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Nyatike Gifting


  Really the use of the orgonite has helped us much in improving our farming system and for sure this time we are going to experience good harvest.  You can see the success of that inter cropping. You can see that maize being outcropping with cassava and bananas, and in… Read more »

New Category: Fishing


I believe that we’ve finally reached a stage where there are orgonite field reports concerning farming and fishing from places in addition to East Africa 😎 .   As of now, April 22, 2018, there are no new fishing reports but I’m hoping there will be, very soon.   There are a… Read more »

New Categories


Paco of has gotten new data from a farmer whom he works with in Spain and asked me to set up new categories for such reports, so here we are.

Farming in Nyatike Migori County


For the last few weeks we have seen a bigger progress in Nyatike areas where we gifted some years back. Really farmers have a lot of progress; last time when I went to Malawi I took some soyer beans for trial. I managed to give one of our farmers in… Read more »

Farming in Migori


It had been our greatest success in Migori areas, in fact our continuous gifting here has made the rain to fall terribly till even the disaster management committee is worried. But our happiness is that our crops this time is going to flourish. Maize, bean and finger millet are going… Read more »



 Still have not received approval for building permit application, seems the excuse being used is that the poly film flame testing procedures I submitted documentation on was from the American testers and they are asking for Canadian standards which are not differant at all! Knew that last year every time… Read more »



click here for full size Hi guys, we had a fun day today gifting Boulder, Colorado. As you can see we got buzzed by a helicopter flying real close in what turned out to be an interesting photo. Enjoy 😎 More will follow. Carlos