might not figure that out. it reminds me a bit of the frenetic waving of national flags to distract people from the problem of irreversibly-corrupt governments.

  77. Mrs. O

    Yes Ibrahim is out of jail only that his friend is still in the prison and some money is still needed like $500 so we are hoping the best in all. Dancan

  78. Frode

    Thank you for the kind words. I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has helped the kikundi over the years, it has been absolutely essential to keep them out of jail, and to cover hospital bills. I made a long list of all those events, which was posted on the EW forum that was taken down. Several years back, Don supported them with motorbikes. I think they needed to sell most of them to cover those expenses. They also had a car they had just secured, but then needed to sell it again to cover the bail costs, I think when Mrs.O and Fatuma was arrested.

    Unfortunately Ibrahim’s gifting friend is still in jail and they need $500 to get him out. We’re all getting sick and tired of all of this, but I hope there are some who can help financially. (I did some etheric work today, with the aid of all the Bilo orgonite the Africans have distributed, to hold the shitbags accountable for all the troubles they’ce caused over over the years.).

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

    you can use my paypal account is dancanomollo2016@yahoo.com or Western Union Name Dancan Omollo in KENYA or Florence Atieno in Kenya.

  79. From Mrs O

    Hallow our readers the friend of our brother who was arrested and locked inh the Ethyiopian prison Ibrahim is still lockede iin the prison. In fact Ibrahim managed to be outt because friends had solicited some money together with the faqmily and the relative. So this other guy is still locked inn the prison. They wwere both fined $700 each but Ibrahim family managed to raise the money and he is now out.Their family had managed to pay $200 whic is still not eough for him to be out. Frode is still trying to retrive Dancan’s paypal account whch froze with about $220. Any well wisher can chip in and see our brother.
    Mrs O

  80. Edward

    You know I’ve been hearing of more and more Florida panther sightings around here. I have seen one several times in the last 15 years when in remote areas. I base the reports on descriptions of the cats, not just taking people’s word for what they saw. The Florida panther is supposedly extinct. At least that’s what I was told by my college biology professor.

  81. Edward

    My prayers are with you guys, I have added y’all to my daily prayer list. I will boost the fellow in prison right now too.

    1. Edu

      [Edu, thanks for being helpful but I never mention the names of disinformants or people who attack us unless they actually do harm, as Dr. James DeMeo (a.k.a. ‘DeMento’) did many years ago when he publicly tried to persuade the Mozambique high court to convict Georg, Tino, Carlos and Prophet for dropping orgonite into a reservoir on the Zambezi River.
      The fellow I mentioned above actually tried and failed to harm one of our associates who used to do psychic work for him and withdrew but it was energetic and not overt, the way DeMento’s public assault was. ~Don]

  82. Edward

    This is a good story and bio on chuck, we hope to here more stories about him. It sounds like he led an interesting and full life and really cared about this movement.

  83. Angel

    Hi Ed, I actually do have a few other orgonite stories to share but not sure how to go about it. Maybe you can give me a bit of guidance on that, Don?

    And yes, Don, you are 100% correct on the votes being tampered with. Most people here are being beaten down so badly now, though, that many are in submission, which I find very sad and very aggravating. So many people these days are happy to do nothing and just “hope” that some mighty Saviour appears to magically save the day. The problem with that is, EVERYONE is accountable. EVERYONE is needed to fight this fight. But here we are…billions needing saved and only a precious few willing to stand up and actually give it their best shot. So in Scotland, we have millions wanting saved and precious few of us are willing to move to action.

    Divide and conquer has never been more alive.

    But more and more people are awakening to what is really going on. I just hope we get more warriors out of the deal. The suicide rate, drunks, drug addicts, diseases of all sorts, and deaths by the droves are at an all-time staggering high. Each weekend is filled with drunks who yell at the top of their lungs, fighting, vandalizing…our house is hit a lot…go figure. I see a once proud nation being brought to it’s knees and, at first, I dropped into a state of depression as my own mind and health were violently attacked on a non-stop basis. But the last month or so I began going into a deep state of meditation.

    I raise my vibrations higher then stay there a bit and raise them even more until I come to a place that is misty. It’s like this super thick fog where you really can’t see a whole lot, but you can feel the dark energies off at a distance. Then I do a series of deep breaths in and out while I build up this sense of Love. Once I feel it so strongly that my heart begins to pound, I open my chest up and shoot it out like a massive tsunami wave. My whole body literally braces as it is incredibly huge and powerful, this wave. As it goes out, I think of every “powerful” controller…I try to see their faces or even just focus on their last name or their position. At times, I just focus on dark energied beings, period, if I’m unable to think of anyone specific. And I just stand there and shoot this wave out for as long as I can.

    In the beginning I was alone in this mist. Now I see others who have joined me. I don’t know who they are but I see them doing the very same thing. The last time I did it there were enough that we just needed a few more and we could hold hands if we wanted to. My goal is to have so many that we stand shoulder to shoulder as we blast these parasites into oblivion! I’m just not sure how to achieve it, but it’s a goal nonetheless. 🙂

    1. Jack

      Hello from Canada…it’s a great day when I Love the negative energies for their gift of pushing me/us to connect more and more with the Light and Love energy…in thought, emotion and deed.

      More are active in this call back to the Light than I can know in my home town. So I suspect this is the same everywhere.

      To you in Scotland and all here on the forum…I believe we are winning. I believe the negative energy only looks bigger to our limited eyes. It is actually puny and impotent. I suspect the majority are on the cusp of seeing this clearly.

  84. Edu

    Nice story! I would place the CB outdoors again, as it will benefit the entire region. Or perhaps just point it at the neighbor’s house, why not?. If the lizard don’t like she can always move to another place. She can do gardening somewhere else. These creatures feed on humans every month so I would not have any pity on them.

    You can keep the slugs away with a 9V battery powered electric fence by the way:

    Whenever the dark side attempts to influence us to do something, do the opposite. That’s how we regain terrain and set some healthy boundaries.

  85. Mrs. O

    That message from Ibrahim in Ethiopia.I no friend of Ibrahim who is still in the Jailed…………………………… . …………………

    In fact this my friend whom were arrested with had been very much instrumental to me more so in my gifting activities eventhough not very much known by the Kikundi group. Thats why when the kikundi worked for my release he could remain behind in the prison. Its me who asked him to escort me to the airport and we happened to be locked in together with him. So after my release he remaind there but not very happy with me and at time he even think that am the one who caused all that he has gone through. Thus if we could join hand and work for his released would save our integrity and honesty. Otherwise i duly appreciate our Kikundi plus all our friends for being concern in my release. Ibrahim

  86. Mrs. O

    That my PayPal account is not working again that my is dancanomollo2016@yahoo.com
    Any who want to help friend of Ibrahim Eric sent me $30 for friend of Ibrahim I can’t withdraw it in my PayPal account is not working again if Eric can take money back is good I will use WorldRemit those details

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  87. Don Croft

    Angel, I don’t think you need to feel discouraged by the fewness of committed people who stand up to the tyranny of parasites. The fact that so few of us have had such a profound effect, so far (as has been documented over the years by Jeff Miller) may be the best indicator of how weak the corporate order actually is. If they were really powerful they’d have been easily able to murder or imprison all of us. What do you suppose constrains them other than their fear of exposure in this case?

    I can list a lot of examples of how humanity progresses in spite of the enemy’s best (worst) efforts to prevent it. One example is that race hatred as become faux pas. When I was a kid it was openly expressed. People are communicating with each other as never before, too. Never mind that most of that communication is sort of moronic 😉 because now the few of us who determine to improve our world can finally meet each other through the ether and network in a real way. I once heard Danion Brinkley observe that cellphones and internet may be an intermediate step toward species-wide telepathy, like many of us feel that the dolphins practice.

    Your meditation exercise resembles what we call ‘boosting’ and your connetions are quite real, in my opinion. When we first started doing regular, international group exercises to undermine the tyrants and neutralize their genocide agenda in 2002 we soon learned that a large number of other informal groups were also doing this. It seems like a natural extension of one’s commitment to fix Big Problems, which could be another name for the corporate, parasitic order. The pajama-clad, vast majority of people have never been a problem; they just want to get along with each other reasonably well and to be comfortable.

    The enemy tried their best to con everyone on the planet into believing that ‘humanity is a virus on Gaia’s surface that ought rightly to be eradicated,’ but they only ever managed to convince a small minority: college-programmed europoid, middle class kids since the 1970s. Since these kids were scared to procreate they’re an even smaller minority, now. The Church of Settled Science, which still aggressively promotes this and other bizarre myths, is finally being exposed as a medieval institution, thanks to our rising general awareness.

    Edu, it’s funny that you mentioned pointing the CB at an offender’s house because my initial vision for the device was to set it up across the valley from Ashland, Oregon, where I was living, and aim it from high up on a mountainside at Ashland’s city hall, which is miserably corrupt, as nearly all city governments in the world are.

    I got this idea when I was first experimenting with orgonite in late 1998, then Carol and I developed the specs for it a couple of years later, in Florida.

    A consideration in places where there’s a lot of crime is that the pipes would be stolen and sold for scrap, of course. This was a problem in Kampala after we left. Fortunately, a CB works well through a pane of glass 😉

    Angel, I believe that you’re a good candidate for seeing how dramatically orgonite distribution can lower the crime rate.

    Carol and I have several 108s on our property, including one under the bed and one small one, each, in two of our vehicles. Carol used to be scared to walk from the house to the shop at night on account of the gauntlet of ill-wishing entities that lurked along that short route and a small 108 under the front porch & larger one behind the shop took care of that. We don’t have a clue how it works but we’re grateful.

    One reason I’m grateful for not having the psi gift is that I’m blissfully unaware of most of that horror around me, nor do I get headaches. Practicing psychics I’ve known would rather have their throats cut than to lose their etheric vision, though, and we’re deeply grateful for their contributions to this wonderful effort.

  88. Don Croft

    Angel, all orgonite stores are valuable because reporting the subjective content powerfully supports others who have felt or observed similar or identical effects but may have a hard time believing.

    An example was when Jeff McKinley assumed that the dark lines he saw parallel to flipped death towers were support cables. When Carol told him that he was rather seeing an energy dynamic (the boundary where deadly energy was being transmuted into healthy life force) he was powerfully encouraged. He later saw the target when we enroute to it, about fifty miles off the coast from Tarpon Springs, Florida, where the government had dumped a massive load of biological weaponry which was killing all of the sea life downstream along the coast, all the way to the Everglades. it was in the exact spot that Carol dowsed on the chart. The vitality of the sea was soon fully restored after we dropped a ring of towerbusters around that dump site.

    I’ve been encouraging our associates to re-tell their fieldwork accounts here. Retelling is a good thing since most of our present readers probably weren’t around for the first telling, years ago.


  89. Edward

    I heard a news report tonight at the gas station that all the power lines in Puerto Rico were knocked down and the entire island was without power. They said the only people with power were running generators. That’s interesting since i have a friend from Puerto Rico that moved here about 15 or so years ago. After Katrina hit we were talking about how he couldn’t understand why the power lines here were not buried underground. He told me that in Puerto Rico ALL the power lines across the entire island were buried underground, and had been for many years. Somebody is lying, I wonder who?😤

  90. Mrs. O

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  91. Mrs. O

    Hi Christine,
    I thank you very much for the great job you are doing in Suthern Sudan. It is good to get us updated about everything that you do.
    We hope that from the sales of Orgonite that we are making now, we are going to ensure that Ibrahim’s friend is out of jail very soon. Inform Ibrahim’s friend not to escape. That can be dangerous. We are going to remove him there soon.

  92. Mrs. O

    We have sent all the Bilo Orgonite that were ordered by our clients today. We have sent the parcels to Tomas, Frode and Mary. Our only challenge is the cost of shipping. Postal rates keep on changing and are going up. I think that it is because of the election issue in Kenya.
    Ibrahim’s friend was trying to escape from the prison and he was caught. He is back there. I told our friends to tell him to be patient because we are going to remove him from there very soon from the sales of orgonite that we are making now.

  93. Simone

    I tried to get in touch with Fran for more than three days now, both through my email address and his website chat, but I never got an answer from him. It’s about an order made at his shop: the parcel got here with several missing items. I don’t think he would just ignore that kind of message for so long, so I’m getting a bit concerned about this strange silence.
    When he shipped the parcel I also didn’t get his confirmation email. After about 10 days from placing the order I contacted him to know what was going on, and he replied that he did send the confirmation message right after shipping and that my package was already on its way, so it’s quite likely someone is occasionally disrupting email communication to/from him. If this is the case and you’re reading this, Fran, please drop a note here and give me some peace of mind 😉
    My best wishes, whatever you’re up to these days 🙂

  94. Simone

    Update! Just got an email from Fran, he’s on the move and not having internet access most of the time, so this apparently caused the communication delay (this time…)
    My apologies for using the blog for what turned out to be a rather personal matter. It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to figure out the nature of the issue at hand, especially for people like me, still orgonite beginners, would-be dowsers, and stuff 😉
    On a general note, I believe it is very important, in this time of deceptions, for friends and allies to communicate more and better, possibly through different channels, and not to make up one’s mind too quickly about anything, since what things appear to be from a limited perspective can often be quite far from the whole truth behind

  95. Cyclingflinger

    Hi fellow gifters,

    Since we lost Chuck and our previous forum, I have been cycling farther and longer to gift bigger old- school targets in the flemish region. This time the monastery of Tongerlo. It is a traditional monastery as the one of Westmalle that I have gifted previously. It is home to the Norbertines (white canons), the traditional beer has been brewed up till the French revolution. Now, it is externally brewed in Haacht near Mechlin. Strangely next to a bread- and bookshop, the monastery has also a small museum dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. It has a replica of the last supper painted by his student Andrea Solari (1506-7). I mention this because I felt an energetic pentagram just at the door (14th century) of the monastery church. Emphasized it on the picture.

    I am eager to show this as the monastery is behaving like an older form of dor-projecting tech. Everything concerning it, is being kept secret and there always lingers a cloud of mystery around it. Good to be able to shine some more orgonite energy through those shadows. So you become a monk, get in there and live there till you die off giving your own energy to a parasitic system of belief?

    The monastery was founded in honour of the blessed virgin Mary in 1128AD. You will note a picture I took situated on a leyline keypoint which the monastery uses to harness its energies for its own sake. Miniatures are often used in traditional occultism and see how they made a miniature of the church itself.

    Flinging some more in the town of Westerlo, next to Tongerlo. The usual deathcells on the regular- and watertowers. The main square in the city is triangular (masonic), ironic? (fountain pic). The city hall is also very big on masonic money being a relaxation resort in the past for the cities. Take this with a grain of salt but this morning when I saw this picture, the fountain’s projective energy made me think about some tower symmetry of a babylonian ziggurat? Very, very subtle! Maybe, it is the symbolism of death that it is portraying and projecting. Well gifted now! 🙂

    More to follow.


    Link to the pic gallery

    Under which format do we precisely post pics on the blog? (trying direct link)

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks for posting those observations, Charles. I think that a lot of the power of this unorganized movement is that we each find the work itself empowering and perhaps enlightening in a real sense. We each own it, in fact, and when we follow through with our hunches we seem to connect in a profoundly intimate way with an overarching, unseen hierarchy of eager helpers and guides, who some of us like to refer to as ‘The Operators.’ This internal bond also connects us to each other, perhaps like soldiers in battle are connected but without the mayhem; it’s all fun and rewarding, regardless of the bizarre helicopter visits that are still experienced by our European cohorts.

      The profound effect of a batch of curing orgonite on one’s own spirit/psyche is a wonderfully empowering phenomenon and this actually seems to be enough to keep some people committed to this work. The equally invigorating and liberating feeling of tossing it in the vicinity of targets is another motivator, as you’ve demonstrated magnificently over the years.

      In the US, decades ago (before the internet) some products were only sold on television and radio and at the end a phone number was given and an emphatic statement, ‘[telephone] Operators are standing by to take your call!’ I mention this from time to time because our associates outside N America and/or too young to remember what it was like before the internet probably get confused when we use that term to indicate our unseen helpers. DB introduced the term in 2002. This is a worldwide, grassroot movement and not an American one.

      The enemy do their best to keep people isolated from each other, as you pointed out. A lot of large-scale campaigns are carried out by small groups, as exemplified by the East African kikundi, and when physical networking is not feasible we’ve met, internationally, in chatrooms on a regular basis to do etheric work together. Many years ago I had a feeling that there would be many informal chatroom/psi groups doing this work and yours has now become established as the second one associated with this website. It’s probably important to know that when we receive what may be visions and insights it may not become manifest on our schedule, of course. The Germans used to say, ‘God’s time is the best time.’ Since the term, ‘God,’ has unfortunately become such a red herring and mind-control buzzword–a major Tavistock cultural coup in the West?–‘The Operators’ has seemed to fill the breech for us in terms of indicating the dynamics of personal faith in this effort and that’s been a coup for us.

      Carlos and I were discussing how sometimes terms are popularized that seem to fall short of their full potential. We feel that ‘orgonite’ is one of those and I’ve always felt that ‘gifting’ is another. I don’t particularly like the new-agey (theosophy/Tavistock) patina around the word, ‘gifting,’ (these British-Intelligence trolls are past masters at turning nouns into verbs to enforce blind, dogmatic conformity) but I get some solace from the fact that ‘gift’ means ‘to poison’ in archaic German and we certainly poison the parasitic order with this vital life force when we toss orgonite around their infrastructure and their hiding, noxious institutions.

      If anyone objects to the term, ‘The Operators,’ I’d like to know why in case it feels less than appropriate to many people.

      Regarding the masonic monument: if one looks at masonic dogma objectively it’s pretty obvious that it’s mainly based on old Jewish temple rituals which had become perverted with Babylonian ugliness, perhaps during the dominant tribe’s ‘captivity.’

      Before there was theosophy there were other mass mind control protocols in place, after all, and I think most of it can be traced back to Babylon. The Phoenicians (who were NOT Jews, by the way) were Babylonian proselytes who spread that poison far and wide for fun, mayhem and profit. They preferred piracy and plunder over trade, for instance, and only resorted to trade as a last result. Hannibal was a Phoenician and nearly conquered Rome/Italy after taking Sicily, France and Iberia; Carthage was simply a Phoenician colony. History is endlessly fascinating when we’re not dependent on institutionalized scholars for information and when we don’t have a dogma axe to grind.

      Someday, maybe it will be obvious that committing to this effort is more enlightening, in a real sense, than spending 20 years with a guru or earning a PhD in philosophy could be. This is something we don’t discuss much, so thanks again for bringing that dynamic up, Charles.

      I’m still being hacked from accessing this website’s homepage but I can get to the admin setup, which I don’t know how to navigate very well, yet If I were more computerate I wouldn’t be such an easy mark for these irritating little NSA bridge trolls. When I sometimes get exercised about overt hacking, Carol reminds me to just try again the next day but it’s been about a month since I got hacked out our of this website so maybe I can earn some points for being an obvious target in this case. When I submit this for posting it’s going to show up in my own email box, where I can approve it 😉

      Mjomba Don

      1. Cyclingflinger

        Thank you Don!

        It has been a strange device quest! 😉

        Instead of having servers hacking everyone around, we should have more resin to be able to create those same volumes with positive intents. That’s the pure fabric of our greater human skills!

        In dutch you have the word “ver-gif”, which is poison and being poisoned is ver-gift-ed! In German ver-gift-et.

        Weirdly in french you have “poison” (gif) and “poisson” (fish), I didn’t knew there was so much mercury back into the french language!

        After all, isn’t life the most sexual transmitted disease? I would like to be able to speak on a more emotional proficient way and congratulate people who enforce the good into this realm!

        Here is another site i found out, which holds important infrastructures to gift! Just get the orgonites near those targets and the operators will appear out of nothing? Breakages work, but lucid crystals gives the best vibes off!

        I will show you some pics I’ve made about places I thought to have gifted well, but when moving out there is no-one who will fill your own role and then you will have to come back!

        V-spots are all over Antwerp, it was called “Vergelltungswaffen” 1 oder 2. A type 2 hit the ciname Rex, and a lot of people never came back home to their family, I think isreal zionism (frustrated german jews) got their mission achieved … sigh monsters! I’m also adding what I gifted today and hope for the eternity! (Cycling back to Boechout)

        Here are the pics:


        Traces of war would become bastions of orgonites!



        1. Don Croft

          Thanks for elucidating ‘gift,’ Charles, and the related, relevant comments. That’s a hoot (not the owl call but a laugh ;-))!
          How far have you ridden your bike on orgonite flinging missions?

  96. Mrs. O

    This mail Ibrahim sent to me in the email and we are very sorry on this what happen.
    Mrs O

    Dancan send me the money today for the release of my friend but because he tried to escape from the jail they added him more charges and now they want $ 450 more. So that is the issue that we have now. We are still requesting if we can get such money for the matter.

  97. Angel

    Hi Edu,

    Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately I am not able to utilize either of your ideas. The electrified fence is not allowed as it’s a shared fence, so no go there. And, as Don mentioned, crime is high here. Copper gets a high resale price on the black market and if we put it out again I have no doubt the pipes will be stolen. Word was out as I heard 2 guys talking to one another when I was working at the place where the CB had been. One said, “Is this the place where the copper was?” The other man said, “Aye mate, but it’s not here any more.” The other said, “Nae bother then, let’s find some place else.” And they walked away. I had heard copper was being stolen in England but had no idea it was happening here too.
    As for my neighbour who shape shifted in front of me, they returned a few days ago but I see them even less now. But the CB is much too heavy to move about so I’m happy where it is by the front window. The energy still feels really good inside and that’s the most important thing to me.

  98. Angel

    Hi Don,

    I’ve not been too despondent about things so no worries. I recently started a small group where we focus on one person or place needing help for 2 solid weeks and evaluate the progress. It’s my hope it will grow over time and we can help more people and places. It’s in the experimental stages right now but I’m very excited about it.

    I’ve done healing work all of my adult life and wanted to expand. So I decided to ask a few friends to join me as a unit to see if we might, as a group, make even larger and better results. They don’t see themselves as healers, so I asked them to just pray for the person or place for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks we will see if there’s been any improvement. Then either continue for 2 more weeks or move on to another person or place.

    Everyone has their own ideas on what they can do. I realized that many people are doing the very same things but not knowing others are doing it too. That’s what gave me the idea to expand. Because we’re all in different time zones it made it nearly impossible to have everyone do it at the same time, so I opted for the “at your own pace” option rather than give up on the idea. I’m hoping we can make a difference. Just like in “Boosting”. I had no idea how to do it, and yet I now discover I’d been doing it all along…lol.

    Every little bit helps. And every good intention creates a wave. So I’m hoping my energy tsunami, mixed with everyone else’s prayers, does some good. 🙂

  99. Angel

    My memory is pish and I had my orgonite stories in my head the other day but got side-tracked and forgot to wrote them down. I’ll spend a bit of time remembering them and get them written down to share.

  100. Mrs. O

    That our Bilo orgonite has got a high magical power . In fact when you put it in your home it will offer you a hundred percent protection again any form of witchcraft and can also protect your house against any thuggery and theft. Who ever might have bad wish for you will just find himself or herself demoralize and you will be safe. So on this account its my wish that all of our friends to have them in their homes for protection and for good wish. That guinea foul color that black stands for house protection, who ever might have bad omen and bad desire with you will just fail to accomplish his or her dirty plans. The other with the zebra color stand on prevention against one with bad intention like witchcraft and bad omes. It will help in neutralizing that person’s bad desire till things just get normal. So the other that bears the color of the cheaters this one helps in business protection, and even if some people want to harm you in one way or the other, they will not succeed in fact even when they tend to approach your home instead of seeing your home they will just see a bush rather than allocating where your home is. Because Ibrahim’s friend who is still in jail, when we send the money for him to be released we found that because he tried to escape from the prison the other day, now they added him more charges. So we must look for the money again they added $450 on top of the previous charges. So now we are looking for this $450 for him to be out. Any one can buy the bilo for us to raise the money so that he can come out. When ordering, you can send us your address, down there is my details how you can send the money. Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  101. Mrs. O

    That our Bilo orgonite has got a high magical power . In fact when you put it in your home it will offer you a hundred percent protection again any form of witchcraft and can also protect your house against any thuggery and theft. Who ever might have bad wish for you will just find himself or herself demoralize and you will be safe. So on this account its my wish that all of our friends to have them in their homes for protection and for good wish. That guinea foul color that black stands for house protection, who ever might have bad omen and bad desire with you will just fail to accomplish his or her dirty plans. The other with the zebra color stand on prevention against one with bad intention like witchcraft and bad omes. It will help in neutralizing that person’s bad desire till things just get normal. So the other that bears the color of the cheaters this one helps in business protection, and even if some people want to harm you in one way or the other, they will not succeed in fact even when they tend to approach your home instead of seeing your home they will just see a bush rather than allocating where your home is. Because Ibrahim’s friend who is still in jail, when we send the money for him to be released we found that because he tried to escape from the prison the other day, now they added him more charges. So we must look for the money again they added $450 on top of the previous charges. So now we are looking for this $450 for him to be out. Any one can buy the bilo for us to raise the money so that he can come out. When ordering, you can send us your address, down there is my details how you can send the money. Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):

    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

  102. Edu

    During our chat this sunday, one of our companions commented that he kept forgetting to order bilo orgonite. I think that may be a sign that some bad juju is being done to make it harder for the kikundi to sell their bilo. I suggested them to use a candle to absorb and burn any potential bad energy being directed against their business. I think the candle color is just an aid, what matters most is the intention while lighting it, so one can use the usual white candles normally used in prayers for any kind work.

  103. Frode

    They do indeed put a lot of black magic on the situation, I’ve felt it every time one or more of them have been in jail or in the hospital, to basically feel lethargic about doing anything to help.

    I tried yesterday to post a picture of the Bilo I have, but the hackers ate that one up, never showed up. Here’s a picture of the one I got earlier this year. I bring it with me in my pocket wherever i go, and have brought it on gifting trips to help me to etheric work. The paint does not have second coating, but holds up well.
    The other two pictures was sent to me by Dancan today, and shows the Bilo the way they make it now with the artwork.

  104. Mrs. O

    Thanks a lot Edu for the Post. It is true our friend said he forgets to order Bilo from the kikundi. He also has a problem in payments. I also believe that it is as a result of the bad Jujus that are trying to block the kikundi. We tried the candle yesterday and today morning. I hope it is going to be successful. The chat we had was very good and we are happy.

    We encourage all our friends to order for Bilo for Christmas for their personal protection.

    Let us keep boosting our attackers on a daily basis and we will remain stronger at the end of the day.

  105. Mrs. O

    We encourage our friends and partners to continue buying Bilo so that we can free the friend of Ibrahim. We still need $350.
    Mrs O

  106. Chris

    Chris: Thank Dancan for such an historic work. I know the work that you have done there will produce a good fruits that will last in that are. I was once in that area and their major problem was the sufficient and clean water and your work there will really boost their needs.

  107. Mrs. O

    Hello Friends
    Ibrahim`s friend is still in the Jailed is not going well in the Jailed we still needed $230 then it will be out soon if anyone who need Bilo can buy then we can get money to help Ibrahim friend out

    Details for sending money to Dancan with Worldremit (www.worldremit.com):
    Dancan Omollo
    City/town: Migori
    Phone: +254 728934423
    Email: dancan.omollo@yahoo.com
    When making the transfer, choose Mobile Money Transfer. Thank you.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 2:13 PM, mustafahbrm@yahoo.com
    How are you going my friend? We still looking $250 then my friend will be out of the Jail
    Is not going well in the Jailed

  108. Cyclingflinger

    I have a pretty funny story to tell. I mustered enough saving moneys to buy some resin.
    Well, the resin warehouse is situated in Berlaar next to Lier in Antwerpen. Which I gifted previously, the warehouse is near a small belgian military complex, big tower and sentinels with dogs, poor dogs …

    When checking for mixing components, they were actually out of stock? When I phoned to the responsible, she told me to send a picture of it? I asked another question within the same mail to know if she was off following the same pattern, but not. 🙁

    I have to write this twice as the enemy manages to use their forsaken satellites high above the earth even to portray us bad, but eventually we will overcome!

    https://postimg.org/image/otkoxn5j9/ On the right column you will see: “Niet in voorraad” which means “not on stock”


    PS: Has anyone seen Silvius btw?

    1. Captain Darling

      Cyclingflinger do you live near Berlaar? Misschien kunnen we elkaar helpen. Ik heb af en toe wat budget over en zou graag zelf orgonite beginnen maken om te verspreiden. Tot nu toe heb ik mijn orgonite altijd online gekocht. Laat maar iets weten hé!

  109. Don Croft

    Excellent idea, Carlos! The present bottleneck for the kikundi is convenient payment from abroad and the challenge is that all of the ‘convenient’ methods are owned by the same oligarchs who also run the sewer rat agencies and they’re heavy handed with interference. Western Union stole thousands of dollars from me at crucial times, for instance, and can’t be held accountable for it, other than for me to make a noise to expose them a bit more. Dancan is the go-to fellow for online payments and he’s experienced a lot of resistance and theft from all of the popular payment agencies and the local banks who area the middlemen where he lives.

    Crowdfunding is typically done for people who are developing a product and in this case, anyone who contributes through changa.co.ke would immediately get Bilo orgonite so that’s a potential step ahead for the kikundi.

    There are some famously reliable online services that are based in Africa, including MPesa, which is the intra-African version of Western Union but is very inexpensive and reliable, also widespread. For instance, when I looked at Migingo Island (in Lake Victoria) up close on google earth I saw icons for several MPesa payment facilities there 😉 and I don’t think there’s even room for anyone to lie down on that rock.

    ‘Changa’ is the Swahili word for ‘Mine.’

  110. Cyclingflinger

    Carlos bravo!

    The first attempt to write a reply was an answered closing of all my browser windows. Its called a brave browser google clown gold bug? 🙂

    Now, I rewrite what I wanted. After having some bigger boosts with Dancan and Edu, Iast sunday. I tried to scan Kenya energetically to find some good targets to gift. yes, that island on the rocks came to my mind while hoovering with the mouse, its near the coast of Migori. Don, are there even any smaller docks around there? The best target to gift or to gift more is the UN center in Nairobi. Its the expat Brussels for Kenya, to minor for good succes of evolution with their nasty tactics! Its the hdqt’s of criminals, war wagers and lesser affordable mercenaries. A have a big release of energy now, while Ibrahim’s friend got out of jail! Thank the creator of the creator of Orgonite 🙂

    One thing to say is that for long I haven’t met such nobility as Dancan’s prowess for orgonite, well done!

    Charles aka Cyclingflinger

  111. Edu

    We are sending our love today to the people at World Remit and their managers, since they refused to do Yu’s transaction and even closed his account. This way they may have a happier day and know the cause of it.

  112. Mrs. O

    We are going to see that we remove all the worldremit in our web as they proposed for the efficiency. I know that Dancan Will start doing it tomorrow
    Mrs O

  113. Don Croft

    Charles– Migingo Island might be the most heavily gifted island on the planet 😉
    In 2009 it was a barren rock, only occasionally visited by fishermen from Uganda and Kenya who had to go that far from shore to find the fish. It’s actually quite far from shore.

    After Dancan, Chris Nicholas, who are fishermen (among other professions) had distributed orgonite in those waters the fish population exploded and then MIgingo became a permanent base. So much money was being made, there, that Uganda and Kenya almost went to war over its possession, which had been uncertain, before, and wasn’t an issue. Perhaps because of all that orgonite the troops from each country who went there didn’t come to blows and a token force remains there–I think Chris was recently there and can tell the number.

    The neighboring, larger island of Ugingo was a desert, before, but now people are farming there because the orgonite generates regular rainfall.

    As soon as I’m able, I intend to go back to East Africa, learn Swahili and document all of the historic work that the kikundi have accomplished in all of those countries. It’s easy to see why the City of London Corporation (erstwhile heart of the corporate world order, before Peking blindsided them all 😉 ) wants so desperately to put them out of business by directing (extorting?) the courts and police of Kenya, S Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia to impoverish and isolate them.

    Shortly before the kikundi’s signal commercial and popular successes of 2009 Judy Lubulwa had flipped nearly all of the death towers in Nairobi but I was never able to persuade her to thrown in with the kikundi and she eventually spent a couple of years in prison for her good work, then has suffered quite a lot since then.

    When Carol was in Kenya, Nairobi was as smoggy as Los Angeles and Mexico City used to be, before the death towers in those cities were flipped many years ago. She found it hard to breathe, there. Now, Nairobi is also essentially smog free.

    Doc Batiibwe in Uganda had flipped most of the weather weaponry on Nairobi’s outskirts, very soon after he and I worked together in Uganda in 2003. Even though he has advanced in his career there are British agents in Uganda’s bureaucracy who still try their best to destroy him. Otherwise, I think Uganda might be the only country on the planet where one need not fear the quasi-government $#!+birds if one is in the orgonite and/or zapper trade, thanks largely to Doc Kayiwa and ‘Secret Supporter,’ there.

    Thanks for sharing that, Edu, because any justified, critical public comment about one of these noxious corporations exposes them some more. Exposure is any parasite’s worst fear.

  114. Don Croft

    Charles, I think Google[NSA] is the corporate world order’s ‘clown face.’ I wonder what similarly works to describe FaCIAbook in a simple term ;-). So far, FaCIAbook hasn’t sabotaged the newly activated EW blogsite, there. They’ve been heavy handed with overt censorship, otherwise.

    Google tried for five years to get established in China, then they retreated in shame last year around the same time that I saw an interview of the ‘third richest man in China,’ who is a kid who ‘owns the biggest search engine in China.’ Nobody gets rich in China unless he/she plays an eager role in that criminal regime, I’m quite sure.

  115. Carlos

    I knew for years the Kikundi were generous to a fault with their orgonite and zappers but recently I’ve learned it’s a whole Kenyan cultural thing. They have a name for it – ‘harambee’ – which literally means ‘all pull together’. It’s also in their coat of arms.

    1. Don Croft

      That’s an important point for westerners to understand, thanks Carlos. I didn’t realize that there’s a term for it but anyone who’s been to Africa knows that Africans typically prefer to work closely in groups, unlike people in the West, where the emergency funds typically originate for the kikundi.
      I look forward to exploring this cultural dynamic (and other essential AFrican ones) after I finally learn Swahili and can discuss things with a wide variety of people in East Africa. Before, I was restricted by only knowing English during my visits to Africa but those trips were very productive and enjoyable, at least..

  116. Mrs. O

    Thanks for giving a clear history of our success and the tiresome work in our regions that we have done in the last few years. In fact its true that Migingo and Ugingo is now a place of good lives and i know that since Chris and Nicholas have resorted to be there frequently now with the bilo orgonite, good lives are going to be realized and the changes are going to be maximized.
    Any one can buy bilo at affordable price and even our people will benefit from the sales.
    Mrs O

  117. Don Croft

    I see that creepy World Remit has now blocked Dancan’s account. I’ve come to expect that every time the corporate order makes these moves against us it’s a sign that something better is on the horizon 😉

  118. Edward

    Maybe it’s time again for all the contributors to this sight to schedule a time that we can all silmultaneously boost each of our tormentors.

    1. Edu

      We’ve being doing this for many months now, me, Charles and Yu. Recently Dancan and Tomas joined us. Mrs O also chatted with us in the last chat. We focused on boosting our attackers/hackers this time because last week they prevented Dancan and Tomas from chatting most of time and most of us had experience hard psychic attacks. We boosted the interference with payments for the kikundi also. They really don’t like when get together to do this kind of work. Just boosting our current attackers upwards to the hierarchy works even if one can’t directly get psychic intelligence about the targets, if you keep the work focused for an hour or more. We are still looking for gifted people able to support us psychically though.

  119. Don Croft

    You guys are doing well and have momentum, which might be the most important thing for now. I’m very glad to know that the kikundi are participating. The psi potential of most Africans is quite high and there’s a vitality to it that has been rare in the West for a very long time–since the 1500s, perhaps. The agenda to suppress imagination and curiosity was well established among Europoids by then but it never got a toe-hold in Africa.

