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Guest Posting glitch

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EW was down yesterday due to our web host being unhappy with the guest posting form I used. I don’t know why they chose to just shut the site down without notification, but there you have it. They also took down World Without Parasites even though the form didn’t affect… Read more »

You can help EW!

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This is a general call for posts to get EW re-populated with information about orgonite. My efforts to retrieve a recent backup are not working (no surprise there) but Francisco is working on getting data from a backup from last year. You’ll be happy to know that with our new… Read more »

Website Update

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Thanks for your patience while we get this website back up to speed. We’ve started adding pages with links, tutorials and videos and I hope to get my hands on a backup of the previous forum posts so that we can put those up in an archive. Public comment is… Read more »

EW Update

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You may have seen my previous update about EW and World Without Parasites being hacked. Our webmaster Chuck Tellechea passed away and a few days later both sites went down. Part of this attack is a concerted effort to sabatoge Don and Carol’s business. We’ve been working to get both… Read more »