Don Croft gifting near Long island

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I posted this image on my Instagram account (with permission from Hawthorn, thanks), of Don Croft dropping an earth pipe into the waters outside long island (Montauk). My account was disabled within minutes. There was nothing specific about why the account got disabled, except referring to their terms of service.

Don Croft

I also wrote some things to defend Crofts and the orgonite movement.

“Don Croft dropping an orgonite earth pipe with fins near Long Island (and not far from Montauk).
I conversed with him by email for a decade, and found him to be the most helpful, stable and knowledgeable person, always having time to answer questions and give insights (and he got a lot of email). I think it is important to mention it, because apparently there have been attempts to slander Don and Carol Croft on Instagram, after he passed away in July 2018.
Don Croft publicly defended the basic orgonite towerbuster (made of 50/50 resin and metal, with quartz added). Searching online now, maybe 90% percent of what is claimed to be orgonite, doesn’t even follow the basic recipe. All kinds of configurations, with very little metal and trying to reinvent the wheel with every creation. Important to know for any newcomer.
People around the world have been gifting basic orgonite for two decades, out of their own pocket, and they’ve done it because they see and experience the positive effects for themselves. Vibrant blue skies, happier and more energized ambient energy where orgonite is distributed (among other things).”

At least it can be posted here, where the hidden hand of censorship hasn’t reached yet.

5 thoughts on “Don Croft gifting near Long island

  1. Dirk Verelst

    Thanks Frode for bringing this to our attention. I will repost this thread on our Etheric Warriors Facebook and the picture on Instagram for all to see. If they choose to wave a red flag about their internet censorship this is their chance. We have constructed too big a following for this not to blow up in their face. As you rightly pointed out, a lot of their efforts have gone into diluting and corrupting our gifting work lately, turning orgonite into the next useless made in China plastic new age gizmo. Cheers Dirk

    1. Frode Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Dirk. It looks now like I still have access to the account, not sure what is going on. This screenshots is certainly evidence that something odd happened (got this message both on the PC and the tablet a few days ago)

      Don gets hacked even after his passing, quite an accomplishment. Hopefully I will still be able to post more on Instagram, I’ll test it later.

  2. Carl

    Good pic! Don make some really cool pieces! As you say, need 50% resin 50% metal a lot of fake orgonite out there!
    I’m one of gifters going back 2007. Dramatic effects with orgonite or would not keep doing it. Only Don gets hacked in the after life! way to go!

  3. Gregory

    Thank You Frode. I have also had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Don from back in the day.Always took the time to reply and his advice was/is priceless.

    I knew back then how special of a person Don was/is.This is the first time I can see a photo of him and not shed too many tears.

    Thanks again for this and of course,to The Crofts. Forever grateful.

  4. InOtherNews

    What a great photo, plus maybe confirmation of orgonite’s etheric power effecting artificial intelligence.
    There’s a 5G protest in NYC this weekend, which is also an opportunity to share info about EW and orgonite.
    Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
    142 E. 14th Street (outside Trader Joe’s)

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