    They turned another corner on the way to prosperity and independence when they started making Bilo and it’s happening in ways that I certainly didn’t foresee.

    Dancan’s report of progress toward local government recognition is a case in point. That dynamic has more potential for ending the imprisonment agenda than foreign charity could accomplish, in my opinion, and it’s doubly significant to me because it’s a solution that the kikundi came up with on their own. I feel that imagination is a more important asset than money is. Who could ever conceive that we few orgonite flingers (mostly the secretive ones, perhaps) could produce such grand results throughout the world? 😉

  120. Cyclingflinger

    I got busy last tuesday with adding more orgonite in the flemish campines near Turnhout! This time Oud-Turnhout and Arendonk. Arendonk used to be a german military base, there are still 81 munition depots to be gifted but I’m advancing. I would also like to thank the secret little gifters that are helping me out! It makes a gifter’s life more easy to grid and get the big sylphs signals to work out.

    Another fun story to tell is I pissed off a local agent by throwing some more orgonites into the street water well. One of the best feelings out there when your orgonite reaches the water. 😉 The agent was waiting for me at the local supermarket and made her stupid move by trying to infiltrate my own aura, being rude and gesting her arm near my own life bubble or electro-magnetic personal energy. She even stalked me on the parking when I was unchaining my bicycle. Her name is Anja and she used to work as a fiscalist??? She told me I could rent her house because of the unconfortability of my own orgonites? Typicall agent talk.Well, she hasn’t moved yet. She also got a dog and some signs on when I threw some more around her place. She also thinks she is the dorry gaurdian of Fort Oelegem. Simple orgontie and continuous efforts makes the world a better place!

    Here is the link to what I continued in Turnhout.



  121. Jeff MIller

    Hi, Charles – per your comment “the monastery is behaving like an older form of dor-projecting tech. “…

    I pulled the following quotes from an old book I read on vacation. In it you can see the attempted obfuscation of the pirated-vortex nature of the ‘sacred’ sites, and also the black magic “skull and crossed bones” tell.

    Thought you might enjoy:

    “The earliest history of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter’s, Westminster, need not detain us here. The legend of a Temple built by the Romans on this spot has been generally discredited; but it is certain that it has, from very early ties, been considered a sacred place. The word ‘terriblis,’ which by some has been thought to refer to refer to the wild and uncultivated state of the island of Thorney, was more likely to have bee used by old writers in the biblical sense, to imply ‘holy’.”

    “St. Paul’s Cathedral, as we have seen, stands on the site of a Saxon, of a Norman and of a Gothic cathredral, with a tradition of a heathen temple which is now discredited.”

    “On the south side of the (Westminster Abbey – ed) Alter is the tomb of Anne of Cleves, with the skull and cross bones decoration…”

    London as an Art City, The Langham Series of Art Monographs, by Mrs. Steuart Erskine, 1904

  122. Edward

    Hello Jeff, Thank you for your awesome threads and work to get this stuff all in one place so people can really see what’s up. I hope you don’t mind but im mentioning here the drastic drop in the violent crime rates here on the Ms. Gulf Coast between February 2016 and February 2017, after nearly 50 years straight of double digit increases. The only difference being that i flipped 95% of the towers in Biloxi and Gulfport in that same time period. In Gulfport, Ms. the violent crime rate dropped 48% from February 2016 to February 2017, and in Biloxi it dropped 45% in the same time frame. I would have posted a link to the news report i watched last february, but could not find it; even after searching the same news stations website. And everything else i found seemed to contradict the news story i saw. last time i mentioned this you were able to find the actual statistics verifying what i was saying. Im hoping you can do this again. Thanks! It seems that my search results are severely limited and controlled. I cant find a satellite or radar image of tropical storm nate anywhere on the internet, for example. trying to determine for myself if it will hit here as they claim. Thanks again!

  123. Don Croft

    According to his son, Peter, who I think was around 14 when his dad was killed, Reich handed him a manuscript that allegedly worked out how to understand gravity. Lots of free energy inventors have been murdered by the CIA and its predecessors but I assume Reich was murdered (on the day before his prison sentence was completed) because he had effectively challenged the Church of Settled Science, which is probably also why the feds burned all his books that they could find. I was a kid in those days and NationalSocialism was in its heyday in America, then. it’s a lot worse, now, at the neocon gov’t level but the people no longer feel enthusiastic about supporting this regime, fortunately, and no amount of brainwashing can turn this alleged ‘Homeland’ into a killing machine any more–the criminal class (that’s what Will Rogers called Congress) even failed to achieve the draft after they blew up the World Trade Center 😉 and the US/Brit regime, even with the eager help of an army the CIA’s most bloodthirsty mercenaries, couldn’t even hang onto Baghdad, let alone bomb Persia and start WWIII.

    When Reich arrived in America as a refugee from NationalSocialism he expected to find freedom-loving people but was deeply dismayed that Americans were as ‘armored,’ fearful, vindictive and nazi-fied as the German population were in the late 1930s.

  124. Edward

    So after days trying, I finally see a satellite image of nate since it is now close enough that local radar can show it. I am sick of the fear monger if and hype over this non event! It is barely circulating, looks like a tropical low with no organization to speak of yet they claim is a hurricane and will be category 2 when it hits in about 12 hours. They have been hyping this storm since it was in the carribean. The 1 glimpse I got on the news then it looked like a regular thunderstorm with absolutely no organization. Now it has crossed the gulf and still is only barely organized. If it makes landfall as a hurricane at all, much less a category 2, I and many other locals will be VERY surprised. All they succeeded in doing was running off all the rich people that were at the annual event”Cruising the Coast”. Hot rods and classic cars galore. Thereby depriving me of some DUI bonds which always show up for court.(rich people I mean not DUI’s) Anyway they succeeded in scaring off the non natives. Usually money flows quite a bit during this event. But they scared everyone off earlier in the week with their fear porn about how bad Nate would be when it hit the Ms gulf coast head on. It’s not a non event, but it’s not as bad as they are saying.

  125. Cyclingflinger

    Every time I write I get my posts swallowed, I don’t bother anymore I just send the pics.

    Nexus leylined Bergen Op Zoom in the Netherlands has been cleared!

    An agent came by from U base Woensdrecht and gave me the demon spit! He told me I would go to jail because I throwed some plastics before a dutch police academy. He protected his base. What a human joke?



  126. Cyclingflinger

    Another quick way to understand orgonite and life force applications are the books and works of Franz Bardon!

  127. Edward

    The 1st feeder band is here!! It’s s tiny bit breezy and it’s raining a little. Yet I’m under a curfew and can’t leave and go watch the waves and extra high tides. What bull****!!!! I’m pissed. The only real effects are that there is a little bit of coastal flooding in low lying areas, and higher tides. They are really blowing this out of proportion. Like a grain of sand into Mount Everest type of exaggeration. Everything closed at 2-3 o’clock today. It didn’t even start raining until about 2 hours ago😡

  128. Edward

    Here we are an hour or so from the center of nate making landfall, strongest GUST not sustained winds I’ve seen is about 20 miles an hour, if that.
    The guy from NOAA just admitted the maximum sustained winds RIGHT NOW with it still an hour off shore, are only 72 miles an hour, then 20 seconds later contradicted himself and said winds are around 95 sustained! THEY ARE LYING TO US. This actually is a NON event. It’s raining and it’s a little windy, this is NOT a hurricane and the weather service guy from NOAA just said as much then quickly scrambled to lie and say it was when he realized he admitted the truth live on tv.
    By the way, I’m about 5 miles west of where the center is supposed to come ashore. So this is a 1st hand account!

  129. Edward

    They are threatening everyone on the news with” if you are out and about, you WILL be arrested!” WTF welcome to the united police states of amerika!

  130. Edward

    Actually I’m at the epicenter, it seems to have drifted to the west a tad. I’m six blocks from the beach. In about 20-45 minutes we will see the worst of it. The storm is so unorganized, that the wind is gusting at only about 5-10 mph currently. One of the local weathermen has admitted it has no eye, what he actually said was “eye wall ‘like’ structure”. I’m pretty sure tropical storm Cindy that blew through here a couple months ago was stronger and better organized. They bArely mentioned Cindy, nothing closed, and it was business as usual. So why the extreme exaggeration and lies about nate? The only thing I can see different is this caused all the cruisers to go home. Cruising the coast brings a ton of money into the local economy. I even usually make good during cruising the coast. But it shut down 3 days early. This was the biggest weekend though, with a musical festival and all. Dozens of events got cancelled over an unorganized tropical storm that may drop 3-5 inches of rain, if that; and a little wind.

  131. Edward

    Now a different weatherman says “we are not necessarily gonna see that ‘classic’ hurricane look” while looking at a zoomed out radar shot of nate showing ABSOLUTLY NOTHING on the south west side of the “eye wall ‘like’ structure” and then he says we ‘appear’ to only see “half a hurricane” and quickly zooms in so no one catches on to the lie that this isn’t a hurricane. The “eye wall like structure” is pushing ashore as I type this, we are supposedly in the worst of it or will be within 30 minutes It’s raining pretty good, but the wind isn’t blowing hard at all maximum gusts near 15-20 mph, GUSTS, not sustained winds.

  132. Edward

    Current maximum sustained winds 5-10 mph, gusts 25-30 news men blatantly lying about strength of it. Still have power and don’t expect to lose it.

  133. Edward

    They are claiming we are having 75 mph sustained winds right now. They are lying!! The strongest gusts I’ve seen so far was about 30 mph. It only lasts 1-2 seconds. Sustained winds still 10 mph or less.oh according to news footage the storm surge is less than 2 feet so far, this should be the peak of it. You can plainly see where and how much water right on the news! This is the reason for the curfew!!!! They don’t want us taking pictures of only 2 feet of storm surge at the peak of this storm. And it’s high tide! They are claiming an 11 foot tidal surge! What bull****. The head of civil defense in Jackson county just said the maximum gust they have had, measured with calibrated instruments, was 44mph GUSTS, not sustained winds.

    They are within the area that the news is claiming should be experiencing hurricane force winds sustained. I promise you it’s only blowing about 10 mph here, with gusts higher near 30.

  134. Edward

    One of the weathermen just showed us a graphic with maximum sustained winds in Biloxi are only 30 mph and about 25 mph where I am. I don’t think it’s that strong , but it’s near it. But then right after his report the head weatherwoman comes on still claiming we are going to have 90 mph winds and still calling it a hurricane still claiming the worst is yet to come. Yet the worst is hear now. My bus only shook twice from gusts. During tropical storm Cindy it was rockin back and forth like crazy for several hours.

  135. Edward

    The worst is over. Maximum sustained winds here were 25 mph, in Biloxi 30. Now the weatherman that was telling the truth earlier, he’s now lying too. Claiming areas 20 miles north of us are “about to get those 85 mph winds” I guess he wanted to keep his job. He’s in lock step with the rest of them now. Maximum storm surge 3-3.5 feet. This is based on live local news footage in Biloxi. It was only about 2-2.5 feet here.

    After heading straight towards us, at the last minute roughly 25-30 miles offshore, Nate turned drastically to the east. We experienced the “eye wall like structure” as the weatherman described it, but there was no true eye. It was still breezy even when we were supposed to be in the eye. It’s still a little breezy, but this storm is over here, as I said earlier there is absolutely nothing south of the “eye wall like structure”. I’ve seen dozens of storms that looked just like nate on radar, but they weren’t called hurricanes, they were called tropical storms. Even if the one weatherman and myself are wrong by 10 mph on the low side, then the strongest sustained winds were 40 mph, and even that’s a far cry from a hurricane. There’s some coastal flooding because it was high tide when nate came ashore, but it’s not 11 feet. So they claim 85 mph sustained winds and 11 feet of storm surge. Reality is 30 mph winds and 3.5 feet of storm surge. I promise you tropical storm Cindy was stronger and lasted longer. But it was low tide so flooding was minimal. And it was looked at as a non event. They are still warning everyone about the dangerous wind in hurricane nate. Right this second! It’s already over on the coast. They keep feeding the lie and fear porn! Nate was not nor ever has been a hurricane!! Do they believe we are that stupid?

  136. Edward

    I was still looking at the news a few minutes ago and I saw one of those round energy signature around the radar station just like shown above in Nate is already NE of us and well inland, yet on the satellite image it looked like it literally sucked energy from the radar station in La and formed a defined eye. So it actually appeared to strengthen over land. I think that’s a 1st.

  137. Frode

    I’ve been working for about 3-4 months now to loosen the etheric hold they have on free energy technologies. It’s been an epic struggle, so much anger connected to this. I think it must be their most well-protected “possession” they are holding on to. But I think the time has come to free this technology and make it available to people (simply by making sure they won’t be able to indimidate and plague any inventors anymore), it will be returned to where belongs, humanity.

    It’s going to happen sooner or later, anyways. I prefer sooner. 😉

    1. Frode

      The old canard is that people aren’t ready for free energy tech. That is just nonsense, look on the internet or Youtube and you will find so many creative ways of utilizing alternative energy, ways of moving off-grid and so on. I think we have that critical mass.

      1. Don Croft

        Thanks for posting about this effort, Frode.

        I met Wilhelm Muller in 1997, a year after I got into the healing trade (zappers), and a year before I found out about orgonite and started experimenting with it.

        Muller invited me to handle his magnet engine and he loaded me up with as much information as I could assimilate, which was only a small portion of what he explained and demonstrated to me.

        The ‘old canard’ you mentioned doesn’t apply to free energy. I know that because everyone I’ve ever told about Muller either wanted to have their own engine or were at least genuinely open to the idea.

        Other Old Canards are alive and well, including Europoid’s strong resistance to the idea of cheap and quick healing of ‘untreatable’ sicknesses, the notion that we don’t need to allow parasites to rule us, the idea that each of us can powerfully affect the status quo in a positive way, etc.

        I have confidence that you’re undermining the generations-old, active agenda against free energy, which includes the murder and extortion of scores of presently-successful free energy device inventors. Muller told me that he personally knew five such people just in British Columbia, where he lived. As far as I know, he’s the only one who was murdered in 2003 and he was on the threshold of mass producing his magnet engines for $2,000 apiece in Vancouver, then.

        1. Frode

          Thank you for sharing your direct experience with free energy tech. I think it should be the natural way of life, it’s just the suppressors that have made it into something that seems out of reach and unnatural.

          I basically have relied on the PW, a good heart, a few written statements , divine help and also massive amount of etheric help and protection. I think the point has been reached where it is about to slip out of their hands. If someone is able to release a design, and others replicate it without interference, then that will be the proof in the pudding that we are finally past the suppression.

          Until then it is a matter of working on this, been under a ton of pressure, but I don’t feel all nations are involded, at least there are the main players to keep the suppression going. USA, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Australia took part in attacking me. France. And then there are what we call the offworlders. I hate this kind of attention, but it is better now. I’m making progress with the undeground base here, which in and of itself has been very difficult to deal with, and their way of being able to attack me very close.

          I’m optimistic. I’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to have free energy in the world. Can grow tropical food in greenhouses in the winter in cold climates, for instance. People will get really creative about the possibilities. Before we know it, we’ll have top ten reviews on the internet what is the best free energy device. On forums people will debate which tech his best for what purpose, and what company produces the best quailty devices with most features. 😉

  138. Don Croft

    I got this update from Lilian, just now:

    I had been living in Jinja town of Uganda for some time, working in a charitable institution called St. Moses Children’s Centre. This is an orphanage that takes care of street children and those left parentless as a result of HIV/AIDS Scourge. As you know, these institutions run projects which are based on a particular period, say five years. By the time I was leaving to Yemen, the contract that we had had expired and I had to look for an alternative source of survival. I met an employment agency in Kenya that suggested to me to look for employment in Yemen. They told me about the good things to expect in that place and that I would smile at the end of the day. I thought that I could later on establish my own project of helping these orphans either in Uganda or in Kenya.
    When the arrangements were already made, they helped to organize for me the VISA for Yemen. I was also with a friend who came from Kisumu in Kenya. We finally landed to the airport and we went to Aden area. I was taken to a home of an Asian, where I was working as a domestic maid, contrary to what I expected. I had it in mind that I could do in an institution that dealt with humanitarian activities just as I used to do in Uganda.
    I had carried with me several pieces of Orgonite, Bilo, and a good number of zappers for my personal protection and gifting various area in that country. These zappers had treated very many people in Uganda of AIDS and that was a good source of medication in a strange land for me. I remember being asked several questions about Bilo at the airport and I successfully explained this to them.
    I unfortunately fell on a wrong hand, full of suffering and persecutions. My boss assaulted me several times and the man at some point threatened me with rape. Several times, food was availed to me in a unit measure and only at a time that they wanted, despite the fact that it is me who used to prepare the same. I was not allowed to associate with anyone around that place, and was never allowed to get outside the house. I used to apply Orgonite in such bad times.
    My biggest problem started when at one evening, the boss was inspecting my belongings, claiming that there was something in me that makes him feel uneasy. I knew that it could be as a result of Bilo that I was carrying. That evening was the worst day for me. The boss trembled and was sweating profusely upon setting his sight on the pieces of orgonite. He summoned the entire family to my bedroom and they were speaking in their local language that I could not understand. As usual, beatings followed. I was bleeding and weeping, though it was another offence for my voice to be heard outside. This attracted more beatings. I could not sleep because of pain. I wept the whole night.
    I used to wake up at 4.30 am as usual and started my house chores. I used to do everything like a slave. Sleeping time was after everyone had gone to bed. The earliest time for me to lie on my bed was 11.00pm. This was not a big deal to me though. Imagine coming from Uganda where I operated in my office, and lived in a house with my house help, to being a house help of someone? Quite dehumanizing. After two days, all my identification documents got lost, and the boss was sending me away from his home, I can’t tell to where.
    I contacted my agent to assist me but to no avail. I left and joined a pool of daily workers at the construction site who are paid about $3 at the end of the day. Even at this place, they required my identification documents. I met an African there and explained to him my problem. I got admitted, just to get what I could eat. The African offered my accommodation at his quarters, another Boss’s servant quarter in Aden. I have lived my life miserably at this place and have sent the message to our country.
    I am weak and emaciated. I live like a refugee. In case of anything, I can easily get arrested for being in Yemen illegally. I cannot travel back to either Uganda or Kenya. Life has become too unbearable for me and I survive on God’s mercy. I need to process certain documents at the Ugandan Embassy in Yemen so that I may be allowed back home. Most of my basic belongings were stolen from me. If I don’t leave this country soon, I see myself die here. I don’t fear death though, but I feel sad because of what is likely to cause my death. I have pleaded with the embassy to help me reclaim my travel documents. The officers here are very corrupt and they insist to be bribed, apart from the usual fee charged. The nature of my work cannot help me raise this. They have also refused to follow up my belongings as I claimed.
    As I write this, tears are rolling down my cheeks and I have nothing left for me, except to beg for assistance to get me out of this situation. I don’t have any zapper or Orgonite to heal or protect myself at this time. I live a very miserable life that needs your help urgently. Kindly extend your hand towards my situation. That is the only hope I have remaining for me in this life. Whoever is willing to help me, can contact the Kikundi through Mrs O. I know that she can help me track the records with the immigration department in Uganda and connect with my family to help me out of this. I am very sure that processing all these documents can cost about $1,000. Am waiting to hear from you, and will be very happy for any help given.

    1. Esther Bunny Brown

      I’m taking that some groups of people, such as the family that pulverized Lilian to a pulp, react more adversely to orgonite than others? Somebody ought to look at that family on the etheric side of things in case they did anything to Lilian’s orgonite (such as reporting it to anyone, even the secret police apparatus).

      1. Don Croft

        I didn’t see a sign of that in her report, Esther, but I can tell you that all of the countries in teh United Arab Emirates have confiscated packages of orgonite–all of them that I’ve sent over the years to that region. I assume that the Brits are responsible and would love to do the same throughout the world if they were able. UK and Canada are the worst countries, second to UAR, for sabotage of our packages en route.

        1. Don Croft

          The Chinese gov’t, I’m told, are openly confiscating orgonite cloudbusters that they’re able to find, according to a report I got from an American who had worked in China and still has contacts, there. This started happening early this year. I’m mentioning it because China is the first country, outside of East Africa, where orgonite is overtly targeted by a government. UAR confiscates it more covertly.

  139. Don Croft

    Good work, Ed! Nothing trumps eye-witness reports by reputable people.

    When there were still genuine HAARPicanes in 2005 the media/academia whores didn’t need to lie this way 😉 and now that there have been a series of falsely-reported storms I expect to see a righteous backlash of calling out the liars, as we’re already seeing around the CIA massacre in Las Vegas.

  140. Edward

    I said from day 1 Las Vegas was a CIA op. The local Christian station here had a man on that was an eyewitness, he served 2tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan, and he said what he heard firing was NOT an m-16 style weapon or civilian ar-15, essentially the same but civilian model not full auto. He heard a SAW firing. Which is a “Squad Automatic Weapon” and it’s belt fed. Hence the reason there were several hundred rounds fired between reloadings.
    He also said there were no muzzle flashes coming from the area of the accused’s room, none whatsoever. I have had heard a SAW firing, the gun shots I heard on the news sounded more like an ar-15. But I guess it’s possible the national news dubbed out the real gunfire and dubbed in the sound of whatever weapons they planted in mr paddocks room.

  141. Edward

    It’s amazing how many people I have spoken to that believe the lie about nate. They saw the same news reports I did, they experienced the same 25-30 mph sustained winds I did, yet they believe we were hit by a category 2 hurricane. I just don’t get it. I think some people are complicit in their programming.

  142. Edward

    That will be a happy day Frode! Because that will be the day the average human will truly be free, if they want to be. I know personally my biggest expense every month is fuel. When fuel is cost prohibitive then we aren’t free. When it is very cheap or free then our freedom is limited only by our imagination.

    1. Frode

      Yes, then life will be the fun thing it is supposed to be. Nowadays people are working from 8 hours up to 16 hours every day just to get by. That is not good. People will be able to set up a house just about anywhere and be all warm and cozy inside without being hooked to the grid, and no worries about expenses unless the device(s) need service. In other words more decentralized spacious living, without having to live cramped. With time the powerlines can be taken down.

      Even if people won’t have to work so much, I think most will still be very active. It seems to be in the human nature, it’s just that it will be geared more towards innovation and creativity rather than having to survive.

      The cost of fuel you mention is probably the biggest thing that adds to the expense of everything we need (apart from the outright money scams, such as banks printing money at the touch of a button on a computer).

      It is good to dream about these things. Just getting rid of the constant noise from the compution engine that is so part of society now, it will help a lot and make living less stressful.

  143. Edward

    Sounds like the whole thing was a trap to stop her from healing people and spreading orgonite. Get her in another country cut off from her people with no papers and having to rely on her captors. This is awful! Sending much love, boosting and praying right now. Let’s all boost her captors too. Maybe her boss was triad, seeing how the orgonite bothered him so much and he’s Asian.

  144. Mrs. O

    Hi readers this email i got from Lillian today , so anyone can help her by sending the money through the Western Union or money gram name Florence Atieno, from Kenya. Or any body who might order bilo orgonite from us so that we can raise the money for that purpose. 1 bilo is $60 plus shipping
    Mrs. O

    Hi Don and Mrs O,
    For sure what am experiencing now in this country of Yemen, things are not easy with me . In fact in the course of all that i have gone through i happened to lose my passport plus some of my essential belonging, so now for me to be safe and travel out of this county am highly in need of $1000 and whoever may wish to support me can contact Mrs O or Prisca my sister from Uganda.

  145. Mrs. O

    Am very much sorry for what Lilian is going through in the hands of those termites. I wish I knew before traveling there, perhaps I would have advised you in the right way. UAE countries are not so good. There is a lot of frustrations that people do experience on their hands. I had a friend who was seriously put in an inhumane situation when he was working there with the United Nations Organization on a humanitarian mission.
    How I wish we can help you come out of this scenario. Very sad indeed.

  146. Don Croft

    Since Bardon was a kabbalist and kabbala is a production of the corporate order (pre-theosophy) it might be more useful to understand the dynamics of magic by reading sources that are not sponsored by the enemy. That’s why we offer the PDF of Max Freedom Long’s book about his experiences with Hawaiian magic, here. It’s almost impossible to find clean sources for this sort of info because the corporate order is founded on sorcery and their agenda has always been to flood the field with their own garbage so that seekers will lose energy and give in while hunting for the truly empowering sources. The fact that the enemy can’t censor the clean sources is encouraging and ought to energize one’s hunt.

    Information in Long’s book has been extremely useful for us in our international chatroom efforts for many years.

    I’ve always been fond of the author, Idries Shah, because he traveled the world to compile documentation of various magic traditions and seemed to approach this subject with appropriate objectivity and a rational mind. His book, Oriental Magic, empowered me in the years before I was able to finally find information on the conspiratorial nature of history and secret government in 1984. He proved that all of the world’s magical systems originated from one source and share common features.

    The only reason I don’t link to that book, here, is because Shah is reputed to have been an agent for the enemy. The fact that i never found references to theosophy dogma (including reincarnation myths) or kabbala in his books supports my impression that he was not a disinformant. Also, rationality and objectivity are inimical to the enemy’s goal of keeping the masses hypnotized and dumbed down so that’s another evidence that Idries Shah was an independent agent. He also lacks the ME-ME-ME-oriented, brutish spirituality that characterizes all of the fakery that has come out of the City of London’s Tavistock since the 1600s. If he was, indeed, sponsored by Tavistock to work and travel then he mastered the ability to convey empowering information without actually promoting the intellectually castrating dogma of the banksters’ agents. We see that a lot among the production artists in Hollywood who work for the CIA but manage to slip empowering information into their creations. Carol and I have gotten loads of actionable intel from movies and from DVDs of TV series over the years.

    David Livingstone, perhaps, has done the most work in exposing the medieval (Zionist/luciferic) origins of kabbalah and even linking it to the luciferic Wahhabi sect of Islam that is the basis for the lately successful undermining of Islamic culture and the creation of the corporate terrorism scam.

  147. Don Croft

    Good one, Ed! I’m gratified by the way the truth comes out so quickly after these CIA ops and false flag attacks, now. When the feds blew up the World Trade Center I was shocked by how readily almost everyone accepted the lies, then, and how few people voiced any critical comments–I sure as hell did! 😉 The present, more rapid response to blatant, corporate terrorism is very encouraging.

    Thanks again, by the way, for your masterful eye-witness accounts of what truly happened with the storm called Nate, last week, and contrasting it with the bold lying of the media around that event. The fact that Pajama People where you live rather believe the TV than their own senses shouldn’t be discouraging.

    I figure that if one person in a medium-sized city is properly rational and observant that may be enough to defeat the enemy because we few are capable of decisive action that disables the enemy and now we can all talk to each other around the world and are starting to do so, finally.

  148. Don Croft

    This blogstuff is fun! Some of the folks I have rich email conversations with are now taking these conversations online for broader participation. I bet the NSA are already regretting their murder of our beloved Capt. Azti (Carlos Tellechea) in July. 😉

    Free energy, alone, has the capability of quickly destroying the power of the corporate order and that’s why free energy inventors are so aggressively killed, as opposed to the much more covert methods that are used against other empowering people.

    Handling that 400hp magnet engine felt, to me, a bit like meeting Jesus might feel. The implications for our species were powerfully felt, then, and everyone I have told about it has gotten a glimpse and similar feelings.

    I rarely mention our own radionics experiment in 2003 but in support of Frode I’ll recount it , now. That was during the time when we were still not sure whether it were possible to prevent the neocons (US/UK/Israel) from achieving World War Three and nuclear holocaust. We wanted to hit them at their most vulnerable spot so we set up our vortex-generating mechanism in our backyard in Moscow, Idaho, and I made up a special radionics witness by editing the backside of the official seal of the corporate US Gov’t, which is the pyramid with the reptile eye on top. I changed the slogan, ‘annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum,’ to ‘annuit mortis novus ordo seclorum’ and cast the image, visibly, on each facet of a big, orgonite octahedron that spun under the apex of a large pyramid frame.

    A couple of months later, during an international chat session, the psychics had the impression that all of the US gold, which had been in vaults under the Federal Reserve Bank of NY (close to the World Trade Center) was delivered to the Chinese gov’t on the island of Guam. We got some interesting confirmations that such a transfer had taken place and ever since that day, Carol and I have felt entirely confident that the corporate world order has been on Peking’s short leash. The reason this felt good to us is that, even in those years, it was obvious that China was committed to growing world trade and prosperity for the sake of the expansion of their own middle class. That’s to say that unlimited warfare was inimical to their own agenda and they have been clearly more powerful, since then, than the terrorist regimes (US/UK/Israel).

    A few years ago, I posted my observations about a free energy disinformation effort, right here in my area, sponsored by Bediini and featuring the work of a shady inventor who we personally knew. His ex-wife moved away after that but is still in close touch with Carol. The inventor stalled his effort just short of producing a magnet-powered engine that would have been closely similar to Wilhelm Muller’s. At first, I was a bit frustrated when I tried to persuade him to persevere and to stop being Bedini’s slave but by the time that big ‘conference’ was convened I understood that he was rather Bedini’s disinformation partner than slave. It also helped me understand why such an obviously intelligent person was an aggressive fundamentalist Christian ‘evangelist.’ He was quite cruel to his wife and children, by the way.

    One of his inventions is quite useful, though. It’s a device that restores dead car batteries and I still use it from time to time.

    A general of the Chinese army was at the conference to recruit him because China has untold millions of electric scooters and that invention would be extremely valuable to the power grid, since those scooters use a type of battery whose life would be greatly extended by this charger. Bedini exerted horrific pressure on him to stay in the US, which may be to say that the CIA exerted pressure on him , including inserting a tailored honeypot into his vapid life, after which his wife reached her limit and left, with our help.

    I’ve met tons of characters since publicizing about orgonite in 2001. Carol and I love knowing characters but we’ve always understood that just because someone is a character it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she actually has character 😉

    I absolutely treasure my friendship with characters who have character. Independent examination of reality turns us into characters and also builds our characters.

  149. Cyclingflinger

    Yes, thank you for reminding me Don. I will have a look at Long’s book. I think I’ve got off-track because I went pounding some EP’s into more heavy targets. So the attacks were mentally amplified and got confused about those etheric condensators in one of his books. Enough of this qlippoth! This time the ruins of the priory of Our Lady in the middle of the military base of Grobbendonk, called “Ten Toon” (15th century). Strange, as I always read energetically this name: “the Throne”. It’s bordering bizarrely the Albert channel. Also, the biggest castle around in Vorselaar which is a familial thing got a big EP. As this castle was bought up by a big pharmaceutical company called Janssen (complex near Turnhout). When observing near the base, I’ve found someone with an italian plate number passing by in his car. This next to the base in the middle of nowhere? A big blue hole was punched! Here are the pics:

    You will also see some towers and other places I’ve added orgonite before reaching the EP targets. They all add up for breaking the chem blanket!



  150. Cyclingflinger

    I can manage to retrieve all gifted fort images here in Belgium, I have sent to former EW! I will try to find some good dor/por comparisons. Thanks not, to the sewer rats, its always a new begin but how more that is gifted how faster we retrieve …

  151. KatherineA

    Going After Google/NSA’s A.I. Golems

    Don 9/20/2015
    There have been a lot of movies and TV shows about artificial intelligence, lately–have you noticed? We really enjoy watching them but I’ve suspected that A.I. alone perhaps can’t be a threat because it likely can’t ‘feel’ and therefore has no interaction with the ether.
    I asked Dooney to consider going after the NSA’s GoogleGolem in the chatroom and even before she decided on a target the unseen.is chatroom she uses got hacked pretty severely, so she moved the group over to the previous host, chatzy.com. Unseen.is in Iceland is marketed as a hacker-free, safe environment for email and webhosting but when Francisco of orgonita.eu told me that there are now American partners in unseen.is I had a feeling that the NSA got its foot in the door, there. Today’s experience felt like confirmation but I think he had been bitch-slapped by unseen.is when he considered hosting his site, there.
    After a few minutes of turmoil the psychics in the room (Dooney, Carol and Hawthorne) all got the impression that we need to go after Google’s arificial intelilgence. It only took 8 minutes to destroy that golem, which went down strugging. Dolphins came in, also Wingmakers and the dolphins said, ‘It’s about time you got to this!’
    The three still heard some background ‘humming’ as in the sound of huge electronic equipment and they found twelve other underground supercomputers around the world that host Google A.I. They started seeing ‘Etheric Zulus’ which hadn’t been around in many years and that was right after they saw Draconians and Jesuits in the central control facility, also a huge ‘well of souls’ that was on another planet & a lesser one that the Jesuits get their ‘mana’ from. For the past ten years or so the psychics in the chatrooms have been finding wells of souls in major earth vortices and (with help) clearing them out and reversing the energy to positive in those locations. They usually find a huge, ancient stone wheel underground that’s either turning counterclockwise or not moving and when we’re done the wheels are moving clockwise again and the entities that are accountable for the health of the pirated vortex are strong again.
    Max Freedom Long described how dirty Huna sorcerers in Hawaii trap the spirits of people who have passed on, by the way. It’s a free PDF from the link on this forum’s homepage that’s titled ‘The Science of Magic.’
    The Jesuits evidently mainly populate their wells of souls with the spirits of tribal people whom they’ve molested and slaughtered over the centuries. Credo Muttwa said that when the Jesuits first showed up in AFrica everyone was afraid of them because they resembled a previous race of offworld predators who had raped the continent in ancient times. The psychics telepathically invited Credo (a Zulu shaman and powerful, natural psychic who had traveled the continent and joined every secret order he encountered in his younger years) to join our exercise, today, and he showed up and did incredible work. He loves orgonite, zappers, Succor Punches, etc.
    I used the word, ‘mana,’ above because I think it’s interesting that the Hawaiian Huna traditions are traced to the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, not far from the Sinai, where the Old Testament records that the wandering Israelites were sustained by ‘mana’ from heaven Cool. Mana reminds me of ‘orgone’ which can be present in positive and negative forms. Orgonite changes the bad stuff into good stuff and that’s why the excellent field reports in this forum are attracting so many people to this unorganized effort. The parasitic corporate/occult world order generates and then feeds on the bad stuff so we’re slowly starving them. That speeds up as our numbers increase, I believe.
    This felt like one of the most productive sessions since we started doing this regularly, 12 years ago. I’m posting this for the record in case Google experiences some unusual problems in the short term. I want for us to get credit, if so. This is the first time we went after artificial intelligences and they’re pushovers, completely unable to defend themselves.


