Current Flood Status in Kisumu

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As per the flood level has gone down and I can see people resuming their places even though people still live fear because the rain is not over. Those who lost their property are yet to recover them, they can as well start rebuilding their houses, and only their crops are what they cannot recover for the flood water had really swept almost all of them.

Right  now  I want to embark on gifting for  after  flood  other  remaining  water in the  damps  have form  a good  breeding  place  for  the mosquito and  thus  we  need to swiftly  come  in  with  the  so as to reduce that  greater  outbreak  of  the  mosquito within the  Nyando in Kisumu  areas.

Mrs O

1 thought on “Current Flood Status in Kisumu

  1. mcode

    It seems that the floods are the result of the beneficial energy balancing due to the orgonite gifting.
    Keep on gifting, keep on the good work.
    Congrats for the job done.

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