Etheric Air Corps

Bomber on TrailerThere have been eight or ten pilots, here and abroad, who have tossed orgonite from aircraft and I call this unorganized group, ‘The Etheric Air Corps.’  When Chuck first visited us in 2009 he and I perfected the ‘aerial earthpipe’ at the airfield where we live in Athol, Idaho.  We took turns dropping various prototypes from 500 feet altitude near our hangar until they consistently stuck into the ground.

He suggested the term, ‘The Air Irregulars’ for our international outfit, so that’s the alternate name for ‘Etheric Air Corps’ 😉

The only orgonite flinger who is a pilot but has never tossed orgonite from an aircraft is one of our African buddies who only flies a pressurized aircraft.  Chuck, Carol and I met him in Florida a few years ago when he had brought some of his subordinate pilots there to train on a simulator.

Here’s a photo of Chuck, ready to drop those aerial earthpipes (behind the windscreen) on a target in Montana.