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Personal help request

Igor 08 Jan 2006 08:40


An hearthy hello to all the etheric figters !

I'm currently very ill at home, it all started on 25th december then worsened exponentially,

seems I have a very bad cold with pulmonary infection and high body temperature that seems

will last forever, zapper has no effect (don't know why) and I'm now under antibiotics because

doctor expressed concern for this long lasting condition with no improvements.


 Any etheric help/support would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Igor's help request...

Don Croft 09 Jan 2006 10:50


Igor, the 'reply' function is temporarily disabled so please excuse me starting a new thread about this.

 I assume you've been using a zapper around the clock since you first got symptoms but I'm mentioning it because this often doesn't occur to people.  It will also help you neutralize the poisons that the MDs conned you into ingesting, by the way.

 Mostly, when people get sick in winter, it's from breathing mold-laden air. This always shows up as a constant cold and/or flu which goes away when the windows are opened in the spring.

 In your case it's likely that one agency or another has poisoned you.  The zapper will neutralize a lot of that but when an outside pathogen is combined with moldy air the job is twice as hard to accomplish, unfortunately.

 If you're under attack again, get into the chatroom on Saturday, midnight UT (sorry for the time inconvenience but we have to accomodate our Pacific Ocean fellows)  and let us beat the etheric monkeys off your back, okay?  Carol, Jeff and I needed that help last Saturday after a successful gifitng run in the Florida Keys and we all get overwhelmed with this from time to time.

 Ionizing the air in your home and office gets most of the mold spores to drop to the floor instead of dropping you with cold/flu ;-)

 Carol and I got dosed repeatedly with Beryllium dust in our heating system a year ago and we were in a funk until the summer, when we did Dr von Peters' unique and potent  treatment. Now we're fine.  A hair analysis (pick a reputable lab) will show you if there are similar poisons in your body. It's awfully good to know.

 The doc's site is in case you want to spend the (reasonable)  bucks and get it done but I dearly want us to go to work on you next Saturday nite, too.  Can't have Roma's Number One Warrior in a funk!