A working forum archive

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Last year, Adam from the website forum.orgones.co.uk alerted us that he had re-created much of the last EW forum, that crashed when Chuck died, from the archive.org site. Adam spent time and money of his own to hire someone to take the files he got from archive.org and put them back in a forum format that can be browsed and searched as a forum, with as many of the original threads intact or at least partially intact. He generously offered to make it a usable forum that people could join and continue posting in, which we declined because we didn’t know who he was, and we wanted to be careful about how the historical EW information was presented.

Adam agreed to put the EW forum archive up strictly as an historical record, and he has created his own forum to further orgonite research and gifting reports. Adam has been very respectful of Carol’s wishes regarding this, for which we are grateful. With all that has happened since Don passed away, Carol and I were not ready to move forward on this, but with the recent attacks on orgonite we felt that we needed people to know that this historical record is available.

Any information on Adam’s site that is not part of the EW forum archive is not vetted by us and we are not endorsing any information other than the EW archive. That being said, I feel that Adam is careful about presenting information and has integrity. I think it’s great if other people want to have orgonite forums and blogs. Neither Carol nor I are interested in being a forum administrator with all that it entails, so we will continue to try and keep this community together on Etheric Warriors, while encouraging others to blog and post, and send us their links.

The EW forum archive can be found at:

The introduction post is here:

Many thanks to Adam for all his hard work!