Pounding the gravies!

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Hello fellow gifters,

I was able to take some gifting action recently up, north near the border and could flinge more orgonite around three prisons and an asylum center. Best, to get it inside but then I’m happy enough to throw and get the grounds gifted in the whole neighborhood on a perfect natural way. Those prisons were ancient vagabond homes from the 19th century and served to help them out. Hence, you see the graves without a proper name only a number that can be retrieved in the archives. A part of the “dodendraad” (death wire) installed during WW1 could also be gfited. It runs all along the flemish/dutch border with its ancient atrocities so how more orgonite around how better.


It has been some time now that I’m using orgonite earth pipes to clean up old graveyards. The previously gifted tb’s in those places always adds up very nicely.


Graveyards are like big passive death batteries for the enemy. There lies all their deep power, having thousands of lives lived in and for their own faked shit matrix. Probably with most people that never ever questioned authority. It’s easier for them to wrench back on the towers or use their unlimited tax money (our money) to install even more death tech. Enslaving souls is fare more difficult to them. I never get any evil confirmations more πŸ™‚ (unusual silence?), only birds that go nuts after the gifting, rejoicing in the new energy!


As always the gifting continues and more to follow.

Although, I must admit it becomes harder to write such simple things down energetically, so the corporated parasites are getting very desperate!


6 thoughts on “Pounding the gravies!

  1. Morgan

    It’s always a pleasure to read your gifting reports CyclingFlinger. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Edward

    nice going! those towers look like the new 5G tech too. very streamlined compared to the older towers. the new stuff they starting to put on them here looks very similar to that.

  3. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Thank you all for the nice comments!

    Here is a target I wanted to pound for a very long time. A central commando bunker unit built in 1938 on the grounds of an old cannoneer barrack (1843, after the independence), right in the middle of Antwerp city. It served through WWII, interbellum and the cold war. There is a lot of social housing there and the city quarter used to be called “the misery of Sint-Andries” in the middle ages.

    Better to have this place fully cleaned up!

    You can clearly see how the sky changed from being harassed by the little soulless abomination in the chopper to a more blue open one after the pounding. Also refreshed some antennas on the run.



  4. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Last tuesday took me out to gift and pound the cemetery of Grobbendonk, which used to be on the spot of an old gallo-roman vicus (settlement). There used to be a temple dedicated to the God Mercurius, the so-called patron of trade and voyagers. More of the patron diety of thieves! Afterwards, it held a merovingian influence so really nice spot to link all the tb’s with EP’s!

    There are also smaller power spots on the telluric lines which houses tiny chapels, always good to have them gifted too as they all work in favor of the dark webweavers, but not anymore now! πŸ™‚


    I think, I already talked about the army base located to the south of Grobbendonk in my previous articles. All the newly added tb’s and poundings all helps to clean up the base. It is not anymore the tactic of the scorched earth but the one of the gifted grounds. πŸ˜‰

    More to follow,


  5. Cyclingflinger Post author

    As always being on the gifting run during the summer period, I took the same tactic south in the grid near “Berlaar” (Lier). It also houses a military base but more of a smaller distribution center. It was a double hit as the company which I order resin from (art supplies on web), stocks it all up in a warehouse next to the base.

    The local cellie (cell antenna) was gifted some years ago with tb’s but I wanted to ground firmly the whole place with EP’s. It is located near the train station so that they can max out their “dor” through pending travelers, infrastructures and all the smaller commercial business that are less corporations around it (trying to slowly suffocate them).

    I had a big laugh when finding a beehive inside a graveyard? Who likes that kind of honey? At least it’s more positive now and no bees were hurt during the gifting. πŸ™‚


    I’m also posting more gravies who got the beneficial treatment of the Crofts’ styled EP and another plethora of targets. Generally, it’s always around the biggest and oldest tombs that lingers the most over timed old school fashioned “dor”. Especially, where chained not so free-masons are buried.

    Always good to get back and check the overall etheric cleansing. You will feel good even in a graveyard, more greenery, birds flying confidently over the place, less grief and fear from the people who visits their departed comrades, etc…


    I remember when I first visited the Père-Lachaisse (the one where Jim Morisson and Serge Gainsbourgh are buried and many others) in Paris when I was 14. It gave me such a headache on the forefront just by walking there that I am using this weakness now as a skill to feel how much orgonite is needed.

    Another funny thing happened when cycling home from “Aartselaar” last wednesday. I found a short cut through the bushes to get very close to some traffic road cross point cellie. I didn’t ground properly afterwards, so I got an aggressive piss at my backpack and smashed the whole thing of my cycle. Forgot I had bought a cappuccino and it exploded, leaving me a crappuccino backpack. I had to shower the whole thing. πŸ™‚


    I encourage other gifters like Carl and his girlfriend to gift more gravies as they are very rewarding. This of course after having dealt with the cellies and the local masonic lodge. These aren’t the funniest ones to gift but death force is what feeds those first targets. Transmute it to life force and we win a holding ground!


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