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Near the town where we live in New Zealand there is a music festival that happens every year over the new year period Dec 28-31.  About 20,000 people attend, mostly aged between 18-25 years old. In 2017 I managed to thoroughly gift the festival site with tb’s as well as a nearby nature reserve and a hilltop tower array that is about 3k away.  It was too close to the 2017 festival to see any major results for that year. But this past year 2018 festival there’s anecdotal evidence of the positive effects of the orgonite: bad stats – incidents, arrests, injuries, overdoses, formal complaints were way down. Heard many people say that “it was the best year, not sure why but the energy and the atmosphere were amazing.” In this region we don’t normally get attention from spray planes, except during this holiday period,  and they were overhead all day on the 29th of December. By late afternoon the sky was pretty much a white out. But by the evening sylphs were harmoniously taking it apart transforming it into beautiful patterns and the sunset was spectacular. Gatherings of large groups of people can be very powerful. Hopefully more big festivals are able to be gifted in the coming years and contribute to flipping the death energy that contaminates the music industry and impacts young people.

(Notes: This region is drought-prone. This summer, although the talking heads spent a lot of time anticipating an El nino drier than normal,  there has been plenty of rain. Hawkes Bay, Nelson and other regions have declared drought but not the East coast.  Its been about 3 years dedicated to orgonite distribution around the place, spreading wider and wider! Happy gifting everyone!!)

2 thoughts on “Gifting a festival

  1. dooney

    Great work! I like it when people gift large gatherings like this as it has a chance to affect so many people at once. A friend of mine gifted several of the Rainbow gatherings, hoping to minimize the escalating violence and drug use she was witnessing at the events. She reported that it really helped smooth out the vibe at the gatherings and made the event much more pleasant.

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