    Dooney 9/29
    This was one of our more rockin’ and rollin’ chats so I actually kept a transcript, which I don’t usually do for our group chats. We have never had so much trouble using unseen.is and we’ve been chatting on that system for a year or so. Our chatzy sessions used to get hacked all the time so we were happy to move to a more “secure” system but obviously those secure days are over. The hacking started even before Don got in the chat and mentioned Google AI, but once he did none of us could stay connected to the chat room for more than a few seconds. As soon as we moved over to Chatzy it all calmed down. We figured we were onto something big so we immediately began boosting the Google AI system. If they would have left our chat alone we might not have concentrated so hard on finding the AI. Those dummies never do figure out that attacking us like that just lets us know we’re on the right track. Cool
    Like Don said, we seemed to have success busting up the AI pretty quickly, but it seemed too easy so we kept looking. I thought it was interesting that we ended up finding 13 AI locations. The wankers sure do love that number. It took us a while to find the connections between all 13 locations but once we did things got pretty wild. There was an obvious power source that Carol saw as an off-grid nuke. Hawthorn saw a wormhole and time shifting. Don had the intuition about the well of souls and that proved to be the real source of power. The dolphins joined us at this point so we knew we were getting somewhere.
    If you’ve ever been to the funeral, you know what it’s like to feel a lot of grief energy in one place. Magnify that a thousand-fold and that’s what a well of souls feels like. It’s grief, death, pain, despair, and anger all concentrated in one ball of misery. This is what the wankers feed on, literally. This well of souls was the biggest one I have ever felt, and to top it off, it was interdimensional. So imagine how many souls, from this world and off-world, they must have captured to create this well. They have the ability, sickening as it is, to transmute all that etheric energy into physical energy to power their computers and other technology.
    As Don mentioned, we had a lot of etheric helpers on this one. Once we concentrated on releasing the well of souls with 13D boosting, their whole game fell apart. I don’t know how this will manifest in 3D but it will be interesting to watch what happens. By the way, there’s an interesting book called “The Circle” which I believe is a fictional account of how Google is trying to take over the world. It reminds me of how George Orwell’s “1984” seems more like prophecy now instead of fiction.
    One thing to remember is that with all the NWO’s AI technology and power and nasty tricks, the thing they don’t have is heart energy. Love. They have a huge blind spot when it comes to love, and that’s where we operate. So if you are feeling overwhelmed just remember that you have the most powerful weapon of all. One day perhaps enough people will remember that, and the curtain will be pulled all the way back, and the NWO will be fully exposed as the bloated ticks they are.
    ~ Dooney


    Carlos 9/29
    Great stuff guys, thanks!
    There were some data center outages over Sunday and this morning (West Europe time).
    Amazon AWS had problems Sunday morning, US time
    Samsung had a fire Sunday, unknown time
    Skype had problems this morning, Western Europe time
    Can’t say any of this was caused by the chat session but it’s still curious. Skype, the video chatting and voice-over-internet arm of Microsoft had problems in different countries worldwide. Samsung’s situation was bad enough that it took their website down. Don’t think any of these were part of the 13 AI sites either but there may be some connections there. What’s the expression they like so much to use… collateral damage? Laugh


    Don 9/21
    Thanks, Coach–your report reads sort of like a newspaper sports page. I never understood corporate/collegiate sports but I REALLY get into this sport so your concise and energized accounting was heartening. Thanks, also, for hosting these sessions and for teaching (on donebydooney.com) hundreds of targeted individuals over the years to hit back effectively when the various sewer rat psi corps and other predators try to ruin their lives.
    Carlos, that was really timely, thanks! We can’t claim that we directly caused all that grief for the sewer rats but, on the other hand, it’s excellent data that potentially confirms our initial success; realtime battlefield intel. We’re not out to prove anything. We just want to destroy the tyranny of parasites and we know we’re being productive. We rely on feedback and confirmations, just like any military intelligence operation does and the others who are in the trenches with us are real friends. Stevo says, ‘Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.’ Wink
    Al Bielek said that AI has been around since the invention of computers in the 1940s and that AI is more or less automatically generated when enough power has been fed into a sufficiently big computer. He said that the draconians taught the gov’t sewer rats that. Who doesn’t yet know that the corporate order has tech that is at least one generation
    I assume that there are hundreds of AIs. The Beast, which is a massive, old underground computer in Brussels that runs the corporate parasites’ EU, is appropriately named Cool. I have a feeling that our readers and other EW contributors will be sending us targeting info in the time ahead of anything that’s available on the market? What already exists is more interesting than the most imaginitive sci-fi, in my opinion.

    Here’s an example of real-time NSA editing: I’ll re-post the hacker-edited comments: Who doesn’t yet know that the corporate order has tech that is at least one generation (30 years) ahead of what’s available on the market? What already exists is more interesting than the most imaginative science fiction.

    So we might assume that the sewer rats have been relying heavily on AI since the 1940s. Maybe they can’t oppress humanity without the help of hundreds of very costly artificial intelligences, all of which are apparently quite vulnerable to ordinary people like us Smile

    Carlos says: “Comrades in handcuffs”! We could all get together around a campfire making marshmallows and exchanging prison stories Confused [I can’t match his stories. ~D]
    I forgot to mention Rogers Mukisa of Uganda, who could technically be included since the zappers he was using in Congo (for which some Europoid UN soldiers cast him into prison) had orgonite in them.
    In the early years, most of the people who wanted to participate in this forum were flakes and militant pacifists but, by now, most of the contributors are committed etheric warriors like Tomas and David, thankfully.


    Carlos 9/30
    I did go and have a look online at the general plotline of that ‘Circle’ book. It seems to be about the loss of private space and how that’s brought about by some mega-corp like Google and their technology. One of the devices (called SeeChange in the book) was apparently a camera that was constantly streaming and this started being used by politicians – it seems the idea was to show how honest they were and having no secrets was a big theme in the book.
    Who knows, maybe in the future we will all be very psychic and instant communication will work with no need maybe even for machines. Perhaps we’ll evolve to a point where we, individually, feel less of a need to keep things to ourselves and feel more like sharing.
    But that’s very different from the conformist dystopias that the parasites love propagating in books and hollywood fairy tales. ‘1984’ is one of those attempts at self-fulfiling profecy (they wish!). They love trying to ride on the coat tails of genuine positive change and twist it to their own petty designs – they’ve been largely successful in the pre-internet past (for instance turning the progressive strenghtening of individual rights in Russia into civil war and a full blown dictatorship). “Bloated Ticks” is a great analogy, thanks Dooney – they are pretty bloated so I bet it takes them tremendous effort just maintaining this present illusion.
    I don’t think we have to worry much about the world population falling for Scroogle, though. People are waking up to the fact they are just another mega-corporation out for its own self-interest, not only that but even the truth of their military-industrial complex connections (via NSA/CIA and the Highlands Forum) is coming out in well researched, well funded articles such as this one https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/how-the-cia-made-google-e836451a959e
    There are other harmful ideas governments are floating about now in terms of harming privacy, which the NSA and all their cronies would very much like implemented, and that is to make the cryptographic keys open to their in-house sanctioned hackers, the reasoning being “terrorism” of course. I think the outcry would be too much (it is being already) but for certain they’d like to have it. You may remember Cameron’s tirade against encryption – here is an article about a more recent tirade by an EU official: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150122/08332129778/eus-counter-terrorism-co-ordinator-finally-says-it-force-internet-companies-to-hand-over-their-crypto-keys.shtml
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some big companies already give the keys to the NSA etc so that it becomes trivial not only to read our emails but also to disappear them (sound familiar?). Putting it into law, though, would make it impossible not to comply. I’m not even considering how self-harmful it would be for the EU to do that – still convinced it’s not going to fly. Perhaps they throw these outrageous ideas out to check for a reaction, see if the clay sticks on the wall.


    10/9 Don

    Another confirmation that we found an easy weak spot in the Behemoth is that there’s a new round of frightful disinformation about A.I. Cool and of course it’s being presented as something unstoppable, galactic and entirely ‘alien.’ The A.I. targets we went after were much weaker than the human (sic) ones but just as malevolent and aggressive–like father like son?–a rehash of The Borg from the 1980s Star Trek series. I now feel confident that artificial intelligence can’t become powerful and independent in terms of being a threat to humanity on its own.
    I assume there are hundreds or thousands of artificial intelligences operating on behalf of the parasitic world order and if I’m right I bet it’s because they have a severe shortage of manpower. When 2000 arrived and they had failed to cull the human population to half a billion, as stated in their own literature, they probably knew that they were in deep trouble but any war is a numbers game, i.e. the number of boots on the ground and not drones, smart bombs, surveillance satellites, ad nauseum.
    The most efficient armed forces at the parasite’s disposal (US/UK) lacked the ability to even hang onto one city, Baghdad.
    There were some reprisals against some of the participants in our first exercise against artificial intelligences but nobody was harmed, of course. We don’t feel the same sense of urgency that we did many years ago, in the early years of our weekly efforts following the destruction of the World Trade Center by the feds and before the US/UK/Israel Evil Axis lost most of their momentum toward global nuclear holocaust. So I reckon we’ll go after various artificial intelligences at a more leisurely pace Wink

  152. KatherineA

    Vryal: Image of the Enemy

    Dooney 7/23/2006
    [image not available–found possible copy of pic at http://galnet.wikia.com/wiki/Vryal_(aka_Vril)%5D


    Don 7/24
    We spent most of today’s chat session on the Israeli incursion and slaughter in Lebanon.
    About halfway through, Carol and Stevo got a clear impression that Mossad has been sending those rockets to kill Israelis in the Haifa area. Mossad started out as a terrorist organization in the 1940s and has remained so–apparently closely allied with the SS, which may explain why the fascism that’s practiced in Israel is identical to Hitler’s
    One of the last things we did today was to go after the three top Mossad officials who were in charge of a roomful of logistics specialists who are arranging to murder Israeli civilians and put the blame on Hezbollah. Hitler succeeded in getting control of Germany by burning the Reichstag and blaming commies; Israelis have sold their souls to Mossad since 1947, which is when the slaughter of Palestinians and the theft of their land began. Before that, Arabs and Jews in Palestine lived together in relative harmony for many centuries and the Jews bought Arab land instead of slaughtering the owners and their families under the banner of a new government in ’47.
    Before we looked at the real culprits in that invasion, we focused on neutralizing the old motivator of grand-scale human conflict. We’ve hammered that draconian a few times in the past year before previous attempts at WWIII materialized. I feel really bad that we hadn’t been keeping tabs on this ancient parasite, whom upper level Masons worship as ‘Baphomet,’ and the less sophisticated predators call ‘satan.’
    We were unable to kill him, which has been par for the course, but we did manage to get his pet symbol onto Dooney’s website. CArol had to go to a shop and fax the thing, since we have no land line and hackers were stopping her from sending the scanned image. She called STevo when she got to the fax place and so many feds were listening to the call that the echo effect made it nearly impossible for Carol to understand what STevo was saying. She had a sense of foreboding and when she moved quickly to her car she expected to see a gun. [Image Can Not Be Found] Two local cop cars came roaring into the little parking lot at that moment.. ‘Thin Blue Line’ indeed. The feds are obviuosly telling these stupid cops that we’re terrorists and it took me a couple of hours to convince a Palm Beach County SWAT team to get off our property last week during a fake training exercise. When they left our yard, they stopped the alleged exercise and we got a lot of really dirty looks from them.
    This was a week when a lot of us experienced extraordinary interference and intimidation, including at least four cases of weird animal manifestations in our homes in America and Africa. Not least, we may have narrowly prevented Georg and Axel being precipitously disappeared into President Mugabe’s ‘one-way’ Gulag. On the upside, this was the first case of a national government jailing gifters and, now, the Western governments’ sewer rat agencies clearly saw what happened to that plot.
    STevo applied the dodecahedron to the old draconian parasite and he and Dooney boosted and monitored that. The old rat obviously was affected but eventually disappeared, which apparently means he escaped. He showed up in the background after we had neutralized (again) the symbol and while we were doing the top three Mossad mass murderers, but he only showed up intermittently, as though he’s not able to properly interface with our dimension.
    While Carol was getting the image to Dooney we all boosted the thing, then when it was online STevo or Carol directed us to blast through the all-seeing-eye segment of the design. She was seeing past events, looking for the origin of the symbol, and got a partial impression that it was introduced in ancient Babylon. The colors in the symbol gradually faded as we progressed until the thing was lifeless, again. She said that when the sewer rats look into that eye they rather see future events and probabilities in order to help them exploit and manipulate humanity to the max.
    Carol’s quite sure that if you’ll send that image to as many people as you comfortably can, with the caveat that it’s not necessary to believe any of this, the exposure of the symbol to more and more human eyes will finish off the symbol’s ability to unite the various sewer rat agencies that are instruments of global mayhem and slaughter these days: CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, SS, Vril, GReat White Brotherhood, Jesuits, etc.
    Jef McKinley had sketched the symbol according to Carol’s instructions last winter and she says it’s an accurate representation. This is what she scanned for us to send around.
    I’ll discuss the components of the symbol, which are in three layers.


    Don 7/24
    Here are some Kiswahili language that you can start with.The aalanguage
    and its meaning
    (1) Dada- Sister
    (3) Habari?-how are you?.
    (4) Rafiki-Friend.
    (5)Kuja- Come.
    (6)Twende-Lets Go.
    (9)Nakupenda-I love you.
    (10)Binadamu-Human being.

    Finding this symbol, last fall, was a culmination of several years of psychic peeking into the machinery of the old World Odor. Several good conspiracy journalists have seen evidence that the tyranny that developed in the 20th century throughout the world is an outgrowth of one system but they naturally stopped putting the pieces together when the trails of evidence reached dead ends. The more reputable ones won’t speculate very much, which is as it should be for genuine journalists.
    The difference with us is that we’re not journalists; we’re warriors. Intel gathering is an integral part of what we do together here and, since so much of the infrastructure of the World Odor is still secret, we rely on our psychics to provide the intel, just like the sewer rat agencies all do these days. If it feels appropriate to you to send this image and report around to others, please do it. We realize that most people aren’t in a position to look at something like this objectively, so just stress that it’s not at all necessary to believe what we’re saying about it; these are impressions that we chose to act on.
    I think the journalists who dug the deepest in to the World Odor’s secret hierarchy are the German and Jewish ones who get published by LaRouche. Twenty years or so ago, THE HITLER BOOK was published by Franklin Press. It’s a compendium of works by various research journalists on the phenomenon of Hitler. Documentation clearly shows that Hitler was only one of the cogs of this vast machine and that the SS, which remains influential today, was independent of the political process in Nazi Germany and is a very old, secret Vril order, symbolized by the twin lightning bolt that you see on Jeff’s rendering.
    Hitler and the SS didnt’ hate just the Jews; they wanted to destroy all of the Christians, too, and Hitler’s on record for saying so. They essentially did destroy all of the Gypsies in several countries, usually on the spot, without the formality of arrest and imprisonment. When Dr Jung contrived to get nearly all of the war criminals off the hook, most of whom were SS men, the British contrived to move these SS guys into all of the governments of the Islamic countries that were under their control, which accounts for all of the ones that Turkey had formerly controlled; essentially all but Iran. They were directed to set up secret police agencies in all of these governments and they nominally converted to Islam and took on Arabic names to do that. Waffen SS regiments were recruited in several of Germany’s occupied countries during Hitler’s regime and one regiment was made up of Croation Muslims. The new flag of Croatia is the one that was adopted during Nazi rule, by the way.
    As you probably know, the Homeland Security Administration’s symbol is the SS eagle, whose wings appear on the green dragon in this symbol.
    When Carol and I visited the alligator zoo in St Augustine she was fascinated by the albino alligators because they reminded her of the ancient draconian; their skin has a lucid quality that’s hard to describe. The draconian is apparently very tall and thin, represented by the snake-like dragon in the symbol. He apparently never comes here; simply extends his image in a near-material form, sort of like how the ‘ascended masters’ do. This one apparently predates the Great White Brotherhood though most of that is unclear for now.
    Aside from the dragon, we don’t see a lot of Chinese symbolism there. The Mogen DAvid obviously predates Judaism and represents the merkaba, among other things.
    Zionists are mostly descended from the converts on the Asian Steppes who are Aryans. ‘Aryan’ is the ancient name which more recently turned into ‘Iran,’ of course.
    I felt especially compelled to take the psychics’ description of the symbol seriously, last year, because I’d spent so much time studying conspiracy literature since the mid-1980s, when US censorship relaxed enough for much of that to be disseminated. Also, I’ve had a very active interest in Islamic history and culture since my teen years in the 1960s, so when the psychics tell of seeing white and green turbans, along with the MOssad mass murderers I recognized Iran’s intimate involvement in the World Odor. The only people who wear green turbans are male lineal descendents of Muhammad, honored only by Shiite Muslims. Before very recently, one didnt’ find Shiite Muslims outside of Iran and far Eastern Iraq, which is where many Shiite holy places are. Most of the rest of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, who scorn the importance of Muhammad’s lineage. The Turkish empire was Sunni and the Sultan of Turkey was the top religious authority. Previous Turkish sultans killed the first twelve lineal descendants of Muhammad, who are called ‘Imams’ by Shiites.
    REally, if one could magically cause Muslims to understand that their clergy have been the source of Islam’s decline in recent centuries, as well as all of the incited mob violence against ‘infidels’ that has characterized some of its history, it would be a giant step toward world peace. Muhammad honored Jews and Christians and commanded His followers not to ever forcibly convert anyone, which is more than can be said about Christian clergy and their legbreakers.
    Undermining and exposing murderous Mossad is an equally big step and that’s what we’re going to focus on during our chats for awhile. Mossad isn’t a stand-alone entity, of course; it relies completely on the sleepiness of American PJ folks, which includes the irrational support of most fundamentalist Christians, the ultimate fruit of schizophrenic culture and history. I call them ‘born again chumps.’
    We know that UK and Roosevelt sold out the European Jews before WWII by not allowing them to immigrate. Sure, they let a few like Killer Kissinger into the country but only because they were particularly rotten and useful to the World Odor.
    The trend away from centralized power and toward freedom, unity and prosperity in our world isn’t going to be stopped but the World Odor has been trying to forestall that by attempting to initiate WWIII at every opportunity. It failed in Iraq, thank God, and we’re going to do what we can to get the present attempt to fail, too. In the past ten months ors so we’ve interfered with three other attempts, by a consortium made up of Mossad, Iran and Syria. A Jordanian friend of mine once told me that in reprisal for a peaceful political protest in a small Syrian city, the president carpet bombed the city. Opposing Mossad shouldn’t be confused with supporting tyrannical Islamic regimes, of course. Iran’s regime is a lot worse than Syria’s.
    Don’t you think it’s funny that the treasonous US regime’s mouthpiece, The What To Think Network, keep bleating about ‘committing American ground forces’ to this or that country?
    What ground forces? The Boy Scouts? NAMBLA? Mafia? Hell’s Angels?
    The token force of dim-witted legbreakers (when, oh when will these chumps come home to honor their oaths to defend the US Constitution against domestic enemies?) that the alleged US gov’t has in Iraq is everything they’ve got and any moment that Iraqi patriots get tired of putting up with it they’ll likely drive the Americans out in a few weeks. How many other What To Think Network charades are there which are about to go up in smoke?
    The ‘royals’ (Bedouins who werent’ loyal to the Turk) in all of those Arab states that London set up after the final fall of the Turkish empire (end of WWI) are all Scottish Rite masons, many of them 33d degree. My Jordanian friend showed me a photo of King Hussein in his 33d degree mason garb. He was wearing all of the same trinkets, baubles and gewgaws that can be seen in the portrait of Harry Truman in his 33d degree costume.
    It may be that if enough of the death towers hadn’t been disabled in America, three years ago, London would have directed Saudi Arabia and the other wealthy ARab states to help the Iraqis kill all of the Americans, newly deployed in Iraq, in Iraq in conjunction with the occupation of America, Europe and Canada by untold millions of Chinese and Russian troops. The Russians are already mostly here, of course, selling the CIA’s dope on our streets. China apparently owns our economy and this treasonous gov’t outright. Remember that even though The What To Think Network and institutionalized academics won’t even hint at any of this, it doesn’t mean we’re not seeing it [Image Can Not Be Found]
    When enough eyes see this symbol, even if most might think our position is a pipe dream, I’m quite sure that MOssad, Iran’s clergy and all of the other London-based murder agencies will be completely unable to start WWIII. How many sets of eyes is enough? Maybe just a thousand or so. Almost half that number read Etheric Warriors, so it’s not much of a stretch. Remember that real news rarely travels fast, so if you feel it’s appropriate to send this out don’t expect it to start a prairie fire [Image Can Not Be Found]
    We can just send the URL of this thread with a short note, including that little caveat. Don’t worry, you won’t be pilloried by insinuous and/or rabid sociopaths, unless you post this on an open-membership forum. Please don’t do that.
    Do you realize that EW has more support than Dr Reich did during the most productive phase of his life, by the way? That’s a positive development and probably reflects on the nature of his sacrifice. He was always certain that his fundamental offerings would eventually find acceptance but I doubt he realized that it would happen this soon. Exponentially more people are gifting now but either don’t know English or aren’t interested in internet forums. As many people as there are reading posts on EW, there are probably a lot more who would like to erase some of us because we represent integrity to them (that makes self-seekers and tyrants uncomfortable), or are a threat to their hegemony.
    As Dooney said, please do boost this image often.


    Don 7/25
    El Jeffe (Jeff McKinley) was visiting us last night and I told him about Carol’s experience with faxing the image to Dooney and Stevo. Jeff wasn’t able to get to the chatblast on Sunday.
    Carol corrected me when I told Jeff that two cop cars rushed into the parking lot as she left the store; in fact she in her car and was entering the street when they rushed into the other end of the parking lot, looking for her car in front of the store; they missed seeing her-thank God dirty cops have terminal tunnel vision! She knew something was coming up when she was on the phone with STevo and she psychicly saw guns. The phone call already took to long because she was trying so hard to understand STevo through all the federal buggers’ interference on the line.
    We had an impromptu chat session with Dooneyand STevo last night (busted up a roomful of CIA/NSA/military radionics/psionics predators and their equipment) and CArol apologized to STevo for cutting him off, explaining (last night) that she was in danger at the fax place and had to get moving, ‘NOW’ [Image Can Not Be Found]
    This is sometimes how I get relevant intel from CArol, folks [Image Can Not Be Found], but she did ask me to correct this report, which she hadn’t read.
    Just like the Palm Beach County SWAT team in our yard last Tuesday, who were there to intimidate us but said they were in a ‘police training exercise,’ parasites in power are artists of the long con; they have to keep track of thousands of lies. Once in awhile they do something overt, like those cops might have done to CArol on Sunday and like some have attempted to do to both of us on the really hairy gifting missions (especially Yellowstone and Shasta area) when we were either rescued by The Operators’ time shifts or were displaying semi-automatic pistols on our belts. By the way, Carol said the boss SWAT cop was trying really hard not to look at my MIB Ken doll, hanging by the neck in effigy by the front door, when that battle-clad ersatz warrior was apologizing to us.
    Carol’s fax experience in a good example of an instance where trusting our instincts is a survival skill. If you’ve been in that situation when gifting particularly sensitive and important World Odor targets you know how exhilirating it is [Image Can Not Be Found] I think it’s impossible to have any fun with our clothes on without an element of risk but I better add the caveat, ‘Don’t try this at home,’ unless you’ve acquired a ‘nothing to lose; go for broke’ commitment against tyranny. Look at all the newagers who started busting towers before they overcame that Theosophy programming enough to realize that the World Odor was hitting them back. Frankly, it’s hard for me to feel pity for them.
    Have you ever known a con artist? I was married to one (X-2) for a year and I can tell you that they’re not like the adorable ones you see in the movies; they’re generally charismatic, are paranoid from having to keep track of a lot of lies, predatory (I was secretly mortified when she told me tales of her confidence scams ‘in the past’) and utterly fearful of losing control, otherwise; also terrified of having no money. X-2 wasn’t afraid of dying but she was unable to contemplate being without money. Being a con artist is a genuinely pathological condition by anyone’s standard. The US Government and a lot of others are long cons, which is to say ‘long term’ or ‘long range.’ The Federal Reserve Corporation (with its subgroups, the IRS and the US Government), which is the foundation of American tyranny, is the best example. Look at the untold billions of dollars and countless, talented man-hours are constantly thrown into the mind control apparatus, the certerpieces of which are the What To Think Network and the CIA’s Monarch Program (UK has Tavistock, which preceded MOnarch and was overseen by Freud, himself, after 1936).
    There are dissociative-programmed people on the fringes of this network, some of whom have attempted to take the lead, who have had to keep track of so many lies that when you meet them you can’t identify the person(s) you’ve been corresponding with–walking shell games. Thankfully, that strategy has repeatedly failed, probably because we’re all on Dr Reich’s coattails and orgone, our ‘coin of the realm,’ has its own unique and unstoppable power to uncover falsehood sooner than later. Dissociative programming leaves an indelible mark on the personality, no matter how talented the victim is, psychicly, nor how much he/she is coached by professional fakers.
    I won’t dwell on this, though I was heartened to learn that Dr Reich constantly had to deal with the same subterfuge problem among his own informal network. Note that when the fakers of this movement, in the past, reached a certain stage of vulnerability, attempts were made to manipulate us into outing them. I don’t out the talented fakers because I think it’s hurtful, mainly, and because I don’t like to step into the World Odor’s traps. We all discuss people’s earned reputations privately, of course, which isn’t backbiting if it’s only informative and not vindictive. It’s the same way we discuss which professionals in a town should or should not be trusted, based on their works.
    On Sunday, when we were fully immersed in the occult, symbology aspect of the World Odor, we rather missed having D Bradley around. The sewer rats are trying their best to erase him from everyone’s awareness but he’s the one who started us down the road of occult enquiry, four years ago. He was a good guide because he grew up in that milieu and was a world-class Theosophy/masonic guru before he turned against the dark masters in the 1990s.
    This symbol is apparently the ‘sweet spot’ for which there is literally no documented evidence available. I’m really glad I spent all those years studying well-documented conspiracy histories because it’s obvious to me that all of the well-mapped highways in that literature lead to this center area of the occult/corporate world order. Excessive centralization really is their downfall. I think William Cooper came the closest to identifying the hidden World Odor hierarchy before the feds drove him crazy, then eventually shot him. He at least figured out that the world order subscribes to ancient (Babylon-derived, mostly) satanic doctrines, from which the watered-down, ‘public consumption,’ world religion con, Theosophy, was created. The way that aggressive and clever people on the fringes of the network insidiously attempt to trash D Bradley’s reputation is a good indicator of how valuable his contributions have been to the expansion and consolidation of this network.
    I think his most durable public offerings are on the ‘cbswork.com’ files, archived by John Scudamore on http://www.whale.to.  Cbswork.com was a smash hit until the site owner, STuart Jackson, deliberately trashed the site in May, 2004. Note that STuart Jackson dropped from sight within a year, having failed to stop this network’s progress. That pattern will likely keep repeating as the sewer rat agencies try harder and harder to undermine this unorganized movement.
    If you think the current subterfuge efforts are a little bizarre now, wait til orgonite starts to enter mainstream awareness. Take heart in knowing that we’ve always had the initiative and they’ve always had to react, as Carol’s near-miss with those stupid, bloodthirsty local cops on Sunday indicates. Won’t you be glad when centralized power is gone and we can democratically decide, locally, how genuine law will be enforced and by whom? I guarantee that these federal-fed, black-clad, bald ninjas with dark sunglasses won’t be getting away with murder any more.


    Don 7/25
    I don’t mean to be omnipresent, but this is a really big topic. It just occured to me that Jeff was doing what police sketch artists do when he drew the symbol. He wants to do a cleaner, colored version with more direction from Carol, then we’ll get it online here.
    When we picked him up last night for supper there was a stack of occult books by the couch and he explained that he was researching some of the background material for that. He showed me an occult symbol for the heart chakra that is the SS emblem in a horizontal position, for instance, but I’m not going to take the wind out of his sails & he’ll post about it when he’s got all his ducks in a row.
    Please send him some healing boosts, by the way, because he got burned on his feet on his latest gifting expedition, some of which is 3d degree. No, it wasn’t a firewalk–a friend threw a panful of burning grease on the floor in his own kitchen, close to where Jeff was standing barefoot. He’s not able to wear shoes, in fact, and it was risky taking him into Pasquale’s without them looking at his shoeless state [Image Can Not Be Found] He sat on the inside part of the booth.
    Thanks to all those mafiosi (the filthy, murderous Palm Beach County cops’ friends) around here we’ve got a lot of really good Italian restaurants. I don’t think the CIA can import boatloads of dope into Florida without their subgroup, the Mafia. Remember too, that Butcher Reno was awarded the Attorney General job for facilitating the drug importation network in Florida under Governor Jeb Bush. The Bush family have been kingpins in the dope trade since the 1700s, non-stop (started out moving opium for the Brits), and when I gifted all around the CIA Headquarters compound in Langley, Virginia in November, 2002 I was kind of shocked that the entire facility had been named after BushSr. I sure wish I’d known about earthpipes, then, because the sewer rats didn’t catch up to me until I was on the highway out of there.
    One of the fine local restaurants, Nick’s Tomato Pie, has a couple of errant wise guys from up north as a bartender and busboy. I’ve never been around mafiosi before and it’s a little unsettling to encounter them up close, but fun, too. The fed murderers whom most of us in the front ranks encounter lack mafiosi’s ‘honesty,’ and they’re no fun at all, except when they’re on the receiving end. Let’s hurry up and re-establish the rule of law so we can deal with these millions of secret police effectively, okay?


    jackson 7/25
    yes, indeed, there is a lot of tricky nwo playlist action going on. my opinion is that the current war mongering in lebanon and israel is nothing short of planned genocide. not a single military target has been hit… it’s st4ictly for eliminating civilians, mostly women and children. can you believe the cold cowardice of the petit tyrannical denizens?
    it is turning out that the hezbolla is also nothing more than an insider group sacrificing it’s own people and is actually a part of the cia, mossad, world secret police network.their plan is to of course drag the u.s. into the conflagration and then china/ russia, resulting in a very large regional or world conflict/war.
    it is also my opinion that the french may be important in their alleged alliance with our patriots in keeping the lid on our rouge neocon warmongers.
    these times seem forboding just now out on the human plane don’t they, until you realize that this final plan can never be pulled off. they are going for broke right now and the house of cards continues to fall as their plan resorts to more and more desparate sub-measures and plot spins. christ, they act like a group of bullies surrounded by the evidence of their crimes lying their asses off so fast and loud that the surrounding crowd is starting to laugh.
    the warriors here have identified the real culprits and have isolated and blasted them and their plans. i hope that all can see just how this has come about with don’s brilliant historical perspective on the power structure behind the face of mid=east politics and waring agression. it is clear that the monsters behind this multigenerational plan are at their crux ‘ make or break’ moment and that they simply intend, now that they know they will lose, to take as many out with them as possible.
    the old ‘motivator’ is behind this as the psychics have clearly seen and the symbol for it’s manifestation has also been uncovered, last year, by carol. i was lucky enough to be right there taking notes when she began to reveal the parts of that talisman. eric carlsen was there too. the symbol has a few more minor parts to add, which i will in the next post.


    jackson 7/25
    i believe the miserable old draconian’s feet should be added in the lower two star corners perching it squarely in the ancient six point star symbol.
    it is my opinion that the six pointerd star, in this instance represents reptillian physiology just the same as leonardo’s five pointed star perfectly fits and represents human physiology. the bottom sixth point fitting the ever-present tail of that species.
    that symbol also has pre-judaic references such as the merkaba that don mentioned. that is the counter-rotating light-field body from the egyptian occult history. i have to mention here from another thread on ew, that the egyptian culture was overtly dominated by the pharohic bloodlines which are clearly reptillian, draconian reptillian, as was shown to don, carol and i on our visit to the king tut museum show. the ‘stylized’ sculptures of the early and later periods are accurate artistic depictions of full-shifted draconians, including elongated skulls, tails,(usually hidden), wings and extended snouts with enormous lips and noses.
    the merkaba is also important in a couple of new-age groups who have popularized it, namely, the flower of life drunvalo group and the azurite melkizedek anna hayes(dean) group. embarrasingly i admit to studying the azurite stuff before i learned discernement. our warriors have ‘seen’ drunvalo without his veil and he has recieved our attending ministrations in the past. as for anna, i gave ‘permission’ for that groups inner angels to work on my grid (in their speak) and woke up lucid and frozen to find two grey zeta types messing with my etheric boby. luckily for me higher self intelligence prevailed and i was able to move my physical arm and shoo them away. they groaned as they left.
    from that experience i came into information that clearly stated that both groups (fol and az) are ostensibly pitted against each other on earth, but in reality, behind that ruse is the same authority, the omicron draconians. the in-fighting served to strengthen each groups resolve and therefoer the whole plan strengthened.this example is to show that the draconians are behing the mess and chaos of this age of man since the fall of atlantis.


    toddplatzer 7/25
    Happily printed out 10 copies of the image to spread around town. Why not? Beneath it wrote “This is the Symbol of Evil. Bless this image and destroy the evil on Earth.” I guess that sums it up but if anyone has a better phrase to accompany the image let’s hear it (use it!)
    Really happy to see the image online, I think I remember hearing talk of it last year. It will be even better when Jeff gets the new colored version up. Then we can all print it out and show it off.


    jackson 7/25
    this same draconian group, the azurites have symbology that additionally appears and should appear on the symbol under discussion. accordingly, if it is to be draconian the six-pointed star should be pale silver colored. the energy of this particular color does not appeal to me but, see, they have people running energy forms that the folks running them don’t really understand.
    the double lightening bolts are dipicted in this same lexicon as sideways to the nazi ss symbol but the feeling is the same. for them it is located over the heart chakra usually or may be combined with other geomantic marks and run at other bodily locations. this stuff is done by these groups with deception, to support draconian energy forms.
    i personally think it means to kill, like lightening strikes once… accident. lightening strikes twice.. kill on purpose. and over the heart? yow!
    the all-seeing eye is self explanatory and the warriors found recently that to blast through the eye of this symbol disables its power and purpose pretty quickly. i will go ahead and say what carol told me when she looked through the eye of this thing. she said it was a long string of human warring, death, suffering, sacrifice, murder and all things horrible and painful., the length of which was this entire millenia. this friggin’ symbol apparently is the expression of the dominance and sacrifice of a slave mankind to some low-level spiritually ignorant draconian war lord., apparently named jehova or jovi or elo-jovi or some such. i think it is the angry god depicted in the old testament, personally.
    the draconians are apparently a very old reptillian and fallen race. that species relies on conquest and domination for their sustenance as they have no connection to the source. how sad and depraved an existence don’t you think?
    their earth counterparts are the draco-motivated one world odor types including illuminists and top masons, khazarian zionist bolsheveks, old money royal lines, etc.
    these guys are going down, and soon. this symbol is probably very important to them so as was suggested i will spread this around and also blast regularly through the eye of this abomination.


