Death Tower In NJ – Microwaves and Aliens

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This tower is positioned on a ridge and looks down on a wide valley on one side but on the other side, within less than 800 yards there are residential homes on an incline that eventually match the tower’s height.  The basement areas of the nearby homes may hopefully escape the microwave influence.

Comment from David R. – Since there are no pictures of a satellite in space doing it’s job, and because a satellite wouldn’t have the power to endlessly broadcast signals back to earth, i question the satellite story. The towers do seem to act as weapons, but i think that they really are used for LTE, 4g. i imagine they will keep the 4g for quite some time. 5g modules will have to be placed all over because there isn’t much range with that tech. We will need to add more orgone devices when they start cranking them out most likely.

This is a quote from Physicians For Safe Technology – I changed the word “cell” to “death.” Several studies on death towers show metabolic changes and dysfunction in persons exposed to death tower radiation. … One school had about 10 times higher radiation levels. They found a significant increase in elevated levels of HbA1c and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the school with higher RF levels. Here is a list of health effects. Note depression.

  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • heart palpitations
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • feeling of discomfort
  • loss of libido
  • poor concentration
  • memory loss
  • neuropsychiatric problems such as depression.

notice cabling –

Comment from Edward – the interesting thing about the towers is that they have 4 phase electrical power running to them, and it only takes a 12 volt battery and a solar charger to relay a cell signal. 4 phase is 440-480 volts, as opposed to single phase which is 110-120 volts, most wiring in a house, and 2 phase 220-240, which your driers and stoves run on, and some AC systems. commercial coolers and welding shops often have 3 or 4 phase electricity. that kind of power is not needed for the towers if they are only relaying a cell signal. And many of us who are energy sensitive and have been targeted, can confirm from 1st hand experience the towers are a weapon, this isn’t really debatable, and has been generally accepted by most who are awake. In Ireland, the IRA has been pulling down towers with large trucks, blowing them, etc. etc. since they started going up, No loss of cell coverage at all! they aren’t for cell phones people, other than to track you, that’s the only connection to a cell phone!

In addition to the influence and harm of microwaves on the flora, fauna, human brain and body, the death towers may present other functions as described in TI Paladin’s book titled Advice For the Gangstalking Victim and Targeted Individual. Is there a connection with increased accounts of demonic possession or alien interference and the saturation of human environments with microwave radiation? Former nurse and author TI Paladin suggests there is, here is an excerpt:

Traditionally, shamans and magicians used these interdimensional beings to do their bidding, in a sort of partnership. A partnership that involves not only the task at hand (a love spell, a money spell) but a unified “agenda” between the practioner and the demonic/alien. Black Magick rituals and witchcraft somehow open up “energy portals” through which communication with these dark beings is facilitated, and also, somehow feed these entities with the energy they need to operate in our Reality. The Magician gains power, influence and wealth through these beings, and the beings gain access not only to our world, but to us. And what these entities want more than anything in this Reality, which facilitates the operation most completely, blending their dimension with ours, is a human body. This is where the energy weapons, electronic mind control, and even implants, comes in. As stated before, these various dimensions, our world, our thoughts, our feelings, are composed of a sort of electromagnetic energy, and by manipulating this energy, these dark entities can cross over into, and influence, our reality. They can even gain access to a human body. Ask yourself, if you were a modern day Satanic/Luciferian cult, controlled by entities seeking access to our world through energy portals, wouldn’t you engage in high tech, electronically assisted Black Magick? In fact, might you not place your people into universities and government agencies, such as DARPA, where these technologies could be developed, and ultimately used by the cult? There are even “conspiracy theories” that chemtrails and HAARP are involved in opening up our dimension energetically to their dimension. One component of chemtrails is aluminum dust, which has a mild electrical conductivity. How does HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) react with that aluminaum dust in the atmosphere? The Hadrion Collider in Cern Switzerland is also suspected to be a tool of this cult, with the express purpose to open a direct portal to Hell.


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  1. Edward

    i wanted to clarify something, commercial coolers run on 2 and 3 phase, 4 phase isn’t used on the grid in the united states.

  2. Edward

    More clarification, sorry. 3 phase is 440-480V, not 4 phase, 4 phase is double that, as in 110-120=single phase, 220-240= 2 phase, & 440-480= 3 phase. Sorry for miscommunication in original post. I would edit it but i see no option to.

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