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So finally this past thursday i headed to new orleans to gift the masonic temple/satanic ritual sight my grandfather was a part of. I didnt dowse for it as i thought when i got there i could easily find it. NOT.

Anyway, i knew the general area, and i knew that at some point up till the early 70’s my family owned a bunch of the Hollygrove neighborhood, which sits in the middle of a large compass and square, with all sides being obvious, except one side was implied, but definitely there.  The masons consider wood from the holly tree as sacred. Even pagans use it for their magic wands, so the name of that neighborhood(ghetto) is significant. I knew the temple was just outside that neighborhood, and i knew the general area it was in, so since i hadnt dowsed i started driving through and around Hollygrove looking for that over a hundred year old wood building that was the masonic temple my grandfather was a part of. It has been over 30 years since i have been to this part of new orleans and had eyes on it. Hell, it was probably over a hundred years old back then. It was right across the street from St. Iroq cemetery, but that got wiped out in Katrina, so my landmark was gone.

So i started driving around waiting on the Spirits leading, as i got closer to the center of Hollygrove, it felt awful, worse than the rest of new orleans, i had a hunch there was a ritual sight in the heart of hollygrove. I prayed as i drove around, and our creators spirit led me to a house dead center of hollygrove that turned out to be a very old ritual sight that hadnt been used in a very long time, probably since the time the sight i was looking for started being used. I was shown that they started using it again after Katrina. So i heavily gifted that house, and then because hollygrove was so depressed i gridded hollygrove and the surrounding neighborhoods with almost 4 dozen tb’s that all had shungite, black tourmaline and tiger eye in them, a dozen or so also had malachite too. They all had a chip of clear quartz of course. By the time i ran out of the nearly 4 dozen tb’s i gifted in hollygrove, i could feel a shift, it started feeling a little better.

I went back yesterday to bring someone to the doctor again, and i finished gridding the area i remember the temple being in with a couple dozen more tb’s, with several of those going around a masonic monument in uptown, and a masonic graveyard in midtown that was gated and locked. U need a key to visit that cemetery; so i surrounded each side with some tb’s. Once i ran out I drove back to the ritual sight in the heart of hollygrove, and it felt waaay better. It was definitely sufficiently over gifted. Lol. which is the way i like it. So now my plan is to make a nice pendant i like using, and dowse for the exact location of the temple, and any other ritual sights the mason’s use against me in New Orleans. I also intend to earthpipe whats needed, along with that satanic war memorial cyclingflinger pointed out. I was advised by Don to try and gift that temple ritual sight before i gifted the ones used against me here in Ms. I need 1 more trip to New Orleans and a couple dozen more tb’s and several hhg’s, along with some earthpipes, and i will be finished with ritual sights in New Orleans and be able to start gifting the local ritual sights here in Ms. I have already gotten a few of them, but  there is at least 4 more that i I know of that are used against me. I imagine once i get these, the mason’s will have a harder time manipulating my finances, i can already feel more personal power in the last week.

The others in chat may realize this but i doubt anyone else does. This has been a major breakthrough for me, it started before i went to new orleans. I stupidly gifted personal hhg’s at a jail in Hancock county Ms. Finances picked up in november right after that last gifting, but everything here at home was freakin chaos because we didnt have enough orgonite to mitigate the direct attacks. NEVER again will i gift personal orgonite. Lol. lesson learned the hard way!

Anyway, i finally collected up supplies and made a 16 ounce hhg and a dozen tb’s. within minutes of that hhg curing there was a major shift here, the chaos ended. And believe me it took great effort and will power to pour up that 1st batch this year. EVERYTHING and everyone seemed to be trying to stop me. But after hard praying and pressing through, i turned my phone off while i was pouring up that 1st batch so i had no distractions, and when it cured the breakthrough came.. Phew, we were at each other’s throats, no kidding, and ready to split. That all stopped that day, and since then  i have poured up several dozen more tb’s, and some earthpipes, with no resistance. However, planes and helis have been regularly circling around and flying just above tree tops looking for something ever since i poured the hhg.

