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Hi, this is Harold Lunt, the 108 Project guy. I gave a short talk about the 108 Project at Don’s memorial. I know that this 108 update is long overdue, many of you may have despaired of ever hearing anything new about this endeavor but there were several things I wanted to learn and know about the project before putting anything in writing. See 108’s, orgonite pendants and tower busters for sale at www.MyHealingGarden.net.

So here we go:

Don with a small 108.

First a short summary. I bought a 24” diameter orgonite 108 several years ago from Andy Schwarm  (www.CTbusters.com), paid extra to have Carol Croft (www.crystalinsights.net)  tune into my energy and add gemstones as intuited for a personalized experience when using the 108. After several years of doing my work and recognizing the beneficial supplemental energies that emanated from the small 108 I realized that the 108 pattern held great potential for uplifting large segments of mankind. (My work is primarily that of a “transmuter”, someone who dives into intense negativity and transmutes / transforms that energy into beneficial life-giving-life affirming energy.  This is an exact parallel to the function and action of orgonite.)

Don and I visited several times about large scale gifting. We both had pilot training and recognized the ease that aircraft would afford us in gifting larger geographical areas, mountain tops, rivers, lakes and the ever present cellphone towers. I was interested in gridding my hometown valley, about 10 miles by 15 miles. At a quarter mile spacing, I would need about 2400 tb’s to do this project. Using a smaller, slow flying aircraft and aviation quality GPS I would be able to gift the entire valley. We also looked at gifting the California coastline from San Diego to Crescent City, dropping them a mile or so offshore, again at quarter mile spacing. Although neither of these projects were done, we both envisioned the benefits of orgonite gifting over large geographical areas.

In 2016 Carmen and I moved to North Idaho and became neighbors to the gifting community here, led of course by Carol and Don Croft. Don offered me the unrestricted use of his aircraft but I was busy building our homestead (well, septic system, barn, electrical service, home, roads, etc.) and I told him that after 3 or 4 years I would probably have enough free time to begin flying again. Don was flying the powered parachutes that he enjoyed so much and we both looked forward to doing large scale gifting. Sadly, this was not to be and his life ended much too soon for all of us.

A couple weeks before Don’s passing, we installed our first large 108, a 100 foot endeavor. This was done entirely with just stakes and strings for the layout since the pattern is all simple geometry. We use tb’s for the 108 locations in the pattern with 6 earthpipes under the tb’s at the 6 outermost points of the pattern. The “orgonite gifting rush” was about 5 or 6 times as intense as when gifting towers, so my suspicions were confirmed that we were onto something significant. We installed a smaller pattern at our home and made plans for a very large one in Arizona. It was at that time when Don passed. While at his memorial I made the talk about our 108 efforts that many of you have seen. Since then we have installed the Arizona 108, it is 926 feet in diameter. Also, one in the Minnesota area (250 foot diameter), one in Georgia (657 feet diameter), one in Montana at Dooney’s place (she made a short documentary of the installation) and several in the North Idaho/Western Washington area. The first thing we learned was Carol’s observation that each new 108, well before it’s completion, would link-up with the other 108 patterns that were already in existence, forming a network. We were all thrilled at this insight!

This was partly by design, as each 108 is “tuned” to the same frequency, primarily by way of spacing between centers of the clusters. Thus, when a new 108 comes “on line” it naturally aligns with the other 108’s that are likewise tuned, creating a larger network. This seems to be largely unaffected by space between the previously installed 108’s which leads me to believe that we are working on the quantum level, the same as orgonite.  (This is based on the principle of “resonant entrainment” and is experienced if you ever sang into a guitar, then listened to the faint humming that your song induced into the strings. Organ pipes are also designed to “resonate” at certain sound frequencies and based on the diameter and length of the pipe will produce a singular loud and clear note. Likewise, we have the different 108 patterns all singing the same song.)

FYI, I am indebted first to Slim Spurling for setting the groundwork and to Brian Bescoe of www.twistedsage.com for his (and his sister Brenda’s) work with sacred cubit lengths and frequencies. It was several years ago on Brian’s website that I found that his “Balance and Harmony” cubit length resonates to the OM frequency. So here I had the tools to build an array of orgonite that would resonate to the OM frequency simply by being very precise with my measurements. (This seems to be true although the information is no longer on Brian’s website.) Also of significant importance, this basic cubit length was the primary measurement unit for the Pyramid of the Sun – Teotihuacan structure along with the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and in Bolivia at the “Gate of the Sun”.  You can go to Brian’s website and read more about his insights. Some of this information is at the end of this article.

Now about the pattern. Please notice that pattern consists of seven clusters of twelve intersections, each twelve is arranged into a six-pointed star. So six clusters around a central seventh cluster. Each of these star clusters is surrounded by a hexagon and these hexagons create a “honeycomb”. These hexagons have common intersections with other hexagons. I refer to these hexagon points as “anchors”. After meditating on the pattern, I understood that the star represents the merkaba or the human energy pattern. The hexagon honeycomb represents the earth/physical universe. So the 108 pattern represents “the harmony of man on earth” which is what Brian mentions as some of the major characteristics of this cubit. This is also very much in agreement with the perceived effects of orgonite gifting. All of these factors combine into this single pattern to provide an elegant solution for large scale gifting across countries and over the planet. We can all be part of this.

