Zapper Controversy Part 1

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In May of 2017, the program director at WBAI 99.5 FM agreed to work with me in using a zapper as a thank you gift for listener donations. The fundraising pitch for In Other News was scheduled for a Tuesday morning. We aired some of the testimonies you’ll hear in the video below. The listeners pledged and the station did very well. In fact, in one hour the pledges were up to 4000.00. They aired it the next day and made more. On the third day, the pledges totaled more than 30,000.00. At this point, the general manager was contacted by the Pacifica network executive director ordering him to shut down this fundraiser using the zapper. Behind the scenes, various board members and producers were roiling with contempt, arguing the efficacy of the zapper. The Pacifica executive director was contacted and in one email a pretext to shut down the successful fundraiser was used by claiming the zapper is a liability that could shock listeners and potentially kill them. The opposition tried to also force the station manager to send the money back to listeners and cancel their orders. Fortunately, that wasn’t possible because the on air fundraising agreement is a legal binding deal that must be honored. Here is a collage from the various voices including Carol Croft, her friends, WBAI producer Kevin O’Donoghue and former EW member Wayne Fries.

5 thoughts on “Zapper Controversy Part 1

  1. Morgan

    Excellent video. Shame on WBAI for caving in to whatever pressure was applied to them. Real effective medicine without harm is what we have in our hands. I love mine and my daughters use it as well. The pics of Don are terrific. Thanks for sharing Geoff.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Morgan, it was decided to keep the craziness behind the scenes quiet for a while until things were legally and financially settled with EW and the station, but ultimately the zappers were distributed many months later. Carol had arranged to be together with some friends who agreed to give testimony on the zapper. They passed the phone around to each other and I was fortunate to record it. Ultimately it was successful but some “people” within (not surprising) shut it down fast and that is very telling about the power of the zapper. I had brought the Pacifica ED on the show to talk about his call to stop the fundraiser here is that interview –

  2. Morgan

    Thanks for the link to that interview. Geoff, I commend you on your professionalism in that interview. I know I would not have been able to keep cool headed in that conversation and that’s exactly what was needed for people with skeptical opinions on this topic to start to consider it in a different light. He never got you off balance even though it’s clearly a topic that stirs an emotional response inside you (and the rest of us who do not worship at the feet, and have been screwed over or harmed by the Church of Settled Science). I kept getting the impression during that conversation that this was a man in a room with three solid walls, refusing to acknowledge that the fourth wall was only in his mind despite your evidence to the contrary. You do a great service and produce terrific content. Thank you.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Morgan,
      I appreciate the feedback and I thought it would be important to get Bill’s viewpoints of the zapper on the air. He didn’t have to do this interview but he did and I thought that was commendable. Here is some of the letter that was sent to Bill Crosier ED of Pacifica in May 2017 to give insight into the argument structure and types of criticism. Geoff


      Dear Bill,

      This is VERY serious — selling WBAI’s listeners a battery-powered electrical device that they attach to their bodies, ostensibly to create a negative ion field that kills parasites.

      EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE that it works in the way being pitched, WBAI should not be in the business of pitching and selling items of this sort. One accident; one unanticipated heart attack, interaction with some other medical device or medication, development of irritations, tumors, danger to one’s pets, etc., and we’d not only have injured one or more listeners but be put out of business by the lawsuits that would ensue.

      I am asking you, Bill, to stop WBAI’s sale of this premium immediately, and to direct that Tony Bates be removed from any association with WBAI.

      —Mitchel Cohen

  3. dooney

    Thanks for posting this story Geoff. I always thought it was an interesting and very telling one.
    ~ Dooney

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