The Demise of Mrs O

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It’s quit unfortunate to lose a person like Mrs. O. the other time Christine passed and now Mrs. O. we know that God will do something to see us through in such a sad moment. Am  still doing  gifting in Turkana so  in case  that  one  would wish  to  know  more  would  contact this  email



3 thoughts on “The Demise of Mrs O

  1. Edward

    Boosting you and the entire Kikundi! my condolences, the world has lost a mighty etheric warrior. Let’s hope her spirit lives on through you and the kids you guys are taking care of. Hopefully they finish their education and follow in Mrs O’s footsteps with the gifting.

  2. Carolien

    Atieno Odondi, mrs. O., respectfully took care for years of the children of David and Emma Ochieng, who were both prolific gifters and were poisoned to death. As well as Christine’s children, Christine died in 2018, if I am right. Sara Okayo is taking over this orphan care, now mrs. O. has died. Sara can use our ongoing financial support for that. Please support her by Paypal on her or Dancan’s email adress.
    Last year, 2018, mrs. O spent more than a month in prison for gifting. Besides Don’s passing away, she also lost her son Billy because of a motor accident. I have great respect for her and will miss her for sure. It truly feels like she leaves a gap in my life already, now she’s gone.
    May God welcome her spirit in heaven.


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