Transmuting Baal Pillar Energy Plus Don and Carol Interview


Here are two interesting posts from earlier EW forum. The EW members aren’t attributed, maybe readers know who they are? This is a inspiring reminder of how to transmute the energy of Baal pillars, energy focus needles, and obelisk towers masquerading as residential buildings. Also here is a link to an interview with Don and Carol Croft, plus part of an interview with Don.



I find it synchronous that you mention this – as I stood waiting for the bus this morning, I gazed out upon Pitt University’s ‘Tower of Learning’, which is sort of a skyscraper sitting all by itself on the campus. I thought ‘the scam we’ve been fed is that skyscrapers have been built to ‘maximize precious real estate’ – yet this one sits all by itself. Also, in my hometown of Allentown, PA, the Pennsylvania Power and Light building, a ‘skyscraper’, also sits all by itself, among other two and three story buildings. ‘Oh, PP&L has a lot of money’ was the excuse pandered when the ‘lone skyscraper’ question was raised.

I’ve subjectively concluded they’re giant Baal pillars, Ben Ben towers, telluric – and human – energy focus needles. This ‘technology’ goes way, way back – in Ireland there are strange and very ancient round towers made out of mica schist, that lying establishment apologists are most recently saying were built “as a sort of agricultural antennae for helping to energize the soil. The paramagnetic stones are known to help channel natural earth energies into the soil and energize it for greater fertility.”

Except that what they don’t tell you is that it’s to drive death energy down into the (hijacked) Earth grid. Or at least so I’ve subjectively included. It’s kind of like how body-riddled Stonehenge, human sacrifice site par excellence, is touted as an ‘ancient international healing center’ by Academia and the media. See how they flip it to its opposite?

But how does all this relate to Wal-Mart? My rambling thoughts then went to the Wal-Mart that was built right on top of ancient Hawaiian burial ground in Honolulu when I lived there a few years ago. Some good-hearted folks tried to stop it, to no avail (big surprise, there). But there it is, structure custom built to hijack the death-energy sink or node.

The Pittsburgh court house was built smack on top of a (sacrifice victim filled) ancient ‘Mound Builder’ mound, not that you’ll see that on the blue tourist sign telling you what to think and believe. Funnily, now that I think of it, it features tall, columnar towers exactly like those I mentioned in Ireland…

I recall googling ‘Wal Mart’ and ‘burial ground’ some time ago – try it and marvel at how many Wal-Mart’s are coincidentally built on burial grounds and battle fields. To preserve cognitive dissonance, tell self ‘oh, it’s the only land that was left.’

Note- (Include Jewish Museum of Tolerance built on ancient Muslim cemetery)


Post Re: Manhattan Gifting

That’s really funny/syncronous. In that, literally yesterday, a friend called me on my cell phone while I was out and about distributing orgonite. When I briefed him on what I was doing, he said ‘hey, I got that apartment in Manhattan – you have to give me some orgonite, I want to gift the Empire State building.’

The next day, voila, up pops this post/pic. Nice. I forwarded it to my friend and said ‘Eric beat you to it…syncronous, no?’

Life is good.

From my subjective perspective, the Empire State building is a gigantic, purpose-built ‘Baal Pillar’ capacitor (with conducting-needle tip/spire)…the building/capacitor’s foundation is dug way down into the conductive ‘Manhattan Schist’ bedrock, below, to really get the energy hijacking going.

Why do I think that? That bedrock is “a conglomeration of minerals, including quartz, feldspar, hornblende, and mica. A result of its durability to weathering is due to the lack of layering and presence of wear-resistant garnet, kyanite, and sillimanite.”

Silliminite is a silicate. “Interesting enough, one of the most commonly used materials for Fiber Optic Technology are silica glass fibers as well as quartz and magnetite. In theory, Manhattan lies on top of a massive network of fiber optical crystalline cables formed naturally by 542 million year old Paleozoic rock…for this playful theory to continue we need an electronic pulse that will later be translated into light pulses.

So where would the electricity creating the electronic pulse for the coded information come from? Could it be a piezoelectric effect on the quartz and silica layers on schist in the bedrock?”

Steal Manhattan from native peoples in 1626 for load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders, roughly $24. Work assiduously over hundreds of years, spending untold Millions upon Millions of dollars, to create a dark ‘death tech’ Gotham city, with hundreds of purpose-built capacitor pillars as described above, to feed ill energy to the lower 4-D dark masters these fine folks serve.

Eric comes along in 2010 and undoes the whole schmear for $2. How can one not be optimistic?

In the future, kids in schools are going to enjoy reading about this period of history.

6 thoughts on “Transmuting Baal Pillar Energy Plus Don and Carol Interview

  1. Carlos Silva

    Thanks for the fantastic work Geoff!

    A reader also gave thanks via email: Awesome post! And I really enjoyed Don andCarols interview, thanks.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Carlos, that’s great to hear. We took phone calls and the listeners enjoyed speaking with Don and Carol.

  2. Frode

    I think this is true, when dealing with certain etheric attacks they sometimes have been powered from high rise buildings, acting as amplifiers. I experienced this on my own, and I think this is the first time I’ve read the theory from someone else. In the group chat we have boosted specific high rise buildings to get relief from negativity.

    They’ve been leaning heavily on us lately for doing the weekly chat where we boost worldly issues and for our self-defense, so maybe dropping a comment on EW will get them to retreat a bit.

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Frode,
      Very interesting about the amplification. Peter Champoux said the Empire State Building is an obelisk and specifically lined with limestone – calcium carbonate. Peter says that allows the rock to absorb the telluric current from the lei line, and store it as memory. That implies it can be retrieved.

  3. mal Bancroft

    Hello people I’m new to your wonder site and think you are all doing a fantastic and much needed job.
    Having just read this, I had a look online for things around Manchester UK and found to my surprise, maybe I shouldn’t of been, a few sites. Anyway I hope to be gifting them soon.
    what would be the best way to place them in such an urban setting .

  4. Edward

    tower busters in thick bushes, or earth plugs in fence posts if any are available. their is a tutorial on the sight to make different kinds of orgonite. If you cant get close to the source with anything, an HHG in the general area will work too. Especially if there is a water source nearby, put it into the water. fountains or canals are a great place in urban settings.

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