About EW

Etheric Warriors is a unorganized, grassroots collection of people who are committed to freeing the planet from tyranny, mainly by using, or “gifting” orgonite to the world. You can read all about orgonite, how to make it and how to use it if you click on the What Is Orgonite tab. This blog is latest version of ethericwarriors.com, which was a forum-based website for 13 years until last month (July 2017) when our webmaster died suspiciously and the website went down, along with Don Croft’s zapper website worldwithoutparasites.com. Chuck had protected it from being destroyed for the past 8 years. The site was destroyed several times before that, along with the physical servers and facilities in the US, Canada and Chile.

This website contained years of gifting reports from around the world, and we hope to recover that data and present an archive of that valuable historical information. The vast majority who do this orgonite field work don’t want to be known, so the reports we’ve gotten are only a sampling. Orgonite has been flung on every continent, and in too many countries to count. Desert areas have been reversed in Africa, The US, Mexico and South America. Drought has been eliminated just about everywere, crime rates have gone down, cell (death) towers have been made instruments of positive energy, and people all over the world have achieved amazing weather improvements by systematially gifting orgonite.

We have evolved to a blog site that will soon offer not only multiple authors but also links to other relevant blogs. In the interest of continuing to promote orgonite and it’s effects, the authors listed here have agreed to receive and post gifting reports, so feel free to email the authors with your reports. To assist this effort, reports should be fairly short and concise, and any confirmations of your gifting efforts, such as weather improvements or energy changes, should be included. A mere tally of towerbusters tossed is not a substantive report, for instance, though one can be applauded for the effort and commitment. Please spell check your reports before sending, and indicate whether or not you want your name on the report. The authors reserve the right to edit gifting reports for clarity and brevity.

Public comments are encouraged on this site and will be displayed, pending admin approval. No abusive, derogatory or fear-mongering comments will be approved. Positive, thoughtful, insightful, and instructive comments as well as confirmations regarding orgonite are welcome.

Our goal is to give people hope. There IS something we each can do to make the world a better place.

About The Authors

Don & Carol Croft – Don and Carol Croft have been the driving force behind the worldwide distribution of orgonite, beginning in 2001. Read the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft to find out more about how this all started. Sadly, Don passed away July 21, 2018 and Carol passed away July 31, 2021.