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It has come to my attention that numerous websites and social media venues have been attacking Don and Carol’s (D&C) orgonite and in some cases Don and Carol personally. One person on Instagram is calling Don a “fake person” and a “corporate shill” and says that his gifting efforts were “a disaster”. This flies in the face of the thousands of people around the world who have gifted D&C orgonite and seen positive changes in weather, drought, energy, agriculture, crime, wildlife abundance and so forth. It’s also patently untrue. Don was a real person who I knew personally and Carol is also a real person who has sacrificed much of her life, money, health and energy to this cause.

Many people may not be aware that it is Carol who is behind the worldwide orgonite movement. Her perceptions of energy, her orgonite designs and her ability to perceive what the Earth needs and how to go about gifting the right places is what has made the difference. Don developed the early zappers and was gifted at talking about orgonite, researching historical and scientific facts, connecting with people and promoting the gifting effort. He was generous to a fault and also sacrificed having a “normal” life so that this work could be done. But none of it would have happened without Carol. I don’t think people are really aware of this because Carol is a very private person who doesn’t toot her own horn. It needs to be said, though, that she is THE driving force behind orgonite and zappers.

Many of you may be aware of a historical conflict between someone who claims to have invented orgonite, has patented the word, and who aggressively pursues anyone who uses the term. Now, that person, or persons associated with that person, are aggressively bashing orgonite. I believe it’s an attempt to squash anyone selling orgonite and to promote their own very expensive radionics products. Orgonite and radionics are two very different things, from my understanding. I have personally been harmed by radionics, but have never been harmed by orgonite.

Our informal network also has people selling products. The difference is that our sellers are also gifters who give orgonite to the world at their own expense of time and money. Carol and Don have personally spent tens and tens of thousands of dollars making orgonite and giving it to the world.

There are other people claiming that orgonite is harmful, negative, puts out harmful radiation. They have no proof of this. They are also promoting their own products. One claims that a kinesiologist does muscle-testing to prove orgonite is bad. My husband, Steve Smith, is a master kinesiologist, who learned the art from the man who invented it, Dr. George Goodheart. Steve has been using muscle-testing for almost 40 years, and is also energy sensitive and psychic. His faith in the orgonite formula that Don and Carol promote is unshakeable. He and I have personally made and gifted D&C orgonite for the past 15 years and have only seen good results. I know I’m preaching to the choir here on EW but I need to put these words out there so that someone searching for information about orgonite will see them. D&C orgonite has been used worldwide to amazing effect. But we need to differentiate between the formula Don and Carol developed and other “orgonite” makers.

There is an big movement of fake orgonite, which I saw in person at a fair here in Montana, and that Carol has seen at other fairs. People are putting glitter in resin and calling it orgonite, and charging more than Carol charges for her incredible orgonite products. If you see them side by side there’s no question that Carol’s is substantial and has great energy, and the fake stuff is just junk. Anyone who is energy sensitive can tell the difference. The bashers claim that their energy sensitives say orgonite “hurts”. We can’t dispute what someone else apparently feels, and we don’t know if they experienced Carol and Don’s orgonite or some substance made by someone using a different formula or someone with a negative agenda (can you say agent?). But what we can do is tell the world how D&C orgonite makes us feel, and what it does to the environment around us. To me, orgonite made the way Carol and Don developed is more than an energy. It’s a consciousness. It’s a positive force in the world. It is good. It has made the difference between the death energy that was being promoted and the life energy that is now unstoppable. If you can’t feel this, you aren’t in the presence of real D&C orgonite.

If you believe this movement and what their orgonite has done for the world, please help us confront this attack. This goes beyond anyone’s business problems, although disputing these attacks will help anyone who is trying to make a living selling D&C orgonite. It goes to the very heart of the etheric conflict we are in; a conflict for the heart and soul of this planet and beyond. We need to do more than just talk about it on this website. We need to remind the world about what D&C orgonite has done. Does anyone remember how bad the hurricanes used to be? Don and Carol stopped the hurricane agenda with D&C orgonite gifted all down the Florida coast and in the Bahamas. The dead coral reef they gifted in Florida came back to life, which was reported on the news. Other gifters have changed weather patterns and energy patterns in their areas. We need these stories to be told again, and again.

