Reflections on a year of working with Orgonite

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Hi everyone, I hope it’s been a wonderful and productive two months of 2019 so far for all of you. I’ve been wanting to write this post for about a month now but it seems to have taken me forever to get over to the library to write it. It is a solid year now since I bought my first HHG and Zapper from Andy at CT Busters and gifted my first tower. Since then I’ve poured as many gallons of resin as I could afford on my meager budget. This post is about how things have changed in my life, my family’s life, my neighbors life and my surrounding environment since I started working with Orgone and spreading it around freely to anyone and everyone I intuited would be receptive to it. I’ll start with the environment around my house. Our yard has become a lush haven for all types of wild birds. The Red Tails have been back with one swooping into my yard to catch a chipmunk, then sat on my fence to have his snack. What a sight! The songbirds seem to have doubled in number. An amazing addition has been several White squirrels to our back yard. Not Albino but white. I looked this up online and they have a webpage dedicated to tracking this phenomenon. I had a moment with one where we stood facing each other for a good 5 minutes having a mental conversation. I couldn’t help but think of the Spirit Bear of Native legend. Never seen one before the Orgone started to flow. Owls hooting in the pines at night, Coyotes in the woods behind our house (we hear them Yip at night) make it feel like western wilderness instead of suburban Georgia. The Sky has been a constant yet ever-changing tapestry showing the battle being waged on the ground. Beautiful deep blue sky’s with the fat puffy clouds will reign for a day or two before the spewplanes (thanks Don for that wonderful expression..) come back to try to re-gain their territory. I fire back with the SP and call on the Sylphs while boosting the pilots and it NEVER fails to have a effect, and is usually clear by late afternoon and into the night. Although localized, it serves to illustrate how the field is working near my house while the distance remains in Chemsky, clearly marking out where I have to focus my efforts. Did I mention the Sylphs? I really wish I had pics to share but beautiful examples with out-stretched arms that immediately beam Love and receive my Love and Gratitude for deciding to show up and acknowledge me in my work. My Home life has changed as well, as anyone working with Orgonite I think would find out. My Wife has had some major inner walls broken down in her path to understanding the true nature of our world. It’s always been a big road-block for our relationship, my decades of research and commitment to follow my intuition/heart and lack of attachment to the material world has been a point of friction with her Literal, Logic driven outlook (she is an Engineer after all…),  Yet in the last year she’s made large turn-arounds regarding the need for an established Churchianity vs a clear and deep Knowing of the existence of our Creator and the love and potential that has been given ALL of us to effect our reality through Accountability (thanks again Don..). Our health has improved as well. On my end, decades long Cannabis usage has come virtually to an end, and my alcohol intake has significantly decreased. All without serious withdrawal as well. Not that I was a drunk, but it was a habit. I guess I’d just rather be pouring resin then pouring a drink. I did have to take a break from making Orgonite in late Fall due to lack of funds and spent everyday of that time wishing I could pour. I of course lost my Mac in July after finally contacting Don. We had several email exchanges, all uplifting and encouraging and had invited him and Carol to our house the next time they were in town. He felt it was sabotage, and I have to agree. The Heli’s have swooped and strangers have snooped as well but the Knowledge of the effectiveness of Orgonite is more powerful that ANY man-made belief system. I look back now at the past twelve/thirteen months and It feels like three years, but in a very good way. I’ve grown exponentially in such a short amount of time and am very thankful and grateful to Don, Carol and all the Etheric Warriors around the world for establishing this movement and fuel it with their lives and Love. In closing I’d like to share a dream I had in Sept/Oct of 2002. I was standing in a circle of people (none of whom I knew..) each one of us dressed in a green type of uniform. Not Military but something a Warrior would wear. In the middle was the mangled remains of a human being. A man stepped forward. Bald and stern, yet with genuine compassion for all who were assembled he began to instruct us on why we were there. We were all chosen to be a part of a Warrior group called to fight the darkness loose upon our world. The mess in the center was the remains of one of the Warriors who had encountered this Adversary and lost the fight. This was the danger we were facing and the possible outcome of our free-will choice to join the fight that we had to accept. I remember accepting, and although I do not remember anymore of this dream now in 2019 I feel as though I have finally found that circle of people, and I’m proud to stand among you all.

