Reader Gifting Report – New Orleans

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Thanks to Carl ***** for sending me this picture and gifting report. Please feel free to ask him questions in the comments. Great target!

~ Dooney


On our recent gifting trip to New Orleans (3-19) we did the cemetery nighttime tour, that included Katrina Memorial Cemetery.
According to our tour guide, there were nearly 2,000 bodies that were never identified (after the Harrpicane and explosives)  So the PTB decided to bury them in a mass shallow grave. You can bet they are trying to lower the vibration of this historical city. I guess it boils down to control through fear and negative frequencies, all those souls trapped in fear and anguish are the result. Does that piss anyone else off?

I had taken 20 tb’s for the tour, so had about 7 per cemetery. My girlfriend is energy sensitive (90% cancer,scorpio birth chart) so she instructed me where to hide to orgonite. I had a emf detector for the tour, and she was spot on in her feelings. Wherever she told me gift, the detector would alarm! We took several pics  in the cemetery. After the tour we headed for Bourbon St for a late meal. While dinning we reviewed the pics and were astonished to clearly see a young boy and girl (ghosts) show up that were NOT on the tour! You can see a line of dimentional shift around the apparitions! If anyone can tell me whats going on ? my guess is souls are being released from the  bondage of negative energy due to simple orgonite gifting. The world needs lots of simple orgonite, lets get to it. [Note: Carl is the figure on the right, the ghost is on the left. – Dooney]

6 thoughts on “Reader Gifting Report – New Orleans

  1. Cyclingflinger

    Thank you Carl and your girlfriend!

    Ace to put some gifting accents on this voodoo capital. Especially, around those cemeteries. The mass grave would surely felt horrible in the begin. You are very right about releasing the bondage, chains of the poor souls. The illuminati shit rats keeps them as negative as possible to be able to generate more death force to throw on us. In this way they keep us in the gutter with the obvious bad luck while they continue having their criminal way and have more horrid parties to generate even more fear (dor).

    I hope that the giftings were near this place. In our second chat group, I’m always irritated by this place in New Orleans.

    It’s also always nice to get back and see how things evolved with the Crofts’ orgonite. Keep up the good work!


  2. Carl

    Thanks Charles I have done 4 gifting trip in New Orleans,however have not seen that creepy place! it’s on my sights now,thanks for intel. I keep being drawn there for some reason.

  3. Edward

    Hello carl, did you guys tour St Iroq cemetery? it is right across the street from the masonic temple that is the headquarters for the campaign against me. I hope so, because it means i won’t need as much orgonite when i finally get over there. There are so many targets in New Orleans it’s not even funny. Anyway, good work! where do y’all live? if close to New Orleans, I’d love to meet you guys, i live in Gulfport Ms. Maybe we can plan some gifting trips together if y’all are close.

  4. Carl

    Hello Edward. We live in WI but love going down there in Spring.The first trip I was stalked by some creepy dude after gifting st louis church.(1st catholic church built in usa) Later that night I checked the cannon i dropped tbs in and they were removed! i have since hid them were they will never get to them : )…. Sure lets meet next trip? maybe Halloween?

  5. TeresaE

    Wow, I just connected to the masses of stuck souls in New Orleans.
    Yeshua has been encouraging me to help free these souls, whenever they are brought to my awareness.
    As I chanted Ho’oponopono, over and over, I saw many souls becoming aware of Yeshua, the Divine Mother and other angels, guides and ancestors and they soared into the light.
    Many more are left, and not just in New Orleans.
    Doing this work alone, for now, which limits the power and the results.
    I’ve sent my intention to find others so that the results are amplified.
    Much love all

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