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Please boost Mathew!


Please boost Mathew! Mathew was kidnapped by the REGINA GENERAL HOSPITAL PHY WARD last friday. He had gone to the PASQUA HOSPITAL with a soar leg, THEY lied telling that it was a possible blood clot that needed testing on and instead THEY transferred Him to the PSYCHIATRIC WARD! DOCTOR… Read more »

Barels and barrels of pickles


Very Elderly Couple came in greenhouse yesterday, Lady sais have You got those cucumbers called barrels and barrels of pickles. I said You must mean bush pickles as that’s the only pickling brand of cukes We sold last year and She replied adamantly no it had to be called barrels… Read more »



 Still have not received approval for building permit application, seems the excuse being used is that the poly film flame testing procedures I submitted documentation on was from the American testers and they are asking for Canadian standards which are not differant at all! Knew that last year every time… Read more »