    Don 7/26
    I think it’s very good to speculate on the World Odor’s occult symbolism, since it apparently leads us to new strategies.
    I notice that this summer has a lot less doomsaying disinfo than previous summers. They do seem to bunch up in late spring and summer, generally. That might be a signal that people are generally feeling more optimistic, now that the skies are blue, again, Sylphs are showing up in huge numbers and countless thousands of death towers and HAARP facilities have been turned into orgone generators by generous gifters. We shouldn’t unerestimate the benefits and achievement of our own efforts, of course.
    Another source of optimism is that the World Odor is so weak that ordinary people like ourselves can have a rather deep effect on their worst agendae. The sturm and drang of the What to Think Network, as they test the waters for potential public paranoia, seems no more threatening than the flapping cards in a kid’s bicycle spokes and the televangelists who have a vested interest in WWIII just look sillier and sillier as Israel continues to stink up the region in the name of self defense.
    Obviously, there are other grassroot groups working along similar lines to our efforts. Jeff mentioned the FRench and American affiliation of insider patriots, for instance. I wonder if they’re responsible for preventing mayhem for the nine months after 9/11 until our psychics started exposing (and we began interfering with) mass murder plots to be committed by the US Gov’t on our own cities.
    Saving George W Bush from being shot by those CIA snipers (directed by BushSr) who were laying a trail of victims toward him through Baltimore and DC, in December, 03 has resulted in the White House looking pretty foolish with that witless bully continuing on as the figurehead. CArol had clearly seen him marked for assassination by the CIA after the Supreme Court unlawfully appointed him President in the fall of 2000. That would have been the short road to martial law, enforced by the Chinese/Russian occupation of North America, we believe.
    The disarray of this treasonous American administration is more evident than ever in other ways, too. They no doubt wish to silence their detractors by half-heartedly engaging us in a MidEast conflagration, now, but that time-honored political ploy is already failing because they have no momentum. The momentum is lacking because they’ve failed to carry out every single terrorist event since the feds blew up the World Trade Center and a bit of the Pentagon. By the way, the What To Think Networks says that two American soldiers per day lose their lives in Iraq and a hundred Iraqi civilians per day lose their lives, there, also that American troops are being withdrawn from teh countryside to Baghdad, whcih is probably a fancy way to say that they’re in retreat from Iraqi patriots. I’m hoping this is a step toward evacuation and I doubt Israel will allow US troops to be stationed there, nor will Syria allow them in Lebanon in significant numbers, grid willing.
    CNN just featured the American Bar Association’s current attempt to prosecute George W Bush for going against the US Constitution and this was literally in the next breath after they mentioned ‘the road to Armaggedon.’ Unintentionally mixed signals? Sure, the ABA calling the fake president a lawbreaker is like the pot calling the kettle black but the timing is exquisite, now that the Israel/US corporate consortium is rattling sabers again. Even the What To Think Network’s talking heads are pointing out that selling smart bombs to Israel while flying aid to the bombs’ numerous, innocent civilian victims in Lebanon is schizoid. They’re also openly saying that the civil war in Iraq shouldn’t be called ‘insurgency’ any more, by the way. Sunni and Shiih Muslims have been at peace in Iraq for a thousand years. They worked out their differences when Europe was still in the dark age, in fact. Any terrorism in the MidEast is ultimately London-derived through their stooges, Mossad and the new Iranian clergy.
    I’m not hearing anyone state the obvious about the lack of a draft in the US. If we were to go to war on a grand scale in the next few years, the US armed forces would need to be several times bigger than they are (notice that most of the National Guard and Reserve units have been in Iraq for a couple of years) and that would require massive industrial infrastructure, nearly all of which has gone to China in the last twenty years [Image Can Not Be Found]. Most of your patriotic US car was made in China, by the way.
    When Roosevelt finally managed to scam Japan into attacking the US we were already ‘re-armed’ and industry was already geared up for a global conflict. All that was needed was an attack by Germany or Japan and then the draft. Eustace Mullins claims that Roosevelt was ordering the murder of German sailors in New York City in the late 1930s in an attempt to aggravate Hitler enough to attack our Lend-Lease shipping to UK, which would have given FDR the excuse to declare war a lot earlier. Americans just didn’t want a war, then, but National Socialism had turned most Americans into National-Socialist fascists–just like Hitler’s Germans and Mussolini’s Italians–within ten years, so war was inevitable.
    Now, fascist ideology is pretty much a dead letter in America, except for the shouting, and the only voting blocs that still enthusiastically favor National-Socialism are the Depression BAbies (pensioners, mostly dying by now), their ex-hippie, middle-aged stoner children who work in the ‘public sector,’, and welfare recipients. Not very proactive people, after all, unlike the vigorous fascists and other socialists of the late 1930s, the beneficiaries of the Raw Deal who were easily manipulated into fighting in another foreign conflagration.
    The X Generation, largely peopled by dissociative-programmed Monarch Program assets (the ones who didn’t suicide on cue) probably can’t be easily shanghaied by the US Army because they never received the religious and fascist programming that my generation angsted over in the 60s. Even the hippies had received full-bore, ‘duck and cover’ drills and propaganda when they were younger and they never actually disabled that programming; only rebelled against it for a little while before they inevitably fell in lockstep and got re-institutionalized as neo-Marxist social workers, college instructors, corporate drones, psychologists, Rockefeller-funded environmentalists, ad nauseum, living to get stoned at home on Saturday night.
    See, Marxism was held in front of the noses of the hippie generation like a carrot on a stick and sold as ‘the solution’ to our parents’ fascism. Anyone knows that National-Socialism and international socialism are the same thing: excessively centralized political/economic power. Russia flipflopped from international socialism to corporate fascism, for instance. Mussolini was a communist at first, then simply called all of that ‘fascism’ and made it a capital offense to point it out in public [Image Can Not Be Found]
    As Jeff mentioned, we’re going to keep working on and through this symbol becuase it seems to be the soft underbelly of the occult/corporate world order. Todd’s got a terrific idea for getting that exposed to many people’s eyeballs. It really doesn’t matter, in Carol’s reckoning, whether anyone who sees it even thinks about it. Critical mass might be as few as a thousand people and half that many will have seen Dooney’s posted image, after all.
    Dr Reich taught that scientific enquiry is a function of enthusiasm; it’s never been the realm of cynics or pedants (the ‘You Can’t Do That!’ crowd). What we’re doing in this thread might not look scientific at the moment but it seems to be getting positive results. As with any pursuit which involves intelligence data acquired by psychics and by others’ intuitive promptings, we’ll continue to refine and define this approach. The PJ folks can catch up later on, when it’s safe [Image Can Not Be Found]


    Don 7/26
    Those draconian-influenced cults that Jeff mentioned aren’t making it up, by the way. I might have thought so until one of Anna Hayes’ European proselytes came to our home last year in Idaho to try to recruit Carol and I. We were kind of curious and here’s what happened:
    He had us feel the new bone ridge that runs from front to back at the top of his skull, of which he was quite proud, and Carol allowed him to guide her through the recommended daily meditation so that she could see who/what was involved with the ritual. AT the end of it, she stopped when she saw the home planet of the Draconians through the blue light beam that the ritual caused her to access. That’s the point in the ritual when the draconians can influence the devotee. Like our own efforts, that one is experiential, not intellectual, but the similarities ends there, of course.
    Around that time, several intimidating people showed up with those bone ridges, including a black guy who took off his hat in Carol’s presence and had three parallel bone ridges. These are physical features of draconians, as are sixth digits on hands and feet. The visitor whom I mentioned told us that he had been feeling a sixth finger on each hand and Carol clearly saw the emerging aura of those sixth fingers on both of his hands, so if he keeps meditating he’ll probably get to have six fingers before long. I wonder where the scam ends up–a tail, green skin and slitted irises?
    Ken Adachi asked us what we thought of Anna Hayes sometime after that and we told him about the experience. He immediately deleted her material from his site, then [Image Can Not Be Found]
    I’ve always felt a little guarded about discussing aliens and non-human sentient locals because the PJ folks are so well-conditioned to stamp ‘LOONEY’ on anyone who does that. Dr Reich, of course, was adamant about aliens’ predatory/parasitic activity throughout human history, though. He even claimed that aliens cause desertification by simply stealing energy from the planet.
    It’s absolutely safe to say anything that one’s heart inspires, here. If we were to discuss any of this on any open-membership board the omnipresent sociopaths–vigilant purveyors of ’emotional plague’– would have us for breakfast. Let’s not take this genuinely friendly, sabotage-exempt web space for granted! Jacques Lasselle and before him, Steeve Debellefuille have spent their first efforts to keep Etheric Warriors on line in the face of sometimes-overwhelming NSA hacker onslaughts for the past two years and I’m profoundly grateful to them and to our Montreal server’s generous and considerate owner.


    Don 7/27
    I see that the symbol has disappeared from the thread, at least for me and for now. If the NSA hackers manage to keep it off, we’ll find other ways to get it back, maybe after Jeff and Carol refine it some more. For instance, the dragon’s feet are missing from this preliminary sketch.
    Last night, during the MASH chat session (we generally reserve Wednesday night chats for healing each other on account of all the reprisals we get from the World Odor’s operatives and from nasty, parasitic aliens like the draconians) we came back around to the symbol in a curious way.
    Jacques Lasselle, who administers this board, works closely with Alexandre Emarde, who administers the French-language forum and owns quebecorgone.com. These two have been under considerable assault, including interference with their families and especially interference with Alex’s livlihood so we’ve been taking time during the chat sessions to lend a hand. It’s not surprising that the World Odor spends so much time, manpower and energy trying to stop these two and these guys raised the stakes, lately, by introducing Dooney’s Dodecahedron technique in the FRench chatblast sessions.
    When we went to work on them last night our three psychics spotted the World Odor symbol, which means that the top sewer rats are trying to take these guys down, now. Carol spotted dragon claws at first, then Dooney or Stevo found the two guys constrained within the All-Seeing Eye somehow. We all blasted the crap out of the eye segment of the symbol and all three of the psychics were feeling the ‘fakeout’ response, which is what happens when psychic predators and/or parasitic aliens send false imagery into their minds. Confirmation of the false image came to STeve when he asked the blue whales to get involved and they declined.
    Dooney broke through the facade by putting her awareness into 4D when looking at the eye, then the psychics saw a dragon (exaggerated draconian) eye behind the symbol’s eye. The thing was focused on Alex and Jacques, constraining them. After that, the whales and dolphins showed up in large numbers and took the intitiative. They seem to require us to be on track in order to be able to help us, which also helps them since we have common enemies: the World Odor and its non-human, parasitic affiliates.
    Carol got that after Sunday the massive Israeli assault on Lebanese civilians (did you know that most Lebanese are Christians, by the way?) was being carried out without the benefit of the symbol’s power, which might explain why even the What To Think Network is essentially condemning Israel’s actions since then. The few mlitant Muslim fundamenatlists whom the World Odor props up as a fake global menace are no more guleless or lovable than the Israeli mass murderers are, I hasten to add. Most of the sources who condemn Israel’s actions unwittingly or even intentionally paint those few Muslim predators as victims, unfortunately, and that just discredits the journalists and muddies the water. Most Muslims in the world are as repulsed by fanatics as you and I are, but they also still tend to take the What To Think Network’s bait, too, just like Westerners do.
    It may be that the WTTN is simply afraid of losing credibility right now, so they’re playing both sides against the middle instead of just bending over for Mossad disinformants. We’ve seen that before, as when the networks showed one of the brand new, ready-to-use federal concentration camps and mass-execution facilities designed to handle the ‘mlitia problem,’ right after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms blew up the Murrah Federal Building in ’94.
    I think very few of us have contemplated what a phenomenal and unique bounty we have in these three psychics, who seem to be able to penetrate even the densest veils, fakeouts and misdirects of this predatory world order and its parasitic offworld sponsors. As can be seen with D Bradley’s abilities, the extremely talented and bred psychics who work for the World Odor are not only the most adept but also the most highly trained psychics on the planet. Another modern miracle is that the World Odor have been unable to erase DB after he turned against them about ten years ago.
    Our psychics’ relative lack of exposure to the deep, ancient and arcane techniques that characterize DB’s high psychism has been more than made up for by their ability to work closely with each other and, not least, by the active, constant assistance of The Operators, among whom we can include many cetaceans. The Great White Brotherhood (the dark masters) can’t hold a candle to The Operators, naturally.
    Religious tradition states that God loves everryone intimately, equally and unreservedly and that hell is simply one’s unawareness of that perpetual bounty. To me, that’s reflected in the way dolphins accept and heal everyone. We’ve seen them greet and attempt to heal predators, surveilling cops, mass murderers and internet sociopaths just as eagerly and lovingly as they greet and heal us and now that many thinking people have come to feel disgust when the word, ‘God,’ is mentioned (thanks to cynical, rotten clergy, I guess) it’s nice that the dolphins are around to at least demonstrate some high standards, including selflessness, enthusiasm, humor, compassion, humility, proper aggression, etc., and when one refers to The Operators, the dolphins and whales can perhaps be seen as their 3D representatives whom anyone can interface with. We’re very big on 3D confirmations in this network, of course.
    The 4D approach appeared to be getting substantive results when the psychics saw Jacques and Alex get turned loose by the draconians who were constraining them with the symbol but when we encounter offworld parasites we don’t stop until we’ve done all we can to erase them. In this case, aftetr the dragon eye showed up, we charged through it and found thirteen of them, offworld, assembled around a large crystal. By now, blue whales and dolphins were in the mix and they apparently caused the crystal to explode, using sound.
    Occult tradition has an awful lot of info about the significance of the eye and much of that has come into play since we started boosting through the symbol’s eye on Sunday.
    One of Dr Reich’s main concerns, in the last decade of his life, was the assault of predatory aliens on our atmosphere. We’re quite sure that many of the bright ships that he disabled and destroyed with his cloudbusters were draconian vessels and the psychics are clearly seeing the draconians’ ancient interface with hte sewer rat agencies of the World Odor. I only saw a draconian’s face once, over five years ago, but I was struck by how similar it looked to the Baphoment image which masons worship, for instance, though the one I saws didn’t have horns; if you stretch Richard Gephardt’s face vertically, about a hundred fifty percent, you’ll see what I saw. That one was the least non-human image, I think. Others have seen draconians who have a lot of horns and even wings–kind of dragon like, altogether. All of that makes the reptilians seem kind of tame by comparison.
    DB told us, during a visit, that you can actually watch a full reptilian kill a human in the movie, THE X FILES. I’ve watched that scene and it’s pretty unsettling. It’s in the first part of the movie, when a scientist at the site in Texas is attacked at the bottom of the ladder. The lighting’s just good enough to see what’s happening. Just how bizarre do you think Hollywood is under the glitzy surface? I think there are horrific aspect of the World Odor that would shatter just about any mind. For instance, I doubt any of us are able to fully contemplate what they do to millions of children everry year in the Monarch Programs and teh affiliated satanic cults. All of that is animated and enabled by offworld and non-human predators, including draconians and reptilians. I mention this so you’ll know that we’re not just having a fun time in our sessions, though of course we enjoy the work.
    Another striking parallel of this network’s to Dr Reich’s own approach is that he attracted a lot of professionals, at least until the FDA frightened nearly all of them away in the late 1940s. Most of the professionals in this network are natural physicians; before the advent of National-Socialism and the parallel hegemony of the harmaceutical cartel, many MDs were still knowledgeable about healing and those were the ones who were attracted to Dr Reich’s pioneering discoveries. The doctors in this network are reputable naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and several MDs, including Drs Kayiwa nad Babiibwe in East Africa, also a semi-anonymous MD in Europe, are applying alternative healing methods in their careers and in the environment. Doc Kayiwa’s doing it on a grand scale, in fact, and is pretty far out in front of the rest of us now. Doc Batiibwe runs a district hospital based on alternative healing approaches, which really annoys the murderous World Health Organization, who give harmaceuticals to African hospitals in exchange for direct influence.
    STevo is a talented, successful physician who is also a gifted and trained psychic, a very rare combination of talents. William von Peters has developed pioneering approaches, combining herbal tinctures with homeopathic remedies and he’s developed the only specific remedy to chemtrail-induced sicknesses. He told me that Rudy Verspoor, who has a hoemopathy school in Ottawa, is the best homeopath on the continent and Dr Rudy is also active in this network, as is his wife, Dr Patty, who posts here. The participation of all these good folks indicates the serious nature of our enquiries.
    We havent’ yet attracted any research physicists or biologists to contribute to the advance of the movement but maybe they’re just afraid of reprisals for now. Unlike healers, though, other scientists’ work generally requires a lot of capital and it may be awhile before a constant flow of big bucks is committed to research around orgonite. Carol and I hope to attract investors by showing grand-scale results from ocean gifting and it may be that Georg will attract capital investors when it’s become obvious that the Kalahari Desert has been reversed. Tetsuzi Moriwake, an enterpreneur and, tireless experimentor in Hiroshima, was approved for a huge grant to heal a dying forest in Japan with orgonite but that fell through due to sabotage within the high-profile private organization that was to provide the funding. The initial approval can be counted as an achievement, of course.
    Dooney, who is married to Stevo, has been quitely training scores of people to toss energy effectively at targets. This is the basic skill we apply in the chat sessions, under the direction of the psyhcics. It’s an essential skill for any spiritual warrior who wishes to keep his/her initiative in the face of sometimes overhwelming interference by the sewer rat agencies after a solid personal strategy has been initiated. Her previous career was software engineer for Apple Computers and they lived in Silicon Valley before moving to Montana, several years ago.
    Yesterday, Carol knew something was up when she started experiencing heart pain in the morning. I knew when I felt a stabbing pain in my neck, a half hour before the start of the chat session. We’re both fine, today. Apparently, those old rats knew, even if we didn’t, that we were going to come after them in last night’s session.
    The draconians have always had an easy ability to cause this sort of pain in people. The Chinese military paychics are the best human (I assume) assailants–a whole lot more talented than the KGB, CIA or MI6 psi skunks are–and the African traditionalists who choose to be predators are the most subtle and invasive but none of them hold a candle to the draconians when it comes to inflicting a little pain. I think the Russian Brit and American psychic skunks rely too much on electronics and vapid European satanism these days; they lack vitality and so they try in vain to make up for it in numbers–the human wave effect. That’s why the saccharine stench of Alice Bailey Theosophy usually accompanies their efforts.
    Have you ever smelled a decaying human corpse? That’s what typifies newage sewage and other irrational mysticism to me. It may be that you can still smell that in Pluto’s Cave if you pass through the Mt Shasta area sometime soon. Carol and I will be back there this fall, I think, and we’ll go back to Count Ste Germaine’s ritual killing chamber to see (smell) whether the I AM Fellowship are still performing human sacrifice rituals there. I doubt they are.
    It’s a tough call whether telling about this stuff will help the reader to have a broader worldview or will induce him/her to retreat further into The What To Think Network’s sad paradigm but I just can’t resist reporting our experiences and observations. I have a feeling that putting these reports in the public record will pay off, sooner or later, in widening people’s perceptions and sparking them to engage the big world more enthusiastically.
    My book will be out in a few days, by the way, and that will be a good bellweather for how ready and willing people are to develop a more open and active intellect.


    Dooney 7/30
    I just wanted to add to the excellent reports Don has given of what we are doing with this symbol.
    I was working with Sherry Swiney the other night, trying to do some work to get her husband Patrick out of prision, and we starting boosting the symbol to see if that would help him. I told Sherry about finding Jacques and Alex in the all-seeing eye, so we focused on that. Suddenly, I saw through the eye into a vast room that had hundreds of thousands of pictures on the wall. I got that the pictures are all of people that are being tormented (so it’s probably actually millions of pics).
    I looked for Patrick and sure enough his picture was there. Sherry and I ripped it off the wall, which was kind of difficult because it felt like it was anchored to the wall with gooey, sticky energy. We finally got it off and Sherry saw some creatures attached to the back of it. We destroyed the picture, then got Sherry’s picture off the wall and destroyed that as well. She felt immediate physical relief, as if she could breathe easier.
    Every time we have boosted this symbol in the chatroom, I have felt the same sensation, as if a heavy weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe more deeply. So if you’re boosting through the eye, look for that room and your picture, plus the picture of anyone you love, and rip it down.
    I feel that by publicizing and boosting this symbol we have knocked a leg out from under the NWO. Good work everyone!


    jackson 8/3
    this refreshment of this thread is meant as an update and report on how the symbol is having an effect on the world.
    the other day i googled ‘etheric warriors’ to just look around and see what anyone had to say about anything. i wasn’t looking for anything in particular. to my surprise a link came up wherein this thread was mentioned. then another.
    today i did the same thing a lfound that this thread and the picture is referenced on rumor mill news and another called as the world churns.
    possible disinformation websites notwithstanding, this is the public presentation we had intended, as we decided to spread the image and its explanation around. whether our own members sent it to those sites or whether or not it was a good or bad report matters not. it’s getting out there y’all.
    peolpe are seeing it and reporting it to their respective news portals. i think i will send it to a high profile one and see how it goes.
    in our chatblast session last night, one or more of the psychics saw the symbol hanging related to some nefarious stuff going on., as in it is still showing up, but looking a lot worse for wear. many of us have been poking the eye of it and it was reported that this eye was now looking pretty furious and quite red from the attention. others are straightening the zz or ss part, joining the lines to a circle, morphing the circle to a heart and shoving that through the eye.
    blast that eye every time you think of it and continue sending it around.


    Dooney 12/31
    Here’s an updated version of the symbol including a new spelling for the word Vril. Carol had a dream that it should be spelled either Vryl or Vryal. Jeff, Stevo and I are at Don and Carol’s this weekend, so we all tuned into the different spellings of the word to see which one had the power. Vryal won the contest. Let’s hope this kicks the NWO in the cajones – we found their power word and married it to their power symbol. We believe it is pronounced Vree-ul, kind of like the word veal with an R.
    Go boosters!!!

    Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal Vryal (for the search engines)


    psychiatrist 3/27/2007
    don’t forget this one, boost it!


    McGinty 9/24
    That’s a narly symbol. Hits me right in the second chakra then becomes a cold feeling afterward. Just remember to clear your aura after blasting that symbol. You don’t want that entity the symbol is attached too begin to manipulate you because it has become a thought form lodged in your aura.


    Moritz 11/7/2011
    I did some resaerch of the occult background of the music-industry.
    So I googled for „Enya“ to take a look at some of her record sleeves. I occasionately found the following homepage.
    http://www.brotherhood-dark-star-promot … tional.htm
    scroll down to see the Enya cover –
    You can read on that page:
    About The Brotherhood
    Master Councilor
    Druwydion Pendragon
    I am the current Master Councilor of the Brotherhood of Satan new Brotherhood Generation project. I am a Promoter and a Warner Music Group Distributor and I am a wholesale business representative for a great many companies.
    I own my own business online and offline and I serve the Brotherhood mind, body, and soul. I am a Brotherhood Illuminati Council member and have been so since 1976. I am a Elder and Druid Teacher and Satanist. My lineage goes back to ancient Gaul and the Royal Druid Dragon Court. I am a Brotherhood Ritual Master.
    I have provided Ritual Services for many Private Parties both in the USA and abroad as well as a great number across the Political World and Entertainment Industry.
    http://www.brotherhood-dark-star-promot … ncilor.htm
    http://www.brotherhood-dark-star-promot … nmedia.htm
    http://www.brotherhood-dark-star-promot … encies.htm

    supporting governmentinstitutions:
    http://www.brotherhood-dark-star-promot … encies.htm
    There is a link on the Brotherhood Dark-Star page that leads to: The Order Of The Royal Honor
    Here you can find the video of Enya called: – “Aldebaran”
    Aldebaran, … it has historically been called the Bull’s Eye….As the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation…. It is also known as the Buddha ‘s star, the Star of Illumination, and God’s Eye.
    Aldebaran is also of great importance within the Vril and Thule society, that can also be seen as the occult background of the empowering of Hitler.
    The vril society had several femal psychics that were in contact with offworld entities . In that context Aldebaran was of great importance for them as you can see on the pictures below.
    The bullhead-shitbirds caused a lot of trouble and pain on earth.


    Silvius 11/10/2011
    Thanks for this thread, i didn’t know it. Hopefully the tables are turning, the symbol of the enemy ought to becoming manure coated [Image Can Not Be Found].
    [Image Can Not Be Found]

  153. KatherineA

    Hitting Back in the Etheric Realm
    Don 11/14/2011

    At the end of July, about a half dozen of us who have businesses that are linked on ethericwarriors.com found that our sales suddenly dropped. Other folks who do business here were unaffected but Carol and I felt sure that this was not related to a business cycle or trend, nor did it have anything to do with the economy.
    She was in France at the time, I think.
    Dooney told me that her gemstone bracelet sales also suddenly dropped, then, and Andy of ctbusters.com also reported a sudden loss.
    So, when Carol got home in August we got into the chatroom with Dooney to gather some intel and fight back. We did a chat session with her every week or two after that and, each time, all of us experienced a jump in sales for a day or two (sometimes more) right afterward. Andy was a sort of control in the experiment, since he wasn’t participating in teh chats.
    I later learned that Laurent n Switzerland was also getting hit, beginning at the end of July, and I think one or two others might have been.
    Some folks ask me in email to share more reports about what happens in the chatroom but I’ve always felt that the focus of the forum needs to remain on what we’re doing with (mostly) simple orgonite, instead. It’s so easy to shift the focus to sensational subjects and personalities that many of us pull the reins in when we’re talking about it, here.
    The corporate world order relies very heavily on filthy magic to bolster their propaganda, gulags, academia, clergy chicanery, ‘entertainment,’ ‘medicine,’ etc. so that people won’t question whether there are better alternatives. Some evidence of that is that you can utter simple, demonstrable facts to people, like ‘The only terrorists states are US/US/Israel,’ and it will sound like complete gibberish to 99.99% of people, at least in the West.
    Since our routine chat sessions were only bringing back some of our trade Carol finally decided, in the last week of October, to fight magic with magic, so she lit a black candle while focusing on the problem. Our sales immediately went up, as did Andy’s and Dooney’s although we weren’t trackng their businesses as closely as ours and we continued to have chat sessions with Dooney. Carol figured that the black candle draws so much of the sewer rats’ directed hatred that everyone associated with us was bound to benefit from her effort.
    We approach everything pretty objectively. Blind faith doesn’t really serve anyone but the sewer rats, after all. Each time the candle went out our sales returned to zero or close to it and when she fired one up, again, the sales returned.
    Everything in the world has its own energy and magic, of course. Everything in Creation is alive, after all. After a couple of weeks Carol got the notion to enhance the process by putting a little Catholic statue of St Anne on a stack of our Terminator zappers beside the candle and also a ruby zyosite, carved owl next to that.
    [Image Can Not Be Found]
    A couple of times the arrangement was ‘rearranged’ and the flame went out, then our retail sales immediately stopped. Once, when we returned from errands the little statue was head-down in the candle, for instance, and another time the statue was knocked to the floor. Carol ordered some of those candles that are in glass containers so that we can have one burning when we’re gone.
    Also, the sales come in at a faster rate when the flame of the candle is exceptionally large. Carol says that it’s because the flame, itself, is a sort of indicator of how much energy is being directed at us. Carol and Dooney see rituals being done against us, every time we do a chat.
    The energy is coming from China and at first we assumed it was just the Triads but in each session we’ve dug deeper into the hierarchy and found some curious things–one being that the Triads are evidently just the blunt instruments in this case and the directors are evidently not human or from here.
    After Laurent told me, about a week ago, that he was also being sabotaged since July we arranged to have a larger session, right before the last full moon on November 10, 2011 and invited him to join us, also Hawthorne and Mark Bennett, who was evidently poisoned with mercury or some such in September. Getting poisoned with heavy metals is an unwitting kudo from the sewer rats, I think. Carol and I got hit with beryllium, a Canadian mega-gifter was dosed with lead, Carol got dosed with uranium, etc. None of us have expired from any of that, fortunately, but most of us understand that healthy living isn’t enough for one to heal from the effects of those poisons; one has to either get competent professional help to get it out or else know how to do it him/herself.
    I think PCA Rx might suffice for most or all of these episodes and Carol and I have used it to get rid of small doses of metal poison but when someone’s hit really hard I think it’s prudent to send a hair sample to Dr von Peters of uncurable.com and then follow through with his homeopathic/herbal chelation treatment, as we’ve done a couple of times. The fellow who developed the hair analysis that he uses was railroaded into prison, I think in the 1970s. It’s the only hair analysis that checks for exotic metals and of course the sewer rats are very, very exotic when it comes to getting rid of people who improve the world or might do so.
    The attack has been so bad for us that Carol’s had to sell some of our assets to manage to pay the people who are selling us their labor. We don’t want their families to suffer on account of the sewer rats’ hatred of us. I think that this month we’ll break even, thanks to the progress we’ve made in teh chat sessons and to the candle magic.
    The psychics saw what looked to them like old humanoids in very tall, dark hats (similar to the old Persian taj) directing the assault. They say that these parasites are extremely old and someone wondered whether they’re like the sewer rat version of the Wingmakers–the psychics agreed that this was a good analogy. I wonder if these intestinal worms in the body politic are the occult mainstay of the entire corporate world order. We’ve mainly focuses on the draconians, who are much higher (sic) profile but might be only middle management. They’re all a bunch of arrogant, grouchy bastards.
    We used to just go after these bloodstained predators ‘with extreme prejudice’ when we found them but more recently we’ve developed more finesse and are taking our cues, better than before, from our sponsors in the finer realms. Sometimes the $#!+birds we are treating do suffer and expire but we figure it’s just suicide.
    It’s been quite a ride!
    As a spiritual test it’s been exquisite and I think Carol and I are actually being protected this way–hard to explain but sudden wealth or fame can be pretty destructive, as history has shown us repeatedly. It’s a good idea to consolidate our efforts as we expand because that helps us keep the criminal element out of all this.


    Don 11/23
    Coach Dooney visited us last weekend so she and Carol could work on some promotional work for Dooney’s gemstone bracelets with the aura camera. The rest of the time, Dooney helped Carol with her blogsite and we didn’t get around to doing another session to smack down the sewer rats over in China who are trying to savage our, Andy’s and Laurent’s businesses.
    The night before Dooney arrived Carol was wakened by a very personal psi assault and while she was beating the cr@p out of the assailants she looked across the hall and saw the candle flame flaring like a torch. She had the impression that the personal assault was out of desperation and we were getting a normal number of retail orders during that night. All three of us have the feeling that the Triads/NSA are experiencing diminishing returns with their assaults on the five of us. This should earn a lot of business for Laurent and Andy at the end of this campaign against us all [Image Can Not Be Found] and you might remember that Laurent and Marco in Switzerland are the guys who kind of pulled the rug out from under the Vryal, some years ago, by thoroughly gifting Lake Geneva and some ‘prime secret real estate’ during our little campaign against the Vryal, who are otherwise known as the SS in modern times. Dr Farrell refers to them as the ‘Fascist International,’ and Jim Marrs also documents their foundational involvement with the present American and Israeli regimes.
    There’s also a lot of good, supportive data in The Hitler Book, which is a free PDF download here. Franklin Press, the publishing house which had printed it, was destroyed by the FBI in the late 1980s. I find that more and more people are reading good books, now, and relying less on the preening, glitzy plagiarists and the CIA/NSA-sponsored internet disinformation sites.
    Last night, at bedtime, Carol had just gone upstairs and yelled at me to come up. Unfortunately, I had just fallen asleep in my chair & didn’t hear her. She had just gotten a box full of black, seven-day candles in glass jars from a company she does business with and she was looking forward to not having to worry about a house fire, any more, caused by the sewer rats’ mischief. Candles in glass jars only go out when they fall over or get knocked over. The worst that can happen is that there will be a puddle of melted wax to clean up.
    The candle in the pictures in the previous post lasts about four days and last night one of those was being used but it was only two days since she lit it and when she went upstairs, last night, there was a puddle of wax that filled the dinner plate that the candle was in and the entire puddle was on fire, which I think defies some alleged law of physicis.
    Carol rarely yells and in fact is a little bit of a ‘low talker’ around the house when she’s not in party mode. I didn’t know that she’d hollered until just now (the following morning) when she was telling me more about the situation. For the past couple of days our orders have slowed to a trickle and the candle flame had been very tall and steady (so is the flame on the new candle). Last night she lit the first of the seven-day candles and that one is one third gone after only 9 hours, which indicates to her that the assault on our businesses is more aggressive than ever. The candles, alone, had deflected or absorbed most of the force until recently and she’s close to being able to pay all our bills and labor-providers without selling any assets, this month so I know the assailants must feel frustrated. I’m a little concerned that the spring-back effect, after they’ve decided to stop trying to erase us from the market, might earn us so much money that the London intestinal parasites may send their IRS legbreakers after us but I’m leaving that in The Operators’ capable hands and we’re ready to make our biz portable, again, on short notice in that case.
    Eleven years ago these sewer rats railroaded our main competitor into federal prison with dizzying velocity and Carol and I then went on the road for a year until these vampires lost interest in destroying the zapper trade. They had essentially destroyed the magnet, colloidal silver and ozone trade this way in the previous decade so we were just being prudent. Since the present attack is coming from China (Gobi dark masters? You might have seen them referred to as The Great White Brotherhood by theosophy chumps) it may be that the IRS isn’t going to padlock our rented property after we’ve perhaps removed our business to the road, again. I kind of think this attack has more to do with orgonite’s imminent emergence into public awareness and when that happens in China it’s sure going to speed up the demise of Mao’s bloody, Tavistock-spawned legacy. The wormy. dung-eating entities behind the corporate world order might still be entertaining the faint hope that China represents the last gasp (er, I mean ‘hope’) of their old world-domination agenda.


    Don 11/23
    Carol reminds me that the candle magic is a last resort for us and is completely defensive in our case.
    Only sewer rats and their grinning, complacent Theosophy chumps would ever consider using magic to harm people and even that is weak compared to the positive work that the Average Joe does every day with orgonite. These filthy machinations are also weak compared to what anyone can do with the heart-centered boosting that Dooney teaches to individuals. When more people recognize this we won’t have to wait as long for the demise of this ancient, parasitic order. A lot of people (not just us) feel that the end of corporate/occult tyranny is in sight.
    I’m going to post something about this (the use of magic) in the Q and A section, too.


    Andy Schwarm 11/24
    Back in the Sixties I experimented with Candle Magic and was so successful with it, it scared me and I dropped it.
    Might be time to try it again…sales are just dead here and it’s embarrassing to admit that on this forum. Zoe and I thought that possibly the Google attack warning on my site’s shopping cart, which stayed-up for four or five days after the problem was fixed, was the cause of the lack of sales. We’ve built an entirely new site at great effort and expense and it’s made no difference. I should have bought a new play-bike for that money, or bought some silver. on the other hand, I don’t regret the changes, the site is more secure and easy to use than ever. They were needed upgrades anyway.
    Where do I get those candles? And, no, wax does not burn like you described, Don. That’s weird.


    Don 11/27
    The NSA have always hit Andy very hard, maybe because he’s the first fellow ever to go into this as a business. We were already selling zappers or a living before we started promoting orgonite and giving away the inventions in 2001 and Andy was already selling orgonite cloudbusters before that. The Triads, with NSA lapdog assistance, are apparently using other forms of dirty magic to attack our livlihoods so we’re having to change up. I don’t even like to mention the disgusting, old parasitic entities which the psychics are seeing behind the Triads [Image Can Not Be Found]
    Carol lit up the first white candle, last night, to go along with the black candle. Throughout most of the night the black candle flame was barely lit and the white candle flame was like a torch. Maybe she’ll post some particulars about these dynamics but when we got up both candles were burning normally. The first seven-day black candle in a tall jar lasted two days, this time. Carol’s been buying these from the same supplier for years and candles have never burnt down this fast for her.
    I suppose that in the sixties this stuff frightened lots of people, maybe the way aviation frightened people a hundred years ago. I think bornagain chumps vented their spleens at aviation, then [Image Can Not Be Found] .


    Don 11/27
    “Etymology: from the idea in the past that the spleen (an organ in the body) was the place where evil intentions began”
    It’s funny that I found this etymology of ‘vent spleen’ online because bornagain chumps actually believe that we’re all essentially evil. What a bunch of schmucks; the ultimate devil worshippers in what Jüri Lindo cleverly terms ‘consensus trance.’ Breaking out of the sundry consensus trances is what discernment and independent examination of reality is all about. It’s natural to be curious, rational and open minded and it’s toxic to be a bornagain chump or any other minion of clergy/academia/media-regurgitated ideologies, including theosophy/masonry, communism/atheism (humanism), ad nauseum.


    Jack Marshak 11/29
    Don, you wrote:
    “bornagain chumps actually believe that we’re all essentially evil.”
    Yes, and they have been programed to believe this through Tavistock television shows and movies,
    in conjunction with the other corporate mechanisms you mentioned above. “Are you of the body?”
    Like in the Matrix:
    Agent Smith: I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.
    I think the parasites want us to believe that this is the natural state of being for humanity. It is not.
    People have been manipulated into acting destructively. But we are not naturally destructive.
    The parasites want us to think that we are evil, so that we give up and act evil all the time.
    When I say parasites, I mean both physical beings like politicians or other deceitful people, and whatever
    is ultimately controlling them. William S. Burroughs said: “My contention is that what we call evil is quite literally a virus parasite occupying a certain brain area which we may term ‘the right center’. The mark of a basic sh*t is that he has to be right.”
    Now that is kind of long-winded. Don, you put it succinctly when you said, “disgusting, old parasitic entities”…


    Onirocosmos 11/29
    that is an interesting comment you have made about the spleen and I would like to add this:
    The spleen is considered as the base of instincts therefore it is a most powerful human “equipment” against extermination. It is the center that ‘rings the bell’ when danger is approaching and it is also where our animal instincts are based.
    So, it is natural for every anti-human to create false impressions and demonize the spleen because that way it cuts people off their basic alarm center.