This cubit is 41.7086614” or 105.94 cm. I use whole multiples of this length or resonating fractions of this cubit for the spacing between centers and the size of the stars within the pattern, allowing me to create almost any size pattern, down to the smallest at about 24” in diameter. This is easy to do on the computer with my engineering background and the AutoCad software. I use a theodolite transit for the large layouts, probably maxing out at about 1500 feet diameter. We typically bury the orgonite about 6” below the surface unless there is agricultural activity like plowing being done on the site. In that case we bury them 15” or deeper.

We have noticed that the larger the pattern, the stronger is the effect and it is felt over a much wider area. Remember, any “tuned” 108 pattern, regardless of its individual size, will synchronize with the whole network. The elegance of a tuned pattern is that it requires no intention or effort to synchronize with the network, and the network requires no intention or effort to resonate with the earth and the positive creative intentions of mankind. It just does it because that is its nature.

A major milestone in the installation of the patterns was when I finished the seventh 108, as there are seven major chakras in the human form and this aligned with the seven clusters in the pattern. When I finished that pattern and was returning home (from Minnesota), I was very much tapped into the national psyche, addressing long lines of veterans who had given their lives for the country. After crossing the Mississippi River, I looked up through the windshield and there, was a bald eagle about 10’ above me, keeping pace with the car. For me, it was a nice gifting confirmation and that indeed, I was working with the national energy.

I have been blessed with an energy sensitive partner who makes a living healing and reading energy patterns of a personal nature. As a natural healer, Carmen will harmonize her energy with whomever or whatever she needs to focus on, then understands the requirements for betterment. We are presently working on a small 108, similar in size to the one that Don is holding in the photograph that will be “tuned” to the network. This will provide a person with a tangible synchronizing key to access this energy. Right now these will be cedar wood, with cut holes into the wood for the orgonite, then sanded and varnished. Carmen is reading into the pattern to see which gemstones need to be added at each specific location that will best enhance the interaction experience the owner of the pattern will have with the network.  These are offered at www.MyHealingGarden.net along with orgonite pendants and towerbusters.


Here is a partial clip from Brian’s website about the Balance and Harmony cubit:


Balance and Harmony Ring-The Cubit length that creates this new Ring is the basis for the ancient Mesoamerican city, Teotihuacan. Translated as the “birthplace of the Gods”, Teotihuacan contains the great Temple of the Sun. This unit of measure has also been found in Bolivia at “the Gate of the Sun,” in Ancient Egypt, at Stonehenge, and other megalithic structures around the world. The Pyramid of the Sun and the Great Pyramid of Egypt have an identical base-length based on this measure!!!

Teotihuacan Cubit measure and the Harmony Ring

Here is the story:

The Ring cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly. Lower vibrations change fast into whatever they need to be or they just evaporate.

The Ring creates a stronger connection to your entire Entourage- all of those who walk with You in the Highest and Best for You- allowing you to become more fully aware of your Entourage.

The ring is vibrating to three vibrations- past, present and future, helping to integrate them into a higher frequency.

Elementals of Earth come through the Ring to bring in Remembering Codes, but not like Codes from the Sun.

The Ring brings you in touch with Earth, as a Human of Earth. Balance of Mind Body Spirit.

Codes from the Sun shine through the Ring, coming through our Sun from places such as the Central Sun, moving the Earth into a whole new frequency.

If not ready to accept these Codes, they won’t come through. If you are ready, they will enter the Pineal and travel through to the Heart. There are matching Codes within the Heart that match those coming through the Ring. When you are in Harmony and Balance, and the time is right, these Codes Activate. They Activate what are strictly your Gifts.

connected to the Earth Elemental of Water- smaller gauge Rings (coming soon) will work better with water than any previous Cubit, while the thicker gauge Ring works really well with the body.

As connections are made and You enter into Balance and Harmony in the Heart, and your Mind is settled, you hear and know and see more than you ever have in the past. Simply go with the intent of doing so, along with the knowingness that you can.

Remember, www.MyHealingGarden.net for your own Mini 108, Tower Busters and Individualized Orgonite Pendants.

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  1. Harold Lunt Post author

    Hello Manuel,
    The 108 Project is about installing large arrays of orgonite using the 108 pattern (that is based in Sacred Geometry) This pattern was originated by Don Croft and is based on the “Flower of Life pattern. While his arrays were small (smaller than 4 feet), the 108 Project seeks to install large arrays, from 15 feet up to 1500 feet in diameter. The distances between the pieces of orgonite are very precise and are calculated to resonate with OM, the primordial sound of creation. (This aspect is different from Don’s arrays which did not attempt to harmonize the arrays with any vibration.) Using my AutoCad Program I create the layout based on the anticipated size of the array, then going to the site, I use my surveying transit to accurately place each of the 108 pieces of orgonite. These pieces are typically placed below the surface. Earthpipes are placed at critical locations withing the pattern as well. So we get a well grounded large pattern that naturally vibrates at the most basic level of our existence. This is expected to project massive orgone energy and assist in re-creating the planet to its new level of existence.
    More questions? Let me know, maybe I can help.

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