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I arrived in Jinja town in good hours of the day, I met my colleagues that is Jane and Lillian. In fact they are in good health. We started our gifting mission around 3pm because we could not go further for it was late in the evening according to our African time. We specifically comb one of the prominent orphanage in Jinja town known as children of Grace orphanage. These are the areas which we had gifted sometimes back and upon their request we were forced to respond to their pleas regardless of the tough conditions that we are in.
The children whom we found there together with the workers were very receptive to the services which we rendered to them. We gave them pieces of the orgonite that they can use to prevent wild thunder and hazardous lightning. In African it’s true that most cases of mortality are cause by HIV and Aids, so most of the children in these orphanages are fully affected from the same. Its forced us to depart by three zappers which we had to sustain the lives of the suffering humble and innocent children.
Due the high demand of the orgonite in this town and even beyond, it’s a prudent idea for these people to start making their own orgonite here in Jinja Uganda. We have checked the aluminum fiber glass, resin and the catalyst they are there in their local shops. In fact if they could start this project here in Uganda it would be the most appropriate because carrying the orgonite from Kenya time to time is very hard.
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  1. mcode

    I hope with all my heart that this project will start soon.

    I think that the Lake Victoria has already been gifted but as it is a huge lake I think that you might want to gift it again.

    You’re doing a great work as usual, keep on.



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    Mon 1/14/2019 7:42 PM
    Atieno Odondi (;
    Dancan Omollo (;
    We had a successful seminar where we had an opportunity to host both fishermen and food crop farmers within the suburb regions of Jinja town. In fact we concentrated our focus around the shores of Lake Victoria where both the fishermen and food crop farmers are practicing their business. We had good number delegates from ten shores with that area. We talked to them on how the orgonite can change the production and increased the yield of their crops in a span of one to two month. Fortunately in that function I happened to get some fishermen from the island of Migingo and Ugingo where our people had been doing gifting for the last three years.
    Farmers who also attended the function got a good chance of learning to use a new device which can improve their production, and in fact they were very happy and positive with our effort to reach them. Since the type of soil around here is a bit alkaline, using the orgonite will be of a greater value to them. In fact they are the people whom I know are going to benefit from our program.

    Mrs. O


    Today we gifted around river Nile, we managed to gift river Nile. We met fishermen and we gave them the orgonites together with teaching them on how the orgonite works in improving the fish production. We managed to get good number of fishermen and I know the result will be positive. We also got farmers who do the both subsistence and cash crop farming. They grow cotton, vegetable, onion.
    That photo shows where we were doing the work.
    Mrs. O


    We had a great mission today together with my team. We work in the suburb areas with the town of Jinja. We train some horticultural farmers on the impact of orgonite, in fact orgonite when used instead of inorganic fertilizer the result always becomes very effective. Fruits like mangoes, oranges together with avocado when orgonite is used during their maturity stage, their production doubles. We also found that in the northern sides of that area they do bee keeping , the kind of trees that bees used during their honey manufacturing time is not good so, we were forced it introduce them to orgonite which will improve the production on nectar which is the raw material for honey manufacturing processes.
    We also visit the bank of river Nile where we found people doing vegetable farming; they grow cabbages, onions, carrots, and green peas. We were forced to supply them with the newly made orgonite to substitute the inorganic fertilizer that they had been using. In fat they are very happy for our orgonite is less expensive but very rich in adding soil nutrients. Really we saw a good reaction towards our mission at the bank of river Nile today. Today I would say that it was the pick of our mission for we saw a good improvement in the work.
    we know that by tomorrow we will finalized the work by going back to one of the orphanages to see how we can install lightning arester through the use of the orgonite other than any other gadgets.
    Mrs. O

  5. Lilian Briaa

    We have collectively made sure that our areas which had been struggling with several menaces like draught, lightning striking hazards among other difficulties have been properly gifted and now there is a maximum safety. Farmers also have been properly reached and we are very sure that very soon the living standard of our areas is going to be very safe and stable. We could not forget about our fishermen who for a very long time had been living under big struggle because that could not get good sizes of fish and more so the Tilapia.

    We also made sure that we combed the ban of river Nile and more so that places where crocodile have caused a lot of problem to the residents especially the fishermen. We also gifted with the power plant where death towers had been erected. Generally we would say that all the works which we had done in the town of Jinja had a great benefit to the people than ever before.


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