Cloud Buster Kit

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Hi Everyone,

Harold here…. With everything going on Carmen and I have started making specialty Cloud Buster Kits.  Here’s more information from Carmen’s website about our Cloud Busters. To purchase yours, go to the link below.

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This Cloud Buster is based on the Don and Carol Croft Cloud Buster. In fact, Harold and I had Carol Croft show us how to make them. This is not your basic Cloud Buster, but an enhanced version of it with shungite, lots of quartz points of different sizes througout, and many gemstones/crystals added to the metal shavings when making the orgonite that helps this Cloud Buster be more powerful and more effective. The copper pipes of this Cloud Buster are cut to the same length as the Earth Pipes because we wanted them to resonate to OM.

The Cloud Buster destroys the aerosols that are being sprayed into our atmosphere. They have very little or no direct effect on natural clouds. Cloud Busters replace the Dead Orgone in the atmosphere with positive Orgone, making it possible for natural clouds to form and making it difficult for chemtrail aerosols to remain. It balances the Orgone at high altitudes. Chemtrails are converted back into natural compounds that belong in the sky; oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc, in the presence of Orgone. When you see Sylphs it means your Cloud Buster is doing its job!

Everyone that we’ve known who has a Don Croft Cloud Buster says that they can tell a difference. Cloud Busters have a calming effect. Your property and garden will thrive with a CB nearby. Cloud Busters are made for outside, not for indoors because the 110 volt field will shield it’s abilities. If possible, it’s best to place the Cloud Buster a few feet away from structures that are powered by 110-220 volts.

There are many ways to use this: Most of the time ours is pointed towards where there are some issues/problems going on (whatever kinds of problems they might be). If we need rain and aren’t getting it, sometimes we intuit where we should point it to draw rain in (usually at the weather front). Sometimes we want to quiet the wind so the forest fires go out/ or so that fires won’t start in areas around us, so we intuit where we should point it.

We leave the plastic bucket attached to protect the base from moisture. We do our best to cover up all the cracks with more resin so you barely see the metal shavings, but sometimes some cracks are visible in the resin. This doesn’t hurt your Cloud Buster. Remember these Cloud Busters are handmade by Harold and I and they take one or more weeks to complete. We do our best to have plenty on-hand for orders, and we will notify you by email if we’re making one especially for you.

Included in this kit is the Cloud Buster bucket/base, the spacer, the 6 copper couplings, and 6 crystal points for you to place one in each pipe pointing up. This kit includes everything you need except the long pipes. You can get the six, five foot-long, one-inch copper pipes at any plumbing supply or large home building supply company. If you ask them to, usually they will cut them to length for you. Choose the lighter-gauge copper pipe if you can, because it works and it’s less expensive.