Gifting in Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria for many years had been the freshest water lake in Africa, but of late it had been invaded by the menace water hyacinth. In fact this plant has spread and tends to cover the whole Lake Victoria and mostly the Kenyan side. Our fishermen had gone through hard ship something which even forced the m to cross the boarders to Uganda side , something which had caused a lot of problem between these two friendly nations.
Me together with the team we had embarked in a through campaign to see that the we orgonize the lake water mostly the worst invaded areas. I was in the Islands of Lake Victoria yesterday and my team and we did a good work. We want orgonize the lake to minimize the widespread of the water hyacinth which had tampered with breeding of fish (the Nile perch) which is the best in our export.

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  1. carl

    That is a great target! as it’s on the equator.(0 degrees latitude) Before the parasites moved to longitude line to Greenwich England. The ‘terra formers of earth’ marked 0 degrees with the great pyramid of Giza! This can be seen by the spacing of the great rivers in the northern hemisphere. The Nile is also in line (longitude)with the pyramids of Giza, ever wonder why ALL the major rivers meet their Delta at 30 degrees north latitude? Mississippi, Nile, Yangtze, Tiger and Euphrates… Lake Victoria is 0 degrees latitude AND 0 degrees longitude! look at a globe!(except flat earthers, they need a telescope!) When you understand that 0 degrees longitude is in line with the pyramids and Nile river…you see the mississippi is exactly at 120 degree west of Giza,and the Yangtze is exactly 90 degrees east!!! all reaching their delta at 30 degrees north latitude!
    lake Victoria is the cradle of life ,the starting point!! Hit that big target with lots of life energy!!

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