Crystal Harmonizer Orgonite

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A quick testimony on the effectiveness of the Crystal Harmonizer orgonite made by Carol Croft. A friend in upstate New York sent me a zapper and Crystal Harmonizer as a gift around 2007. I didn’t know at the time how important those gifts would be. I’ve kept the CH in my backpack for years, still have it and carry it with me and the effects have been very interesting. I still have the same zapper, going strong. I use rechargeable 9V batteries.

In one CH instance, I was standing in front of a second hand store I worked at and a colleague who knew about the orgonite, watched as a crowd of people walked by in front of us on the sidewalk and as I turned around (backpack toward crowd) a young woman came almost running directly at me and in my colleague’s words “it seemed as if she hit some force field.” It happened fast. I’m not sure what was going on but I attribute the abrupt deflection to the CH in the backpack. Her movements were as if her body was fluid, no bones.

While it repels certain people, it attracts others. I’ve noticed that people get into my personal space more, such as when standing in lines, and in more obvious situations such as open public spaces. After becoming suspicious I remind myself, oh right, the CH. I mentioned it to Carol a while back and she said that people might be unconsciously trying to the relax their bodies.

Another experience was the pain from a minor toothache. I was at a corner store and one of the worker’s face had swollen from tooth pain. I gave him the CH and had someone translate in Spanish to put the magnet side on his cheek because it could take some pain away. He did that while I looked around. After about 15 minutes, he said the pain subsided. Its original design is to align chakras but it also appears to relieve pain and discomfort associated with distorted energy fields.  These gifts were a life changer and opened me to exploring the world of etheric energy healing, orgonite and psionics.