Orgonite Dots (cell phone, tablet, laptop protection)

Harold again…

Carmen and I have been busy making all kinds of orgonite products.  We needed good EMF protection for our phones and tablets, so we made our own Orgonite Dots.  We took them over to Carol and she even tested them.  These Orgonite Dots are as small as we can make them to still effectively provide protection.

We liked them so much that Carmen decided to make them available for sale.  To purchase our Orgonite Dots go to

Here’s information from Carmen’s site:


Protect yourself while using your cell phone, tablet, and laptop.

(Each Orgonite Dot is made by hand so your will look slightly different than the ones in the picture.)

Help Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) radiation from your cellphone, laptop, or tablet with this Orgonite Dot.

The Orgonite Dot may neutralize and transform detrimental EMF radiation from wireless electronic devices and may ensure safer usage.

The Orgonite Dot is made with metal dust, copper dust, shungite, quartz crystal, and resin. The shungite adds extra EMF protection.

This next comment is from Carmen…. Can you tell I’ve been beating up my hands making orgonite?  Ha Ha

2 thoughts on “Orgonite Dots (cell phone, tablet, laptop protection)

  1. JASON H

    Hi! My name is Jason. I live in sacramento. Someone from craigslist gave me your address. He or she did not say much. But i had told them i have been Targeted for over 17 years. After looking at your web site
    Sounds like you been Targeted. From one to another
    Just saying Hi! Re: Jason

  2. Harold Lunt Post author

    Hi Jason,
    Just saw this comment on the post. Everyone on this site has probably been a target at one time or another, but we have found that using orgonite has helped make us less of a target as well as help the environment and protected us from EMF. Thanks for checking out . We work hard to make sure that we make the best products that can be made just like Carol Croft taught us.

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