Orgonite Helping Targeted Individuals

There are thousands of people quietly suffering from microwave attacks and other organized stalking operations. I’m not sure how many of the victims or the groups that help them such as PACTS International, are aware of how orgonite and other psionic products such the Succor Punch can help them. Months ago, I sent standard orgonite pieces to Josephine Grace, a psychic and herbalist who is virtually tortured by microwave attacks. (Something very difficult to imagine going through) Her website is

Here is a recent write up about the effects of orgonite on a person attacked constantly by microwaves and harmful frequency:


When you are targeted with directed energy weapons you rack your brain about what you have done wrong to be contracted by wealthy into a conspiracy for retribution where you become an involuntary experimental human subject for our medical/military industrial complex.  Once you get past that, it is just the constant microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons attacks 24/7 that causes your body to shake, fry, sizzle, heat up, burn, and vibrate that you have to work  through. 

When Geoff sent me some orgonite cones and I put them in the four corners of my home nothing big happened.  Then a week later felt as if someone had prayed for me, because though the DEW attacks still could be felt, my attitude had changed and I could see beauty again and felt as if a ‘weight’ had been lifted off me. Days later, DEW attacks got worse, and I struggled through posting on March 15, 2019 – a Pentagon Teleconference where four US doctors testified that the injuries US Diplomats incurred could only have been caused by DEWs.

Then on March 19th posted the 60 Minutes video about the interview with US Diplomats claiming their injuries were caused by DEWs.  At which time the targeting got worse again.  Around that time Geoff sent extra orgonite in exchange for tiny paintings of angels.

Again, about a week later felt as if someone was praying for me, and DEW torture could not stop the optimism I felt.  If I were able to meditate on the cones I believe the effect of clarity and peace would be enhanced.  Though have not been able to do this everyday like I used to, so can only guess at the benefits. 

The orgonite can definitely be felt in a targeted individuals home where they are attacked by DEW weapons the UN calls, “weapons of mass destruction,” because of their impact on the human mind, energy field, brain and body… as well as their property and pets. 


Josephine wrote that it was if someone prayed for me or a weight had been lifted in describing the type of respite orgonite provides.

Any more ideas in helping Josephine and other targeted people who are open to using orgonite, are very welcome, please feel free to comment.

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  1. Janet

    I’ve found that wearing Carol’s Crystal Harmonizer helps too. One time I got out of my car and smelled a burning smell, I walked to my apartment and felt a pain in my chest, like something hurt me. I went in and looked at my chest area and saw two areas with tiny metal pieces imbedded in my skin. I think whatever happened that my Crystal Harmonizer blocked it and it bounced off and broke it. I was able to get the shards of whatever it was out. At least most of it I believe. Who knows what they are doing but the Harmonizer blocks many things.

  2. InOtherNews Post author

    Hi Janet,
    Sounds like the HP deflected a serious attack. I continue to wear it every day. Primarily because it worked against a diabolical psychic vampire. Instead of tapping in to my energy field, this person now gets tired and starts yawning. Another victory. Another targeted person Susan Conley who has been on the show just got an HP. Here is her interview. –

      1. InOtherNews Post author

        Hi Denny,
        Directed energy weapons, some are hand held rifle styled and others are the DHS issued radar devices that see through walls. This device has a computer interface, where the microwave amplitude can be increased. These devices are known to be directed at a person through walls.

  3. Edward

    I am a TI, my testimony is elsewhere on this sight. But I can say with certainty that without embracing orgonite when i did, i would probably not be here anymore. I am able to have peace at home now, and most times even in public when i remember to carry my personal pieces of orgonite. of course 99% of the towers are flipped in this area, and most of the weather weaponry has been dealt with. im currently working on earth piping ritual sights used by the masons against me and gifting masons houses.