I understand there are probably thousands more juicy targets needing gifting in new orleans, im currently only focused on masonic ritual sights used against me. Once im done with all the current ritual sights, then i will shift focus back to weather weaponry, towers etc. And any new ritual sights they start using because their old ones quit working. Focusing on the towers etc. early on is the reason it has taken so long to have this breakthrough, cause believe me Don sent me waaay more tb’s over the last few years than i gifted in New Orleans.  I should have been focused on the ritual sights sooner, especially after seeing improvements in finances everytime i gifted one. Sometimes im an idiot i



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  1. Odette Amsili

    Very interesting!
    You are truly a light Warrior! Thank you and God bless you for doing that crucial work and combating the force of darkness.
    I would like to get some organite to protect myself at all time and my loves one. What would you recommend?
    Love and light

  2. Edward Post author

    If you want to make some I’d advise looking at the tutotials on this sight. If not there are links on this sight for vendors that make good orgonite. For personal protection while under direct attacks, then definitely get one of Carol’s Harmonic Protectors, sold on her sight

    But i can tell you, there is a personal satisfaction knowing you can so easily make something yourself that is helping to topple the shitrat’s control over everything! I’m trying to figure out why the 1 HHG and half a dozen TB’s surrounding it caused such a commotion with helis and planes flying in circles so low around us in the last few weeks since i poured them. Im thinking maybe that i reached a threshold, or tipping point of good energy over bad in this neighborhood.

    Along with several other stones I put a double terminated smokey quartz lemurian roughly 3 inches long and about a 1/4 inch around as the main crystal into that HHG, wrapped with 18 gauge copper wire the same way its wrapped for earthpipes. in fact i originally planned it for an earthpipe but since it was double terminated i used it in the personal HHG.

  3. Marie Leonard

    Edward…I left a comment on the FB group which you may not have seen, hence why I am here now…after reading your post on EW..I noticed that you may be in MS…I happen to be in the Gulfport area for a while where my daughter lives and wanted to find a source for supplies that was a better option than possibly eBay..last year we made 2 dozen simple HGs which she dispersed in her neighborhood but this year we want to make a CB for her area I already have double ended crystals and looking for metals and resin other than home depot and such…I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

  4. Carl

    Great work Ed! I too have done a lot gifting in New Orleans,however not those targets. Thanks! Keep up the good work!
    Stuck in WI this spring so missed my gulf trip,so your post made me happy.

  5. Red

    I sure hope steel brass and copper pot scrubbers are good. I’m about to switch to polyester resin, which should give my T.B.s some more “pow!” I also use my paper shredder to make aluminum shreddings, which become “confetti” when I feed them back into the machine. Aluminum cans and turkey pans work good. The only downside is that they bits and pieces aren’t very “curly.” But the pot scrubber bits are wonderfully curly. When I went to machine shops and asked for metal shavings, they all eyed me with EXTREME suspicion, looked at each other, and then told me NOPE! I guess it’s been that way since the Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11. If I had been a woman or a senior citizen, they might have BELIEVED me when I old them the shavings were for an art project!!! I hear that blue kyanite ( not the fake stuff one guy at Amazon sent me!!! ) and selenite help keep crystals cleansed and charged. So I have a fantastic source, where I can get a whole 1/2 lb pouch of small shards of each for only about 6.00 a bag!!!
    Important question: Since I’m doing this on a “beer budget”, I am having to try to set up shop in my garage. Don’t even get me started on all the costly things I will have to DO to make it workable. and now for the dead serious question: WILL THE HOT WATER HEATER IN MY GARAGE MAKE THE STYRENE VAPORS FROM THE RESIN GO “BOOM!??!?” WILL OVERHEAD LIGHTING MAKE THOSE FUMES GO “POW?!!?” I would pity the fool who would pour that flammable stuff with a cigarette in his or her mouth!!! Those fumes are no joke!!! Castin’ Craft makes the WORST when it comes to fumes. I sure look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. I just don’t want to burn my HOUSE down!!! You can email me at Again, thank you.

