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New Category: Fishing


I believe that we’ve finally reached a stage where there are orgonite field reports concerning farming and fishing from places in addition to East Africa ūüėé .¬† ¬†As of now, April 22, 2018, there are no new fishing reports but I’m hoping there will be, very soon.¬† ¬†There are a… Read more »

New Categories


Paco of has gotten new data from a farmer whom he works with in Spain and asked me to set up new categories for such reports, so here we are.



click here for full size Hi guys, we had a fun day today gifting Boulder, Colorado. As you can see we got buzzed by a helicopter flying real close in what turned out to be an interesting photo. Enjoy ūüėé More will follow. Carlos

Matthew Clement Lost in China


For new readers: Gare Clement is one of the most prolific orgonite flingers on the planet and has worked extensively on two continents, starting in 2001. Yesterday, he told me that his son, Matthew, hasn’t been heard from since he entered China and was¬† waiting for a connecting flight in… Read more »

Credo Muttwa’s Priceless Knowledge


I’ll get around to adding a link to his autobiobraphy¬† as soon as someone who is computerate is available to help me get past the NSA bridge trolls who manage to stand in the way of most of my puny internet efforts ūüėČ . Carlos will be here from Portugal… Read more »

‘How do you communicate with your soul?’


A fellow in Russia directly asked me that after we discussed flying a bit–he’s found parachuting to be quite spiritual and wanted to know more about paragliding, hence the context of my reply: Russians might be the best aviators, like English are arguably the best sailors, historically (Portugese the best… Read more »

Miles Mathis Tutorial ;-)


I’ve been recommending Miles Mathis’ research papers to most of the people I correspond with because, like Jeff Miller and Gregg Hallett, he’s writing about an important and timely subject almost entirely alone, for now. For example, Jeff’s the only¬† living soul who is collecting published evidence¬† to show that… Read more »