    Every time i gift a significant amount or hit a strategic place, life gets a little better overall and i have more relief from the attacks. Earth piping the 4 corners of the yard where i live helped tremendously. Along with several Tb’s and a couple HHG’s that are still here, it gave me peace at home for the most part, sometimes i can still feel attacks at home, but that’s rare and i’m working on that too; hopefully real soon that will stop for good.

    i found that when i could still feel directed energy at home putting on the zapper would mitigate that and i felt fine once again. i would like to get one of Carol’s Harmonic protectors when i get the money, but for now the pendants i made will have to do; as they do help tremendously, but together the 2 of them aren’t quite as strong as the Harmonic Protector. it would be nice to wear just 1 pendant around my neck rather than carry 2 smaller ones in my pockets. Of course i don’t have a Harmonic protector to compare my pendants to, im basing my comparison off what people are saying in their testimonies.

    When i started gifting, they ramped up their gaslighting against me, hadn’t seen that level in probably 2o years or so, and also they started to gangstalk me again and letting me see the people doing it. Blasting took care of that, and not even the “satellites” triangulate my position anymore; u know the ones, they have the green/blue, red and white lights rotating on them, sometimes they are real close and you can make out the different colored rotating lights, and sometimes they are very far out and just look like twinkling stars, but with the green/blue, red and white lights twinkling.

    I put “satellites” in quotes because many people believe they are actually manned ships. Since blasting them using a succor punch on an almost every night basis for several months, and becoming quite proficient at making them leave, i don’t see them often anymore. when i was staying at my aunts house a couple years ago, it was a nightly thing, i could feel the attack, i would go outside and sure enough see 3 of them that triangulated my position in synchronous orbit, and after blasting them they would shoot off like shooting stars. then they quit coming in close enough for me to make them out from other stars, and haven’t but several times since then, and i always blast the hell out of them when they do. So does orgonite help a targeted individual, I’d say hands down a resounding YES!!! And when you combine it with boosting and blasting the POS’s that are attacking you, you can even get some breathing room. Check out Dooney’s sight where she teaches people how to boost. there’s links somewhere on here for that.

  4. InOtherNews Post author

    Hi Edward,
    nice post, appreciate you sharing your experience, it will help other TI’s in learning about how effective orgonite can be in dispelling DOR, deadly orgone energy in environments. Here’s Dooney’s page on boosting

    thank you!

  5. Edward

    Hello EW, i wanted to add that after making the above post about the “satellites” that i haven’t seen in a long time, the very day i made the post, that night i saw 3 of them once again triangulated over my position. i don’t believe in coincidences so I thought it was interesting that i posted about them and bam! there they are. I had to deal with them for several days, every night i went outside and had to blast them to make them leave. finally after several nights of this, maybe about a week, they quit showing themselves. I was being attacked the whole time. Even though i could only see them at night, i could feel the energy from the attacks during the day too. i think they have to be in close for their weapons to work. whenever they shoot off like a shooting star and i couldn’t see them i would feel relief until they came back. usually much later that same night and i would repeat the blasting and boosting. But like i said, i haven’t seen them since the last time, nor felt the energy they were hitting the house with.

  6. InOtherNews Post author

    Hi Edward, this gets into the material Carissa Conti had written about. She has pointed out by speaking or writing about the any of the gangstalking variations it would put her on the radar again. Its a punishment or something because the more people know about it the less power they have as Don Croft would say. That you saw them that night is really tight monitoring. Sorry to hear this, sounds like a lot of work. I was curious about what type of attack occurred and what type of blasting and boosting? thank you again,Geoff

  7. Edward

    it felt like being microwaved i guess, the same as the energy from an i-phone, but much,much, much more intense, and kind of a wah wah wah feeling and even kind of hearing it sometimes in the electronics around the house. severe ringing of the ears for no apparent reason, and i could feel a “pressure ” on my neck and head sometimes. im guessing it was a microwave, but im sure it was some kind of directed energy weapon if it wasn’t an actual microwave.

    i boost through my heart chakra as Dooney teaches, and when i blast i just build up the energy in a large orb around me and release it all at once but directed right at the ships rather than in every direction. and i keep doing that until they leave, i can now do it without the succor punch, but it does work much better & faster with it. I also return whatever they are attacking me with amplified a billion fold to the senders and their bosses. the attacks don’t last long when i remember to do that.

