Some Observations About Current Local Energy

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In the last twelve months, where I live, animals have increased in number and variety with the beetle (several types), mantis, frog and eagle making first time appearance, at least to my recollection (living here 5 years). Even the local sparrow are becoming more mellow and I can sometimes pass just under them as they sit in a large bush we have, when a year ago they would have scrammed as soon as they’d hear the kitchen door opening 10 meters (11 yards) away. Owl too has made an appearance since October or November and occasionally delights us with its voice at night. The other day a big slug was spotted – it must have been about 20 cm long (7-8″) and I was sorry not to have photographed that beast 😁

Recently there was some heavy spraying over the whole area, which caused that fake white cover characteristic of an environment in need of improvement – this pushed me to make gifting plans for the near future. Later the spraying stopped and sylphs covered the sky, turning the chemsoup into beautiful sculptures, which was encouraging. This picture is not doing them much justice but I’m committed to take several, next time, so there’s at least a good one to pick!

Sylph over Mafra, Portugal

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  1. Carlos Silva

    A few days after this post, two owls could be heard calling each other very close to my house. One time I got to see one of them flying over the road – what a sight!

    Today the first swallow bird of the season was spotted 😎

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