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We’re having a busy winter at our house in Priest River, ID.  Have been talking with people about the 108 Project and been working on making 108s that you can take with you anywhere you go.  I wanted to make the Mini 108s resonate with Om, just like the big 108s that I’m placing throughout the country, so that you could use your Mini 108 to tune into the bigger network of 108s.

The Mini 108s are now available for purchase.  These are 24” in diameter, and are made from different types of soft woods. They do resonate with Om and the extra crystals/gems that Carmen puts in add something special to them. More about that when you buy one.

To purchase and to find out more information about the Mini 108s click the link to go to our website .

2 thoughts on “Mini 108

  1. david r.
    i have a cnc cut plywood jig, and some new.3d printed cone molds. The older, store bought, cone molds were much smaller, only about half the size of the newer cones.
    i used the flikr stream linked above to post pictures on some of the old posts on ethericwarriors in 2009-2013 or so. i used another online picture host for a lot of posts though.
    Anyway its good to see ppl making 108’s. Especially those big ones. the hexagons around each 6 point star pattern is interesting. The 108 looks cool with them drawn on. It kind off defines each 018 pattern in the 108.

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