gifting masonic ritual sights in New Orleans

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So finally this past thursday i headed to new orleans to gift the masonic temple/satanic ritual sight my grandfather was a part of. I didnt dowse for it as i thought when i got there i could easily find it. NOT.

Anyway, i knew the general area, and i knew that at some point up till the early 70’s my family owned a bunch of the Hollygrove neighborhood, which sits in the middle of a large compass and square, with all sides being obvious, except one side was implied, but definitely there.  The masons consider wood from the holly tree as sacred. Even pagans use it for their magic wands, so the name of that neighborhood(ghetto) is significant. I knew the temple was just outside that neighborhood, and i knew the general area it was in, so since i hadnt dowsed i started driving through and around Hollygrove looking for that over a hundred year old wood building that was the masonic temple my grandfather was a part of. It has been over 30 years since i have been to this part of new orleans and had eyes on it. Hell, it was probably over a hundred years old back then. It was right across the street from St. Iroq cemetery, but that got wiped out in Katrina, so my landmark was gone.

So i started driving around waiting on the Spirits leading, as i got closer to the center of Hollygrove, it felt awful, worse than the rest of new orleans, i had a hunch there was a ritual sight in the heart of hollygrove. I prayed as i drove around, and our creators spirit led me to a house dead center of hollygrove that turned out to be a very old ritual sight that hadnt been used in a very long time, probably since the time the sight i was looking for started being used. I was shown that they started using it again after Katrina. So i heavily gifted that house, and then because hollygrove was so depressed i gridded hollygrove and the surrounding neighborhoods with almost 4 dozen tb’s that all had shungite, black tourmaline and tiger eye in them, a dozen or so also had malachite too. They all had a chip of clear quartz of course. By the time i ran out of the nearly 4 dozen tb’s i gifted in hollygrove, i could feel a shift, it started feeling a little better.

I went back yesterday to bring someone to the doctor again, and i finished gridding the area i remember the temple being in with a couple dozen more tb’s, with several of those going around a masonic monument in uptown, and a masonic graveyard in midtown that was gated and locked. U need a key to visit that cemetery; so i surrounded each side with some tb’s. Once i ran out I drove back to the ritual sight in the heart of hollygrove, and it felt waaay better. It was definitely sufficiently over gifted. Lol. which is the way i like it. So now my plan is to make a nice pendant i like using, and dowse for the exact location of the temple, and any other ritual sights the mason’s use against me in New Orleans. I also intend to earthpipe whats needed, along with that satanic war memorial cyclingflinger pointed out. I was advised by Don to try and gift that temple ritual sight before i gifted the ones used against me here in Ms. I need 1 more trip to New Orleans and a couple dozen more tb’s and several hhg’s, along with some earthpipes, and i will be finished with ritual sights in New Orleans and be able to start gifting the local ritual sights here in Ms. I have already gotten a few of them, but  there is at least 4 more that i I know of that are used against me. I imagine once i get these, the mason’s will have a harder time manipulating my finances, i can already feel more personal power in the last week.

The others in chat may realize this but i doubt anyone else does. This has been a major breakthrough for me, it started before i went to new orleans. I stupidly gifted personal hhg’s at a jail in Hancock county Ms. Finances picked up in november right after that last gifting, but everything here at home was freakin chaos because we didnt have enough orgonite to mitigate the direct attacks. NEVER again will i gift personal orgonite. Lol. lesson learned the hard way!

Anyway, i finally collected up supplies and made a 16 ounce hhg and a dozen tb’s. within minutes of that hhg curing there was a major shift here, the chaos ended. And believe me it took great effort and will power to pour up that 1st batch this year. EVERYTHING and everyone seemed to be trying to stop me. But after hard praying and pressing through, i turned my phone off while i was pouring up that 1st batch so i had no distractions, and when it cured the breakthrough came.. Phew, we were at each other’s throats, no kidding, and ready to split. That all stopped that day, and since then  i have poured up several dozen more tb’s, and some earthpipes, with no resistance. However, planes and helis have been regularly circling around and flying just above tree tops looking for something ever since i poured the hhg.

I understand there are probably thousands more juicy targets needing gifting in new orleans, im currently only focused on masonic ritual sights used against me. Once im done with all the current ritual sights, then i will shift focus back to weather weaponry, towers etc. And any new ritual sights they start using because their old ones quit working. Focusing on the towers etc. early on is the reason it has taken so long to have this breakthrough, cause believe me Don sent me waaay more tb’s over the last few years than i gifted in New Orleans.  I should have been focused on the ritual sights sooner, especially after seeing improvements in finances everytime i gifted one. Sometimes im an idiot i



4 thoughts on “gifting masonic ritual sights in New Orleans

  1. Odette Amsili

    Very interesting!
    You are truly a light Warrior! Thank you and God bless you for doing that crucial work and combating the force of darkness.
    I would like to get some organite to protect myself at all time and my loves one. What would you recommend?
    Love and light

  2. Edward Post author

    If you want to make some I’d advise looking at the tutotials on this sight. If not there are links on this sight for vendors that make good orgonite. For personal protection while under direct attacks, then definitely get one of Carol’s Harmonic Protectors, sold on her sight

    But i can tell you, there is a personal satisfaction knowing you can so easily make something yourself that is helping to topple the shitrat’s control over everything! I’m trying to figure out why the 1 HHG and half a dozen TB’s surrounding it caused such a commotion with helis and planes flying in circles so low around us in the last few weeks since i poured them. Im thinking maybe that i reached a threshold, or tipping point of good energy over bad in this neighborhood.

    Along with several other stones I put a double terminated smokey quartz lemurian roughly 3 inches long and about a 1/4 inch around as the main crystal into that HHG, wrapped with 18 gauge copper wire the same way its wrapped for earthpipes. in fact i originally planned it for an earthpipe but since it was double terminated i used it in the personal HHG.

  3. Marie Leonard

    Edward…I left a comment on the FB group which you may not have seen, hence why I am here now…after reading your post on EW..I noticed that you may be in MS…I happen to be in the Gulfport area for a while where my daughter lives and wanted to find a source for supplies that was a better option than possibly eBay..last year we made 2 dozen simple HGs which she dispersed in her neighborhood but this year we want to make a CB for her area I already have double ended crystals and looking for metals and resin other than home depot and such…I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


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