    1. Edward Post author

      Hello Red, thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t pour orgonite indoors, not even in the garage with the door open, not unless you have a powerful exhaust hood or something equivalent designed to remove volatile vapors. If you want to use kyanite in orgonite for it’s other properties, that’s fine, but it’s not needed to cleanse the crystals within orgonite. The orgonite does that itself and nothing else is necessary. Shredded aluminum works great. The cross cut shredder i have for my business even curls up the aluminum into the perfect curly cues. I wouldn’t go to the expense of buying a lathe to turn rods to make orgonite. Aluminum foil is much cheaper, especially recycled cans; but if you already have a lathe and have shavings leftover from projects your working on, that’s great!

  6. Red

    Also, I suppose I could buy a mini metal lathe and start making my own metal swarf. The only problem THERE is that 1. The metal rounds ( or rods ) are expensive, and 2. they don’t even come “tapped!!!” I would still have to either find a machine shop willing to “tap” my metal rounds, or I would have to take a drill and try to tap them mySELF!!!
    Again ,any input and resources would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again.

  7. Edward Post author

    Just wanted to update, Other than the HAARP array about a 1/4 mile away and all the towers in range of our neighborhood, i haven’t done any significant gifting since New Orleans. But man what a difference several dozen Tb’s make placed in the right places. Since I thoroughly gridded the Hollygrove area my finances been picking up and have become steady now, im almost afraid to mention it because i don’t want it to stop. It kind of started slowly moving in the right direction before gifting Hollygrove, but the little shifts for the better are what gave me the opportunity to buy enough resin and make the tb’s and get to New Orleans to start with, then after that finances have gained steam to the point i can start doing major gifting without help now. Thank ALL who have helped, you guys know who you are.

    I am looking forward to the future for the 1st time in a very, very, very long time. I feel like i am getting back my personal power as each day goes by. I know i have a lot more gifting to do because EVERY tower on the coast is now 5G and most of them need some more tb’s; and i need to get the remaining 4 ritual sights in use here. But if what happened after gifting Hollygrove is any indication, then i have a sweet future waiting on me; and it has been a long time coming. Prior to getting involved gifting orgonite, NOTHING seemed to go my way, but slowly i started seeing shifts. They tried to kill us in 2017 with the psychically controlled methhead and the 3/4 ton chevy that hit us at about 65 mph but bounced off with only a busted tail light and very minor dents. It blew up in their face, we got about a $2400 check from the insurance company, and the shitrats almost had 1 of their daughters killed when the meth head’s truck miraculously bounced off the back of our minivan(we barely felt the contact), hit the median, went airborne across the 10′ wide median, and landed in the far lane and smoked a $100K mercedes traveling at about 55 mph nearly head on and almost killed the 17 year old driving it. spun it 180 degrees and the truck also spun around 180 degrees and tried driving off but his front axle was broke from the wreck and he couldn’t go anywhere. that was the beginning of a major trend that took a couple years to really see it as a trend and not a 1 off in my favor. Things started slowly turning around in general when i started gifting orgonite, and have been getting better slowly ever since; but since Hollygrove, things are getting better at a much faster rate. Many more things going my way now when they easily could have gone against me. even seeming to have God’s favor when before i felt like i was living under some kind of financial curse. Thank God and orgonite, and Don and Carol for reaching out to me when Don did. So for all those of you that are where i was last year, PRESS THROUGH and gift everything needing gifting in your area. The attacks do come right after new giftings, but they get weaker and weaker directly proportional to the amount of orgonite you gift at key places. So if things are tough right now, pour some more and gift the local masonic lodges and especially the temples, that’s where the nasty rituals take place, and take back your power!
    I can only imagine how much faster things would have turned around if i had listened to Don and gifted the ritual sights 1st and the towers 2nd. Rather than the other way around. sometimes im a bit hard

  8. Jessica

    Hi Carol,

    Have you ever heard of the book “Freedom from Freemasonry” by Sam and Grant Mahoney? I got it off amazon and after saying the prayers, it is by far the greatest release I’ve ever felt from the bloodline effects of ancestral satanic rituals. I hope this helps!