    Dooney 11/30
    Stevo and I have also been using a black candle on the advice of Carol and Don, and we have found it to make a big difference in the energy around our businesses. It’s quite apparent when Stevo’s business phone doesn’t ring for days on end that something is wrong. When we lit the candle, the phone started ringing – simple. I track it by the number of orders I get, and although I have been coaching and sending card reading reports all these months, I’ve sold few bracelets. So it seems like the black magic aimed at my business has specifically targeted the bracelets.
    Also, there were many distractions and interruptions before Carol and I could get together and do the aura photos I recently posted. It took us nine months to get it done, what with technical difficulties, weather preventing us from getting together, illness keeping us from making a trip, etc. Finally, I made up my mind to just go to Carol and Don’s and do it, and a severe snow storm sprang up. I had headed out to Idaho, but turned around in Missoula and came back home. The next day, I tried again, and although I was leery of driving through the mountains in winter I got brave and did it. The result was great and suddenly I’m getting bracelet orders.
    This is really typical of the NWO when we are trying to get together and do something important. For example, Don’s recent air gifting over our mountains was years in the making. The first time he planned to do it, they crashed his plane. They literally ran Don’s plane into a wall of energy. Luckily he was not damaged, but the plane was totaled. We’ve had the same kind technical and weather interruptions on that mission. But, Don persevered and did his first run a couple of weeks ago. I think that particular spell is broken now, and Don won’t run into so many complications on future sorties. So, you just have to keep trying when stuff like this happens. You simply can’t give up.
    The other thing that’s been happening is that Stevo is getting attacked in the middle of the night. He’s fine while he’s awake, but in the middle of the night they put cords all over him. A few times I have woken up in the middle of the night and cut all the cords, and then he sleeps fine. Otherwise, he doesn’t sleep much at night. This is a pretty sneaky method of attacking him when I’m asleep and can’t help. Those gutless wankers…
    I think all of this is a sign of desperation on the part of the NWO, and although I would have wished for a more profitable year, we always learn something from these attacks. Now we’re going to use a white candle and a dark green candle (prosperity) along with the black candle. As usual, Madame Carol is our guide for hitting back etherically. [Image Can Not Be Found] Thanks Carol!


    NoFairweatherFriend 11/30
    At a supper at my sister’s place about a week ago, two candle jars made of glass broke. We thought it was a little strange, because although the candles were lit, heating the glass, and they were probably from China, they are not supposed to break like that. Coincidentally, when the first one broke, I was just about to talk to her about physical psy phenomenons (“magic”): before I was born, when my dad had a car crash and was ejected, (knowing him he was probably going at a cruising speed of 90 miles per hour) and had came out with only a few scratches, and she had awaken at the same time his car clock had stopped, so maybe she was instrumental in saving his life. It sounds far fetched but it reminds me of those people who will somehow be able to lift a vehicle in order to save someone who is trapped beneath, only in her case the action would be remote and unconscious. In that case, it would support the explanation that the strange happenings I’ve been noticing over the past 12 years or so, like a Bible jumping off a shelf(not mine, I was at somebody else’s house), scratches appearing on my body, object teleporting, water drop materializing, etc… are hereditary. I sure hope those are signs of a healing gift rather than freak symptoms. After I came up with the above hypothesis, I emailed my mother asking her when she would come to visit my sister and myself because I was looking forward to tell her. When I got her answer, she told me she had had trouble emailing me. Her messages would bounce back even after trying with two different providers that I have an email at. Maybe it was hacking. Maybe the candles breaking was a sign of magical interference.


    Kristian 11/30
    Apperently I sent my bracelet order to Dooney that very weekend when she was at Don and Carol’s for doing the aura photos.
    From a customer’s viewpoint in this matter of etheric attacks on Dooney’s business, I would like to mention that I actually had made up my mind several weeks earlier to order bracelets. For some inexplicable reason I kept lingering on actually sending the order though.
    Obviously I was experiencing some kind of artificial stop on the line. It’s easy to see that now after the fact.
    I’m glad things are improving and I’m looking forward to another set of wonderful energy bracelets!


    SharonHarris 12/2
    Can one do the black candle thing “wrong”? I don’t want to make matters worse [Image Can Not Be Found]; So far, I’m getting that you light it and focus on the dark energy being absorbed by the candle. Is that right?
    I purchased one of Dooney’s Psychic Enhancement bracelets a while ago. The first few days I wore it, I wondered why the world looked different. I had to go to a mall (yuck!) and in the crowd, noticed that everyone was asleep, except for a few dark people (who looked surprised I could see them) and a few light people (who gave me big knowing smiles and etheric hi-fives). I got a little freaked out, I must admit, and wore it just for EW chats and at night, at first. It really is that powerful! Now I wear it often and it feels great.


    NoFairweatherFriend 12/3
    After editing the above message, I felt a pretty strong pressure in my chest: a sensation I had never felt before


    Don 12/4
    Great thread, thanks folks! I see that we should have been including Sharon in our little mini chat sessions since August but I didn’t realize that her business, too, is evidently under assault by these agency felons. If that’s so, then the total number of orgonite businesses being attacked, internationally, is now at least seven.
    Most people who get attacked this way also get poisoned routinely, by the way, which is a good reason to wear a good zapper around the clock for the duration. They nearly killed Carol and I with successive poisonings, four years ago, but we finally managed to turn that around and when we get poisoned, these days, we barely notice it. We got competent professional help during that time, dropped a load of weight and also vastly improved our diet. I owe some thanks to the FBI, CIA and NSA baby killers for essentially enabling us to feel better, now, than we ever have in our lives.
    I’m asking Carol to add some thoughts about candle magic. She’s gotten hacked out of here so often, over the years, that she’s a little gun shy about posting [Image Can Not Be Found] just like I was about posting photos until Ben helped me over that hump.
    I’m happy to report a nice confirmation, though:
    Last night the black candle burned down and went out. She forgot to light another one until this afternoon. Sales online were flat since the middle of the night; no surprise, but as she was coming downstairs, the phone rang and it was Sonia, ‘The Truther Girl,’ in Montreal, inviting us to be guests on her radio show, again. After our interview with her, a year ago, our sales went through the roof and stayed that way until the end of July, which is when the assault started. We sent her a bunch of orgonite after last year’s interview, so let’s see what the next show is going to be like.
    It will be Thursday, noon on the N. American left coast. I’ll post the URL when I find out from her.


    Carol 12/4
    I’ve done candle magick my whole life. Most churches practice Candle Magick, although they don’t call it that [Image Can Not Be Found]
    A candle’s flame is another, what I call, “Tween Place” More powerful tween places are mirrors/shiny surfaces or door ways or window openings or closets…. Hence the power behind Candle Magick. You can influence the Etherial realm inside one of these tween places,
    that’s what makes candle magick so powerful. Black candles being the most powerful at absorbing dark energy. Like attracts like.
    We have been under such intense attack as of late, that my 7 day black candles burn down in about 2 1/2 days… The flame gets about
    3 inches high and almost an inch thick around 8:30pm – 9:30pm… That must be the time when they are focusing on us the most intently..
    The post above about the candle jars breaking is a good example to alot of energy running thru candles. I’ve seen that happen before
    when I’m using candles for specific purposes. I’ve also seen it happen when there is alot of aggressive energies present near or aimed
    at the area where the candles are burning…
    You can get the 7 day black candles and jars at this website: http://www.azuregreen.com It’s one of the only places I’ve seen them. They
    have alot of fun also strange candles.


    Carol 12/4
    You are doing it the right way Sharon. If your candle happens to go out. When you re-light it just
    ask again that any and all dark or negative energies that may be aimed at you be absorbed by the black candle. [Image Can Not Be Found]


    SharonHarris 12/4
    Thanks very much for the information, Carol! I feel much more confident now [Image Can Not Be Found];
    I just realized that Harris Orgone went online one year ago — today! Here’s to the candles helping all of us.
    Don, I think I’m always complaining I’m getting hit, as in, “Sharon’s getting hit again. O, what’s new?” [Image Can Not Be Found]; The psychics have intervened too many times to count and I am so grateful.


    Don 12/11
    They’re still hitting us as hard as ever but the business is reviving in spite of it. Dooney’s business turned around, too, and I think also Laurent’s in Switzerland. Andy hasn’t sent me any bad news for a couple of weeks so I think his sales are improving, too.
    Right after the moose fell on our car we were invited to do another radio interview by Truther Girl and when I told her on the phone, before the show, that the sewer rats were using old ritual magic to make us disappear from the market she said, ‘I had been thinking of inviting you back for several months and somehow neglected doing it until this week.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]
    We see the moose event as a gift from the Operators; a confirmation.
    I was invited to do another radio interview last week. That will happen here http://www.thetruthdenied.com on January 13 at noon, Mountain Time in North America. There’s another confirmation that the magic against us is failing.
    After Dooney’s phenomenal success the sewer rats went after her mate, Dr Steve, and prevented him from sleeping after that. We spent a couple of chat sessions chasing down the miscreants (draconians, evidently–omnipresent in the old corporate world order, especially with the Triads) and he’s doing okay, now. They were so sore at Dooney that they smacked him–pitiful reprisal.


    khalil 12/12
    Hi all,
    On the subject of candle magic, this clip might illuminate the energy/frequency/intention connection..
    http://www.break.com/index/table-fire-s … me-2247885


    David R 12/16
    [quote user=”Don Croft” post=”10972″]
    I was invited to do another radio interview last week. That will happen here http://www.thetruthdenied.com on January 13 at noon, Mountain Time in North America. There’s another confirmation that the magic against us is failing.
    this is not related to the title of this thread, but i went to that site to see if the interview was archived.
    Found there is an article called “the dangers of cloud busting” on the breaking news page dated DEC. 13.
    never saw any mention of the interview.
    What do you know about Roxy Lopez?


    NoFairweatherFriend 1/17/2012
    [quote user=”NoFairweatherFriend” post=”10868″]maybe she was instrumental in saving his life.[…]remote and unconscious.
    [quote user=”Carol Croft” post=”10921″]The post above about the candle jars breaking is a good example to alot of energy running thru candles. I’ve seen that happen before when I’m using candles for specific purposes. I’ve also seen it happen when there is alot of aggressive energies present near or aimed at the area where the candles are burning…
    Maybe I was too bold. [Image Can Not Be Found];


    EricCarlson1 1/18
    I just got my beeswax black candle in the mail from Dooney [Image Can Not Be Found].
    I will say that as soon as I directed my thoughts towards the candle and asked that all negative energy that was directed towards me to please get
    sucked up by and into the candle I got goosebumps [Image Can Not Be Found]
    The etheric reply I got back was similar to when I am boosting through my succor punch or powerwand.
    I guess I will know for sure if it’s working is when orders for crystals, shavings and tower busters start to pile up in my inbox [Image Can Not Be Found]
    Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]


    Don 2/17
    I thought this thread got hacked. I did hunt for it the other day and couldn’t find it but went right to it, today. Anyone else? I did get hacked three or four times when trying to respond in Dooney’s thread, that day, and finally gave up for then. I posted successfully, each time, then the post disappeared and I had to write it again.
    Candles are extremely passive measures. I remember when a lot of people also though that interaction or ‘intention’ (that one makes me cringe) was necessary when making field orgonite but I think enough people are now tossing it out and seeing the confirmations in the atmosphere that it’s now become ‘common sense’ that field orgonite requires no intervention. It’s the same with the black candles, as far as Carol and I can tell. We don’t pretend to know why this works.
    It reminds me of the time I was visiting some Mexican friends and had touched my eyelid after eating some of their delicious peppers at supper. It burned like hell and Ausencio, my host, laughed, picked up a kitten and told me to wipe the kitten across my face. The burning instantly stopped, then. He just shrugged when I asked him now that worked.


    NoFairweatherFriend 3/29
    [quote user=”Carol Croft” post=”10921″]
    A candle’s flame is another, what I call, “Tween Place” More powerful tween places are mirrors/shiny surfaces or door ways or window openings or closets….
    I’ve seen that happen before
    when I’m using candles for specific purposes. I’ve also seen it happen when there is a lot of aggressive energies present near or aimed at the area where the candles are burning…
    The candles were in a perfect “Tween Place”: the bathroom.
    Aggressive energies from the running session I had just done were possibly still bouncing around me.
    I have a friend who felt a force preventing him from closing a closet door. I didn’t see it but I was present.
    Today at a restaurant with my mom, just as I was speaking of the sugar jar falling on the ground by itself, a client seemingly dropped his salt jar by accident and it broke. The guy gave me a not-so-good look when he left.
    I had not run this time but the lack of privacy of restaurants can be frustrating at times.
    After waking up with scratches for the first time, a lady I didn’t know told me out of nowhere: “it’s because it was the full moon yesterday”; and as she said that, her earring apparently almost fell by itself before saying: “you see”.


    Mark Bennett 4/6
    Anywhere to get the cheaply in the UK?

  154. Don Croft

    Charles, some of us like to share books informally and nobody’s an authority on which authors are trustrworthy or not so some frank discussion is usually productive.

    I think I’ve read most of Miles Mathis’ papers, except the most recent ones, about the false nature of popular culture and celebrity and he condemns some of the authors that I conditionally recommend, for instance–certainly including Idries Shah and Eustace Mullins. i still recommend Mathis’ writings even though I’m not in complete agreement with him.

    This sort of flexibility is an intellectual survival skill, I think, and very few people will exercise it, including most of the authors I’ve read. Recognizing our own deep prejudices can easily enable us to stop defending them.

    In the context of this orgonite effort, of course, we prove our worth through our fieldwork, as you’ve been doing with exemplary determination, insight and resourcefulness.

    Over the years, I think the conspiracy information and history that I’ve read has helped to clarify my sense of purpose and that strengthens my resolve to undermine the tyranny of parasites. The fact that I love reading that stuff is a bonus. These days, I put most of my aviation effort into becoming proficient with paragliders, which are the most fun flying for me, too. All of that is helping me to be a better and safer pilot, so the payoff is when I can occasionally afford to fling some orgonite in risky areas from an airplane.

    If the field work we do weren’t fun and fulfilling, how could we continue?

  155. Edward

    So it looks like to back up their lie on how bad the harvest was, they had to burn down some vineyards to artificially create a shortage of grapes and new wine.

  156. Edu

    It’s just me or did you ever have the impression that Google could read your mind right before you made a search? It’s either this or the surveillance system they use (cell phone and notebook camera and microphones and “smart” appliances) is integrated with the search engine “for our own commodity”. Many times it felt to me like the search engine knew too much about what I was about to search (and never had searched before) and correctly “guessed” the search terms by completing them. I started to have this impression recently, so I think they might have restored their AI. I wonder if the Google AI can also read intent directed to it’s search. Another AI related story is about the recent implementation of AI at CERN “to help fend of hackers attacks”. Perhaps it’s time to hunt AIs again?

  157. Jeff Miller

    Edu, as I read your post, it touched on something that occurred to me recently. There’s a rising FEMALE death rate, in particular, and I’ve posited it is driven in general by technology and in specific by the ‘smart’ phone. The suicide rate is rising most quickly among young women, teens. I’ve gathered that teens are also the most susceptible to Poltergeist phenomena. So I’m thinking ‘this tech is just PRETENDING it’s not spiritual’. It’s ‘invited in’ by the user, all those passwords and gateways Black Magic stuff. AI being a Golem, an artificial lifeform. This not to sidetrack the wonderful return of these historically-important posts and conversations.

    1. Don Croft

      The AI phenomenon is something we’ve had a lot of fun with in the chats and your use of the word, ‘golem,’ is sure appropriate, in my opinion Jeff. When the psychics see AI they sense an entity that has will and self awareness but has no ‘center’ or core. It’s also quite vulnerable to projected energy 😉

      My take on a bit of this proliferation of AI golems, such as those that seem to power Google, is that there just aren’t enough self-degraded people in the world to carry out the corporate order’s schemes.

      If AI is a paper tiger, as I believe it is, then it’s just a matter of time before a requisite number of people say it out loud or electronically before AI can no longer be weaponized by these parasites who still rule the world.

      I’ve felt that you’re onto something important as soon as you started posting about the rising female death rate, Jeff. Now that the enemy have found a new way to exploit human weakness, which you’re the first person to expose, it’s surely something that will eventually be more widely discussed, which ought to naturally end the problem.

      The parasitic order is under siege from a lot of directions, now. When I first heard about the CIA massacre in Las Vegas it seemed apparent to me that their siege mentality is causing them to be more extrovert and clumsy in their fear porn campaigns. They didn’t even blame the Muslims this time, for instance, and the ‘multiple shooters’ aspect was publicly discussed within a day. So, exposing their agenda against teenage girls may have the potential to speed up their demise even more.

  158. Jeff Miller

    I think it was ‘have what we euphemistically call Secret Agents set what would be purported as ‘wildfires’ in the vicinity of the growing grapes.’

  159. Mrs. O

    Hi Esther,
    We have come to suspect that Lilian was set up by her workmate in Uganda. When she was working there, Lilian gave a lot of zappers to the HIV/AIDS patients who ended up getting cured. This made her have problems because many people loved her and the workmate felt jealous.

    Gifting river Nile at its source in Jinja also brought problems to her. At one point of time, the two quarreled and Lilian left her job for a while. It is when she resumed that the lady pretended to her that they no longer had a problem. She later proposed to her about the job in Yemen. That is now the cause of her problems according to the information am getting. This seems like a well orchestrated plan to eliminate her.
    Mrs O.

  160. Edward

    I was reading somewhere last month that Steve Jobs was adamantly opposed to his kids using a smartphone. He would not let them have one. Things that make you go hmmmmm!

  161. Mrs. O

    Hi Esther ; Thanks hope you are well, in fact you are right we always have people who work always to stangle with our progresses and am even vey dure that Lillian is being trailed by bad people: am very sure all will work well if we can work all the way till we bring her back safely. Dancan

  162. Don Croft

    Thanks for the encouraging progress report, Christine. I hadn’t conceived of using Bilo orgonite for anything but close personal needs but this could be an interesting field experiment. Some of us assume that all of the orgonite in the world is intimately connected and ‘in communication’ with the rest so Bilo might be a significant contribution to that dynamic. It’s funny to me (serendipitous) that you may sell a lot more orgonite in Africa at some point than to customers abroad. I’m sure that Africans quickly recognize and appreciate it’s capability more than we do in the West.

    You have done a lot of gifting along the Nile over the years for specific purposes and I’m mentioning that because a lot of our readers might not have been around to read those reports. Several others of us have tossed orgonite in that sacred river, too, and feel quite honored to have done so. The nascent skill among the kikundi for carrying out strategy is no doubt what is keeping Egypt in mind, too. When I learned that the ancient Nubians of Sudan were the origin of Egyptian culture and beliefs I started to understand this better. Egypt has always been a prize for the parasitic order, too, so fixing Egypt’s climate will be a double win, God willing. I hope the kikundi will be instrumental in that.

    When we first started tossing orgonite out into the environment in 2000, Carol and I weren’t yet aware that it could clear and clean poisoned water but within a year we started seeing that in our field work. I think the first river we gifted was the Mississiippi in the vicinity of St Louis, where my old ma lives.

    It’s always been known as the Muddy Mississippi downstream of the confluence of that one and the Missouri River, which drains the Great Plains east of the Rocky Mountains, just upstream of that city, and is full of silt from farming. After we tossed a few pieces of orgonite into the confluence area the river lost its muddy aspect through St Louis, which is an astonishing thing to witness. It’s remained that way and I don’t assume much more orgonite was tossed in the river.

    I built a little sailboat after I escaped from the Army in 1970 and sailed down the river from St Louis and I never got used to the river’s disgusting, muddy aspect then.

    I think the vast majority of Africans are still drinking unsafe water. It’s a nice thing that zappers cure nearly all of the illnesses that this causes but it’s much better to clean up the water sources until the happy time has arrived when the average African family can have a well.

    During the weeks that I was staying with Doc Kayiwa in the outskirts of Kampala we took walks around dusk and on the route was an excessively polluted, small pond in a park around a Catholic shrine. I think on the second day we took a few towerbusters and tossed them in. If memory serves, it wasn’t more than six and the pond was approximately two acres in size. Within days, the water had become clear and clean. People from the surrounding neighborhood whom we saw bringing buckets for their household water were no longer dying from those diseases that Christine mentioned, after that.

    I left Uganda after that and within a week I got a note from the Doc saying that a group of Japanese expats started fishing in that pond every day after they got off work 😉 and it’s inconceivable that Japanese would fish in poisonous water.

  163. Don Croft

    For those who haven’t visited Africa, ‘dusk’ is a little misleading and signifies the brief moment between sunlight and darkness that happens after sunset 😉
    We witnessed this in the equatorial latitude as well as in Southern Africa. I lived near the equator in the Southwest Pacific as a teen and also in Florida (the northern equivalent of Namibia) a few times and never saw this phenomenon outside of Africa.

    I wonder if anyone has atttempted to explain it but since the Church of Settled Science denies the existence of the ether, which is like denying the existence of gravity, I doubt that’s happened. We also noticed, though, that the ‘energy [orgone] squiggles’ that one sees when looking, unfocused at a blank , bright field in an alpha brain state, are much bigger and livelier in Africa, even in the desert so maybe there’s a correlation.

    When I was in Namibia, by the way, I noticed that the water spun alternate ways at the bathtub drain. ‘Weather,’ though, does indeed spin in opposite directions in northern and southern hemispheres but this is easily explained by simple physics.

    I’m not pirating your thread, Christine–I’m just trying, in my way, to draw more attention to the dark continent and provide a little more background for our readers, in my fashion. Thanks for your indulgence.

  164. Don Croft

    Miles Mathis did a thorough exposé on Steve Jobs, which I think is why Hollywood quickly came out with a movie that glorified that professional actor and NSA finger puppet 😉

    I never put my iPhone to my head because I’m too deaf to understand phone conversations but I think the main weaponization of these devices is aimed at the brain and only works when the phone is next to the brain.

    1. steamer

      Go to Cosmicreality.net and buy an S4 shungite sticker for your phone. It will turn the wifi into harmless or perhaps even healing energy. It is made of shungite which has absorbed colloidal siver and is powerful enough for wifi. Check out the products with magnets too. Amazing stuff.

      1. steamer

        I’ve also recently come across some very interesting info on C60. This is one of the fullerenes contained in shungite. It is being extensively studied in the scientific community and there are an increasing number of companies selling C60 infused in olive oil for oral ingestion. The molecule is comprised of 60 carbon atoms and takes the shape of a soccer ball. Also called Buckminsterfullerenes or “buckyballs” because of Buckminster Fullers work with geodesic domes. It is the shape of 2 domes stuck together. It is extremely small and will cross the blood-brain barrier as well as cellular membranes and gets right in to protect your mitochondria from oxidative stress. It is also thought to protect your DNA strands from becoming shorter which is what eventually causes aging and death. After listening to many of Nancy Hopkins Shungite Radio shows and hearing about all the things it can do with energy I really wonder what having all these buckyballs floating around in your system would do for an energy sensitive person. (I’m Not). I also read of an experiment where rats were given carbon tetrachloride (a poison) and the control group (no C60) died while the C60 group showed no effects. (Reading your post about attempts being made to poison you is what got me writing this). It is the best antioxidant known and is reusable as such in the body for as long as it is there. I have been taking it for about a month with good effect. There is a lot of info available at VaughterWellness where I purchased it and there are interviews on Sarah Westalls Business Game Changers Show that are informative as well. Keep up the good work.

        1. Don Croft

          I think it’s important to know that nothing at all will prevent cellphones from damaging one’s brain if the phone is next to the head. It’s presumably not necessary for these phones to be harmful at all but until phones are no longer manufactured by the parasitic order I’m not going to ben in the habit of putting one next to my head

  165. Don Croft

    When Jane was jailed and tortured by the Saudi gestapo, years ago for turning death towers in Mecca and Jeddah into life force generators we collectively managed to raise around ten thousand dollars to get her free.

    In those days, I still had discretionary funds on our way to losing all of our savings and just getting by. I think one of the reasons our livelihood is being suppressed is so that I can’t help our friends out of those jams as before.

    I had an idea, though: several years ago, when Lilian was operating the orphanage for a Swiss NGO, she prevailed on her sponsors to buy a car for the kikundi, which rather astonished me. I wonder if someone among the kikundi who is still in touch with the NGO people in Switzerland (or Uganda?) could ask them for financial help to get Lilian free.

    1. Esther Bunny Brown

      I feel like somebody, perhaps Jeff Miller, has to make a post about this real Maoist Era stuff: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/10/12/swedish-dental-hygienist-was-fired-for-reporting-80-of-child-migrants-are-adults/

      My personal commentary: It seems like Maria Dalemar, the Director of Health behind the dismissal of dental hygienist Bernt Herlitz, is behaving like a member of some secret society, possibly Eastern Star or something like that, judging from her saying “I have no comments” on the dire consequences for Mr. Herlitz, his wife and his daughter.

      (Not to mention, that there is also a semi-hidden campaign of destroying Viking Age artifacts in Sweden; that’s some real Cultural Revolution era stuff! Thankfully, some Swede exposed it, I think.)

      In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance

  166. Mrs. O

    By the time that Lilian was working in St.Moses Children Centre in Jinja Uganda, the NGO was sponsored by the Swiss people. It was during that time that she had a problem with her workmate who later facilitated her being sent away. This was due to her persistent use of Zappers sent to her by Don through the organization’s address to heal people suffering from HIV/AIDS, as well as gifting many places around there like R.Nile using our Orgonites. There was in my opinion superiority complex within them.

    As you know, NGOs do fund a project for a particular period of time, like five years. By the time Lilian had just left, the donor fund was cut because the contract ended. So the Swiss people left when Lilian was not in the facility. This means that they did not leave when Lilian was in touch and good rapport with them.

    Right now, am told the donors there are from Germany and because they are new there, they is no touch with them. In fact, there is no any other way we can help her, unless we sell our Bilo Orgonite, or maybe assistance from our friends. We don’t have orders now, and so you can just tell how hard it is for us.

  167. Mrs. O

    By the time that Lilian was working in St.Moses Children Centre in Jinja Uganda, the NGO was sponsored by the Swiss people. It was during that time that she had a problem with her workmate who later facilitated her being sent away. This was due to her persistent use of Zappers sent to her by Don through the organization’s address to heal people suffering from HIV/AIDS, as well as gifting many places around there like R.Nile using our Orgonites. There was in my opinion superiority complex within them.

    As you know, NGOs do fund a project for a particular period of time, like five years. By the time Lilian had just left, the donor fund was cut because the contract ended. So the Swiss people left when Lilian was not in the facility. This means that they did not leave when Lilian was in touch and good rapport with them.

    Right now, am told the donors there are from Germany and because they are new there, they is no touch with them. In fact, there is no any other way we can help her, unless we sell our Bilo Orgonite, or maybe assistance from our friends. We don’t have orders now, and so you can just tell how hard it is for us.
    Mrs O.

  168. Rita

    christine thats lovely work,my dear thanks alot,the river nile has been destroyed here in uganda and the lake victoria a dumping site for all liquid and other industrial wastes,its terrible . the river nile is an entry point for people who go to the ‘underground’world. on the river nile in uganda all falls have been removed eg bujagali falls. i do gift once in a while.when don carol weaken those beasts they run in uganda and destroy uganda.

  169. Mrs. O

    Thank you Don for the great background information. I concur with you. Am very sure that gifting the river source is very important and it cleans up the entire river at the end of the day. Through this gifting, am very sure it will spread to Egypt and change the climate there with time before we go there physically.

  170. Cyclingflinger

    Yes Don, sorry for being that negative on books, but almost all books I have in my library are free-masonic based, especially on egyptology, and then the good books gets burned like the ones of Wilhelm Reich ofc. Its not easy to find a well read writer like Miles (warrior) Mathis (artist)! I think its far more interactive and emotionally to pass on stories by speech itself. 😉 You can make funny gestures while doing this and get more attention! 😉 But why are we fuzzing about this we should get Lilian out of hell!

    I try to clear out and get more good orgonite around in Belgium. All bits add to a larger non-summit. The place where Lilian stays now feels like a horrible medieval castle and at last I can begin to get some insights into my own family and now how to destroys those gates of hell that were imposed upon flemish and walloons in Belgium. Don’t tell me they want to divide the place where Lilian is originating from?

    When so much of the Kikundi are motivated I get off my own life horse! I’m sorry if I went to much crypto-moron again … Its all for us to see behind our noses … No words just feelings!

    Now back on track!

    Last gifting in Vorselaar didn’t went that smoothly. I put a big EP near my aunt’s ancient castle and nothing happened. Allthough I came by two years ago to put an end to this misery “cachot enferming” a medieval soulwell! Many traders have been lurked by forest mercenaries into its pits ….

    I got back and gifted some more to find a very big cardinal boarding school leeching on the well? Even an international Thomas Moore school? What would be those “intendants” doing near the castle? I live now in a village that has the same coat of arms as the castle lords, the “de Werve de Schilde”. The castle is named: “de Borrekens de Vorselaar”. Yet, the armor coatings were the same, something big went wrong in the 16th century.

    I remember by my own name that we were forced back in Napoleon times, to get rid of our noble title. Now, you kow why I gift so hard. There is no nobility, there is only keen heart. I can’t go back now!

    Please have a look at the picture I took and the signs I drawn that made the symbolism of it.

    One friend got my out of here and its Dirk, I hope he is doing well in the Netherlands!


    Here is the link to the pics:


  171. Cyclingflinger

    They are so pissed off at Lilian, they doubled the posts of Madame Eau and thriced mine.

    Print out a map of Aden, Yemen, put a big HHG on it and surround it with rosenquartz! It adds!


  172. Edward

    you know Don after you mentioned miles above, i decided to look for the article about steve jobs since that’s one i haven’t read yet. Well on the way i found an article one of his contemporaries did about some of the big wigs in modern evangelical christianity and decided to read it 1st. in that article he mentioned the family name “Savage” a few times. interestingly enough there is a radio talk show host that claims to be catholic named Michael savage who pretends to be extremely conservative. What’s interesting about this is that his son started and founded “Monster Energy Drinks” which the logo is claw scratches of the “monster” or “beast” and just so happens to be 666 in hebrew. I bet they are descended from the same Savages that the article by Miles contemporary mentioned. I know there is great controversy over weather the logo of Monster energy drinks is actually 666 in hebrew, but all one has to do is pull up an English/Hebrew dictionary, and it is self evident, no debate necessary. Ironic the “savages” founded Monster, another name for beast, and the logo of the company is the number of the beast. These $#!+birds really love to throw it all in our faces don’t they? things that make you go Hmmmmmmm!

  173. Don Croft

    Charles, thanks for the personal information and history because it helps us know you better. For many years, I’ve complained to people for only posting tallies of orgonite thrown and neglecting to share personal data and observations of aftereffects (positive results) of their field work.

    Thanks, too, for being willing to engage me in conversation about books and information sources. I suppose that if one were to find a genuinely empowering book in any public or institutional library it would be on account of that library’s censors’ lapse of diligence 😉 but just about every empowering book on the planet is available, usually for no cost, online as a PDF because there are plenty of people who want what we want in this world, which is intellectual freedom, and anyone who has minimal computer skills can post a book PDF. When I was a kid, there were only a dozen book publishers on the planet and they are owned by the same families who want to enslave and murder humanity. They also owned the distribution infrastructure, of course–until the internet showed up.

    I gather that Dirk has been focusing most of his available time and resources on targets in The Netherlands and Southern France.

  174. edward

    ive been reading the paper on jobs, after seeing a photo of him when he was younger, i was like,”damn he looks just like ashton kutcher” then later in the paper miles mentioned it and compared photos. then he mentioned kutcher played jobs in the movie about jobs. I had no idea since i havent seen the movie. How ironic is that they could pass for twins almost? The resemblance is uncanny. i’m not done reading the paper so i dont know yet if mathis shows the link between them, but i bet they are closely related, as in father and son.

  175. Don Croft

    My partner in handcuffs, Francisco of oronita.eu (I predict he’ll soon become a household name among progressive Spanish farmers 😉 ), turned me onto Miles Mathis last year. One of his first papers that I read is the exposé on Jobs: http://mileswmathis.com/jobs.pdf

    I’ve been reading good conspiracy literature for several decades but Miles Mathis’ work is the best, in my opinion, for efficiently tearing down the glittery facade (or scab?) that passes for popular culture and popular sub-culture.

  176. Don Croft

    The very first millitary/sewer-rat chopper visit we got was a few months before that and it was at night during the short period when we were setting up our new orgonite cloudbuster, each night, to shoot at the moon with those pipe extensions . We were at an RV campground in Ft Pierce, Florida at the time. We were outside with the CB when it happened because in order to properly shoot at the moon I had to keep moving the CB in increments for an half hour or so per night. A huge, Chinook helicopter came and hovered over an adjacent farm and was shining a spotlight down onto the farmer’s equipment, perhaps because the miscreants assumed that only very big devices could have such effects. The chopper left after that. I wonder if the Chinook was full of a SWAT team 8)

  177. Cyclingflinger

    I think I owe Dirk some apologies. He was there from the very first begin to help me out as a noob against the tyranny of the money-diggers. Always answering every question I had in the good practical sense. I took the opportunity and harassed him with a load of questions and reports.

    He took my pictures and writings from a very questionable forum and helped me to get here, thanks!

    I know you will heal well in time, and the sooner the better! My hat off for gifting Groningen, I can’ bike that far.:)

    Know that the southern and northern part of the Netherlands will be unified once again, thanks to gifting orgonite!

    Good gifting!


  178. Cyclingflinger

    I remember gifting with extra towerbusters the local rothschild private banking house outlet near the boulevards of Antwerp. (a boulevard is a fake old symbol for a castle’s nobility richness) Got for three quarters of one hour time the visit of a black chopper, being pissed-off like I was a fugitive, that ran out of prison! 12 km’s away from the gifted place. It doesn’t work that way anymore, evil cunts!

    The usual hierarchy when you gift, as Belgium is small, their ridiculous parade comes down to: steelplane, normal chopper, black chopper, grey chopper, logistical chinook, F16, lockheed martin’s old prototypes and then clouding trailships … (other countries have other ranks on how your taxes were stolen from you into their disgusting labs)

    Happy gifting!


  179. Edward

    At least you know they still care. I wonder what they would do if you kept circling low with an ultralight over their houses while screaming “Jesus loves you” out of a megaphone at the top of your lungs? Nah, maybe that’s not a good idea. Lol

    I’m glad that so far I haven’t gotten a helicopter visit. I guess I haven’t gifted the right places YET. Though I have seen some really weird inexplicable things. I don’t know why I’ve been dragging my feet so much lately, this next campaign should start the ball rolling on my finances being free. I’ve been completely distracted lately I guess.

  180. Esther Bunny Brown

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the parasitic world order (and the predatory species thereof) has been keeping tabs on me through periodic surveillance by aircraft, ever since I got my first tower-buster from CTBusters.

    In the name of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance

  181. Frode

    I had a helicopter visit this summer when I got the idea to use a powerwand in a spiro tube (ventilation tube). It came right at the house, then veered off and hung a bit in the air. Snapped some photos.

    Here is my setup


    Even after plenty of earth pipes in this area, I’ve suffered so much negativity. So I resorted lately to travel around with this PW setup in a duffle bag, either by bus or in my bicycle. Like any device of this sort, it sends out a huge beam of energy (horizontally or vertically, doesn’t matter), it really messes with their works (and my goal has been to dislodge all the ancient energy that they rely on). After a week of doing this, I headed over the dam across the river to a location I know has been a serious satanic hot spot. Just I was doing that, a helicopter came flying in at a low altitude. So low that I ended up looking at it behind the trees. I made my way down a path and set the big PW on the ground. The helicopter came around a second time, in fact it was two helicopters. And they flew so low, I was actually looking at them through he trees and they were only a few hundred meters away. I could feel the pressure of the situation. They flew away, but I heard them in the area for a couple of hours, and each of them showed up a second time. There was no reason for them to hang around in the woods like that, in fact right in the area where they showed up, there is a big electric switch station and also a transmitter mast. So I’m pretty sure that was illegal flying. I stayed there for maybe two hours to clear the negativity of this situation, as I don’t care to be bullied. It’s good in times like that to affirm there is plenty of support and help, because it was just me there and no one else.
    I’ve had an unusual amount of flyovers by small airplanes and helicopters in this neighborhood or over the house this year. A low flying drone (100 meters away), also showed up and stopped for a little while before it flew off in a straight path. It only happened once, you’d think if it was some locals then I’d see it again, but nope.

    1. Don Croft

      Right, Dirk–we put the pipes on one of them on Friday and put it outside and I was astonished by how pretty it was. Carol found some lovely purple heartwood and I’ve made the bases and the top pipe spacers from that. I’ll put teak oil on the wood but to prevent fading it might need to be kept in a shady spot.

  182. Edu

    We worked today on Lilian current situation, seeking to support her to acquire a new passport in Yemen. As usual, we got some hacking interference denying Internet connection to some of us in different continents exactly at the chat time.

