Gifting, Sabotage

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I began posting just before Don passed last year, I was very fortunate in having corresponded with him for several months. Don helped me with gifting where I work in the San Francisco Bay Area, he provided guidance and information I could not have known by myself. My place of employment is on property belonging to a school system. It is on an older campus no longer used in the system, it’s now a day care facility rented from the school district . In all the time I’ve been there it’s had a strange, mean energy and I could never understand it. I’m very targeted there. I put out a lot of Tb’s and had wonderful Sylph confirmations and improved conditions in the workplace. Some very negative people left an I became less targeted. Also a house very close to the center in the neighborhood was raided by the police for having illegal workers and for locking them in and not paying at the residential care home being operated there. Many firearms were removed and it was a very serious situation. Don had told me after gifting neighborhood crime rates go down. Shortly before Don passed he told me I should think of the center as a skin eruption of a deep cancer under the area. He had such great ways to describe things! 😉 He said bad things happen underneath and that it extends out from it pretty far. Not long after the school district came out with tree trimmers, shovels, mowers, and it even looked like a backhoe in one area! Gardeners worked for days and weeks in the rain usually ,for some strange reason, digging things up and clearing out, particularly in the front of the place. Now the front of the property is beautifully landscaped where for years you could not see the place from the street, it was so overgrown. It has never looked like this unless it was many, many years ago . Now the energy there is horrible again. I need to do more than Tb’s and Don told me what to do. He told me he’d come and help me, this is a big job and it’s my first experience doing this. I could really use some Etheric Warrior friends here ! If anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area is willing to team up to do this I’d really appreciate it. Or any Etheric Warrior! Don spoke of this area being one of the first areas being gifted but he did not tell me more. Whatever this place is he said to me it may be my chance to make a  significant good happen. Calling all Warriors!

6 thoughts on “Gifting, Sabotage

  1. InOtherNews

    I’m on the east coast but I remember Carol Croft saying black tourmaline in the orgonite can help make it undetectable. Also, Don was suggesting the same to me about underground areas here in New York City area by the East River. He suggested earth pipes, but you need to put them in metal casings. A succor punch can also help keep you off their radar.

  2. dirk verelst

    In cases like this, you can just take it easy and use it as a learning opportunity. Chances are slim they are going to do this operation twice, so just start by burrying a few Towerbusters to see what happens.
    Whenever a spot continues to feel ‘off’, the answer is Always to use an EP or a copper tube plus TB/HHG. Those take care with the energy that is sitting too deep for TB’s to reach.
    Good luck, you’ll do fine on your own

  3. Janet Post author

    Don told me it’s spread out, it needs earthpipes in locations away from the site , I’ve never did earthpipes, but your suggestions are good for a start. This place is serious, I just want support.

  4. Jim

    I live in the Bay Area and am trying to find a few serious folks who are awake and interested in the gifting operation. I’m admittedly an amateur but have hit a couple hundred towers between Benicia and San Jose the past few years. If you have a way I can get in touch, I’d appreciate it greatly!

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