    Jessica 🙂

  9. Edward Post author

    I’m not carol, but thanks for the recommendation, i will have to check that out. I went through similar deliverance and inner healing, cutting chords, and renouncing blood oaths made by my ancestors, etc.etc. Had some great deliverance ministers that helped me get set free. But like i said i will check out that book so i can recommend it to others.

  10. Donna

    Question for Edward and carol Croft, I am new to all of this. Edward when you gift especially at the satanic sites do you have a sucker punch? And do you have your phone shut off and wrapped in aluminum foil? Also where do I find instructions on how to make a sucker punch or buy one? Can’t seem to find info on this site for it? I have just made some tower busters and put them in each of my rooms in my house, is that enough not to have attacks? We also made a chembuster that is in our backyard, and just finished making a medicine wheel in the backyard and put some tower busters within the wheel. I am in the process of making more tower busters cause I feel I am supposed to gift the dolphins . So looking at this site and doing some research I am alittle nervous about gifting , if I make or purchase a sucker punch will it confuse them and I become invisible to them? All info is greatly appreciated.

  11. Edward Post author

    Hello Donna, i used to always have a succor punch on me from roughly 2015 when i got it to 2017 when it got sabotaged, twice. The last time i wasn’t able to fix it, and by then the crystal was all cracked up from the load it was under, those were tough but after that i didnt have one. sometimes i wish i did. I don’t know for certain if it made me invisible when i did use it, but i do know i wasn’t noticed when placing orgonite in front of people in a downtown square that has a ritual sight underground in the bank.

    Usually i always have my phone on me because i gift as i’m headed to and from jails when bonding people out. But on some occasions when i wanted to not be tracked and was on a mission to place orgonite somewhere strategic, i left my phone at home. An aluminum box like the kind contractors keep their contracts in works well to block cell signals though. I’m sure aluminum foil would work too if you wrapped it in enough of it to completely block the signal.

    I don’t worry about anyone following me or tracking me; i don’t think it is that big a deal anymore as far as harassing gifters. I personally haven’t been gang stalked since long before i began gifting. I have been gaslighted a lot, but they were already doing that anyway. I haven’t had a direct confrontation with gang stalkers in 20+ years since the incident when they decided it was best to stop screwing with me directly like that. But i have seen people hanging around where they shouldn’t have been, seemingly waiting for me to leave or to see what i was up to. I blasted them and they always left within a few seconds or so, and after 5 or 6 times i never saw them again. That was back in 2015 or ’16 i think.

    As far as orgonite around your house, it really depends on your circumstances. If you are not a targeted individual, then several tower busters and an HHg would be enough i guess, especially with a cloudbuster too. But if you are targeted, then you will need much more, depending on what is going on. I live in city limits, with an 8 tower HAARP array with all kinds of new crap just installed recently on top that is about a 1/4 mile away, and 5 death towers within range of me that i know of, a smart meter, wifi, etc.etc. AND whatever Directed Energy Weapon is the flavor of the day. Before i got enough orgonite around here, i felt like i was being microwaved, i could feel it wa wa wa wa wa . Now i can’t and most of the time it feels good here. I have 2-16+ ounce HHG’s one outside with half a dozen tb’s arranged around it, and the other under my bed, 6 earthpipes in the corners of the yard, 4 in the back, and 2 out front. about a dozen 4 ounce tb’s and several dozen 3 ounce tb’s spread around, mostly in our room on the inside wall of the smart meter but some in all the rooms; and now a mini powerwand i built myself. There is several dozen Tb’s around the HAARP array and a big HHG about 12-16oz’s; and all the death towers in range are overgifted as well.

    for the last several months or so i’ve been using the succor punch which is now in the powerwand. I tell you getting this thing done was tough. i never saw so much resistance trying to pour some orgonite since i poured the orgonite for Hollygrove. Even today before pouring it up everything that could go wrong did, until a very big thing went right. Unrelated to this story but significant! I was supposed to pour 2 powerwands, but one of my mini succor punches disappeared so i have to make another one. Anyway don’t worry about people following you if all your doing is flipping towers and gifting orgonite. It’s when you get involved in much deeper ways to fight the shitrats that they bother you significantly nowadays, it’s not like it was in the early days in Don and Carol’s adventures anymore; they pioneered the way and took the brunt of the crap for everyone after to continue the effort. Fear is their weapon against you, turn it around and use it against them. We have true freedom when they fear us.

