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From the Archive: Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection?


Pulled from the archive by Katherine W – thanks! Dark Masters’ Gobi/Africa Connection? _____________________________ February 2, 2010 Don Croft I got the following personal report from someone who has been reading our chat session reports. The psychics keep seeing the center of the corporate world order’s power in the Gobi… Read more »

From the Archive: Petro Magic chat


Pulled from the archive by Katherine W. – thanks! This technique might still be useful in thwarting their plans in the ME and N. Africa, especially concerning Lillian’s situation.  The links mentioned don’t seem to work and Azti’s message was unfortunately prophetic: Petro Magic – A New Boosting Target _____________________________… Read more »

From the Archive: Haarpicane Sandy


Another one from Katherine….thanks! *************************************** For new people who don’t know all the work that’s been done already and how to use orgonite to fight these things. 🙂 _______________________________________________ Marco 10/29/2012 Hey All, Hurricane Sandy is fast bearing down on the NJ/NY area – in fact, at this point, it… Read more »

Some Historically Significant, Restored Postings


Several people have kindly and generously provided some newsworthy past reports from before the NSA murdered our beloved webmaster and destroyed our forum in July, 2017 but with the new blog setup they can’t start their own threads so I’m making this new thread and category to enable anyone to… Read more »

Methods of sabatoge – gaslighting


Here’s a thread from the archives about gaslighting. These occurrences are typical types of things that happen to etheric warriors. I think all gifters have had similar things happen, even if they don’t realize it. ~ Dooney Posted by 9-27-16 by Carlos Silva I think this is small potatoes compared… Read more »

More Dolphin/Orgonite stories


From the archives… Posted October 14, 2016 by Don Croft [Doug in NZ has been kindly helping me batter down some NSA hacker barriers by CCing and forwarding emails between me and some other targeted individuals and when I had asked him whether he was the fellow on the South… Read more »