    We noticed an alien feeling military guy (probably a draconian) handling the situation so if you want to boost him during the week feel free, as this kind of effort severely hampers their ability to control others. Our chat led to what we believe is a military underground base under the desert, where a kind of crystal was corrupted by the death energy from a well of dead souls. These wells are fed by the wars in the region. We boosted the well and believe that we caused some major damage to their bad juju in the region by releasing those souls.

  183. Carlos Silva

    Joined Edu & Co’s chat today and had a lot of fun – thanks again guys.

    I have the tugging impression we would all benefit from more groups doing this so dear reader, if you are unsure – give it a try! Get together with a couple of dedicated friends and send love from your heart, help kick the parasitic rule off this planet! You have all the tools you need, already. For techniques, there are great ones at donebydooney.com

  184. Mrs. O

    Thanks a lot for posting that thing in the EW Frode, for Lillian is expected for the first court hearing this week Thursday, so we wanted that money before that so that when she will be in court we need her to be there with at least vital document. Now if we could be having that $180 the family would have maneuver ways of getting such document. In fact her case is not all that difficult for her lawyer just wanted such valid documents which proves that she legally left her country. Frode has also put the photos of Bilo orgonite there so that one can order from us so that we may get the money required for that work. Anybody who may be in need of the orgonite can contact as through this my email addresses fatienoodondi@hotmail.co.uk or dancan.omollo@yahoo.com
    If we could get that money by tomorrow we could find ways of see how such document can be sorted out to be presented at the court during the hearing.
    Mrs O

  185. Mrs. O

    Hi, Hope the chart season was a good discovery where you have learn a lot concerning powers within the dark world which tend to tamper with the living. I know our continues boosting will at least help us to penetrate even the deepest continent and rescue our people. We need to boost Lillian too and iu trust we are going to win this war.
    Mrs O

  186. Don Croft

    With respect, Ed, if someone flew around my place with a megaphone, shouting ‘Jesus loves you!’ I’d likely be tempted to get out that crossbow and surveyor tape from behind the shop door 😉

    Frode’s setting up an ordering/info site for Bilo and that should streamline the process of paying for the kikundi’s very oppressive ’emergencies.’ My prayer is that Bilo sales will discourage the sewer rats from arrresting them as soon as they recognize that it’s become counterproductive.

    Speaking of sewer rats, Frode had a strong sense that one of his recent etheric assaults was being carried out by the disgusting CIA’s Blackwater Corporation, which is among their well-paid, anti-religious mercenary groups that include Al Qaeda and ISIS. ‘Black water’ is the engineering term for direct sewage, as opposed to ‘gray water’ that’s drained from bathtubs and kitchen sinks 😉 so ‘sewer rats’ is technically an apropos term, after all. Frode pointed that out to me in email and I can’t resist posting about it.

  187. Cyclingflinger

    Hi everyone,

    We boosted Lilian a lot today and you can already remark the biggest targets on the forum. What sounded important to me to boost were the ministries of foreign affairs, both in Uganda and Yemen. This is important as being the human links between ourselves and the enemy.

    While boosting it came obvious to me that I forgot to gift a big graveyard in Herentals, especially those near railways. So, I hopped on the bicycle right after the chat and flinged some more there!

    It was pretty funny as I was followed by a red chopper near the Albert channel that had to constantly fly low and didn’t know how to fly with all people enjoying the indian summer (equilibrating weather by boosting and gifting). A good thing is to get near other people, sympathize and start showing more attention on the chopper. He had to vanish! 🙂

    Some more biking and they send a drone of the military base of Grobbendonk. I was only able to take one pic, as the others were erased (all black in the memory?). I began to laugh instantly, getting rid of the “dor” excess which I had been attacked with from before the chat. I belief, laughter yoga is the best one! During the chat, a mini red copter flied over taking away my attention during boosting. When they can’t take down and renew all the infrastructure like a road, they add sheeps? Referring to their own symbolism?

    Arriving at the target, I found a masonic ceremonial burying chamber all built with no names in it? Like some kind of ceremonial vault? Never encountered this one before.

    Here are the pics and you can always add some extra boosts for Lilian!



  188. Edward

    That was just the most annoying thing I could think of on the fly that would be inline with someone hovering a giant helicopter over your house. Lol

    And that is a great observation about blackwater, and so very true. I will not think of sewar rats without simultaneously thinking of Blackwater corporation now. Good one!

  189. KatherineA

    Got another one about boosting the internet:
    June 2, 2013 dooney

    Don, Carol and I were in the chat the other day and had the brainstorm to boost the entire internet. It came about because we have all been having a slowdown problem with our internet-based businessness. Usually when we boost together we are able to get our businesses to pick up, but in this case only Stevo’s biz got busier, and we figure it was because he is the only one of the four of us who’s business is not internet-based. So, we started boosting out from our computers over the physical internet connection and kicking hackers off the line. What I see when I do this is Mkid hackers sitting at computers like zombies and when our love energy hits them they basically drop off the line.
    We’ve proven to ourselves over and over again that this works, especially when someone is being prevented from entering a chat room, and we all boost, and suddenly they are able to get in. Just today, Carol was trying to send me some photos, both over email and on my phone. Nothing came through until we did this type of boosting. Suddenly, my phone chimed with a new message from Carol.
    None of us have the time to sit and boost every internet connection in the world, but what if everyone reading this forum did it on their computer and spread it out as far as they could? I think that boosting the internet might help more Truth get out in the world. Right now a lot of Truth is already coming out and is heralding the downfall of the NWO. They are being exposed like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Let’s hasten this process with some strategic boosting that will also help you personally by getting hackers off your computer connections and making your life easier.
    So the basic technique is to boost your physical connection to the internet, and visualize it spreading out. For instance, my connection goes from my computer through a router to a satellite modem, out the wall of my house to the satellite dish. Then it goes up to the satellite and back down to my ISP, and so on. Whether there are wires or not, you can boost the connection. Just imagine your energy traveling along that path. It will work even if you don’t know what the connection equipment actually looks like, or if there is no equipment at all and it’s wireless. The energy will go from point to point, such as from my satellite dish to the satellite in space.
    If you’re not familiar with how to boost, look at the Basic Boosting exercise on my website at [url:2qws8v9h]http://www.donebydooney.com/boosting.html[/url:2qws8v9h]. Anyone can do this, and it just takes a little focus and a lot of heart energy. I’ve taught a lot of folks how to boost over the years and it’s really quite simple. If you know how to pray, you basically know how to boost, you just have to focus the energy in a particular direction. Just push the energy out as far as you can, and then imagine it spreading even further when you are done boosting. Ask the Universe to continue spreading your boosting efforts out farther and farther. Imagine your energy intersecting with the energy of other people who are doing this boosting. Imagine lines of love energy spreading all over the planet via internet connections.
    By the way, Don and Carol’s business picked up after we did this and mine has started to pick up a little more as well. It definitely works if you focus on it enough. Let’s work together to do this. Just do a little boosting every time you sit at your computer and imagine the energy going out farther each time.
    Have fun!
    Dooney [Image Can Not Be Found]

    June 3 Jeff

    This dovetails with something I was thinking about Friday, I believe it was. I was thinking about the age-long, assiduous occupation and coopting of the world’s energy grid by The Powers That Were. Then I thought about the fact that a speaker is also a microphone – and thought “if you direct positive energy into the grid and send it to the entities at the ‘collection end’, it will get to them, without fail.” And so I started boosting whenever I saw a statue in a square, or a building placed at what I thought was a key point.
    I’ve successfully boosted my way through hacker negativity, but am embarrassed I never thought of the very simple “boost the internet” concept.
    It’s funny, the Powers That Were built the internet ostensibly as an un-takedownable communications infrastructure for military purposes. I think rather it was a ‘we can suck everyone’s energy’ thing, at its base, kind of like the larger, grosser network of buildings and monuments at key places on the world grid, and later ‘cell towers’ and other erstwhile communications intrastructure.
    Unfortunately for them, the energy goes both ways, and POR trumps DOR, every time.
    I sit at a terminal 8 hours a day, and have been boosting, more and more, throughout my day. I shall now direct it into the energy network that is the web, and we shall see what we shall see. Thanks, Dooney, for the suggestion.
    “O ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth!” Thomas Paine

    June 3 Kristian

    I’ve been boosting out through my Internet connection pretty much daily for more than 3 years now. I do this just prior to hooking up to the Internet each time.
    In addition I have put orgonite pieces in various places along the physical connection lines at home.
    I like the suggestion to boost the Internet. I think its a great idea to have the energy spread farther and farther out on the Internet the way you suggest.

    June 5 Don Croft

    This is an idea that’s ready for popularity and thanks for posting it, Coach. Jeff, that’s very insightful about the smilarity beween the internet grid and the old earth grid, both of which have ancient corporate parasite infestations [Image Can Not Be Found] and it’s pretty easy and natural to just do routine boosting when we get online, thanks, Kristian.
    In our little session last week we discussed the idea of asking for a planned group boost for the internet at a specific time. The only thing that gives us pause about that is that it’s a tactic that’s used by the sewer rats to suck energy from a focused crowd. It might work, though–want to discuss it?
    When Carol and I were working closely with Don Bradley he shared a lot of stuff with us. In the late 1980s he was part of a team of theosophy/masonic psychics and poobahs who created the Harmonic Convergence scam at the Sedona masonic temple. He showed us a group photo from there and pointed out all the heavy hitters, including his student, Shirley MacLaine and a bona fide dark master, Torkum Sassarian, who was his handler and was directly responsible for the success of the scam. DB’s other ‘stablemates’ were all there (the popular newage gurus, most of whom are still in harness for the dark masters). The Harmonic Convergences is an example of how the corporate order attaches itself as a parasite to new movements, most of which they create, of course. They failed to attach to the orgonite movement because it’s not organized. They’re also failing to attach to the American state secession movement for the same reason.
    It might be fun and instructive for the psychics to watch for an attempt by the sewer rats to suck energy from a planned global event to boost the internet [Image Can Not Be Found]
    When I read Dooney’s and then Jeff’s posts I did some directed boosting and felt my heart get some additional expansion so I think this is already working on a group level. The heart is the best barometer.
    Thanks, folks!

  190. Edward

    That’s interesting, I’ve often wondered if anyone has used the towers the same way to amplify boosting.
    I’ve tried it but I’m not really sure if it makes any difference.

  191. Don Croft

    Ed, I don’t think any of us have considered actually using the death towers but the late Steven J Smith told us that one of many purposes for these neighborhood death towers is to greatly amplify the efforts of the NSA’s and CIA’s pcychics (and the equivalent sewer rats throughout the world, outside of North and South America) to harm and influence individuals.

    He’s the fellow that Carol and I met in Portland, Oregon, in 2009 who had been a close companion of Phil Schneider and who had been horribly brutalized by the NSA in early childhood while they were using him as a psychic spook. We have a lot of respect for Smith’s psychic ability and history. He was murdered after he invented a free energy device in 2011.

    Speaking of Phil Schneider, the NSA/CIA tried twelve times to murder him during the year that he traveled around the US, giving public talks about underground bases. Steven was with him in Portland the day before he was strangled in his own apartment. This illustrates our notion that the $#!+rat agencies don’t do well when going after moving targets and that’s why we keep a motorhome in another state for our portable livelihood.

    I think most of Schneider’s talks are on YouTube and I highly recommend watching them to anyone who wants to break free of ‘popular culture.’ Al Bielek was a close friend and when we met Bielek in 2001, in Atlanta, he was still renting a room in a house that Schneider had owned. The CIA evidently had bought that house and not long after we met, Bielek was expelled from there.

  192. Edward

    That’s what gave me the idea, if the bad psychics can use the unflipped ones to amplify a psychic attack, then to me it stands to reason we could use the flipped ones for boosting. I guess it would take 2 people boosting each other with and without using a tower or a bunch of them and seeing if they feel a difference. I’d sure like to know if they work to amplify loving energy when boosting after being flipped.

    1. Don Croft

      Smith further explained to us that the technology that uses the towers to amplify psi assaults is on the user end and that relatively unskilled psychics and even non-psychics can use that equipment to attack people effectively.

      None of that has ever stood up to our own, heart-based defensive responses, apparently.

  193. Edward

    I never thought of them having tech on the user end that allowed them to use the towers to attack us, I just assumed the psychic sent their bad energy through the tower and maybe it somehow amplified it. No sense in me wasting my time experimenting boosting through towers then. I guess now I know why I haven’t heard any mention of it. Thanks.

  194. edward

    works great, i didn’t have any trouble posting, except the $#!+birds erasing my post immediately before i posted it, after i spent an hour and a half editing it before i copied it and pasted it from the email to the forum; but that was on my end, not the forum’s. So far it works fine with no issues!

  195. dooney Post author

    I’ve now established a guest posting feature, so please use it to post anything you retrieve from the old forum. I’d rather see old forum posts or threads put up as separate new posts instead of having one long series of comments. I think that will be more accessible to readers. If you do choose to post old forum posts, please use the Forum Archives category.
    Dooney 🙂

  196. dooney Post author

    If anyone is guest posting items from the old forum, please use the Forum Archives category. I have arranged the top menu to display the forum archives under the General News menu.

  197. edward

    The following info is paraphrased from emails to Don. It comes from the time period roughly from march 2016 to sometime earlier this year. I condensed everything and only put pertinent info to gifting and results and impressions after gifting; And also my progress boosting and using energy again and waking up some latent gifts i haven’t used in 20+ years. My 1st post in this thread covers the time period from late 2015 when i 1st started corresponding with Don up until march of 2016 when this post picks up. Whats in separate quotes is from different emails. Whatever is within the same quotes is from 1 email.

    “Hey Don, I put out some of the orgonite you sent me, thank you very much, i haven’t noticed a tremendous difference yet, but i did have a sense of peace come over me within 20 minutes of flinging the orgonite around the bank. I rode my bicycle downtown and went flinging.”

    “I wrote 3 bonds in one day in the last week of the slowest month of the year. I kind of took that as a sign. Usually most bonds come at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month, when people get paid. I really did feel a paradigm shift in the spiritual realm shortly after gifting the local police station, masonic lodge, and several other sites in the legal district. (I felt as though I did something that would help me significantly and I just knew everything would be alright) It was some time later that day I got the call for the 1st bond, then that night in the middle of the night i did 2 more. I’m seeing a pattern. After i deployed orgonite around the house the 1st time and in front of the sub-station, business got better for awhile. Then died off. Then I gifted the towers and the bank, and i wrote a bond. Then I gifted some places in the legal district and i write 3 bonds. Nice pattern.”

    “So I look at boosting as where you get in the presence of our creator, feel his loving energy coursing all around you and then focusing that energy into the target, weather it be a loved one or an enemy.

    I have been boosting my wife like this a lot in the last few weeks, and usually she feels better afterwards. I only tell her I prayed for her, she’s not quite ready for all the energy stuff yet and I am slowly easing her into it, although I believe she may be somewhat energy sensitive too. Also I tried some blasting too, barefoot and all. the way they said to do it on whale. i think jeff or someone else posted it in a thread of organiteIreland’s in order to help them get rid of some gang stalkers. man I wish I understood this stuff 21 years ago the way I understand it now. I knew how to send energy back then, but wasn’t doing it in love nor from my heart chakra. And After becoming a christian I didn’t have anything to do with subtle energys because of the way I was using energy prior to becoming a christian. Man If i had used these techniques to boost or blast the gang stalkers back then i may have been able to get a moment of peace and actually make an informed decision, instead of reeling from attack to attack.

    Anyway I have been practicing blasting using the name of Yaweh, and the name of Jesus, and the 1st time all I noticed was that my dog suddenly became upright and alert at attention staring right at me waiting for a command it seemed. This has happened every time i have tried it. But what else I notice is my wife seems to get a bit more energy and is feeling better afterwards. Also have been boosting the parasites that run the show around here. Using my minds eye to visualize them prior to sending them the energy straight into their heart chakra. I haven’t noticed anything yet, other than at some of the jails some of the people seem to be nicer lately; but that may be from the orgonite i gifted at all these places.

    I Also have been boosting the board members at the church I used to attend, and put about 8 ounces of orgonite around the fellowship hall where we still meet sometimes with a small group. One of the 2 mason’s that was on the board has left the church, the other is no longer on the board, the pastor that was under the control of the administrator has stepped down and the young guy our previous pastor was grooming to take over whenever he retired or died is now going to be the pastor. and he is a good guy.

    Someone very close to me that decided to stay and change it from within has been put on the board and also has been made president of the board. His wife is also a board member now. It looks on the surface that whoever was gaining control of the church is losing control at the moment. a lot of other stuff has happened too. I still won’t return until the administrator and her husband that seems to have so much control in that church leaves or dies. It truly was one of the good churches until these other people gained control after our pastor died. I’m pretty sure he was under constant attack and I believe they killed him with an aneurism so the mason’s could gain total control of the church, but for the prayers of a lot of good people including myself, and orgonite, the tide is changing.”

    “I have been getting better at boosting and blasting, it is much easier for me to visualize the energy building around me and radiating out from me when blasting, and I visualize an open fire hydrant on my heart chakra as a tool when boosting and praying for loved ones and enemies alike. With the hydrant open full blast of course and the energy gushing out in a powerful stream right into the heart chakra of the person I’m boosting; usually my wife or an enemy when I can picture their faces and remember them. I have spent so long trying to forget these people it is often hard to picture them in my mind.

    My wife and I have been getting along much better lately. I think because I have been boosting her while I pray for her, and have made it a point to boost her at least once a day.

    I have noticed on a few occasions a car, usually a crown vic or SUV parked across the street from our house, just sitting there like they are killing time, I honestly don’t know if it was just coincidence that they were there, or they were there because of me. But what I have been doing is making it a point to go talk to them to see if I can see anything that would lead me to believe they were there because of me.( I havent seen anything yet) And then I take their picture with my phone making sure they see me getting their tag number too. Sometimes they leave right then and sometimes they don’t, but they always leave shortly afterwards. Everytime i happen to notice them when we are leaving the house I stop to take photos; then i will turn around when I’m about 5 minutes away and head back home just to see if maybe they were thieves waiting for me to leave so they could rob me blind.(I have had it happen in the past) Every time they were gone when I got back. I think next time I see them I’m going to blast them with pure love and see how that works out; to see If they suddenly leave or just sit there or what.”

    “I was driving down pass rd today and saw a vehicle with the masonic symbols and it was evident he was 33rd degree or higher. for the heck of it i boosted him right then while driving, and he almost lost control and swerved into me. I don’t think im going to do that again when they are right next to me in traffic. lol.”

    “I was quite shocked when that guy swerved around a little yesterday within maybe 20 seconds of focusing love into his heart. i was surprised i could be so effective while not in my “prayer mode”, sitting quietly praying and getting in touch with our creator’s spirit. He must have been quite evil for that to have such an effect.

    I have been boosting and praying for my wife for i guess several weeks now maybe longer, and she is getting better and better. I know that is from the zapper, but also her attitude towards me is just about like it was when we met. I think that is from the prayer and boosting. We are finally getting close to being one in our marriage”

    “Hey Don, the case of TB’s arrived the day before yesterday in the mail. I wasted no time. I had to go to the county jail for something and had been praying specifically where to put one of the last 3 HHG’s you sent me last time. On the way there i tossed 3 TB’s around the office of the 33rd degree mason that does 75% of all good high dollar bonds out of harrison county jail.

    There were a few other places around town that i tossed a couple of TB’s each where I had unction, i still don’t know why i put them there but i knew i had to. Also as i was going to and leaving the jail I skirted the western and southern sides with a few TB’s each, and i put the HHG in the drainage ditch that ran along the western and southern side just outside the perimeter fence on the west side. I also put a tb in a bush within the perimeter a few weeks ago right under the nose of a camera without being seen i’m sure. Anyway it has only been 1 day since I deployed the HHG and i have written 4 minimum bonds since and am working on a few more. hopefully i will get these and some more too!

    Also i found a photo on the internet of the new head of scottish rights freemasonry in the state of Mississippi, and i have been boosting him everytime i pray for and boost my wife. I find that it is more effective if I am sitting in the presence of my personal HHG. It is easier to feel that loving energy all around me.

    I gifted the biloxi police station/city courthouse several weeks ago with a couple TB’s and I hear that starting next week they are ceasing the release of people on “own recognizance” and making them use a bondsman because too many have missed court.

    i put one more at biloxi yesterday on my way back from another police station in Harrison county. i need to put a couple more around the gulfport PD. After putting the one their several weeks ago, i have written a couple bonds out of gulfport after not writing any in almost 3 years; the same is true at biloxi.”

    I got the succor punch in the mail a day or two after the TB’s arrived. WOW this thing is something. The energy that comes off it is wild. just from turning it on i felt the same way as when i 1st put the zapper with the pentagon shaped contacts on my heart chakra. Thanks for sending it, i can tell it is powerful.

    I have been practicing working with the energy and boosting by visualizing that my heart chakra looks something like the thing on iron man’s chest but bigger around and the cobalt energy comes flying out at break neck speed with the main beam spinning wildly clockwise, and then smaller beams rotating around the main beam 1 clockwise and 1 counterclockwise. Sometimes it happens almost automatically with very little effort, sometimes it seems it takes a few minutes to clearly visualize it.

    Now when I’m boosting my wife i do it a little differently, i still picture a fire hydrant sticking out of my chest that has been opened up and the water gushes out of it and into her heart chakra. much more gentle but still a heavy flow. Oh, I have been boosting the mason’s and good ole boys with the succor punch turned on and it does seem to be much easier when i do it this way.

    I have to tell you that obviously i havent seen changes in these parasites yet because i do not associate with them; but i can see definite changes in my wife. of course we still have disagreements, but she isn’t mad for very long like she used to be. we have been getting closer and closer.”

    “Hey Don how are you. I haven’t really emailed you much since i started just posting everything on the forum. I just wanted to say hey! as i have enjoyed corresponding with you. I think the orgonite is working a little too well around here lol, as the county jail is getting less than half the people booked in than were being booked in last year at this time. (i think this was originally written around september-october 2016) It maybe an anomaly, but probably because of the orgonite, since 90% of the towers are in high crime areas around here.

    now on another note; even though about half the people are being arrested than were being arrested last year at this time; i am actually starting to get more calls from the county jail. even had all the people tell me my business name and phone number just seemed to “stand out from the others” for some reason.

    Prior to gifting the jail i could feel pure evil energy at the jail. I literally wanted to vomit sometimes when i went there the energy was so bad, satanic even, (from my perspective); and i was always on the verge of snapping after being there for awhile. Every time my wife went with me we were fighting by the time we left. At any rate it was pure evil and i couldn’t stand to be there and i dreaded going there and i guess as a result the universe worked it out so i didn’t have to go there. (by me never getting any bonds from the county jail). But that has all changed as far as the energy is concerned. in fact of the 6 bonds i did write in the month of september all but 1 or maybe 2 came from the county; and i am getting a lot more free calls from booking, I just haven’t been able to close the deal on any big ones yet.

    I know this could all just be coincidence, but i don’t believe it is. I went from getting maybe 8-10 free calls from harrison county jail in a years time, to getting at least that many in the month of september. the money isn’t flowing yet but i can see the shift and the fact that it is just a matter of time.”

    The following is from memory and was posted on the old forum but wasn’t contained in an email to Don.

    After I put an HHG on the power company property and strung a line of tb’s in the ditch along the road on the perimeter of the power company, and gifted several HAARP arrays and several death towers within a 1/4 mile of the power company(all total 15 towers and arrays) I felt a shift again, and later that day I noticed the brown patch of DOR and smog that always hung out above the power company was gone and hasn’t come back since.

    also several times I blasted the guys across the street in the crown Vic, and every time they either immediately cranked up and left or did so within several seconds. After 4 or 5 times blasting them they never came back!

  198. edward

    ok, after what i already posted today, i will make them shorter and separate posts for separate info. believe it or not what i did post was condensed immensely.lol

  199. edward

    well, actually, the info in the last post goes up until around october of 2016, NOT the early part of this year as i said above; it’s about the time period before we moved to my aunts house with the bus, where we are currently trapped because of a stranglehold on my business like i have never seen. It’s literally NEVER been this bad financially. Any boosting would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

  200. Frode

    I find that a lot (or most) of the attack tools they use is A.I. driven. Back in the day I was attacked by some real horrid ones that I think was run by the NSA, and I’ve since “decommissioned” them because I didn’t like that they existed. I think one of the modus operandi has been to put etheric cords on someone and then that cord is hooked to an A.I. machine. The machine can attack someone endlessly without tiring out.
    (I remember seeing on Youtube someone talking about how they constantly heard a voice in their head commenting on everything he was doing. He concluded it had to be a machine, because nobody would have the stamina to do that all day long).

    The A.I. driven psychic tools they use makes the attackers sound like they are really confident, but more often than not these days I hear the real attackers screaming in the background, because they hate being ordered to the frontline. It stinks to be a minion in that system.

    Here’s a tip, if you suspect you are under attack by such a machine; boost the blueprint of that technology. Doesn’t matter what means they have to reproduce such tech, if the blueprint no longer exists in the ether, then that specific technology won’t work anymore. That’s what I think anyways, I’ve done this a number of times.Worth a try.

  201. Mary O'Connor

    I may have one story from using Bilo. I am not sure. It was weird.
    I received the Bilo I ordered and had it with me to show to family and friends. I was driving at night on the highway and my car had started pulling over to the right hand side of the lane. I gently steered back to the middle of the lane, but the car would not center in the lane. It stayed on the right hand side. Then the car moved over more and the 2 wheels on the right side went off the pavement and were on the gravel part of the road. Holding the wheel firmly and still gently steering to make the car go over to the left, I then saw the animal in the road. I missed hitting it because my car was so far over to the right. It was a skunk. It was right where my left wheels would have been. After I passed the skunk the car returned to the center of the lane like nothing was wrong. I am so glad I missed hitting a skunk! I am sure the skunk was glad, too.

  202. Jeff Miller

    This is an excerpt from my most recent “Rising Female Death Rate” post, specifically re: “are we turning the corner?”

    January 4, 2016 – Serious backlash brews against Samsung’s insane smart refrigerator …

    January 4, 2017 – 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 – MIT Technology …Perhaps 2017 will feature some sort of backlash against the AI hype …

    Not suggesting anyone weaken or slacken their efforts in any way, however, it feels to me as if, as a species, we’re turning the corner. I’m seeing it more and more in the media – the admission of the zombification engendered by the technology.

  203. Mrs. O

    Hope all is well with with you , in fact through our effort we managed to process some of the valuable document of Lillian and the family managed to send them to Yemen Tuesday of this week. In fact the lawyer really tried in fact he told court that Lillian time in Yemen expired due to the loss of her documents.
    The lawyer proved to the court that Lillian left Uganda ligally and even the immigration department of Yemen also confirmed that Lillian ligally entered in Yemen. Now the only problem that she is charged with is that she never reported the lose of her document to the police in time , so even though she will be deported back but she must pay $1500 fine. Failure to pay that amount would amount to 6 months in foreign land prison.
    Any wisher can buy the bilo orgonite to raise fund for her relived.
    These are the photos of the Bilo orgonite that we are selling . My friend if you can buy Bilo we can Lilian in Yemen out 1 Bilo is 60 my request you can buy more Bilo Orgonite if you can send money send it to DANCAN OMOLLO in Kenya in W Union or bank account of Dancan or any you can get

    Mrs. O

  204. edward

    This is the comment i was making yesterday that as soon as I hit “post comment” I was redirected and the page said i was forbidden from posting on this server. probably just coincidence, but probably not. Seeings how my browser crashed several times as i was trying to retrieve this post from my email just now. i boosted the internet for a few minutes and it worked after that!! yesterday I was able to go back 1 page in my browser and copy and paste the post to an email i emailed to my business accoor the siunt. I didnt know the whole sight crashed until about 9pm central time last night when i had time to try and post it again and kept getting redirected. So was it coincidence or is this post hitting a nerve? My question is “If the guest plug in was truly the culprit for the sight crashing as they told Dooney, why then didn’t the sight crash a couple days ago when i posted using the guest plug in? Why did it wait until i was posting a comment in this thread?”

    Anyway, here is what i was commenting yesterday when it all crashed:

    Hey i just had the thought, ‘why can’t we use the ionosphere as a huge capacitor for POR the same way the $#!+rats use it as a capacitor for DOR to be released as a tactical weapon?’ Except if everyone that can boost boosted the ionosphere i think it would disable the tactical weapon capability of HAARP and eventually we could overcome the DOR with POR, and then possibly be able to use it for boosting a target; but with concentrated love energy once the DOR is overcome with POR. Of course this would take a daily commitment from anyone who is able and some time. And possibly the only real benefit would be the disabling of some of the weather modification capability of HAARP, or a diminished effect from HAARP. But at the very least it would be another thorn in their side. I believe if enough people committed to boosting the ionosphere we could see measurable results.

    Im going to do it every time i think of it. I’m tired of these $#!+rats manipulating my finances and i will do whatever i can to thwart ANY of their agendas. I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t work, as the ionosphere is neutral, it’s just a huge capacitor that stores energy and also protects the earth from a great deal of electromagnetic radiation from space. i can also see how that flipping the towers and what not is doing exactly this already. I’m just postulating that we should also boost it and turn it from a weapon against mankind into a something that could take down the parasites with their own tech. after all, the ionosphere played a large part in tesla’s free energy designs, and reichs experiments with the ether. I know they have perverted it for their uses, just as they have perverted all the vortices for their uses; so i think those that can, all of US, should take it back by bombarding it with love!! Who’s with me?

  205. edward

    That is awesome information!!!! EXCEPT Katrina did NOT have sustained winds of only 175 MPH, its sustained winds were more in the neighborhood of 220-240 MPH, classified information according to a navy meteorologist i spoke with numerous times who had security clearance and was sick of all the lying. The storm was greatly downplayed, unlike all the ones now which are overblown.(Don and Carol hadn’t flipped all the weather weaponry yet, that was done after Katrina) The reason for downplaying the strength of Katrina was that if it truly only had 175mph winds, that means the tidal surge caused all the destruction not the wind. The insurance companies paid NOTHING to the people who lived along the coast where between a 35 foot- 42 foot tidal surge came ashore, depending on where you were; because no one had flood insurance and they claimed a flood wiped everything out. Which Ms is where Katrina actually hit, NOT New Orleans, despite the lies the media whores told all of you.

    I live here, the center of the eye made landfall nearly 40 miles EAST of New Orleans. New Orleans did experience a hurricane as Katrina had hurricane force winds 225 miles from the center of the eye, but New Orleans did NOT get the brunt of Katrina, Ms did. It was the largest and most powerful storm ever to make landfall. I live and have lived most of my life right on the coast, and have experienced numerous hurricanes some were very strong cat 4’s. And i rode out Katrina at my step mom’s in Hattiesburg Ms, 65 miles north of the coast; and I’m telling you even up there Katrina was significantly stronger than anything i ever experienced on the coast. The wind gusts on the coast were pushing the strength of an f-5 tornado and were sustained for 30 seconds or more. The wind gusts in hattiesburg were near 200 MPH. NOTHING like that has ever hit the mainland or even existed for that matter. Do some research and search for photos of the MS. gulf coast after Katrina. and compare those to photos of new orleans. Nearly everything a half mile from the waterfront was completely wiped out. New Orleans did NOT experience the tidal surge at all because it was on the weakest side of the storm, parts of it did flood because the $#!+rats blew the levies and flooded most of the really bad ghettos and even some of the business district, collateral damage, and calculated losses i guess. New Orleans is below sea level after all and built on a swamp. They had to do something to justify all the media attention in New Orleans instead of where Katrina actually hit.

    Where the eye came ashore in Hancock county Ms, they had a 42 foot tidal surge and nearly EVERYTHING within a mile of the coast was completely gone. In Biloxi, which is about 80 miles give or take east of New Orleans, they experienced a 35 foot tidal surge. Most of Biloxi was underwater as was Pass Christian because they are surrounded by water, each being on a point next to bays, on opposite ends of Harrison County.

    I believe all the media attention was on New Orleans because that’s where they were told it was going to hit, that’s why even Joe Santori was in New Orleans. He was told to be there. BUT, they didn’t count on a simple cloudbuster being on the north shore of lake Ponchatrain and pushing that frankenstorm off to the east a bit. Lake Ponchatrain borders New Orleans on the north side. Mandeville is the city on the north shore and i think that’s where the cloudbuster was set up 3 days before Katrina made landfall.

    See, if the winds were truly 220-240mph, then that means the houses right on the coast were blown away long before the tidal surge pushed ashore, and that’s exactly what locals are saying. BUT since they downplayed the strength of Katrina so much, the insurance companies claimed that the water caused the destruction, NOT the wind. So they didn’t have to pay all the people who lost their homes and businesses who had hurricane insurance. You would think that would cover water too because a tidal surge is a result of a windstorm , but it doesn’t. You have to have a separate flood policy for that. And all of the people who got screwed by the insurance companies did not have flood insurance; Because the insurance companies refused to issue flood insurance because they “weren’t in a flood zone”, There were many people on the local news stating this fact. many of them actually read their policies and new this loophole existed and tried to get flood insurance in the past but were always refused.

    I know the storm surge greatly exacerbated the wind damage, but if the storm surge caused all the damage, then why was there such extensive damage north of the coast where there was no storm surge? I believe the storm surge is what finished off those houses and businesses, NOT what destroyed them. Otherwise, as i already said, there wouldn’t have been so much damage north of the storm surge.

    Now this makes much more sense when you look at who owns the big insurance company that back most of the other smaller ones, LLoyds of London. Of course it’s the same $#!+rats that control the weather weaponry tech.

    Another note, i was born in November of ’69, a few months after hurricane Camille hit the coast and New Orleans. Camille had sustained winds of 185 mph. Until Katrina it was the most powerful hurricane to hit the MS Gulf Coast. it was so bad that locals were really just rebuilding right on the coast from Camille maybe 10-15 years before Katrina hit. I know many people that survived Camille, and NOT ONE of them believe Camille was stronger than Katrina. In fact EVERY ONE of them says Katrina dwarfed Camille by far. Much stronger winds, and Camille only had a storm surge of 8-11 feet. which coincidentally is what the media whores claimed was the storm surge from ‘hurricane’ Nate, cough, cough, NOT!!!! it wasn’t a hurricane and only had a storm surge of about 4 feet in the worst place which was Biloxi, and it just so happened to hit at the peak of high tide. Nate was only a tropical depression with sustained winds of 30 mph in Biloxi, and 25 mph 8 miles to the west where i was. And interestingly enough pushed off to the west once it hit the coast in gulfport/Biloxi, and didn’t move any further inland until it was east of the heavily gifted areas of the coast. And strangely enough did NOT have an eye until it moved further inland in the ungifted areas.

    So anyway, as Jeff Miller always says in his awesome threads, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

  206. edward

    I’m sorry, Nate pushed off to the east of Biloxi before moving inland, NOT to the west as i said above. I didn’t catch the mistake until after i posted it and was rereading it again..

  207. Edward

    He Jeff, if they make you take the smartphone at work, just forward it to your flip phone and leave it on your desk when at work or on the table when at home (outside your bodies energy field) and use it ONLY when you have to for work. That’s exactly what I do. I leave it in my truck when I’m not home so I have it near by if I must look at a jail website on the fly, but other than getting on this sight sometimes at night with it, or looking up info on the jail dockets, I never use it. I hate it and in the last year or so whatever hand I’m holding it in starts hurting after holding it a few minutes. If I hold it a prolonged period of time the pain starts moving further up my arm. And I start feeling bad. So unless I am using it, it stays outside my bodies energy field. When at home i keep it next to my hhg, and in the truck it sits in a box with a couple tb’s. I NEVER talk on it anymore and haven’t since about January or February of 2016. Ive had my business number on a flip phone for about 5 years now or so because the smartphones won’t let you do a 3 way call from the jails. Which is a handy technique for closing the deal on bonds. Anyway, just a suggestion if they threaten to fire you over not taking the damned thing.