  12. Red

    What I don’t like is the fact that they are “getting the drop” on me, and when I leave the gifted bush or tower, they will probably REMOVE the orgonite I went to all the trouble to make and put in place!!! I don’t like wasting my efforts and resources, just to have the “soulless ones” toss my “Jedi Light Stones” into a black bag and have them destroyed at headquarters!!!

    1. Edward Post author

      Hey Red, If they are removing your orgonite then just put some tiger eye in it and make sure noone sees where you put it, remember, we’ve lived in a surveillance state for so long that most people take the cameras for granted and don’t always see them. Make darn sure you aren’t gifiting right in front of a camera if you arent using a succor punch, and like i said, put tiger eye into the orgonite, just a chip will do, it prevents the bad psychics from locating your orgonite using their abilities. Most of it that is removed is most likely removed because either a psychic or someone that is very energy sensitive could see where it was placed. But to be frank, i am energy sensitive and can see the energy coming off orgonite, and i have yet to find a piece i wanted to move and put into a better location, even seconds after placing it and never taking my eyes off the spot. So something else is at work too, the operators as Don called them. Often they hide it where it cannot be found by anyone. Especially if you put the tiger eye into it. I have gone away from where i gifted to see if i could see the energy signature of the orgonite piece, and I can, but even seeing the energy, could never find the HHG or TB after gifting it. So, if you put the tiger eye chip into each piece, you wont have to worry about the shitrats finding your orgonite, unless you put it in plane sight and someone was watching you put it there.

  13. Ashley

    Hello. I am new to this site but found you through learning about Don and wanting to make a CB. They have recently put a friggin 5G tower on the land behind my house and I’m so mad. My mother lives 5 houses up and is having very bad back and hip pain and can barely walk. I want to try to do all I can to get rid of these EMF’s surrounding us. Plus we live within a mile of a radio station. Oh plus there is a smart meter on my house, on the same wall as where my head lays in my bed. I’m going to move my bed to opposite side of wall. What all can I do for myself, my mom and my neighbors. Any & all information welcome. I was also going to make some orgonite pyramids for my family. Any certain size or shape? I see the reg pyramids and the flat top ones- any difference? Thank you in advance! Love and blessings to all♥️🙏🏼

    1. AncientOne

      Hi, my advice would be to take action and dont be afraid of making some mistakes. building the momentum of creating things like that will help you and this realm in ways neither of us can currently see.
      Look into how much it would cost to move the smart meter 10 meters away from house if your property size allows, otherwise id even go as far as lining the entire wall with faraday material (or lining the box the smart meter is in and then placing some strong shungite based orgonite inside the box) You can even make a smart meter beater. I believe dennis owner of warriormatrix . com still makes them.
      more info on making your own
      also youtube, write your own notes, no doubt you will even contribute to the movement with your own genuis over time! nows the time!

  14. Edward Post author

    What ancient one says is true, but you don’t have to use shungite to block the smart meter DOR, it is just positive ions just like all DOR, just a different source. You can use all that if you want, but you don’t have to. Simple tactical orgonite as described how to make on Etheric Warriors is all you need. You just need to put enough to deal with whatever DOR sources there are within range of your house. I have 2 TB’s on our smart meter, 1 right on the meter box, and another where the power leaves the meter box and goes into the house. I have other orgonite all around so it is more than enough for me. You may need more or less depending on your circumstances, but i think 1 TB made right should be enough for a smart meter. i over gift everything just because that’s how i am. Ancient One put a link in his comment to another website for making orgonite, and since i don’t have time to watch all the videos and read everything from that sight, and i saw some things in the 1st video on HHG’s that wasn’t completely accurate AND they were NOT wrapping the crystal with the 18 gauge wire like you are supposed to so i quit watching at that point and just changed the link in Ancient One’s post to the link for orgonite making on this sight which i will put here also just in case.

