Etheric Self-Defense

Laura Weise, whom we know as Dooney (, or ‘Coach,’ has been working closely with Carol and I since 2004 and she’s developed an entirely unique and genuinely effective way to teach others to hit back effectively whenever the various government agency psi predator corps and/or related occult organizations target them. We’ve seen this problem proliferate over the past decade as the power of the Old Parasite to keep populations under control has been waning.

After WWII several countries began to develop psi warfare groups and some of the old secret societies that are part of the corporate order’s foundation have been doing this for a very long time. It’s more widely acknowledged in places like Africa where magic is as commonplace and obvious as electrical tech. The CIA took over the satanic organizations after WWII. The vast SS was folded into the ‘victor’ countries’ secret police agencies in those days and I think most people who read genuine history recognize that the international SS is based in sorcery. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m glad they’re finally working more overtly because exposing a parasite problem is the first step in eradicating it, after all. Many people who pay close attention and ignore the talking heads (and the new horde of terrorizing liars on the internet) feel that humanity are on the threshold of freedom from the ancient rule of parasites.

The student may quickly realize how weak and defenseless these aggressive assailants are and this is an empowering realization these days, when everyone has been programmed to either deny the existence of this growing threat or to assume that the predators can’t be opposed. We believe that hundreds of thousands of individuals are now being targeted, internationally. These may mainly represent activists or potential activists whom the corporate order consider to be threats in one way or another so for the more accountable targeted individual this may be an encouraging development. After one learns to hit back effectively and will faithfully do it when needed the annoying and debilitating effects of these assaults become less and less severe.

These simple techniques can be mastered by anyone and Dooney (a skilled psychic) monitors the student remotely during the online training session and helps him/her identify the feelings and characteristics of success. More than one session in her chatroom is rarely needed for this and she charges a nominal fee in order to avoid burnout.

Her use of the term, ‘spiritual,’ in this context seems appropriate to me because these two-legged parasites are only capable of exploiting our weaknesses. The corporate order literally feeds on human weakness.

It’s human nature to deny our own weaknesses, so when they’re blatantly shown to us this way we can face and overcome them so our own self defense exercises result in a more refined character; spiritual growth. Since it’s only possible to oppose these parasites though a loving heart we’re also giving them the opportunity to also grow spiritually. We assume that it’s up to them to either assimilate this loving energy or to be terrorized by it. The process is not unlike prayer.

There are a small army of people who have developed reputations for helping people defend against this growing nuisance but I’m not aware that any of them are genuinely effective. There is no successful passive defense against a concerted psi assault; if one won’t hit back one can’t prevail. I think Dooney is the only one who is teaching people to be fully accountable for their own success or failure in this effort. She’s evidently also the only one who is showing that the enemy of our species are only parasites and are not genuinely powerful. She also makes gemstone bracelets that can be worn to enhance one’s own efforts to reinforce weaker areas of one’s personal energy field. These are the portals that parasites prefer to exploit and Dooney identifies these during the training session.

Whenever some of us do this work in a group it’s quite exhilarating. The skills that Dooney teaches were developed over many years of weekly group efforts in Etheric Warriors forum’s international chatroom (2002-2010).

Whenever a new and genuinely empowering technology is developed the dissemination may be slow at first and only a few people will recognize the historical significance of it. Coach Dooney has established an entirely new industry and this is an exciting period for those of us who have applied the techniques. It reminds me of the birth of the aviation industry–the days when it was entirely inclusive, before it was institutionalized and restricted. I suspect that what Dooney is doing will never be institutionalized and the only credentials that will be respected is the individual trainer’s own effectiveness.

~Don Croft

Dooney’s website at is where you can learn to defend yourself etherically and fight tyranny. You are allowed to defend your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional integrity.

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You can also get coaching directly from Dooney to help you master these techniques.