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Gifting in Lake Victoria,

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  Lake  Victoria  is  grouped  as among  the  fresh  water  lakes  in Africa ever since, but of  lake,  the  lake  had been encroached by the water  hyacinth which  make  it… Read more »

Gifting along Lake Victoria

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Gifting  along  the  lake  region is  what  has  made the  our lake  shore very good , neat  and  adequate  for fish  growth. In our  nation mostly along  the  Shore of… Read more »

Mission in Migori

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The works which we have done on the mountains has made all our places to recover because of the sufficient rainfall that we have now. All the crops  which  our … Read more »

Gifting at Mbita Point

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There had  been a frequent  call  to visit our  lakes  with thorough  gifting  after  the  rainwater have  flown  and  contaminate the  lake  water with  muds and  dirty water from the … Read more »

Gifting on Gwassi Hills

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After having a good rest from my Malawi and Zambian mission am now planning to gift the Gawassi hills. It’s in record that some areas towards the Lambwe valley had… Read more »