    No point in linking to another sight when Don and Carol Croft, the people who started Etheric Warriors, are the inventors of the type of orgonite we use for gifting. Obviously Karl Welz invented orgonite, but for radionics purposes, and the type of orgonite he invented was very different than what we use to gift towers and ritual sights, so why link to another sight when you can go to the source, right?
    SO gift everything within 1/2 mile of your house to start with, and then move out in concentric circles as you get money and time to make more orgonite, eventually you will gift everything in your county, and hopefully eventually your whole state and region. hope this helps

  15. Bill C.

    Why are the masons doing things against you and manipulating your finances? Sorry if that’s a silly question, I just don’t understand. Thanks.

    1. Edward Post author

      @ bill, it’s a very very long story, but to make it short, i owned there favorite satanic ritual sight in this area, it was in the house i grew up in, i inherited it, i was born into a generational masonic satanic family, i couldn’t be programmed completely as a child i guess because i have aspergers, and when i inherited the place i refused to join and refused to sell, so they blackballed me and i have been targeted ever since. that is the shortest possible answer i can give, i had a much longer one typed out with more details but realized i was writing a book so i deleted it because its all on this sight somewhere anyway; even though i cant find it myself and had intended to link to it so i wouldn’t have to explain again. anyway, that’s it in a nutshell.

  16. Edward Post author

    in reply to ashley, i forgot to answer about the pyramids. i believe the pyramid shape, and the cone shape are basically identical in their energetic properties, so either one is great for HHG’s. I have made some HHG’s that were shaped like a simple puck, like TB’s i guess, but much much larger, even though they were bigger than the cone shaped HHG’s i have done in the past, the energy wasn’t as strong as it was coming off the cones. They work, but not as efficient for the amount of orgonite being used. Since resin is so expensive, i try to maximize what i can get from a gallon, so nowadays i always use a cone or pyramid shape with the HHG’s. A martini glass from a thrift store makes a great mold for small personal HHG’s. I found one at michaels thrift store that was 44 oz, so until it got broken i could make some really big HHG’s if i wanted. I think the biggest i ever made was about half the size of that mold and it is under my aunts bed to this day i believe. I believe the flat top pyramids aren’t quite as strong as one the same size that are
    not flat topped, but the flat ones work fine too.

  17. Rock d

    I make very powerful o.gz
    Is there any way I can test them against each other ?I don’t mean to tell you all wrong but your looking at energy the wrong way fluid as water change as easily as a breeze radiates like a hearth n the winter nights and solid as Sophia all mother earth.but the dodecahedron ether combined.

  18. Edward Post author

    Im not 100% sure of what you are saying. But i’m assuming you want to see which are more powerful, the devices you make or the kind of orgonite we all make,. The easy way is find a sensitive person that can see the energy you say we are looking at wrong, which some of us can actually see, and ask them which works better at transmuting the positive ions into negative ions. But perhaps some photos of what you make, or maybe even tell us how you make it would be nice. We all share and share alike for the most part. we all want a world that is free of electromagnetic radiation, weather weaponry and mind control weaponry; and especially their negative effects on us and the environment. If you have a better idea, share it with us so we can improve. Thanks. I know that most of the people in this forum that innovate with orgonite can see the energy themselves and so they know how strong or weak their pieces are compared to others. Find someone that can see the energy and ask them what they are seeing when you have them side by side, but i would suggest not to compare apples to oranges, don’t compare a tactical piece that was made cheap for the ONLY purpose of flipping a tower or something, to a personal piece lots of money was spent on. compare apples to apples. It costs me roughly .25-.35 cents to make tb’s depending on weather they are 3oz or 4. and roughly less than 2 bucks for a 4 oz tactical HHG made with a martini glass as a mold, But a personal HHG, which could be much stronger even if the same size, can cost much much more depending on what you put into it. so compare apples to apples when you compare.

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