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Orgonite gifting gets very little mainstream media coverage (gee, I wonder why), but recently a Swedish newspaper decided to tackle this issue and also reassure the public about 5G. As a result, Tomas has gotten some free promotion for orgonite (visit his website at

Swedish newspaper article on orgonite


«Title: I ended up in the wrong bubble on Facebook.

I was added to a Facebook group by an acquaintance. I should have left immediately. Then I would still have been happily ignorant of orgonite.

Someone invited me to a group that wants to stop the 5G implementation. I think it’s good that we are going to get a more modernized and efficient mobile network, so I almost declined. But then I thought about ’filter bubbles’, that it can be dumb to only be around people that only have the same outlook on reality as oneself.

I started reading the posts in the group. The participants were convinced that 5G is harmful and that the radiation is going to make us sick. When they get a headache, they aren’t assuming it is the weather, but have suspicions there might be 5G testing done nearby.

They refer to research, despite the fact that the research that exists doesn’t indicate any health risks from mobile networks.

But the 5G-opponents are convinced that WHO as well as the ’Radiation safety authorities’ have been bought or have been mislead, unclear by whom.

The 5G-opponents share a Youtube video, amateurishly clipped together as a documentary, where facts are mixed with fiction and conspiracy theories. In the intro the term ‘chemtrails’ is mentioned, at the end of the video it is claimed that 5G will have a bad effect on our fertility and that humanity will go extinct. It is illustrated with sperm swimming around a mobile.

In the Facebook group, everyone is encouraged to share the video and send letters to the media and the government.

Some people send light and positive energy to the ’Radiation safety authorities’. They call it light work.

Maybe this isn’t stranger than prayer, I think to myself. I’d like to understand how they think and reason.

Then I read about orgonite. Those who are afraid of radiation, place out orgonite to protect themselves and others. In their homes, around mobile towers, in places with wifi and on their own mobiles

They link to websites that sell orgonite in different sizes. The small ones cost a few hundred (SEK) while the big ones cost a thousand (SEK).

I do some googling and learn that orgonite is plastic mass with aluminum shavings and quartz. It comes from the Freud follower Wilhelm Reich’s teaching on orgone, a force that some thought could cure impotence. Reich built orgone accumulators that people could sit in. He was convicted of quackery in the USA.

Someone in the group wonders if it is possible to buy clothes with silver, to protect against wifi.

I don’t know if those who sell light healing, orgonite or tin foil hats believe this themselves or if the 5G resistance is just a platform to make money out of people’s uncertainty.

My husband doesn’t want me to write about this, he is afraid we will get orgonites in the garden. But I’m taking the risk. Who knows? Maybe they will protect against killer snails.»

Text below image of towerbusters:
«Orgonite is sold on the internet in different shapes. Are you worried about 5G? Do not order orgonite without first educating yourself on what 5G is about. Instead, visit these authoritative websites etc»

This article conveniently forgets to mention that anyone can make orgonite themselves. Tutorials and instructions can be found in the menus. (also no mention that the city of Brussels is restricting 5G installments due to ‘health concerns’).

2 thoughts on “Orgonite gifting in Swedish newspaper

  1. Edward

    Sounds to me she was trying to make people that use orgonite look crazy, especially with the reference to the tin foil hats. And the direct lie that there are no studies currently showing negative effects of electromagnetic radiation, when in fact there are hundreds of studies, if not thousands, showing everything from rare cancers to infertility due to EMF.

    1. Frode Post author

      Thanks Edward, yes it’s the same old tactics of using ridicule. But I don’t think this works as well with orgonite, as anyone who would be responsive to the positive energy of these devices, would be inclined to go and research it themselves.

      I’m surprised they put a picture of towerbusters in the article, it just absorbs the negativity of the lies. 🙂

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