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Sabotage Story From a Reader

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Hello Carlos, Thank you for the updated/improved version of “The Life Etheric”. It’s a late reply to your email but in the meantime I have read the new version en… Read more »


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Hey all, I wanted to relay am incident to you that has occured over the last week since my post about Carols fantastic Harmonic Protectors. First some background; The computer… Read more »

Damaged resin barrels

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I want to report another case of sabotage, this time in Belgium. After spending some more dedicated gifting time in Brussels, to get this key-capital city once and for all… Read more »

Lydiane with QuebecOrgone Interview

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Recently, Lydiane with Quebecorgone was a guest on In Other News, a great opportunity to continue amplifying the voices of etheric warriors. I have a succor punch made by Lydiane.  At the time, I… Read more »