Don’s forums have been hacked so many times that a lot of this historical data has been lost. We need you to speak out about where you have gifted and the positive effects it’s had. The liars out there are making claims with no basis in fact. We have 20 years of anecdotal proof of the positive effects of D&C orgonite. Get on Instagram and talk about Don, Carol and their orgonite. Carol’s username is carolcroftorgonite. EW’s is ethericwarriors. Mine is donebydooney. Carol is starting a YouTube channel and we’ll be posting videos. My YouTube channel is Doonita. But we need those of you around the world who have done all this hard work to speak out and support this effort. You know that Don was real, Carol is real, and Carol and Don’s 20 years of hard work is real. Your hard work and sacrifice is real! It is time for you to be heard.

~ Dooney

30 thoughts on “Attack on orgonite

  1. Andrea

    Well said and good to hear from you again. I too have come across a particular person on ig selling some very expensive electronic equipment while at the same time bashing orgonite & the Crofts. I was really surprised bc the poster always sounded so sincere in wanting to help humanity and then turned very angry & bitter when I mentioned orgonite and the Crofts.

  2. Morgan

    Thanks for this Dooney. I was unaware of the current slander campain. Over the past year, i’ve found myself taking the time to write comments on youtube politely correcting people on Orgonite and the importance of the Crofts. I will continue to try to set the record straight.

      1. dooney Post author

        Actually, she has now changed it to carolcroftorgonite to make her easier to find on Instagram.

  3. Carl

    once a ‘real person’ tries gifting ‘real orgonite’ they can never go back to believing disinfo agents! The results are too profound. They are done because too many have done just that. It’s over for them,however just as a dying rat will cling to a floating turd while taking its last gasp of air….

  4. Jaynil

    appreciate the writeup, much needed.

    well it seems even the person/people behind this website, do not share our views:

    although they advocate orgone energy and Wilhelm Riech’s work, along with Geroge Lakhovsky’s multiwave oscillator, but not orgonite. They went to the extent of labelling Don as having “INFERTILE MIND” and describe the work of Don and Carol as “THAT USE HIGHLY TOXIC POLYESTER CASTING RESIN CONTAINING A VARIETY OF SILLY METAL SHAVINGS, CRYSTAL PIECES, FEATHERS, AMULETS, SACRED GEOMETRY , BEAUCOUP “INTENTION” AND WHATEVER ELSE MAGICAL THINKING CONCOCTION YOU CAN IMAGINE…”
    I don’t see the reason to denigrate without providing evidences or any analysis results.
    not cool at all and the claims of such people need to be countered.

    1. dooney Post author

      Thanks Jaybnil. I almost deleted the website but I really don’t like censorship. I hate to give them more hits on their site if they are trashing D&C orgonite, but maybe there is someplace you savvy gifters can comment on their site. Just another confirmation that the attack is in full swing. None of the attackers provide any sort of logical or balanced evidence that D&C orgonite is harmful.
      ~ Dooney

  5. dooney Post author

    Thank you to everyone who is working to defend D&C orgonite and the name and reputation of Don and Carol. I know Carol appreciates this very much!

  6. mcode

    In France, since some years, some people try to spread disinfo around orgonite… And try to make money around it by organizing paid seminars, and they strongly want me not to come to these 🙂

    I used to talk to Don about these people. And I often write about these disinfo agents on our french forum (that is not very active nowadays) and on my blogs and writings on internet about orgonite.

    You are right, Dooney, we must counteract these people.

    I want to add that Don was a great minded person, and never hesitated to send devices to me (free or charge) when I needed when in emergency situations. He also always replied to all my emails and never hesitated to take into considerations my problems when I was attacked. He was a great teacher. I now that he insisted for not being considered as a guru, and that is a great behaviour.

  7. Frode

    I didn’t know about this online campaign against Don and Carol, but I’ve had a strong sense for a while that they were trying to hurt their legacy after Don’s passing. I have been boosting to help them, and also have boosted the fakers that try to steal the spotlight, and will continue to do so.

  8. Edward

    Hello, the attacks are really bad, that’s true, but i think they are using an even worse tactic now on YouTube and other outlets, there are a whole host of people promoting bogus orgonite, some real orgonite, and making all sorts of wild claims about it that can NOT be replicated. I think this is just as damaging if not more so than the attacks. It sucks people in that are interested or have heard about orgonite, but then lets them down hard when all these claims turn out to be bogus. It is poisoning the movement because it makes us all look like we are lying when we make real claims that seem outrageous to people that don’t understand how it works yet. Kind of like throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak.