  208. Frode

    I’m currently recovering from a sickening ongoing attack thanks to several of the Bilo (which I incidentally ordered to take part in helping Ibrahim’s friend out of jail). While I have many different protective devices and use all of the them, I think the Bilo is the only one I have that can recover my state of health right in the middle of an attack. I’ve
    I had ordered them a while ago and wasn’t too diligent about using them for my personal health, other than general protection. But by keeping the Bilo on my stomach overnight, I’m now able to recover from a very nasty attack, even while they are attacking. I heard a loud explosion this morning, so that was definitely an implant getting overloaded. I went and got some bentonite clay. I’ve been very tired lately and feeling out of sorts, but applying the Bilo this way, I’m already starting to feel better despite the best (worst) efforts of the attackers to bring me down.

    So I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Bilo, I hope they can sell enough to bring Lilian out of jail. Could be the best way to deter arrests in the future, because I know the parasites are extremely concerned about the profileration of Bilo orgonite. The Bilo I got is the size of mini tbs, with artistic handpainted animal motives. Very strong and protective for their size. I think Mrs.O or Dancan stated that the Bilo they make now is more effective magic than the earlier version they sold, I think that is true, it does something different and has a different feel than the first Bilo I got earlier this year.

  209. Cyclingflinger

    Last week I jumped on the bicycle and went on with my gifting campaign. This time the town of Geel!

    In dutch it means yellow?? Like the fever they (the sewer rats from the middle-ages) plagued on us in our small villages?

    I used to know a girl (monarch wizz kid) who lived there and send a big package of orgonite around the province? It was during the time as I was considered as an extra toilet paper sheet within a questionable toilet forum on wannabee orgonites, like plastic surgeons and their money wallets …

    This person tried to sell my own stuff and is behind guru bars now … 🙂 No comments! 😉

    Anyways, I was greeted by a big sylph when entering the big old market place of yellowness!

    Next time, I will be hitting the madhouse closer!

    Remark on the pics that are on the big square, they printed a pic from WWII when artillery was firing? Now, you get people passing by and having the same skies but no questions at all?

    I really belief we kill all “pokémon demons” with a realistic resonance while we are gifting orgonite! 🙂

    This time, I lost fifteen minutes around looking for a tower that should be gifted, it was a mini tele-rad(t) one???

    Never got to those ones in the past, but hey, they mangle micro and macro together, you know the new french A-hole president we call him micron!

    On the way back, some bastards threw a dead fox in the river? Next to a boat where animal cruelty is considered normal? Foxes like to impeach rats! 😉



    1. KatherineA

      I copied and pasted the info from the archive and then emailed to Dooney and Don. Dooney added some of the videos which the archive didn’t have.

      It’s actually very easy to copy from the archive. Find a good thread, select all, copy, paste into text document, do minor editing, select all again, copy and paste into email. (Ctrl a, ctrl c, ctrl v, delete, ctrl a, ctrl c, ctrl v, send 🙂 )

  210. Cyclingflinger

    Two months ago, I went on gifting an important and bigger monastery on a vortex point, situated on two important leylines in flemish county. The abbey of Averbode! Those monks produce books not beer in their own allegory ..

    Here are the pics:



  211. edward

    Wow, that one church without the giant crucifix and that little chapel at the top of the stairs were rife with esoteric occult and masonic symbolism! Good gifting!!!!

  212. Carlos Silva

    Yesterday I was on the bus with two American tourists who had been in Barcelona a few days before. I asked them what was going on there and they said it was pretty quiet and the “worst” thing they saw was some people demonstrating and making noise with pots and pans. We agreed that media everywhere blows things out of proportion.

  213. Carlos Silva

    Edward, that pain in your hand from holding the smartphone may be your psychic gift showing. Most people don’t have that impression from smartphones or the industry would not have taken off and that’s why I’m saying your experience is special.

    Personally, I do get tired after talking on the phone – with it next to my head – for a long time, I guess about 30 minutes. It happens on both an old-type mobile and on a smartphone, by the way. I know it isn’t healthy to put it next to the head but don’t like having it on loudspeakers. I should probably get a headphone + mic set for using at home, at least.

    Smartphones are practically pocket computers and I doubt if other common technology has not been weaponized in some manner too. The more recent flat screens, for instance – what a ghastly light they emit.
    Fortunately there’s orgonite and other tools to mitigate those unheatlhy factors, so for most people who are not so sensitive there’s no need to shun common technology.
    There are people so sensititive they can’t stand being in relative proximity to mobile network masts (or death towers as we call them). Orgonite is a lifesaver in that kind of situation.

  214. Edward

    Carlos, yeah I hate the speakerphone too. And Bluetooth is absolutely out of the question. I tried a Bluetooth headset years ago when they 1st came out and started getting bad headaches. This was sometime right after hurricane Katrina when they 1st became popular and I was so busy I was using it all day long. Because the headaches were so bad I did some research and found out your brain synapses fire at the exact same frequency that Bluetooth operates, 2.4 Gigahertz. Can anyone say BRAIN ENTRANEMENT TECHNOLOGY!! So I definitely won’t ever use that tech. Studies have shown that because of how bad Bluetooth affects your brain, there are actually MORE accidents as a result of using Bluetooth while driving as opposed to just talking on the phone. It can cause confusion and memory loss!!

  215. Edu

    I saw emerald green flashes lightening the sky at the wee hours last Thursday around my home, preceding a rain weather front with strong wind that came from southern Brazil. It was the second time I saw this in the location and I think it only happens when they boost the storms with weather weaponry.

  216. Cyclingflinger

    Thanks Ed, it surely was a good gifting trip, but it needs more! I felt someone had already tried to gift the little humane graveyard below belonging to the town of Averbode itself, not the VaticAnus!

    Jeff thanks for the mention of Westminster, I feel back at my poetry grade at flemish college, where I had to learn about Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury tales. I hope to be able to gift those in the future. They attacked me quite a time for this, as its only now that I could even read your post answer?! The interesting thing would be to gift all what connects those monasteries aka the leylines.

    Here is my next gifting report, going back into Antwerp’s masonic necropole: the Schoonselhof. It really feels like being into Hades’ occult realm but we can harmonise their Venus and have the earth’s energies for themselves as a change! To put it plainly, overthrowing bad energies with more equilibrating frequencies!I learned now how to gift at the biggest obelisk concentration point.

    Here are the pics:


    PS: The city pricks of London are trying to force problems into Kenya, why because they haven’t ruined all forest and wildlife with their symbolism as in old-europe yet! So, thats why they have a problem with Bilo orgonite! In Africa you can still make the strongest orgonite around!


  217. Edu

    We had another chat on Lilian. We got some Insectoid aliens from an underground base attacking her through a black cord. We sense the situation around her improved but still requires some work. Please boost her and those insects if you can.

  218. From Mrs O

    Am brother of Lilian am in Kisumu now to see Mrs O I thank I Frode so much my sister very sick in Yemen jail
    Am Tom

  219. Mrs. O

    Lillian is out of the prison in Yemen, she was given five days but now she remain with three days, so now we need the transport back home which is $350. We thank Forde so much for the support. We have resolved that any of the Kikundi in case of any problem will help him him/ herself. Whoever may wish to help Lillian may contact Mrs O in this address fatienoodondi@hotmail.co.uk

    Mrs O

  220. Carlos Silva

    Great stuff Jeff, as usual!

    I’m happy we humans are getting pass all the poison thrown at us and onto some form of higher consciousness, as you so well document.

    I’m also finding it ironic that such a harmful technology is helping many people potentially reach this and other inspiring websites! Men and women of all ages and walks of life, who normally would not have access or even the desire to own a full blown computing machine, can now reach the wealth of the internet for as little as 50 dollars with a pocket computer, more commonly known as the smartphone 😎

    Of course they can get hooked on facebook… or they can learn about orgonite and gift their neighbourhood. We’re all learning, right? At least I hope so.

  221. Lillian Briaa

    Am still in Yemen I remain with just one day and they will need me no more here so any well wisher please assist. Lilian

  222. Jeff Miller

    Carlos, great to ‘see’ you! Libraries are cool, and I went to them a lot, as a child, but I never found myself to be ‘addicted’ to the library. So it is my hope that we can collectively ‘deweaponize’ technology – take the best, and leave the rest, as it were. I was building upon your theme in my post, re: my own life and experiences.

    No one on the old Star Trek series was addicted to their Tricorders – walking around into bulkheads and such. The crew wasn’t walking around slack-jawed and head-setted, nor were the Jetsons, from what I can recall. I think the PTB may dial down the weaponization of the tech real quick, soon, to avoid the Out-Of-Business moment of people giving it up entirely. It’s certainly going to be fun to watch.

    That is, if it’s possible to deweaponize it. It’s a golem, an Artificial Life Form, that we invite in.

  223. Mrs. O

    Right now Lillian have only remain with one day in Yemen, its good for her to be supported today before the time given expired. If she failed to come out of that nation before the time expired i don’t know the other amnesty she can be given. Lets join hand and see if she can come from that nation at the appropriate time possible.
    Mrs O

  224. Cal Smith

    Trumps body language while stating things that are not true, indicate that he believes what he is saying. It is actually his way of creating by force. He doesn’t care that those statements are received as outrageous.

    Cal Smith

  225. Dirk Verelst

    I can’t say I read this whole thread because it’s long and it has more than I can digest in one read. This reaction is triggered by the mention of Al Bielek who I’ve been listening to quite a bit this summer. Yesterday when I was building my orgone accumulator (now finished, go check the pictures on EW Facebook!), I pondered on that widespread conspiracy topic of the ‘staged alien invasion’ and had to think about the Philadelphia Experiment 12th august 1943 that apparently ultimately was held to rip a hole in time/space (whatever that means) so the earth could be invaded en masse by aliens. 12th of august 1983 is where Al Bielek and his brother ended up. In his talks he explains this 40 year gap has to do with some earth rythm. This means that in the not so distant future we’re coming to that point again. 2023 12th of august might be important, and I’m already intending to do some extra gifting in the days before that! 🙂

  226. Dancan Omollo

    Thanks a lot its my joy to let you know that Lillian has gone back to Uganda after a long struggle. Thanks to all who participated to her release in either financial and boosting support. Thanks to all of you . Dancan

  227. Esther Bunny Brown

    Concerning theosophy and gnosticism (and maybe even the Golden Dawn), should I avoid Tarot, petit Lenormand and possibly others in favor of the Cards of Destiny? (Apparently, I’m a King of Clubs according to the section of the seven thunders website concerning my destiny cards.)

  228. Edward

    Yes, his reasoning is superb.
    Almost everytime Don posts something historical and comments on it it helps me to put all the puzzle pieces together. Usually it sparks a memory from my classical education and something I learned years ago comes into new light and I can use it practically now. It’s hard to convey exactly what I mean because I’m not referring specifically to this post although it does apply, but rather on his style of putting it all together in a way that has me looking at everything I’ve learned in my life and finding new relevant uses for knowledge that I sometimes considered useless to me or irrelevant to my life. So ‘merci beaucoup!’

  229. Don Croft

    Thanks for the kind words, Charles and Ed.
    Esther, I personally believe that divination is solid, etheric tech and a window onto processes that the finite mind can’t fathom but are potentially useful if one has an open mind. I suspect that all of the Tarot decks have value and Carol has collected about a hundred or so over the years and uses several of them regularly.

    Gypsies use playing cards for divination and I’ve always assumed that Cards of Destiny came out of the same traditions. Historically, the Gypsies are arguably descended from among the northern tribes of Israel whom the Assyrians had moved to Scythia. According to the author of Cards of Destiny, those divination traditions are attributed to the Magi, who were the priesthood of the Medes who sometime ruled Scythia and later also became the priesthood of the Zoroastrians.

    The claim that the Gypsies migrated from India in the late European medieval period is negated, I believe, by the fact that they don’t believe in reincarnation. One reason Carol and I are eager to travel together to Southern France is that the Gypsies in Europe, at least, may also be Cathars. Maybe a lot of the Cajuns are, too. I confess that the main reason I feel driven to meet Cathars in Europe is that I suspect that their version of Christianity has the potential to uproot the grisly overlay of violence and prejudice that characterizes Roman churchianity and its ‘children.’ According to what Francisco of orgonita.eu, who now lives in Catalonia, has shared with me the new president of that nascent republic and his Gypsy wife may be Cathars, by the way. The suddenly dizzying amount of theosophy/gnostic (British Intelligence) disinformaiton about the Cathars in recent years may support my impression that this is a timely issue.

    I think that Carol favors Cards of Destiny because it’s the ‘cleanest’ divination method she’s found, which may be to say that the subjective component is essentially non-existent. It may be that just about anyone can make a divinination deck that works tolerably well. My impression is that the Golden Dawn version is essentially clean and so has been used to lure non-discerning people into their creepier dogma. They indoctrinated young Hitler, after all 😉

  230. Don Croft

    For gifted psychics like my wife, divination protocols are like diving boards into the etheric realm. Why not use the one that has the most spring to it? 😉

    I’ve been privileged to have known several world-class psychics. According to Dr Reich’s paintings, he was able to see subtle energy, by the way, and I mention Reich because etheric (orgone) science involves human instruments: psychics and people who see energy, which is a common trait among psychics. When psychics work closely together, as we’ve seen in the etheric warfare informal, international chatrooms over many years, the results are astounding. It’s too bad, I think, that Reich was apparently so isolated in that way.

    One of my several mentors was an elderly psychic woman in Ashland, Oregon, named Dorothy West. One of her grandmothers was a Welsh Druid of the Doran Order and the other was a Seneca medicine woman of high stature (Northern New York State). When Dorothy was fourteen they both initiated her in a ceremony, after which she was eligible to perform healings and rituals. When she was seven, she had the ability to predict each card of a Tarot deck before it was turned over but children of those old cultures are not allowed to ‘do the work’ until age 14. She used the Golden Dawn deck for divination but she’d rather cut her own throat than cause harm to anyone–I’d never known anyone with such a highly-refined conscience until Carol and I got together a few years later.

    Loving religion doesn’t negate our desire to explore reality independently. I rather believe that religion obliges us to do that.

  231. edward

    Hey thanks for the raffle; keep us posted on how to enter. I can’t say that i was going to build what you have built, because i don’t know everything you put into them; but i was thinking about building a cloudbuster with a copper sleeve and a zapper circuit with the mobius coil wrapped around a decent sized column shaped neodymium magnet , all the crystals used, and connected to the zapper circuit; once i could afford to. Hopefully i can win one of yours as i’m sure it will work better than anything i could build. Thanks again for the chance to win one!

  232. edward

    More stuff has happened prior to today, but i didn’t post it in time and now i don’t remember the details. So i’m just posting what happened an hour ago and 1 other thing. So in the last couple of years or so i hardly ever get good bond calls from the city of gulfport anymore. Sometimes i will go 2 weeks without my phone ever ringing for business. Often times for months at a time i will get half a dozen calls every single night that are worthless. Either someone who has already failed to appear, or someone from another state halfway across the country. In both cases I must have collateral to do the bond, and the only collateral i take is cash or bullion, either gold, silver or platinum. So that being said 99.9% of these calls are just useless and designed to keep me awake all night but without the income to make it worth my while. On occasion someone wants out bad enough that they get a relative to put up the full amount in cash and i can do the bond. But that’s rare, most street people will just sit in jail until they go to court in these cases. The fact that i will go with no calls for so long, and then several months in a row my phone rings off the hook for useless calls is evidence to me that it is gaslighting. Especially since i almost NEVER get any good calls. It’s obvious to me that all these people that no other bondsman will even consider bonding are being told to call me.

    So every 2 years we have to get re-licensed and post the new licenses in every jurisdiction with all the courts and police departments. We just had to do this again this year at the end of september. Even though it’s technically illegal, every jurisdiction has a “list” of approved bondsmen. If you aren’t on that list you cannot execute a bond there. Of course many jurisdictions use this to limit competition to their favorites.

    Anyway, today i get a call from a kid in gulfport that after doing the necessary checking i realize this is a good bond most likely(i mean I never really know for sure unless God tells me, or i get the collateral). I meet his mom at the police station to bond him. i execute the bond and was there maybe 30 minutes waiting on him and his mom to finish their applications. We were just about to walk out the door when i got called to the desk and told i couldn’t do the bond because i wasn’t on their “list”. BULL**** i saw the new list in october because i went around everywhere in harrison county and made sure i was on the new lists because i have been burned too many times in the past this way. Adding it all up it has cost me tens of thousands of dollars as a result. Money that could have made a huge difference in my life because i don’t write that many bonds.

    The woman working the desk at the police station pretended to be nice to me as she twisted the knife in my back. This woman knows exactly who i am, she knows i was in there a few weeks ago and did a bond. Before they screwed me in gulfport too, i used to do most of the bonds written there at night because everyone else was too lazy to answer their phones at night. i made a decent living for a couple years just writing bonds in gulfport until someone took notice. Then for about 6 months gulfport quit allowing people to bond out at night. That was to shut me down and no other purpose. When they started allowing bonds again i NEVER even got a call from gulfport for about 2 years or so, Until they started telling all the people they arrested for failure to appear to call me. which was right after i deployed the orgonite everywhere downtown, and wrote a few bonds out of gulfport.

    Man i’m so pissed off. When i left the police station and stepped outside i was taken aback for a few seconds. with the rage i was feeling inside of me and the intense emotion i could see the energy everywhere intensely and in vivid colors! Since i have calmed down it has subsided. I have heard others say from time to time that their metaphysical abilities seem to be stronger with extreme emotion. I hadn’t yet tried to see if that was true for me. So i have been paying close attention since reading this on the internet. What i have noticed is sometimes things just automatically happen in the etheric when i’m that pissed or any intense emotion, not just anger. I can even do things i cannot normally do, and it happens automatically without my conscience knowledge.

    Today I was acting a fool somewhat i was so pissed, most cops would have at least said something to me the way i was acting, and many would have just arrested me on the spot for disorderly conduct because i was loudly speaking my mind in a police station. I was on the verge of a disorderly conduct charge so i got the hell out of there in a hurry. But what i realized once outside and seeing all that energy so intensely, was that i was boosting that cop and the B**** that wouldn’t let me write the bond and i didn’t even realize it at 1st. What else i noticed was while i was still in there he was having a great deal of trouble fumbling around with the handcuffs trying to cuff the kid i was there to bond and seemed to be in great distress. And she was standing there with her mouth gaping open like she wanted to say something but couldn’t. lol. I’m pretty sure the boosting is why i didn’t get arrested as i’m sure that was the intent, to push me to the snapping point as they tried once in D’iberville but didn’t succeed in that case. They almost succeeded this time, i didn’t quite snap, but was close to it and was loud enough they should have at least said something to me.

    They wouldn’t let the kid call another bondsman, and were taking him to the county jail. Punishment for calling me of course. It often takes many hours to get out at the county jail because they are such hateful $#!+birds. This isn’t the 1st time something like this has happened, or the second or the third or the hundreth for that matter, but it’s the 1st time i came that close to snapping on the assholes. I really needed that money too. 150 bucks isn’t much in the scheme of things, but what just happened is those people will NEVER call me again, and this was the purpose of it all. funny enough, i WAS on the list in booking, that’s where the kid got my number.

    All these times they pull this kind of bullshit is part of why my phone never rings for good bonds anymore. Other bondsman have even commented to me that people on the street know they might get screwed with if they call me. I was so pissed off i was thinking as i was driving away “And the cops want to know why they are being murdered by thugs all over the country for no apparent reason.” Because i promise you they mess with the people they arrest like they screw with me, just in a different way. It’s not necessary to de-humanize or demoralize someone just because they got arrested for something. If they weren’t so satanically hateful they could be part of the solution instead of a big part of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these people that think people shouldn’t pay for what they do wrong, i am in fact ultra conservative, but the way people are being treated by so called law enforcement is pure evil hatred stemming from the rituals they take part in, Nothing more or less. I have had a bit of an insiders look in the last 12.5 years, and I have seen 1st hand how they treat people, it isn’t necessary and in fact is quite counterproductive. i guess i will post the other thing in the next comment because it is unrelated to this incident.

  233. edward

    Ok, so for the last 9 months or so i have been looking for my external harddrive. It has a lot of stuff on it and even my journal i did electronically for several years. Also a book i was almost finished writing, but hadn’t finished because i needed to learn some things before i could properly finish it. It only lacked a couple of chapters and it would have been done, It was relative to our times and probably would sell well if i can get it published.

    So anyway, l know exactly where i put it about 9 months ago. I put it in the file cabinet drawer that i keep felony bonds in because i hardly ever write felonies and this drawer has a lot of space. I went to get it about 8 months ago because my wife wanted me to print out our wedding pictures finally. They were supposed to be on it too. So i couldn’t find it anywhere. I even looked in all my office computer stuff in storage and in any other box that went to the bus then to storage to make damn sure i didn’t stick it in one of them accidently. I didn’t, i couldnt find it anywhere I know where i put it because i asked my wife to remember and made it a point to remember myself.

    Anyway i was in storage yesterday getting some angle iron and plywood so i could build the bed frame in the bus. I noticed the box my office computer was in was knocked over, the styrofoam that holds it safely in the box was gone,(i packed it in with the styrofoam protector, i always keep them) and the computer and keyboard had fallen out partially. I immediately went to check it out and noticed the computer was busted open, and while looking at the damage i see my external hardrive on the floor next to the computer box. I reached down to get it and see it is completely busted open and unrepairable. i can only hope a professional can get the info off it. Now, keep in mind my keys have been stolen numerous times in the last year since being at my aunts, and sometimes reappear right where i left them days or weeks later, and keep in mind also i took everything out of that box and looked in it specifically for the harddrive about 8 months ago when it disappeared. i Also noticed all our personal stuff had been rummaged through and ransacked somewhat; a few expensive tools were missing too. time for new locks i guess. More money i have to spend on something i already bought. This truly gets old.

  234. Edward

    Oh, I forgot to say it took me roughly 3.5 hours to make the above posts because I kept having so much trouble while writing it. The cursor on the laptop kept skipping all over the place and typing in the middle of finished parts, & kept randomly deleting large paragraphs and I had to keep re-entering everything. Major pain in the a$$. I did this post on my I phone, no trouble but I hate using it.

  235. Heidi

    I loved watching your vid on making the CTs – I can almost feel the energy up here in Canada-land! I have been collecting crystals for a while and now I know what to do with them… also like Dooney’s insights on forgiveness.. thank you! 🙂

  236. steamer

    Hi Don: Just came across this orgonite info and am highly excited that there are solutions happening behind the scenes. I ran across this while researching shungite and C60 fullerenes. Ive just listened to many of the interviews by Nancy Hopkins at Cosmicreality.net and was wondering if anyone has tried shungite in these devices? How about magnets? She has developed a number of products including both and is an energy sensitive like your wife and daughter and says the effects of shungite (which embodies the characteristics of all minerals) are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of magnetism. (maybe try dropping in nyobium magnets and using silver wire and shungite and we can blast them bastard Dracos on their own planet). Be interested to hear from you or anyone who has tried any of the above as I intend to start making some in my shop. Ive become a believer.

  237. steamer

    I think C60 in olive oil is highly protective against poisons as well as radiation and is fairly cheap too. And it is thought by many that it will double your lifespan to boot. AND it is cheap. Go to Carbon60plus.com or Vaughterwellness for the best deals. This is wonderful stuff and I have been taking it for a month now. It is known to have protective effects against both radiation and poisons and is the best antioxidant ever found. It is one of the principle constituents of shungite. The miracle mineral found only in Karelia Russia right next to the Finnish border. It is now being extensively studied and is commercially available from many places. I would strongly suggest that you and your wife get some and saturate your systems with it by taking a high dosage for a while before easing off to a maintenance dose. The C60 molecule will do wonders. It is 60 molecules of carbon in the shape of a soccer ball. It is also nicknamed a buckyball. This is because of Buckminster Fuller and the geodesic dome. The Buckminster Fullerene molecule is 2 Geodesic domes stuck together. It seems to have the ability to just transmute toxins and radiation somewhere else through its access to Quantum fields. Look into this. And hey if you need to hide for awhile you can come to Canada (somewhere) and use my spare room and teach me about how to make all these neat devices I keep reading about. Keep up the good work for Gaia.

  238. Edu

    Please boost Rwanda genocide if you can. We think the energy from the death of ‎500,000 murders is an important “battery” for all the bad juju used to keep Africa miserable.

    Bellow is a list of the genocide memorials, kept by the English based Aegis trust. One can see from the photos that most of these sites are designed to work with the energy of local mass graves:


  239. edward

    I eat mostly non gmo and organic as much as possible, roughly 60-75% of what we eat is organic. If I could afford it it would be exclusively organic from small local farmers and if I had my own place where we were able to settle , I would grow all of our produce myself.

    I have 2 main points based on experience and my sensitivity to toxins in the food. 1st one being that if the product is made by one of the companies that also sell weaponized food then you can bet your ass they are lying about it being organic. My wife and I both have had severe reactions (identical to what the weaponized food does) to supposed organic foods made by the makers of the weaponized food. So it’s not organic at all in my opinion.

    It pisses me off to see a product that is labeled non gmo and 100% organic, then while reading the ingredients list I see 100% organic Canola oil. WTF!!!! By definition canola oil is genetically modified! There is no such thing as a canola plant or tree. Canola is an anacronym for “Canada Oil” because it 1st came from Canada, and is genetically modified RAPESEED oil. So there is no such thing as non gmo canola oil. It’ a blatant lie!! This is only one example to make a point, there are others.

    2nd point being how all the health food stores and other stores bend you over and rape you with a telephone pole over the price. At the local health food store where we get our Kangen water, 1 spaghetti squash is $15. One eggplant is $12. WTF? Last time I grew a garden, which was most of my life with the exception of the last several years since I got married again, growing organic was CHEAPER than growing with chemical salt fertilizers and pesticides. It’s a little bit more labor intensive, but the money saved on chemicals more than makes up the difference. I understand for huge mega farms it may not be cheaper, but they aren’t the ones driving the organic market, it’s smaller mom and pop operations driving the growth. So I’m outraged and I point this out to people everywhere I go, and of course, around here anyway, people think I’m a fanatic or something because I always want to know what’s in the food and point out how the food is poisoning everyone. You can’t wake up dumb people, you can’t argue with fools either. They will eventually wear you down and beat you with experience. I’ve nearly given up trying to wake people up. I guess this point was it’s a damn crying shame how the middleman is profiteering from this movement, and the farmers themselves who provide the real food cannot get a premium for their goods.

    A perfect example: around here, 100% organically grown, free range pasture raised beef, NEVER given antibiotics, fetches the same price per pound at the stock yards as calves twice their size, same age, loaded up with growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and only God knows what else. But in the stores that same little organic calf sells for $35 a pound for ribeye, 12-$15/pound for ground chuck. That’s 3-5 times higher than what the weaponized beef sells for. To me it’s ludicrous. Something needs to be done!

  240. edward

    The reason I even have to read labels, is that my wife still don’t get it about processed food, and it’s a constant battle and compromise with her, and money, when it comes to what we eat. She’s slowly waking up though. Hopefully soon she will get there.

  241. Peter (switchback in your original website)

    I caught Dooneys video when it hit YouTube… I have been checking in here for updates.
    A few questions:
    Do we need an account to the new website to buy tickets?
    How long will the raffle entry last?
    Im sure that super CB will weigh 200lbs… shipping costs will be interesting!

    Please keep us posted!!

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Peter,
      You won’t need an account to purchase a raffle ticket as we will be doing Buy buttons. The raffle time period is not for sure, but will probably be about a month. I don’t have a exact weight on the CB base, but it’s definitely less than 200lbs. 🙂 We’ll be giving more details once the raffle starts.

  242. steamer

    2 Books by John L. Casey. “Dark Winter’ and “Upheaval” will give you a good idea of what to expect and it certainly isn’t warming.

  243. steamer

    We are at present entering a “Grand Solar Minimum”. The sun goes through cycles of high and low activity measured by the number of sunspots. We have been below 50 for a while now I believe and that is the threshold for a solar minimum.These Solar minimums are also known as solar hibernations and occur with regularity. It will get increasingly colder year by year and this is forecast to last through at least the 2030’s. These periods bring with them an increased risk of catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. John L Casey (author of Dark Winter and Upheaval), has repeatedly warned governments of the need to prepare for this but the general public is still blissfully unaware and unprepared.

  244. edward

    Wow! that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the year after i gifted 90% of the death towers and weather weaponry in Biloxi and Gulfport, that we now have record rainfall levels. Especially since the last 18 years or so we have been having drought conditions on the coast. It rained so much this year that it ruined most of my planned fishing trips, at some point this summer i just gave up trying to plan and hoped the fall and early winter would give me some nice weather. which it has but i haven’t had the extra gas money to drive to my favorite fishing spots; hopefully soon though.

  245. edward

    Steamer, that’s interesting, i am going to have to look that guy up and check out his work. I never believed the global warming hoax, as i’m old enough to remember when the $#!+birds were teaching us in grammar school in the ’70’s that we were about to have another ice age. I remember my daddy telling me that was BS back then. He called the TV the Boob Tube and said i shouldn’t believe anything i see on it, that stuck with me & i call it the same thing now. lol.

    My family was so corrupt and adept at manipulation and lying that my mother used to tell me this in reference to my family, “Son, don’t believe anything that you here, and only believe half of what you see, because even what you think you see isn’t as it appears”

    I shared that only to say this, that it absolutely applies to the boob tube too, and also politics and religion.

    1. steamer

      Edward your mama was a wise woman. The book Upheaval by John L Casey is his newest and most up to date and available on Amazon. We are experiencing the earliest onset of cold weather I can remember up here in Canada and I’ve been hearing other accounts of the same worldwide.

  246. edward

    Well i haven’t gifted anywhere recently other than a few above ground ritual sights in the earlier part of this year that i reported on in the old forum before it went down. But i have started dowsing again and once i was proficient at it again i started dowsing the map for all the ritual sights within city limits of harrison county used by the masons. Don suggested i hold the succor punch in my left hand with the tip of the crystal in the palm of my hand. I did notice a difference doing it this way. The pendulum was more responsive and reacted faster and I was getting much clearer answers with less uncertainties. So that is the only way i will do it now.

    Anyway, as soon as i get the orgonite and the earthpipes i will gift all the known ritual sights. Also i dowsed for how much orgonite is needed so i don’t waste any nor under gift the sights as i did at the one by my wifes’ job and had to add more later. which weirdly enough they are closing their doors next week and she had to find another job , which she has. I have felt from the beginning that the people who owned the place didn’t care about the kids, but only the money. And i knew it was a matter of time that it would close after i gifted the ritual sight within 200 yards of the perimeter fence. I hate it when i’m right and it affects us negatively. My wife was really starting to connect with some of the girls there and making a real difference in their lives in a way none of the other people there could. She has a unique gift of loving people the way they need loving, and then people just open up to her. I believe she was helping those girls in a way that place never could. in fact that place was making many of those girls lives worse, until they connected with my wife and were able to start healing because they knew she truly loved them and wasn’t there just for a paycheck.

    I noticed something too, the place my wife works is a private mental health place for teens. it has a satanic ritual sight within 200 yards of the perimeter fence. There is a state mental health facility for mentally challenged adults and kids in Long Beach Ms. It has a ritual sight somewhere on the grounds within one of the buildings. Now i know 2 places isn’t enough to say definitively that all mental health facilities have ritual sights close by, but it’s enough to get me curious. After i gift all the sights used against me i’m going to pursue this to see if its true. Currently i still need to dowse the unincorporated parts of harrison county and all of jackson and hancock counties to find the sights used by the masons there.

    I wanted to add also that after reading Don’s post about burning black candles to absorb the black magic and asking Dooney some questions about it, i finally bought a couple of cheap black candles from walmart. About 3.5 hours after lighting the 1st one i had a call for a felony bond that turned out to be a good bond, decent people. I had the impression the kid was slumming it and hanging around the wrong people and got caught up in something he wasn’t really guilty of. (they never said that) Anyway i did the bond the next day and was payed everything except a hundred bucks. I think that’s only the 3rd or 4th felony bond i’ve written all year.(most bondsman, and i used to, write more than that a week) i went out and bought a big black candle when the other two were gone and lit it last night. Hopefully it helps because now im not sure if it was truly black. It looked jet black before i lit it, but as its burning i see a hint of purple in it. So hopefully it works. I didn’t get any calls last night so I’m going to find a candle shop today and get some that are definitely black. or buy some more of those small ones i got at wallmart. i need to write and collect the money on 4 more bonds the same size as the one i did the other day just to break even and get out of the severe jam we are in. And i need to do it before Dec. 6th when about half that money is due. So i’m hoping and praying and intending my heart out right now. i know Don hates that word, but i’m doing it anyway, i need all the help i can get.lol not really funny though. Anyway, gifting reports coming just as soon as i gift the known ritual sights. Right now ritual sights are all i’m focused on as far as gifting, as they are really strangling me financially right now, so i have to hit them where it hurts them and helps me the most, and that’s masonic ritual sights. So if anyone feels like helping me boost these scumbags please feel free!!!

    I want to join EDU’s chat sessions, and will soon, but right now i don’t have internet where we live. hopefully we are moving in December or January though, and we will have it there. It’s a done deal, we are definitely moving, barring some catastrophic event.

  247. edward

    Obviously, I’m not Don, but i can say for sure that the neodymium magnets placed with the north facing side of the magnet placed facing up will definitely increase the power of the orgonite. i put them in all HHG’s and personal pendants i make now. I haven’t used any shungite yet, but i’m sure it will impart it’s subtle energy characteristics to the orgonite as other minerals and crystals do.

  248. Frode

    Lilian is in the hospital and recovering, they currently need $60 to stop the hospital bill from increasing (she can be moved to a different section of the hospital). A couple of sales of Bilo can help with that, anyone interested please contact Dancan dancan.omollo@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  249. edward

    I turned the laptop on and this is one of the articles that firefox suggested i read. I was like WOW this will definitely go well in Jeff’s thread about peak technology. It is an article from the New York Times of all places. It wasn’t long so i just copied and pasted the whole thing and removed the ads. I think what he is saying is exactly what Jeff is pointing out in this thread. A definite must read. Although everyone here most likely already feels similar to the author. It’s interesting that the sentiment is going mainstream though.

    “Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over”

    NOV. 18, 2017

    A decade ago I bought my first smartphone, a clunky little BlackBerry 8830 that came in a sleek black leather sheath. I loved that phone. I loved the way it effortlessly slid in and out of its case, loved the soft purr it emitted when an email came in, loved the silent whoosh of its trackball as I played Brick Breaker on the subway and the feel of its baby keys clicking under my fat thumbs. It was the world in my hands, and when I had to turn it off, I felt anxious and alone.

    Like most relationships we plunge into with hearts aflutter, our love affair with digital technology promised us the world: more friends, money and democracy! Free music, news and same-day shipping of paper towels! A laugh a minute, and a constant party at our fingertips.

    Many of us bought into the fantasy that digital made everything better. We surrendered to this idea, and mistook our dependence for romance, until it was too late.

    Today, when my phone is on, I feel anxious and count down the hours to when I am able to turn it off and truly relax. The love affair I once enjoyed with digital technology is over — and I know I’m not alone.

    Ten years after the iPhone first swept us off our feet, the growing mistrust of computers in both our personal lives and the greater society we live in is inescapable. This publishing season is flush with books raising alarms about digital technology’s pernicious effects on our lives: what smartphones are doing to our children; how Facebook and Twitter are eroding our democratic institutions; and the economic effects of tech monopolies.

    A recent Pew Research Center survey noted that more than 70 percent of Americans were worried about automation’s impact on jobs, while just 21 percent of respondents to a Quartz survey said they trust Facebook with their personal information. Nearly half of millennials worry about the negative effects of social media on their mental and physical health, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

    So what now?

    As much as we might fantasize about it, we probably won’t delete our social media accounts and toss our phones in the nearest body of water. What we can do is to restore some sense of balance over our relationship with digital technology, and the best way to do that is with analog: the ying to digital’s yang.
    Sign Up for the Opinion Today Newsletter

    Every weekday, get thought-provoking commentary from Op-Ed columnists, the Times editorial board and contributing writers from around the world.

