Field Orgonite – Tower Busters

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Hi Everyone,

If you’re interested in purchasing ‘Real’ field orgonite, a.k.a. Tower Busters, my wife and I have been busy making them right here in Priest River, ID.  All our orgonite is made like Carol and Don Croft have taught us with quartz crystals, metal shavings, and resin.  We also include shungite to help deal with the 5G Network.

They are ready for sale in different quantity packages.  Go to: .

3 thoughts on “Field Orgonite – Tower Busters

  1. Jill

    What’s the best source for powder shungite? I want to start making the towerbusters for my community outside of Fort Worth

    1. Harold Lunt Post author

      We buy shungite pieces and make them into powder. I’m sure you can buy it on Etsy and Ebay (I’d look for someone that sounds like they know what they’re talking about) and if they’re name sounds Russian that’s all good, and if they’re in the US that’s even better because getting mail from Russia takes a long time. Carmen bought a shungite pyramid on Etsy and it took 2 months to get here. Buy a little and make sure you test it. We used a small, 1 battery, flashlight to test it. Check on YouTube about testing shungite video, they have everything on there. We got ours from Russian vendors in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral Show.

  2. Tony Nauseum

    Have you heard of the Qube? It is a box with sigils inside. I think it is based on the same technology. Copper spiral sigils attached to quartz, leaving a gap in between another crystal and similar… They don’t sell them though. I wonder why…

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