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Hi Everyone,

We’ve had 18 months or more of the blog format and it was an interesting experience but we’re moving back to a forum, which I think it will be easier for everyone to work with. Feedback about this has been positive from EW authors who tried out the new system.

I figure the site has been so quiet this might be a good time to do the change. I’ll be backing it up and moving things along to make the switch over the coming days so if doesn’t work for you for a while that shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Thank you,

5 thoughts on “Back to a forum format

  1. InOtherNews

    Hi Carlos,
    That’s going to look cool. Thank you. On this cold day, I was reminded of how Don would emphasize how an unwavering etheric warrior reality is a powerful threat to the sewer rat mind control reality. When you really have no doubts in the ability to use orgonite, such as a simple tower buster with positive intent, thats when you are likely to become regularly monitored, which in itself reveals a lot. On a side note, Mary Hardy who built the orgone pyramid in her backyard suggested that its easier to use etheric energy such as orgonite to positively effect artificially, man-made weather systems than it would be to effect a completely natural weather system.

  2. Carlos Silva Post author

    Thanks Geoff. I think people get monitored and hacked just by searching for empowering information. i remember having some emails undelivered in bizarre fashion when starting with this, about 11 years ago, and thinking “what the ##!”. Last year while visiting Don and Carol, some agent spiked my water bottle in the car and then left the door poorly closed. It’s all scare tactics. They can’t harm you without risking exposure and they’re having a hard time as it is.

    I jumped the gun and announced the forum switch maybe a bit too early. It should happen but will take a little longer. Meanwhile this iteration of EW is possibly becoming a static archive which people can browse. I’m not sure how it will work out but I definitely want to make the materials publicly available.

  3. Carl

    I remember back in the day, this website had many new reports,interesting topics, something needs to change to bring it back! Almost seems dead? Too bad because it once was great!

    1. Carlos Silva Post author

      From what I see, never has orgonite been so popular but that doesn’t mean there’s still a need for what Etheric Warriors was, several years ago. When the gifting forums started there was lot of new information coming up in a short time and a real sense of urgency to keep the world from descending into tyranny. This got people inspired to do more field work and blasting sessions in the chat room. It’s possible that urgency is no longer there, though there’s still a lot of work to do.

      EW was always a space for sharing gifting reports and I don’t see that changing soon. The old records are important too and it’s being fun turning them into a more accessible format, though it’s a slow process.

      Carl, if you find something is wrong you can always act towards its improvement, or in this case – share more of your gifting reports with us. Everyone is invited to do that of course.

    2. dirk verelst

      Carl, you might want to check the Facebook branch, if you haven’t done so already. Most of what is posted here is posted there, too, but the format permits for a bit of easier access/posting of pictures. we have been great in the past, and will continue to be so in the future! For people that can’t get enough of the old days, the archives should provide plenty of reading. Cheers 🙂



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