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White Light Don't Cut It!

Andy Schwarm 07 Dec 2005 13:43


I found this is a forum I visit. Just after I read this I got an email from a prospective customer asking how an SP works. I sent them this treatise as an answer:


Why Protecting Yourself with White Light is No Protection At All - 8/26/05

Everything Your Teacher Taught You About Psychic Protection is Wrong
It's a fact - beings from darker places lurk in the shadows of this dimension, trying to lure psychics, healers, and sensitive people into following their deceptive guidance. They love to trip spiritual people up and send them down a false path.

Some psychics get overwhelmed by this stuff and would rather not know anything about it. I'm exactly the opposite. I'd rather KNOW what's lurking around the edges of this dimension so I can protect myself.

Unfortunately, a lot of psychics whose abilities are just opening up aren't taught about those denizens of the dimension that lies "in between," who inhabit those cracks between reality that seek to overpower and gain a hold on THIS reality.

The Origins of Luciferian Beings
These beings don't belong here. Many aeons ago, they used antimatter technology (Luciferian toys which go against the primordial laws of Creation) to break open a hole into this reality, but they don't originally come from this universe.

Even the angels were surprised by their attack. That's why a significant portion of the angels were lost -- I believe it was a third of them -- and took on demonic qualities. How can you defend against something if you don't know it exists? It took a while for the archangels to figure out how to confront these new foes. The battle in the heavens has been going on for a long, long time, and it has carried over to Earth. This isn't the only planet where this drama has played out, though.

Humanity has unique spiritual qualities. We have some unique configuration in our DNA and energy systems which allows us to be co-creators with God, not just children of God. This is pretty cool. It's also a capacity that greatly threatens the dark ones. I mean, if enough spiritually-aware, spiritually-empowered humans reclaim their sovereign abilities as creative beings, then we will create their butts right out of this reality, changing the very RULES of this dimension and expelling them from this place. And then we can help to restore that Higher Power's original plan for this place, which was always one of peaceful growth, not one which required evolution through terrible suffering.

The dark ones get very peeved about that. That's why they are so intent on getting humanity to descend lower and lower in consciousness. It's not working, however. In spite of the mainstream media, which would have you believe that the battle is long lost, these are amazing and miraculous times we are living in. Spiritual people, good souls, are waking up and changing the rules down here. And they are gaining momentum and strength.

As this process happens, a lot of spiritual warriors who are ready to create peace on Earth get hit pretty hard by the dark ones. When this happens, it's sad, because most people are so unprepared and uneducated about the dark side and how it operates.

Real Defense Against the Dark Arts
If you expect to gain any headway on the spiritual path, it's important to be street smart. You need to learn how to combine a quality of great openness, so you can communicate with beings psychically and link with God/the the Spiritual Creator through your heart, with a protective shielding and a no-nonsense attitude against the dark ones.

In the Harry Potter books, the staff of Hogwarts, the wizard school, have great difficulty keeping a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Most of the candidates who end up taking the position are either useless against evil (not understanding how its adherents do their business) or practitioners of the dark arts themselves.

In a similar way, members of the New Age community do budding healers and energy sensitives a great disservice. Mostly, older and more experienced metaphysical types do one of two things when a younger person asks them questions. They either greet any suggestion that dark stuff happens with "Poo-poo, my child, you don't know what you're talking about." Or they respond with a lot of useless techniques and advice. "Just surround yourself with white light, my dear, that will protect you."

The ones who tell you to surround yourself with white light are REALLY dangerous. They don't know what they're doing.

Think of it logically. You want to shield yourself so that dark energies and dark metaphysical practitioners don't target you for harm. That means you want to become LESS VISIBLE to them, right?

So you go off and surround yourself with huge amounts of etheric white light.

Take a guess. What do you think you just did to yourself?

You just took an astral spotlight and shined it at yourself. You just created a flashing neon sign that basically says, "Look at me! I'm a newbie! I fell for that white light stuff!"


Working at remaining invisible can involve a great many things. One trick is to simply learn to be still, slowing your energy field down so that you blend in to the background of things. You can do this in your dream body while you are asleep and with your physical body as well.