    I havent seen them since the last time i posted about it. hopefully i wont see them

  8. Donna

    So I am pretty new to all of this chembuster and tower busters stuff. But looking around and finding this site is not very comforting! I have two chembusters that we made on our property just since June and August of this year 2020. The first chembuster we noticed a plane had flown very low and slow over the house 🏡 the following day of making it. The second chembuster we made at the beginning of August and the same day that we were pouring layers I looked up in the sky and seen a huge plane ✈️ comming over our house up kinda high and spray comming out of it and as it was flying past the house I noticed that the chemtrails were actually just vanishing into thin air. This is while we were still in the process of pouring layers . We did use more shungite powder than the first chembuster we made. And then I noticed as I was looking at the plane as it was going by that there was another craft that was smaller and odd shaped and almost transparent was flying real close with the plane. Then the following day when we finished pouring our layers a Blackhawk helicopter 🚁 flew by our house, then after awhile a regular looking helicopter 🚁 came by our backyard where we had the chembuster and was low and circled around 3 times before it left. Awhile after that one more helicopter 🚁 came looking around and left. And I have made a few batches of tower busters and put them in every room of our house and on top of the smart meter outside.And I have a tower buster in both cars and my purse. And I have 8 tower busters incorporated into my 8 foot 🦶 medicine wheel I made in my backyard a couple of weeks ago. And I feel led to gift the dolphins 🐬 with tower busters to bring to were they are needed. I am new to all this spiritual stuff compared to others. But after looking at this website and reading about Etheric physic attacks I am alittle nervous about doing anymore or gifting the dolphins . I everyone that does this attacked ethricly .? Is there any help or good advice you can give? Is there any protection at all? Or is it all done with for me with all that I have told you?

    1. InOtherNews Post author

      Hi Donna,
      Its known that the chembusters radiate a strong orgone energy signature – depending on how they’re made. The questions surround the idea of; is it then detected, and are the aircraft dispatched to investigate and document? There are countless reports of this scenario playing out suggesting that its likely the case. One early report in Michigan, Mary Hardy and others built a large orgone pyramid in her back yard in the late 70s. She said soon after, Navy personnel pulled up looking around her house on their own. Its always good to document the flybys and post photos of stalkers. If you have any please send to inothernewsradio(at) and I will put them up here. The forum has been very quiet lately since Don’s passing. I would suspect that zappers are selling good since they can help destroy viruses. Here’s a past show on Royal Rife –
      Here are some past interviews with Don and Carol –
      The Succor Punch can protect you and make you invisible. It was a design idea from Carol Croft. It came to her while she was half asleep. Don was driving and she was in the passenger seat. She suspects the instructions were likely from the Andromedeans. She was shown how to coil the wire around the crystal. It was profound and clear vision. She woke up and told Don. Don said, lets attach the wire to a 15hz zapper circuit. The Succor Punch works very effectively. You can carry it around with you (remember to turn it on) and it can make you psychically or etherically invisible. Here is an interview with Lydiane from Quebec Orgone – she makes the Succor Punch and gives testimonials –
      I don’t mean to overwhelm with shows but I thought they could be helpful down the line.

      I recently posted some pdfs that you might find interesting getting into the details of orgonite and how it works.


  9. Donna

    I also asked here on this website about what exactly is a sucker punch? And how to use it? Because I heard someone talk about it on another website. That they use it when gifting so it scrabbles? The signal so they don’t know where you are? Could someone explain about this sucker punch and how it works and how to use it? I would be thankful for the information. Where do you buy one? Is there instructions on how to make my own? How to use it? When to use it?

  10. Donna

    Also I have no idea what you mean by boosting and the other thing that was mentioned in this thread? I clicked on the Doony site where you said it explains it but it just says not found.

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