    Thankfully, the analog world is still here, and not only is it surviving but, in many cases, it is thriving. Sales of old-fashioned print books are up for the third year in a row, according to the Association of American Publishers, while ebook sales have been declining. Independent bookstores have been steadily expanding for several years. Vinyl records have witnessed a decade-long boom in popularity (more than 200,000 newly pressed records are sold each week in the United States), while sales of instant-film cameras, paper notebooks, board games and Broadway tickets are all growing again.

    This surprising reversal of fortune for these apparently “obsolete” analog technologies is too often written off as nostalgia for a predigital time. But younger consumers who never owned a turntable and have few memories of life before the internet drive most of the current interest in analog, and often include those who work in Silicon Valley’s most powerful companies.

    Analog, although more cumbersome and costly than its digital equivalents, provides a richness of experience that is unparalleled with anything delivered through a screen. People are buying books because a book engages nearly all of their senses, from the smell of the paper and glue to the sight of the cover design and weight of the pages read, the sound of those sheets turning, and even the subtle taste of the ink on your fingertips. A book can be bought and sold, given and received, and displayed on a shelf for anyone to see. It can start conversations and cultivate romances.

    The limits of analog, which were once seen as a disadvantage, are increasingly one of the benefits people are turning to as a counterweight to the easy manipulation of digital. Though a page of paper is limited by its physical size and the permanence of the ink that marks it, there is a powerful efficiency in that simplicity. The person holding the pen above that notebook page is free to write, doodle or scribble her idea however she wishes between those borders, without the restrictions or distractions imposed by software.

    In a world of endless email chains, group chats, pop-up messages or endlessly tweaked documents and images, the walled garden of analog saves both time and inspires creativity. Web designers at Google have been required to use pen and paper as a first step when brainstorming new projects for the past several years, because it leads to better ideas than those begun on a screen.

    In contrast with the virtual “communities” we have built online, analog actually contributes to the real places where we live. I have become friendly with Ian Cheung, the appropriately opinionated owner of June Records, up the street from my home in Toronto. I benefit not only from the tax revenues that June Records contributes as a local business (paving the roads, paying my daughter’s teachers) but also from living nearby. Like the hardware store, Italian grocer and butcher on the same block, the brick and mortar presence of June adds to my neighborhood’s sense of place (i.e., a place with a killer selection of Cannonball Adderley and local indie albums) and gives me a feeling of belonging. I also have no doubts that, unlike Twitter, Ian would immediately kick out any Nazi or raving misogynist who started ranting inside his store.

    Analog excels particularly well at encouraging human interaction, which is crucial to our physical and mental well-being. The dynamic of a teacher working in a classroom full of students has not only proven resilient, but has outperformed digital learning experiments time and again. Digital may be extremely efficient in transferring pure information, but learning happens best when we build upon the relationships between students, teachers and their peers.

    We do not face a simple choice of digital or analog. That is the false logic of the binary code that computers are programmed with, which ignores the complexity of life in the real world. Instead, we are faced with a decision of how to strike the right balance between the two. If we keep that in mind, we are taking the first step toward a healthy relationship with all technology, and, most important, one another.

  250. Cyclingflinger

    Hi fellow gifters,

    I found this strange and weird atlas. It’s masonic to the bone, so better have all its points of interest gifted in the long run!


    I could even find targets, that weren’t gifted that strongly at my place, like an animal skull museum that is bordering the grid near Herentals. Or, the Mercator (Gerard de Kremer) museum in Sint-Niklaas in eastern flanders.

    Gift well!


  251. edward

    hello, this was originally posted on the old sight, but i am going to post from memory because i seem to have great trouble pulling anything from the archives. Some of the details weren’t in the original posts as the posts were too long already so i omitted them. It’s about a series of psychic attacks that occurred in the earlier part of this year and also how they are currently attacking me.

    So some time after we moved to my aunts house i started getting attacked by a group of 6 psychics. I can’t yet “at will” see into the etheric like others can, however i do get glimpses of things and see pictures and get strong feelings, etc. etc. Well when it 1st started i didn’t know what was happening exactly. After a few attacks i started seeing six psychics sitting around the convex side of a big crescent shaped table roughly 10 feet from point to point. I got the impression they were in some sort of government command center. The room the table was in had a big two way mirror up high on one wall. The room was sunken below the level of the observation window. The concave part of the table faced the two way observation mirror. The psychics were all wearing a silvery green colored uniform and their 4 bosses who were observing through the window were wearing a greenish taupe colored uniform.

    Anyway, they kept charging my bowels with energy and it was causing me to almost crap my pants, a couple times i didn’t make it to the toilet. Well after i realized what the heck was going on because i started getting images of the psychics then i started returning the attack. They did it a few more times, and the last time i returned the attack i amplified it a million fold, and i saw all 6 psychics violently crapping their pants, and also their 4 bosses. lol serves them right.

    Anyway, they quit doing this and some time later they started charging my heart chakra the same way. I was caught off guard the 1st few times, but managed to change the energy to love and amplify it a million fold and send it back. One of the times i was at the eye doctor and he was checking my blood pressure. Normally i have perfect blood pressure but this time because of the attack it was 144 over 99. That freaked the eye doctor out and he told me i needed to see a heart doctor and get put on blood pressure meds, but of course that’s not going to happen. The attack was almost debilitating and caught me off guard, it took me a few minutes to regain composure and return the attack in love, which i did and it ended a few minutes or so later. They attacked me numerous times this way over the course of several months, every time i changed the energy to love and sent it back and shortly thereafter the attack stopped. They did it again when i was at the eye doctor at the same moment he was checking my blood pressure. And again it was exactly 144 over 99. Well this time i was caught so off guard that i was struggling to return the attack. I did though, but forgot to change the energy into love, and i amplified it a million fold and returned the attack. It stopped immediately and i saw the 6 psychics and their 4 bosses
    all grabbing their chests, falling to the floor and not moving again. I haven’t been attacked by psychics since then, and that was sometime around april or may, maybe june; i would have to check my emails to Don to find out exactly when, but you get the point.

    Now i think they are focusing solely on destroying my finances and messing with my head and the financial attacks have been very effective so far. Hopefully i can break these financial attacks once i gift all the ritual sights being used against me by the masons. Soon! before this month is over hopefully, but definitely before the new year! Also i think they have been attacking my mind too, as i have had to deal with an intense amount of negative and depressing thoughts, The likes of which i haven’t had in 22.5 years. There has been a lot of confusion and while it’s happening i often completely lose my train of thought, but thankfully I can stop those attacks by putting on the armor of God, but sometimes circumstances get in the way and i may wallow in it a couple hours before i realize what’s happening. So anyone who cares to, please be boosting my wife so i can concentrate on getting our finances in order. Thanks for any help boosting!

    And again this post took a couple hours or so because of the damn cursor jumping all over the place and randomly deleting parts of the post and typing in the middle of stuff already written. They are such jerk offs, i wish they would all just drop dead sometimes.

    Even with the bond i wrote last week, i am still deep in the hole and have a deadline to pay fast approaching. So i can’t spend any money on anything until i dig out of this situation. With the attacks on my mind it has been difficult to focus on what i need to to create some income. But i guess that’s partly my fault because i haven’t been boosting the $#!+birds like i should be nor as often because i’m too busy reeling from the attacks. Though in the last several days since ive been burning the black candles i have had much better mental clarity.

  252. Cyclingflinger

    Hi Edward,

    I personally invite you to our boosting chat group! Already asked our forum members and it will be good, to have you next to our ranks!

    Why does every member of our own family always wants us to be able to pay for a supercarrier??? and if we fail, they will let us feel at their next luciferian paradigm aka family parade!

    We chat every sunday at 13 UTC, pls be welcomed! If you can pls mail to me or Edu or Yu!


  253. Cyclingflinger

    Ik ben benieuwd, wat is jouw mail? Hoe kunnen we dan verder giften? Fort Kessel is “een Heimat” geworden!

    I am curious, whats your mail adress? How can we able to gift farther?


    PS: The server can’t handle fast communication? Masonic again?

    1. Captain Darling

      Hey Cyclingflinger, sorry about taking so long to get back to you. Glad to hear Fort Kessel is doing fine! 🙂 I have been gifting for quite a while now in a thorough and methodical way. Although I have made nice progress and can clearly see the positive effects my orgonite has on the skies, I would like to team up with someone, just to make it all more efficient. I really want to see the chemtrails and weather modification waves gone. How about going for a drink some day and see how we can help each other out? Just send me a mail on kurt.commercieel@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there. Hope to talk to you soon!

      1. Cyclingflinger

        Thank you for the answer. I’ve just forwarded you a private mail.

        Cheers for your giftings in the southern Campines, really appreciated here! Speak soon!


  254. Cyclingflinger

    Sorry, I was answering to that “captain darling” with the last post. Clearly a bad timed, hacked emotionally again!

    Yes, I gifted Berlaar myself and without the help of anyone and so for the whole province of Antwerp.

    Never trust summoned talks! They are eager to their artificial apex!


  255. Edward

    Thanks, Don told me that Edu invited me to join, but right this minute I don’t have internet where we are and I don’t have much streaming on my phone. But we are moving soon and will definitely have internet once we get settled there. It’s a good move for us and we will be able to start moving forward again. So once we get there I would love to join the chat! We should be moving within a few weeks barring a catastrophe of some sort.

  256. Edward

    What I thought was one of the best things about this article was the fact it was published in the New York Times, can’t get too much more mainstream than that. People are waking up enough that they allowed this to be published there.

  257. TeresaE

    This year was a banner year for bugs and birds. August was one of the coolest I’ve seen in my half century in Southern Michigan.
    Yet, when I point out the fact, blank stares mostly. Then I explain, we breathe carbon, are made of carbon (energy actually, but that’s another mind blower for pajama people), and shockingly, excess carbon can be “fixed” with plants.
    According to wildlife counts, already is being taken care of.

    We are carbon beings on a carbon planet, we are careening towards 8 billion humans plus other beings that all require food.
    Limiting carbon from a carbon based planet that has an existing system of regulation – plants – is the most blatant warping of generally accepted science running right now. Chemicals and energetic pollution is our true enemy, simple orgone devices, and our intents, fight one.
    I’m now trying to boost the chemists and their companies. While watching a chemtrail form the other day, I began sending intense love to the pilot, his bosses, those behind it, then to Gaia and her sky.
    It disappeared within minutes. The powers we hold are so much deeper, more magical, than we believe. My spirit/angels tell me, show me, all the time.

    1. Don Croft

      Global Warming is just one of the Big Lies (Hitler’s term, though probably invented by his ‘cellmate, Rudolf Hesse) that the corporate order manages to incorporate into popular culture, as is the notion that ‘humanity is a virus.’ I remember when the Rockefeller Foundation rolled out environmentalism as a politico/religious movement quite suddenly in the mid 70s, using former Vietnam War protestors and hippies as the first eager, unquestioning proselytes. Even though it would be ten more years before I read my first conspiracy book I had been shocked by the engineered nature of that militant movement.

      Using the mind to affect clouds is fun for some and was ridiculed in the movie, Men Who Stare At Goats. Chemtrails are seeded clouds, of course, which is why they don’t come down to the ground. I sometimes wonder whether people would be afraid of chemtrail-seeded clouds if not for the massive volume of compelling fear porn on the web about chemtrails. I rarely encounter people who actually witnessed chemtrails when they were sickening untold millions of people between 1998 and 2003, before several thousand, mostly home-made, orgonite cloudbusters quietly destroyed that agenda. I also wonder how much real value these seeded clouds have, psychologically–perhaps very little.

      The entire human race can live comfortably in Texas right now, so maybe it’s too soon to worry about overpopulation. It may never be to soon to discuss colonizing other planets, though. I’ve seen huge antigravity craft, up close, that presumably belong to the disgusting air force so it’s a moot point to me.

      It might be a comfort for people who worry about overpopulation to travel though some of hte world’s profoundly vast and desolate regions for some assurance that we’re not crowding each other, even in China. Orgonite is turning several of these deserts into pastures, literally.

  258. Carlos Silva

    A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm

    And the story of a free, private library in Manila, Philippines where anyone can take books from, for as long as they want, even to keep them. This library has been growing ever since it got started, 12 years ago, and more people want to create their own free libraries in the country.

    1. Jeff Miller

      Hi, Carlos! Thanks for this powerful addition. I feel like this is also a good research subject, which I’m going to dig into, see if we can see into larger trends.

      It grows like a living, branching tree or stream, doesn’t it? So much fun.

      The weather and the light, the sun, the vistas, have been just extraordinary all summer, and more and more of late, here in Pittsburgh.

  259. Frode

    “The average British person is consuming fewer things. Perhaps we are slowly beginning to realise that less really is more .

    Recent data from the Office for National Statistics shows the average person is consuming fewer resources than they were a decade ago, recording a fall from 15 tonnes of material in 2001 to 10 tonnes in 2013. We also use less material per person than any other European country bar Spain.”


    1. Jeff Miller

      Frode, good afternoon – thanks for this great addition! And for documenting we’ve also passed Peak Materialism.

      I believe this should be it’s own post, I’ll begin researching the “less consumption” trend and report back, you may be assured.

      In business, a profit margin is thin, usually. The Bad Guys are skilled and ingenious, but not superhuman. Things like people consuming less – a full third less! – hurts their bottom lines, both physical and etheric.

      Their boat is as full of holes as swiss cheese, and going down fast. A ship sinking is a thing, a real thing, and it’s going to be really fun watching this process, it already is.

  260. Mrs. O

    Any one can order Bilo orgonite for this time that we have Christmas offer.
    Previously our country Kenya had been in turmoil but the elected president is being sworn in the country will have at least some peace. Even the duration that they will take before reaching you will not be long. So you can order now. The bilo orgonite that we had been selling at $ 60 now will go down to $40. So whoever might be interested may order through Mrs. O or Dancan. fatienoodondi@hotmail.co.uk, dancan.omollo@yahoo.com

  261. Jeff Miller

    Katharine, Teresa, thanks for these great additions! By all means, keep ’em coming, please.

    Teresa, that’s remarkable, in that I posted something virtually identical on this forum in 2008, I believe it was. I was driving home from work, and the spraying was extreme and blatant, and a spray plane was going right over top of me. So I boosted it, visualized the cockpit filling up with the bright light of highest Love energy. And the plane disappeared. I know Don commented on the thread at the time, perhaps he or another recalls the post. Science! Data points.

  262. Jeff Miller

    Don, thanks for the good word, and Angel, nice to meet you, I was thinking what Don said when I read what he said.

    In your post, you noted “The suicide rate, drunks, drug addicts, diseases of all sorts, and deaths by the droves are at an all-time staggering high. Each weekend is filled with drunks who yell at the top of their lungs, fighting, vandalizing…our house is hit a lot…go figure. I see a once proud nation being brought to it’s knees and, at first, I dropped into a state of depression as my own mind and health were violently attacked on a non-stop basis.”

    Re: the attacks, I would recommend you to study Dooney’s boosting techniques, and, ideally, schedule time with her. When, via a web chat, she confirmed she could see the positive energy I was sending her, I knew that I was ‘doing it correctly’.

    Only we can repel these attacks, and it’s our responsibility to learn the techniques, raise our energetic level where those attacks cannot exist in our space, as it were.

    I’ve talked a lot about the suicide rate in my Rising Female Death Rate posts, so I’m with you. But it’s within a larger context that’s jaw-dropping, e.g. crime as low as it’s been in history, that sort of thing. One must keep one’s eyes raised, and on the bigger picture, and where things are going, the direction things are moving.

    War deaths dropping decade upon decade, used to be able to actually own slaves, can’t anymore, etc. Organic food exploding. Did I mention the Bad Guys just lost Catalonia and Zimbabwe, in less than a month?

  263. Edu

    We boosted an underground base under lake Victoria during one of our chats, so this is very likely to be related to the previous beliefs in attacks by demons around the islands, before they were gifted.

    If one could manage to place orgonite earth pipes in pyramid island, I think it would make things even better. To make an earth pipe one can use any metal pipe (like from a junkyard) that has at least 1 1/2 inch of diameter and at least 13 inches long. Close one end of the pipe, place it straight up, fill half the pipe with orgonite mixture (metal and catalyzed resin) them drop some crystalline pebbles (the same used for common mbloea) over the mixture and let it harden.

    For placing it on the ground, hammer it with a sledgehammer, the empty part of the pipe facing down. With these devices one can gift underground bad energies that cannot be reached with common orgonite.

    For very very very bad places one can places 3 earth pipes, one next to the other, touching each it other forming a small triangle.

    1. Don Croft

      I have a hunch that Pyramid Island would be prime tourist real estate if not for its reputation for demonic energy. When I found out about it, I think from Chris Owuor, I had a notion that the kikundi could someday purchase it and then cause it to have a reputation for positive energy ;-), not unlike the way that they (mainly Billie Kibiator) removed the taint of cannibalistic sorcery from Nyamira District after driving the sorcerers out with simple orgonite in 2012.

  264. Don Croft

    Good point, Jeff, because this points up the weird sociopath dynamic that the very prolific (and potentially prolific) orgonite flingers in Europe are specifically subjected to for long periods. Angel has the dubious distinction, apparently, of being a target of this tactic. Other notable targets have been Silvio in Italy and Frode in Norway. Frode, at least, finally managed to leave the urban environment and has overcome this problem, at least.
    Gangstalking is another dynamic that’s favored as a tactical hindrance but that won’t work on most of us because we don’t hesitate to confront the culprits, most of whom are no doubt recruited from prisons.

    The present neo-global corporate regime resemble’s Hitler’s this way, I think. After WWII, when the German Gestapo had become INTERPOL, the latter were recruiting from prisons and they kept transfering their agents on a regular basis so that they wouldn’t be able to develop their own off-hours, local criminal networks.

    I don’t mention this much, any more, but in our experience, reptiles are often used for the kind of work that Angel and others are subjected to. I haven’t seen a full-blown reptile in a long time but I still see people who exhibit what I’d call low-grade reptilian behavior, which feels different to me from low-grade human behavior. I just learned from Carol that her first sighting of reptiles was when she was 25 and someone in the disco club she went to gave her magic mushrooms. At the time, she was fully psychic but did her best to suppress it but after she ate the shrooms about ten percent of the people in the club in Spokane, Washington, looked like lizards. That seems the typical ratio in Spokane, where she grew up and isn’t far from us.

    In later years, Carol got a lot of personal training in order to manage her psi ability. She didn’t eat magic mushrooms, again, but it seems to be very easy for her to spot non-human sentient beings that live among us.

    Angel probably also has the skill to make this determination in her situation (the enemy seem to be very afraid of psychics who won’t work for them), which might provide some comic relief for her, at least, and it would be nice to know whether her tormentors are mainly or entirely reptile automatons–the low-grade ones (like low-grade humans) essentially live from their little ‘lizard brain’ (medulla oblongata) after all, and their highest aspiration is the gratification of physical desires, so are very easy to manipulate remotely. It would be good to post more info about it because all forms of exposure are effective against the enemy. We’ve also encountered nice and indifferent reptiles, by the way. The ratio of nice reptiles is presumably the same as for nice humans. I think Icke’s fear-porn campaign about reptilians has been breaking down, finally.

  265. Edu

    The best opinion I ever read about chemtrails was from Miles Mathis: Chemtrails are outright pollution! If they can make us or the environment sick better for the world odor, but their main objective is to get rid of industrial waste that would otherwise cost a lot to safely dispose. Not unlike what they do with the fluoride compounds that are tossed in the public water supplies. They might have some use in limited weather control and etheric warfare by suddenly releasing truckloads of DOR over an area, but that’s it. Not a deadly depopulation weapon.

  266. Edward

    I think it’s possible they may have intended the chemtrails to help weed out the people with weaker genes since so many were getting so sick until the cloudbusters and orgonite spread all over and eugenics is such an obvious part of their plan. Obviously the death towers backfired on them because of orgonite, perhaps the chemtrails would have been more effective at killing us had orgonite cloudbusters not been invented. Thankfully they were, so I guess we will never know. I agree though that most sights screaming the loudest about chemtrails are fear porn and disinformation sights controlled by the new world odor and are not to be trusted.

  267. Edward

    And I do agree that they are also a primary means for getting rid of industrial waste, but why spray it in an atomized aerosol if not for the purpose of making us sick. I think they were killing two birds with one stone by spraying the waste so to speak.

  268. Cyclingflinger

    Buongiorno tutti!

    Fall season has set up these days and its much more demanding to go gift on the bike, but no worries you can always gift deeper into your own realm and that’s what I’m doing these days. Trying to create more and more orgonite to gift around and a new PW for the change! 🙂

    I didn’t shout that overtly enough on creating more batches of orgonite as it helps every energetic situation out there, no matter how negative stakes are, they get reduced and having your new batch curing is always a win to win situation. That is the most normal reaction that a human spirit can have without being conditioned to evil!

    I would like to ask some other gifters if they have seen such statue in their own environment? It feels like a culmination of masonic idiom. Any translators on those hebrew signs would be welcomed. I like more to be on the field gifting than losing time studying books that would give silent or secret meanings … I learned this from Gare, your home is the world itself not the residential number you have chosen!

    You see we advance with our orgonite giftings but the bureaucrats like to annihilate all nature and that’s why the little town of Edegem is being urbanised to hell. It was a southern oasis of green to Antwerp and now it has become a building complex with gardens? Go figure?

    Every time we create more simple orgonite we master our spirit which is the group spirit that has been set here, not the individual one as any lack of the group creates a tyrant? Did anyone really felt that bad by asking help and being helped after all?

    Sorry, to ask so many questions but in the end, is that the fluffy bunny part of our brains would make place for the sturdiest intellectual acknowledgements that simplicity is the most efficient way. I learned it with orgonite and now with food too! 🙂

    Here are the pics around Edegem and Mechlin:



    1. Cyclingflinger

      Good morning fellow gifters,

      Spring is back and what a better time to resume gifting orgonite. In the winter it was merely adding and maintaining the grid that has been growing over the years. Short days, little travels and ofc more boostings!

      Last weekend I went gifting to the east of Antwerp in the land of Waas (province of Oost-Vlaanderen) in the towns of Melsele, Zwijndrecht and Beveren. Gridding the way to the dutch border (I want to reach a dutch town full of bulwarks in the near future) and the belgian nuclear facility called Doel. At my place it is the most disgusting source of negative orgone. It has a very big range and affects so much people in town.

      I had the chance to gift a plaisance castle: Hof Ter Saksken, which was used as a general hindquarter 🙂 for the german troops during the first WW. It gaurded the railway for sustaining logistical support up to the front in Yper. Some wierdo kid followed me and I could catch him on pic. The minute I uncovered him he didn’t knew what to do and went hiding behind the building, haha.

      Another good thing was to be able to hit the waters around the Fort of Zwijndrecht. This fort is still under belgian military occupation and the acces is strongly prohibited. Sentinel patrols with wardogs. Every time you keep gifting around a dory subject, you create new patways for reaching your target more precisely. It becomes easier and easier. This time I could find a breach in the wooded parts and had some flinging fun hitting the water, always a nice sound. When I arrived there were obvisously sheople in the way and had to return some time after. One of the best confirmations are heavy flocks of birds flying above you to thank you personally for the normal positivity that you have brought back to their natural habitats.

      Everytime we gift, we also punch in their nasty web of mental control and sabotaging their general agenda. I hope to muster more energy this way to be able to boost Mrs O and the Kikundi everytime a little better!



  269. Carlos Silva


    The Sahel is getting greener: natural vegetation dynamics are in favour

    27/07/2011 – Article

    In the Bani catchment area in Mali, spatial remote sensing has revealed an increase in the vegetation index over the past twenty-five years. This trend, which has been seen in most of the studies done in West Africa, is not accompanied by any significant increases in rainfall. How can we explain it? According to a team from CIRAD, it may be the result of natural vegetation dynamics, rather than of land use changes, as is often suggested.

    In the Bani catchment area, which covers 130 000 square kilometres of Mali, a team from CIRAD and its partners monitored vegetation dynamics from 1982 to 2006, to determine what was making the Sahel greener. This was done by looking at a series of NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) images, which are a good indicator of photosynthetic activity in a given area. The changes in the index were analysed in line with rainfall and land use changes, the main two factors that determine vegetation dynamics in the Sudano-Sahelian zone.

    Over the period 1982-2006, there was no change in annual rainfall in the catchment area. However, there was an increase in the areas planted, from 13% to 23% between 1985 and 2000. However, analyses of these results failed to find any clear links between the increased vegetation index in the area and land use changes.
    Expanded cropping only explained the trend in northern Bani, in the Sahelian zone, where crops had a higher vegetation index than the natural vegetation. The increased index in the catchment area as a whole was thus primarily due to natural vegetation dynamics.

    This dynamic in fact depended on rainfall distribution over the past twenty-five years, and not on rainfall trends. In effect, while there was a rainfall deficit from 2000 to 2006, rainfall increased from 1982 to 1999. Perennial plants were able to make use of that increase and survive during the subsequent dry period.

    The study showed the limitations of trend analyses in remote sensing and climatology, based on linear relations, which are too simplistic to fully reproduce the ecological and geographical phenomena at play.

    Bégué A. et al., 2011. Can a 25-year trend in vegetation dynamics (NOAA-AVHRR NDVI) be interpreted in terms of land use change? A case study of the Bani catchment in Mali. Global Environmental Change, 21: 413-420. Doi : 10.1016/j. gloenvcha.2011. 02.002.

  270. dooney Post author

    Carol has chosen Jan. 1, 2018 to start the raffle as it is a very auspicious day in the Cards of Destiny. The raffle will run until Feb. 1, and the winners will be picked on Feb. 2, which is an ancient High Holy day of Candlemas (you know it as Groundhog Day). Carol and Don have been finishing the assembly and we’ll have a picture for you soon.
    Dooney 🙂

    1. Don Croft

      I’m really proud of my wife for achieving this new design coup, which apparently embraces a lot of dimensions! We’ll be making a few more because she, Dooney and Lynn want one and they helped her with construction. I don’t know if Carol will be making them for sale but I hope she will. They will need to cost quite a lot, due to the cost of the components (some are pretty arcane, too) and the time required.

      1. Jeff Miller

        Don, good afternoon – please count me in, I’ll watch for details.

        To me, these devices are historically-significant from a technology perspective. But I also but guess, without having yet seen them, that they are also beautiful as works of art. Because form follows function.

        I’m moving to Brooklyn in the spring. If I win the raffle, I’m sure I’ll find some Batman-esque place to put it in Gotham.

        Isn’t life rich?

  271. Edward

    I tried to post this yesterday with a laptop, same problems as last time and when I hit ‘post comment’, the browser closed and I lost it altogether. I’m on the iPhone now.
    The following is nothing major, just an example of the day to day BS I put up with around here in the bail bond business. So when I got all my paperwork certified at the circuit clerks office back in September, I brought my debit card to pay for the certified copies they make. I don’t keep money in the bank anymore and only put it there to pay something when I need a record of the transaction, like paying back collateral. so I had to make a trip to the bank 1st to deposit enough for the copies. I get in the circuit clerks office September 27th and tried to pay for the copies with the card. We were told in a letter from the circuit clerk not to bring cash, or at least I was. While there I’m told they don’t take cards, only cash. They let me owe them the 3 bucks (how nice) and gave me the copies. So I go back a few days ago to get another copy to bring to Gulfport because they claim I never turned in paperwork, and I go to pay what I owed from September and the dollar for the new copy and I brought cash. The same girl tells me they don’t take cash and never have, that they only take cards, or a company check. WTF so I paid her with the card. I wouldn’t have been able to if I had not just deposited collateral money so I could return it to someone. So I had to make another trip to the bank to cover what I used. It’s so petty it’s not even funny. This is typical of how I’m gaslighted on a daily basis. I swear if I didn’t love Jesus and try my best to live as he taught, there would be a lot of dead @$$holes around here.

    Back in the earlier part of this year somehow (mysteriously) the screen on my cheap LG tablet got broke. I went to replace it with another really cheap one and put it on the same plan I already had as they told me when I orginally got it that if anything happened to it I could do that. Well the lady we like dealing with at c-spire wasn’t there that day, so stupid me instead of going back when she was there I let the manager handle it. The POS told us that I would have to buy a new separate plan for the new tablet and continue paying for the old plan at the same time. Well I knew better so I told him what a piece of shit he was and we left with my mad wife not understanding why I spoke to him that way. I figured I would just go back later. Well I had to use the tablet money for something unexpected, can’t remember, probably when they sabotaged the truck, and since then Ive never had the extra money to get another tablet.

    Originally I had an unlimited plan, prior to the tablet incident when we went to renew the contract the same manager screwed us out of that claiming they never had unlimited streaming plans and now suddenly I’m stuck with only 20 gigs of streaming to share between 4 phones and a tablet, For more money. Since my agent in Hattiesburg never wrote any bonds because of how hard it is to get them, I cancelled the Hattiesburg number and reduced the new bill to about the same as it was with 4 unlimited phones and a tablet. Since then maybe 6 months later they claim we only had 10 gigs, then last month they reduced it again to 6 gigs. Now because of the overage charges, I’m paying more for 3 phones with 6 gigs than I was paying for 4 phones and a tablet that were unlimited streaming. I’m truly sick of it. Well yesterday I go to pay the bill, I started boosting the @$$hat in question before I went in. I get to the door and he opens it for us and gives me a shit eating grin because he knows I know he’s screwing us over. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him “if you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t even look at me you scumbag piece of garbage” he looked away instantly and quit smiling. My wife got so pissed at me but I don’t even care. I’m tired of these @$$hats screwing with me. Mostly it causes division between my wife and I, and nothing more. One day she will wake up, hopefully soon.

  272. Edward

    Oh, forgot to mention, once when I was at cspire paying the bill I saw the lady we like to deal with. I asked her about how it works if you break a tablet and want a new one. She explained it the same way that I originally understood it, which is buy a new one and it goes onto the same plan as the old one with no additional expense other than buying it. So I added the @$$hat manager in question to the list of $#!+birds I boost regularly.

  273. Edu

    I understand what you feel but keep it easy, they are goading you. You don’t want to loose your wife because of a scumbag. Anger lowers your vibe and make it easier for them to psychically attack you. I’m an angry person too, I think the PJ world sucks. Sometime this hurts me pretty bad.

  274. Edward

    Yeah, I know your right, believe it or not I don’t stay mad long, maybe 15 minutes, then I’m just as happy as if nothing happened. But man during that 15 minutes.
    Here lately though I have really been letting it all get to me and haven’t been letting it go as I should. Abject poverty sucks, especially when you see your counterparts in the same business making thousands of dollars a week because of their connections, and im not making that much in 2 months.

  275. Don Croft

    Thanks, Carlos–accountability is our friend

    They do sort of look like transformers but I’ve never seen heavy coaxial cables coming up from underground to transformers. I’ll ask Harold, an accomplished orgonite flinger who now lives nearby and is a retired engineer who worked on transformer arrays,

    If it’s a transformer array the coax cables may be evidence that it’s also a weapon array.

    Carol and I have flipped a few arrays whose towers are all connected together at the top. The fellow who is evidently doing the toppling seems to have some insight.

    The real news, perhaps, is that a lot of people now resent weather warfare 😉

  276. Carlos Silva

    Right, it’s weird to see coaxials on this type of instalation.

    The story sounded too clear cut so I searched a bit more and found an article on Brazilian news about this. According to the article, a bunch of Sem-Terra (landless people) went on a rampage in a farm, which included damages to a lot more equipment. They were concerned about the removal of water from the nearby river.


    Here one farmer from that area explains they were actually not Sem-Terra, they were all farmers from the region and they did it because the river was loosing water more and more every year to that mega-farm, and “no-one was doing anything”. So for them it was about survival.

    It was great to find this video because I was sure the news corporations would not give voice to those people. It’s ok, they don’t need to anymore – we have the internet 😉

    1. Edu

      This is a common practice in Brazilian poorest region, the “Nordeste”. Big plantation owners siphon all the water resources of a place to their exportation crops, while the locals are left to perish.

  277. Edu

    When I was in Houston in November 2014, there were local news about systematic destruction of cell towers in the rural areas. The police didn’t (want) to know their motivation, as nothing was stolen in these cases. 12 towers had been attacked so far.

  278. Silvio

    There are at 10 years of gap since I started, and many gifted generously in Italy. I was inspired by reading past reports, without knowing I was later try to emulate them. Gifters from Uk, German, France, US, probably from everywhere. I found one of reports from psychics Lazou and Cesco, its very interesting it also includes episodes from IIreland and Balkans and Italy. Thank you

    Thnaks Don for opening the Tuscany thread, I am preparing the material for the reports which includes I hope a project that will involve other gifters like Andrea, and I look forward everybody contribution. I must not forget to say that I was helped by other gifters and by EW readers in various occasions in order to get some support for the gifting in Tuscany. Tuscany and central Italy are key location, as Don said from cultural and for the geographic location. Tuscany is in the middle of two large mediterranen islands like Sardinia and Corse and on the other side the Balcans. Central Italy has a srtong seismic activity and in a distant past was eruptive zone which created many volcanic lakes and mountains.
    In fact even n today the volcanic activity is used fo creating electric energy fromm geo-thermal plants (something like 1.2 gigawatts from earth steam).

    Since Done mentione Vatican, there are gifters who also gifted the Radio Vaticano antenna which is a documented leukemia case that affected many children and adults in that area.

    1. Don Croft

      Thanks for mentioning that, Silvio. Vittorio’s done a masterful job and has vast field experience with orgonite. A confirmation that gliorgonauti.it is vital is that he was incessantly harassed for it, including gang stalking. That strategy had proven useful for the sewer rat agencies for intimidating a lot of good people to abandon their efforts to share empowering information online but it failed in Vittorio’s case. This sort of thing tends to be more overt in Europe than in N America.

      Orgonite fingers in N. Europe & Scandinavia get a lot of black helicopter visits and they tend to see these as unwitting confirmations; involuntary applause by the sewer rats ;-). They started painting their helicopters in the US to look like ordinary ones pretty early after they had become ubiquitous, perhaps because a lot of Americans were shooting at them. It reminds me of the story of the Gestapo trucks that filled up with arrested innocents in the middle of every night. Not too long after they started doing that in the mid-1930s they began painting them to look like circus trucks and had loudspeakers, blaring circus music to drown out the shouts and cries of the innocents inside.

      After the Brits & Mossadomites cleverly deposed the Shah and installed their Khomeini lookalike the Iranian Gestapo equivalent got busy rounding up hordes of innocents in broad daylight. they had to stop wearing those pretty uniforms, pretty early on, because volunteer civilian snipers were taking them out systematically.

      During the short time when we were seeing black helicopters all over our continent I also saw green, Russian military helicopters, at least where I was living, and occasional little convoys of Russian military vehicles on the roads. That was when it looked like the federal gov’t was holding out hope for martial law, right after they blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma and untold thousands of Russian troops were already being billeted in national parks, abandoned mines, underground bases, etc., in the US, Canada and Mexico.

      I think most of those fellows eventually became urban drug pushers for the CIA after martial law finally became untenable for this criminal regime. The Russian ‘mafia’ is so busy in nearby Spokane, Washington, that a lot of people have refused to live in that urban area any more, so have voted with their feet and are now causing our lovely area in nearby Idaho to have become quite crowded with people who prefer a long commute to living in that city. I wonder how bad it would be, there, if we hadn’t busted all the death towers, nefarious institutions and high rise district many years ago. It’s actually a pleasant place, energy-wise, and I’ve always admired and appreciated Russians, in general.

      I wonder how many people think about the huge Russian-army contingent that were sitting on their hands in Serbia throughout the horrid conflict that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia. They’re still there, I’m told–an army of old men by now: imagine a wheelchair infantry assault. Historically, after any major foreign campaign, national economies have rarely been able to remain viable after a huge army returns home and the Russian gov’t apparently refused to allow most of them to come back after the phony Cold War ended. Kissinger was allegedly heavily vested in Yugo Auto Corp because the genocidal banksters in The City were evidently expecting to keep Yugoslavia together.

      Italian orgonite websites are evidently popular in Croatia, by the way.

  279. Mrs. O

    Really my son Billy got arrested upon doing the work, so we are now doubling our effort to see that he got released before Monday. In fact if Monday reaches before we bail him out , he will be forced to be there till the end of the year. So whoever may wish to join hand can kindly assist. Mrs O