California is drought-free

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Government mandated status should be taken with a grain of salt but… the photos are too good to pass up 😎


The experience here in Orange County over the last few months has been nuts.
Being able to hang out down near the ocean and see the San Gabriel mountains just decked out in snow is surreal:

Another photo:

Anaheim hills, an area that rarely gets snowed on:

Then we roll right into the poppy/wildflower superbloom which has been bonkers:

The blackstar canyon waterfall is LIT!

Last but not least we are smack dab in the middle of an epic butterfly migration,

This place sucks a lot of the time with all of the congestion and traffic, heat, smog, high cost of living etc… but times like this really make you stop and appreciate how beautiful it is.

2 thoughts on “California is drought-free

  1. rita

    oh my thats lovely,,i have been watching alot of videos from the brothers of light on youtube about the climatic changes in califonia after the wild fires. praise be to the most high,thanks for the love given and work weldone.meaning we are getting back wat belongs to us as humans.
    love rita

  2. Edward

    Gorgeous pictures! In the 3rd photo, just left of center the bushes form a perfect spiral. Has anyone else noticed this besides me?


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