Death Towers In New Jersey: Will 4G Towers Be Removed After 5G Deployment?

There are many towers to gift deep in the urban centers of eastern New Jersey, some of them located near interstates, others rise above residential neighborhoods. From what I understand, these are 3 and 4G. Not sure what’s going to happen with them after 5G antenna systems deploy. Will they take them down because they’re outdated?

The sun was hot and the sky looked silvery blue. Crossed some multi-lane roads which actually had sidewalks. I had some extra TBs from a previous batch made for some friends in Florida. Lydiane with quebecorgone sent me some nice quality quartz crystals and aluminum shavings for this batch.

The effects weren’t immediately apparent in this effort but from what I’ve learned this tower will be producing POE. On my way back, saw a chunk of support structure cut out of the bridge. The elements and four seasons take a toll on infrastructure.

4 thoughts on “Death Towers In New Jersey: Will 4G Towers Be Removed After 5G Deployment?

  1. Edward

    They wont be removed most likely, simply because their only use for cell phones was GPS tracking. Cell calls have been handled by satellite since roughly 1998. the towers are weapons, and when flipped they are defeated. But they wont remove them i’m sure. If they haven’t been flipped yet they are still useful as weapons and need orgonite.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Thanks Edward, very interesting about GPS and satellite. I didn’t know that. Yes, some of them look permanent, but I’ve seen others on trailers. I’ll get a photo of that later this month. There’s a lot of work to do out here.

  2. david r.

    Since there are no pictures of a satellite in space doing it’s job, and because a satellite wouldn’t have the power to endlessly broadcast signals back to earth, i question the satellite story. The towers do seem to act as weapons, but i think that they really are used for LTE, 4g. i imagine they will keep the 4g for quite some time.
    5g modules will have to be placed all over because there isn’t much range with that tech. We will need to add more orgone devices when they start cranking them out most likely.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Thanks David,
      I wondered about the satellite functioning on this level. I’ve not done the research but I thought the power came from solar panels? Its interesting, the hardware, power and frequency is already intact for a weapon in terms being able to vary the frequency to effect brain and body function. The US military seized the technology to send solar power down from floating solar power masts as a beam to receiving stations. Wonder why its ok to have this weapon out in the open? On another related topic, ConEd is rolling out “Smart” meters very quietly in NYC right now. A listener told me they’re installing them in her building and tenants are not happy.


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