I know that it's possible to become invisible even when you are walking down the street next to your enemy; I've tested that one in battle conditions many times. It's quite interesting to see someone who has stalked you and threatened to kill you look you in the eyes and not SEE you. That's when you realize that the shamanic path, which includes spiritual warrior techniques, fills in a lot of the gaps missed by other traditions.

Many of the other spiritual traditions are setting psychics up to be beacons who attract the darkness. Advertise your light loudly and arrogantly, and you'll never lack for company.

It might not be the RIGHT form of company, however.

You can also work with a wide variety of colors and energy frequencies, shapes, symbols, weapons, animal helpers, angelic guardians, and so forth. It's important to find the right combination of energies that resonate with you. Do some experimenting.

And cut out the white light stuff, okay? If you're using that, no wonder you don't feel well and are manifesting all manner of problems in your life. It's not your fault. You simply weren't taught the way of a warrior.

[link to article]

McGinty 07 Dec 2005 22:39


Interesting article.

He mentions the heart but not how to activate it. The rest he is talking about only uses thought form alone, which activates the Solar Plexus.

And to defend yourself by visualizing yourself as invisible is not a fighting warrior but showing your a subserviant coward that has no sovernty. Visualizing yourself invisible would be more toward gifting, keeping prying eyes off you so the gift will not be found. Of course raising the energy to the love vibe (thinking of loved ones, friend, family getting that special feeling) to activate your heart then do your radionic work with the SP.

The first time I used the white light technique it kept me from being abducted one night. That was the first time that ever happened. Now I prefer to use Yahweh with heart activation to keep them away.

Some of his faxs are a little funny about what the bible said happen in heaven with the angels. The guy should read  Fallen Watchers, [link] to better understand. 


Don Croft 10 Dec 2005 04:04


Thanks for this, guys! It reminds me of the parody hymn from one of the old Firesign Theater albums:

O blinding light; O light of mine: I cannot see; look out for me...

Also reminds me of the term, 'The bright white light of stupidity.'

D Bradley compares the 'White Light' that the GWB promotes to being identical to the eyeball-melting flash of a detonated nuke bomb. His new site is, by the way. He achieved so much popularity before that I want to see how much traffic he gets from just a few casual mentions in posts for a few days and word of mouth/fingertips 😎. The word won’t get out, otherwise, very fast unless/until comes back online again.

May I be so bold to suggest that none of this should imply that all white light is bad, just as all left eyes are not evil, etc? I think this network is moving beyond rote imitation and dogmae by now and that will probably give DB as much relief as anyone. 'White light' is simply 'full spectrum' after all.

It's just the way some things are promoted and isolated that makes their influence bad in the moment and we attach new meanings to words and phrases so often that Noah Webster would probably drop from apoplexy if he were alive.  One could easily make the case that fire is evil, for instance, or genuflecting on the left knee.  I guess Webster would be spinning in his grave if he were alive today, to paraphrase Gerald Ford.

The way it works is that the GWB, through Theosophy or some other polluting agency, compromises a word or term, then we're afraid to use it after that because they essentially  own it.  I feel a little twinge each time I use the word, 'chakra,' for instance, even though it's still the best word to describe the body's energy vortices. Thank God they failed to steal, 'orgone,' eh?

Let's not stampede to the assumption that we must never say the term, 'white light,' okay? 

Some guy on another board who pretends to authority but hasn't shown anything substantive for it has been aggressively advising people to blast from the solar plexus, which, as we know (some of us from experience 😉) leaves us vulnerable to backlash, so I hope this will balance out that hypnotic pap. I bet he personally knows and works with some of the folks who promote white light as protection ;-)

When I refer to the black hat boys and girls I don't the term, 'dark ones,' because that implies judgement to me, which isn't a human function, I think.  In other words, the term implies to me that they're essentially evil.  After five years of being hit by every kind of predator that's ever been mentioned (and a few more that hadn't, yet) I still haven't seen evidence that any sentient being is essentially evil, nor have I seen any signs that there are devils or powerful evil spirits in the ethers. I've been through some nasty $#!+, too.

