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Pouring Tips

White Light Dont Cut It!

The 'World Saviour' Has No Clothes...

Tetsuji Unique Idea (Photos)

Three HAARP Arrays Bit The Dust

Orgone Experiences

...on account of taking down predators

Another Big H bomb/tsunami Plan for The US Coast

Some Healing Observations from Dr STevo...

Unique Powerwand Vs Dirty cop experiences

addendum to gifting with dolphins

'Dances With Chinese Death Transmitters'

dances with chinese death transmitters reply

FBI as public servants...

FBI As Public Servants

Personal help request

As Usual: Instant Satisfaction!

Undisputed Empirical Evidence

Eric Carlson's Jupiter Update #1

Ancient/Present Threat and Symbol?

Eric Carlsen's Jupiter Update #2

Christmas Gifting Philippines

Stuart FLA- special agent Cracker Barrel-Cowboy Co

Back from Matatiele, eyeing Kenya and Tanzania now

Our Kenyan Friends' Dolphin Project:

More on Africa

In support of 'Earache' Carlson...

Whales in London!

ocean gifting, dolphins, dreams coming true

Busting more underground stuff in san antonio

In answer to expressed concern about chemtrails

Dr von Peters: Etheric Conquistador of Chattanooga

Instant Satisfaction as usual - Matatiele Report now with Photos

Death Tower Photos from South Florida

Laxahatchee River Jupiter Inlet FLA

Gifting Don's Creek with Eric in tow

Mission Snake-rock

Bournemouth Council Cares?

gifting a psychiatric institution

Blasting kid in separation chamber

Our Kenyan Friends Make Contact with Dolphins!

Chembuster vs Chemtrail

helping out patients on a distance? confirmation at least.

Psychic intel re. Georg (Egoli.buster)'s situation right now

Weather Predictions for 2006?

ah yes, the Matrix, I remember

Doc Kayiwa's Southern Sudan Report

Result of the intel/blast session to help Judy in Nairobi

sirens wail



Isle Of Wight Gifting Excursion

New Chat Time--Sunday Afternoon for Europoids and Africans

Orgonite in Nairobi

working on kid

Heaven and Earth

Don Croft--official 'Enemy of the State'


Nocturnal Wisi-tation

Carol Bests Fu Manchu's Boy--in the Air ;-)

Death Towers: 'The Emperor has no Clothes!'

From a Gifting Buddhist Monk...

Etheric Sunday Ratters

Dr Kayiwa Takes on the CIA's Burundi Genocide Agenda...

Typical report from somoene trying to get out of a newage cult

Midweek chatblasts

Gifting cell towers

ever more ocean gifting

Gifting Compendium in Spanish

Salva Kirr's Village Gifting Report--Southern Sudan

MA Death Towers_Gifted

Go for the kahunas

Gifting in Nairobi...

Gifted Pond at Namugongo now has healing properties

New Etheric Tool - The Dodec

Finland giftings - for the record

Mountaintop array