Gifting in Nairobi Kenya

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It had been a great privilege to gift in our capital city of Kenya after couple of days. I arrived in the city yesterday and immediately commence the work. The people I interacting with was very much positive with my great contribution to stabilize peace and security through the work that am doing here. In fact yesterday I arrived here when public service vehicles could not enters in the city, it was a real struggle. Apparently coming today morning that law had been scrap off and the traffic can fully flow in the city undisturbed; in fact there is power in gifting.

Today I got another opportunity to gift some sensitive areas in the city as the parliament building; vigilant house where the top security personnel reside, big hotel which host different classes of people I also had an opportunity of visiting. I also managed to gift along the busy streets in town and am very sure of seeing the good outcome that will bring sufficient changes in town.

Our big towns in Kenya had been in the target of the Al-shabab attack and in various occasions residents had been living in fear, and this is one of the paramount factors which instigated my willingness to be in the city for this life changing duty. This motivated my gifting also in areas like village market where several tourists normally flows in for their shopping and for refreshment purposes. Am so much optimistic that all the scarified work  that I have done here in town will not be just be in vain there will be a great change for the  people around.