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Death Towers In New Jersey: Will 4G Towers Be Removed After 5G Deployment?

There are many towers to gift deep in the urban centers of eastern New Jersey, some of them located near interstates, others rise above residential neighborhoods. From what I understand,… Read more »

Gifting for Independence

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Hi all, it’s been awhile I hope all of you are well. I wanted to share a quick gifting report that I feel is important. On July 4th, my family… Read more »

Lydiane with QuebecOrgone Interview

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Recently, Lydiane with Quebecorgone was a guest on In Other News, a great opportunity to continue amplifying the voices of etheric warriors. I have a succor punch made by Lydiane.  At the time, I… Read more »

First Amendment Auditors In Morro Bay California

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Hello Etheric Warriors, A very big thank you to Don, Carol and Dooney for allowing me back on to post on the forum. I wanted to let Don know about this… Read more »