When people try to persuade me that there are devils I rather wonder about their sanity, in fact, and/or I feel the same as though they'd blindsided me with a twenty-pound Bible. I call their decaying personal paradigm, 'devil worship.'

Other terms, like 'sewer rats,' 'baby-eaters,' and 'dung beetles,' rather seem to me to describe the bad guys' behavior, which is something that they can change any time. A few of them probably love their mothers, fathers, mates, and children, by the way. A few of the few might even have a genuine friend in the world besides wife or husband. You and I know that if any of them ever have a change of heart and want to work on our side they'll be welcome and instantly forgiven for being such buttheads against us before.  We might not trust them right off the bat but at least they'll have a chance to earn our trust.

When it comes right down to it, we're waging war back against certain behaviors. Otherwise we'd seek and destroy, the way the other side does.  We only go after certain arch predators regularly in order to prevent mass murder, otherwise we hit as many of them who are assaulting us as we need to in order to have a life or to help others have a life.   Judgement leads to their kind of behavior, I think.  The wrong way is vigilante justice or a kangaroo court.

The spiritual nature of our effort is obvious in the fact that we can all practically demonstrate the incorruptible nature and some of the power of the human heart, which is where discernment and forgiveness are, by the way.  In each case, like vampires, the fakers and pollutors have to be invited in before they can do their dirty business to and through us.  That's a good indicator of how important personal discernment (the only judgement function we own) is.

Look at what any of the GWB’s stinking gurus do to their ‘chelas,’ for instance, once the unwitting are conned to let these monstrous people into their hearts.  In addition to essentially robbing them of their money, time and discernment some of the gurus even  bugger their devotees’ little boys, as in the case of Sai Baba.

‘Chela’ means ‘slave,' and the GWB's fake religion and mind control protocol, Theosophy, which is the spiritual basis for just about every heinous Illuminati subgroup in the West, is peppered with pirated Sanskrit terminology.

The GWB takes a lot of pleasure in sticking their real agenda in the faces of the more witting among us, of course, and until now we were powerless to do anything about their parasitic and predatory crimes against humanity.

Carol and I will call Ken Adachi shortly to see if he needs help after the most recent disappearance of  Tonight's chatblast will be dedicated to boosting some of our more intrepid but temporarily overwhelmed fellow warriors and perhaps unravelling the opposition in each case. These are lately good opportunities to hit back at the top (sic) end of the sewer rat agencies. I think we're a pretty big threat to them these days, hence the incessant, insidious and cowardly backstabbing, which is one of the strategies in their etheric, economic and psychological war against humanity.

We know we're in the groove when the NSA trashes our sites, of course 😉 and I think Steeve Debellefuille deserves yet another standing ovulation for not only getting EW back up in a timely way but also for improving and streamlining it again--Yea, Steeve!!



john 10 Dec 2005 04:33


The light is a train coming :0)

 "When it comes right down to it, we're waging war on behavior. Otherwise we'd seek and destroy, the way the other side does.  Judgement leads to their kind of behavior, I think." 

Spot on, Don Juan said man's greatest enemy is self-importance, which I take to be ego programming or dark side programming.  We all have it inside, they just got dealt a bigger dose of it karma wise.  And Judgement is just one of its tools--and those we judge or hate are just reflecting our disowned selves.  I believe (or choose to believe didactic wise) we are all the same on a soul or higher level, so I take my hat off to souls that have chosen to run with the dark side programming, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes and never feel love.

As you say, we are after killing self-importance programming.  After all the real problem as I see it, is the ego-programme called psychopathy or No Sympathy [link]  If I was stuck in that ego programme I would be compelled to behave according to that script, so I could hardly judge them for following that programme--that would imply lack of knowledge. With no conscience and no feeling of love, I may feel obliged to take it out on everyone else, as well.


"A man who doesn't have good sex resents life living itself; he wants to force and control it; he identifies with priests; he thinks business and sport, war and politics are more important than home building and garden tending, wife cultivating and child rearing; he no longer remembers his youth; his feelings, like his environment, are simply something to be dominated and destroyed; he is not moved by the Living......----J.James