Gifting in Southern Sudan

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Our  political  situation is  a  bit  stable, and  this  has  really  appealed  for  our  continuous gifting  because its only through  gifting  a  nation what  can make it more stable. We are  even  planning on how we  can  reach  our  brothers at the Northern country to see if our  efforts there  can  be  felt. Very soon am going to appeal to our brothers from Kenya  and  Tanzania  if  either  of them  can  come  and  join  hand so   that we  can  reach  the  Northern part  for  more  gifting.

I have  seen  the  late  Christine children  are  also  having  the  same  ambition as  their  late  mother, in  fact  they  are  doing  gifting  steadily  and  I  am  very  sure  that  their  mission  will  yield  good  fruits for  the  nation.


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