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Great is  what  the  Lord  has done  to  us, He  has indeed keep  all  our  candles  to  continue  burning despite  some  of the  short comes. It’s been a great tiring moment more with the East African gifters. Indeed gifting was majorly to upgrade less fortunate areas in Africa. Other countries  in  the  globe  had  known  Africa as a dark continent one  factors was  that  the  inhabitant of  Africa are  black in  color. Another thing was that civilization never came to Africa at the first dispensation. These  played a  major role in the  economic stability  of  the  continent of  Africa  if  we  leave  out  few fortunate countries which  at  the  moment I would  count to be  better off economically.

I have transverse Africa and I have a lot of experience of their socioeconomic status of our continent. I had been to Sierra Leon and physically saw the living standard of the Leones. In fact  they  fully  depends  on  the  palm oil farming  which even  don’t  benefit  the majority because  they  lack adequate  resources that  would  help them to extract the oil from the  nuts. They also depend on the foreign investors. Because of that frequent wars and the Ebola attack which also left many children orphans, that nation is economically down.

In  the  nation of  Zambia, I also experience such , in  fact Zambia is  even  more worse because the  well  to  do people lives in the urban areas while the less fortunate stays in  the rural areas. Even though they  produce minerals  like copper but they  don’t benefit from them  since they go  to south  African  after  mining. I also saw great number of orphans’ children whose parent passed away because of HIV AIDS.

Also  I had  been  to  the  country  of  Malawi, which  also  experience  the  same  crisis. The  country  is  poor  economically  because  they  have  no cash crop that  they  can  export  for  foreign exchange  to boost  the  country  economy. Here the economic favored people  lives  in  town while  the  rest  of the  country  is  left  for the  poor  and  less fortunate people .

All  these increases a burden in my  life  to  see  that  as  a team we  should  in one  accord  see  that  we  reach needy  areas  of  Africa with  much giftings to help in at least do something to stabilize the  economical  standard  of  even  a  few  people  in AFRICA. It’s  true that  we  had  even  lost so  many  of  our  fellow gifters  in their  campaign for  peace in  countries  like  Southern  Sudan, we  lost David Ochieng and his  wife  Emma. In fact they were  our  heroes in  southern  Sudan  and  the  fruits of  their  labor  people are  still  celebrating. We also lost Christine and her husband Salva Kir. They left back children whom had been under our care. The  late  Don Croft  knew  about  them  and  indeed before  he  died , he used to stand  with  us in their  support  since  we  should  not  only  love  and  care  for  the  children  when their  parents  were  still  alive.  We  have  to extend that  care  and  love  to them  even  after  the demise of  their  parents.

After  the  departure of Don Croft  which  also  took place  in untimely situation, we had face a dark moment  since we are forced to carry all the burden ourselves. We are to pay school fees for both the orphans and ours. Giftings  also  we  must  do  because  we  don’t  want  lose  our  focus  is  reclaiming  some  areas  of  our  continent. There was  a book  I red  in  high  school  which states  that  what proves a  man  is  what a legacy he  lives  behind, on  that  context  it’s  my  desire  to see  that  I leave  something  behind that  other will  benefit. A  big  trees that  children  and  the  hungry  will  move  around  in  search  of  fruits to  satisfy  their  hunger  and  quench  their  thirst.

I know there is a global financial draught but the few coins that we may get would assist us in accomplishing the vision. Its only human being that  die but visions  never die  when visionary and  competence  people  works behind  you. It’s  my  desire  that all  the  orphans  may  not suffer, our  friends in Africa and more so in Sierra  Leone where we have  started a  project, Southern  Sudan , Malawi  and  Zambia may go well. I appreciate fellows like Habib, Laurent, and Charles among others who knew more about our ambition. Its true  when  am  alone  I cannot manage accomplish all  these and  thus  it’s  my  appeal for  any  who  would  wish  to join hand   on  this  vision to contact me. Christopher Onyang Owuor email



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  1. Owuor Chris Post author

    Today I did much gifting long the lake region and the result is very encouraging. I got people who had known the orgonite for almost two years during our early visit in that area. I was to introduce them to our new Bilo which work faster than our old type.
    I also had good time with the vegetable farmers around the lake, I shared with them the impact of our organic mbolea over the chemical which they had been using in their tomato. Because of the cancer disease which quite menace to the whole world, it’s of a greater benefit to resort to organic (mbolea) fertilizer which is friendly and economical.


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