Boosting the Corona agenda

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While it is there is a lot of fearmongering involved around these bioweapon attacks, its also true that it is really advancing the evil agenda in the world. It has essentially made martial law fashiinable in China and Italy. China industry has stoped. It’s clear a tragedy is ongoing there. The governors around the world now openly discuss restrictions of individual liberties on behalf of collective safety. Vaccinations are going to be pushed even more aggressively.

It would be great if we group boosted this situation a took away energy from this situation. Both Brazil and USA have advancing epidemics that are “predicted” to explode in the next weeks. Brazil will have a flu vaccinations on March 23, just around the fall equinox. China had its own vaccinations just at the beginning of the pandemics.

Regardless of wether or not the virus is very deadly, it’s clear the danger of chaos and martial law is very real among the world. We should boost it before things get worse.



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