    1. dooney Post author

      Right Edward, that’s exactly the point I was making in my reply to David’s comment. Well said.
      ~ D

  9. david r

    Hello, I have had some discussions live on youtube concerning the orgone pieces i make and gift. I dont really know if its considered d&c orgonite because i have never heard the term, or come across a formula for it, other than pack as much metal in, and add a crystal chip or full crystal if you want.
    In the discussions it is tough to even get ppl to agree that there are energy sensitive ppl around that see and feel energy. Then they start naming shills like sherry shrinner.
    It would be great to get some links to news stories about reefs coming back, or bodies of water cleaning up., or birds suddenly nesting on cell towers…
    Thank you for the encouragement, and for keeping the zappers going. i really depend on them and am over joyed that i can still buy them. Also i see nice puffy clouds more often with nice blue skyies, and funky skies seem to clear up fairly quickly.

    1. dooney Post author

      Thanks for your comments David. I am using the term “D&C orgonite” just to separate the metal/resin/crystal formula that Don and Carol developed from the fake orgonite that uses glitter, and any other orgonite that doesn’t use that particular formula (including wax, sand, no crystal, etc). The D&C orgonite is the formula that has been flung at cell towers and satanic sites all over the world, and it is the formula that has the good reputation. I think we need to be clear about that when talking about orgonite because of all the controversy.
      ~ Dooney

  10. Courtenay

    Thanks for the info on your site, only recently found it, just kinda popped up from nowhere, made my first experimental few (too big) and a second batch to D&C formula and started gifting, got some birthday money to afford the resin. One positive effect that happened within a week or 2, my daughter put the first (too big) orgonite by her bed and after years of problems with warts on her hands they disappeared almost over night, the same happened to one on my hand too, it does work and I will be making more and telling more about EW.

    1. dooney Post author

      Thanks Courtenay, that’s a great story! We gave orgonite to someone once to put under their kids’ bed to combat night terrors, and the kid slept for the first time in two years. 🙂 Would you be willing to send me a pic of your orgonite and allow me to post it and your story on Instagram? This is the kind of info and confirmation we need to get out there to combat the attacks.
      ~ Dooney

  11. TeresaE

    Learned long ago, via sales training and people watching, that if a salesman, or spokesman, focuses on bashing their competitors more than on the benefits of their own products, there is a reason for that.
    If your employees exist in a world of envy, competition, actively created angst against others, you have little chance of having a better product. Energy flows where attention goes, the haters are sending their creative spark into chaos instead of growth. Seems short-sighted, but free will is.
    Sent the detractors love and forgiveness, Carol, Don and you, too, Dooney.
    Always remember, the bad taste in your mouth when encountering these types is tasted by many potential customers, too. They only sell to those with a vibration that matches their dark energy, not good gifters anyway.
    So much love to all

  12. Katherine A

    I’ve been seeing a lot of pyramids filled with crystals and a tiny bit of metal both locally and online at Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. They seem to be everywhere and all seem to have a characteristic single copper coil and a lot of gems.

    While checking the source of some of my orgonite components on, I discovered where these pyramids are coming from – India. Alibaba is a huge wholesale company for all kinds of goods internationally. Searching “orgonite pyramid” on alibaba leads to the *exact* same products for sale locally and online, sometimes for as little as $1-$3:

    I’ve also tracked down at least one company using a fake London address. My investigations are continuing. But crystal/resin pyramids imported from India are quite different from handmade orgonite pieces.

  13. OVictor

    All video comments on youtube are off; kindly have them on for learners to have a feel of the various feedback relating to orgonite use.

    1. dooney Post author

      Hi Victor, I turned off comments on the Youtube videos because they got a lot of nasty comments that were no help at all and would probably discourage new users.

  14. Carl

    A simple way to determine ‘fakers’ is an ice orgonite experiment. pictures are worth a thousand words


    Merry Christmas and happy New year.
    I am from Croatia. I would like to have good orgonite device (as well as zapper). Can I buy from you? Or it is better to learn how to create good orgonite device? Can you help me with “How to…”?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    About social media: pls. be so kind to try Brighteon. They grow fast and is worth of effort to be present also there.

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