Sabotage Story From a Reader

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Hello Carlos,

Thank you for the updated/improved version of “The Life Etheric”. It’s a late reply to your email but in the meantime I have read the new version en really enjoyed it!

I would like to mention a strange issue that happened to your email after I received it.

My mailbox was hosted on Office 365 and I read your mail and left it in my Inbox for review with a couple of other emails. After a few days I looked again into my inbox andย  I noticed I was missing some emails including yours. I checked my deleted items and did a search in Outlook…nothing. Then I looked in “recover deleted items” and this way I could retrieve all the ” suddenly deleted items”.

This is the first time in 25 years I am missing emails which also somehow got removed from the recycle bin. How strange is that? I am 100 % sure this is no user input error or accidental deletion from my side.
After reading the sabotage stuff subjects on the forum I decided to move away from Office 365 :-). Maybe it was some buggy Office 365 update but to me it is to coincidental in combination with your email.


This story is from a reader who kindly let me share it. It’s really simple stuff but probably more common than we imagine. I hope it helps others who are going through this sabotage, gaslighting, interference, etc. By reporting this we can help them ground their own experiences, see them for what they are and be secure in the knowledge they are neither going crazy nor are they alone in this.

It’s just the kind of thing people go through when they are waking up or in the process of harming the World Odor, as Don so appropriately called it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d like to have some encouraging words besides mentioning the use of orgonite and boosting. I guess being more awake than the average can be somewhat isolating so it’s good this website exists where we at least can share our experiences!

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