With love,


6 thoughts on “Reflections on a year of working with Orgonite

  1. Carlos Silva

    Thank you Morgan for this great report! Your detailed account was inspiring to read and I hope you can grace us with more in the future 😉

  2. josephine

    Dear Morgan,
    You actually give me hope. Am a targeted individual now. My whole life never believed in death or dis-ease. As child raised strict conservative, only to act on impulse as psychic healer. Since being targeted with directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar energy weapons, including BCI, have held onto my beliefs through remote torture, interrogation, and pain, while seeing every member of my family attacked by these cowards that hide and use frequencies to harm.
    If I am knocked down enough sometimes my beliefs crack and doubt seeps in… even-though subconscious self- energy self refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room it is there.
    Was sent some orgonite by a kind friend, and within a week immediately felt a shift in environment and seemed like ‘old self’ again. Though DEW attacks continued. Then DEW attacks seemed to lessen in second week. At which time had to visit a friend because ran out of firewood. So don’t know what is happening at home.
    Reading your testimony is joyous.
    Was going to make these orgonite cupcakes years ago, bought all the ingredients and then didn’t. Because, had put some stones in a jewelry box with lid and when I opened it, a bunch of grey energy like smoke came out and knew that the stones had been sad and wanted to ‘breathe.’ So then didn’t make orgonite because have loved crystals my whole life and didn’t want them encased forever – unable to ‘breathe.’ If anyone has any opinions about this would like to know… because the gift of orgonite I was given sure seemed to affect my life for the better. Maybe the crystals are such kind beings they do not mind working towards bettering the energy of the world and do not see their ultimate gift as a sacrifice? Have been a vegetarian for forty years, but after targeting started eating turkey or chicken about one or twice a week now… so understand about other beings giving themselves for us… wear leather shoes and just bought a leather jacket at garage sale because all synthetics hold electricity in body accumulating the DEW attacks. And need warmth, so the leather. Perhaps the crystal’s life is same concept?
    What you have done sounds wonderful Morgan.
    Would like to know from anyone what they think on subject above. Thank you. God the One by Any Name bless anyone reading this. Hope after your wonderful testimony Morgan that my comment didn’t bum anyone out… just really need to know. If affected anyone adversely I am sorry. Thank you for reading. Josephine at

    1. john armand stern

      I once held a quartz crystal, went into meditation, and had a conversation with it. I asked it how it felt about being encased like that. The message I heard from it was something like that it did not mind if this was what was needed to serve the greater good. I hope it wasn’t my ego but I go into a clear and receptive space when I do this so I trusted the message. Maybe someday they can be set free after this whole mess is over and done with.

  3. dooney

    Morgan, thanks for a great report. I believe you will inspire a lot of people! 🙂 Josephine your question about the crystals is interesting. I personally feel that they do like to help us by being used in orgonite. I believe its the crystal that gives the orgonite its consciousness, and its ability to work with us. Much like our dolphin and whale friends, I think crystals have an etheric life and are waiting for us to ask them for help to co-create a new reality.

  4. Morgan Post author

    Thank you Josephine for sharing your story. From reading what you wrote I feel like your best retaliation against your oppressors would be pouring some Orgonite. If you feel that your personal crystals would serve you better on your dresser, then don’t stress it. Orgonite works fine with out them, many people on here way more qualified to speak about Orgonite than me will tell you that. The physical act of pouring is what counts I feel. It’s a declaration of independence from your tormentors, and a signaling of acceptance of Accountability to the Universe. Once you do that all sorts of good stuff breaks loose.

    Thank you Dooney for the nice words! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Any word on those 108 pre-cut sheets?

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